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The crazy photos of the big S sisters and Aya have been exposed, and I am afraid that the result will disappoint the Zhang Lan family

In the entertainment circle, there are many amazing stories, and one of them is Huang Zijiao. Although he used to be a lover of Xiao S, recently, his remarks have made many artists become the focus topic. Wang Xiaofei mentioned the drug problem many times, but people didn’t really pay attention to it. Now, Huang Zijiao’s words have caused widespread controversy. Although the studio of Size S issued a statement denying this statement, there are still a large number of netizens who are skeptical.

At that time, Size S took a group photo with Faye Wong, the then diva. Faye Wong wore a relatively conservative dress, but her hairstyle was unique. While the others in their box were dressed in a non-mainstream style. At that time, they were all loyal fans of Faye Wong. However, even at that time, the beauty of the big S has been revealed, and her brilliance is hard to ignore.

In the entertainment circle, the size of S quickly emerged, especially the big S, when she was only 20 years old. An advertisement for Panasonic they participated in was broadcast on CCTV, which was the first time that Wang Xiaofei, then 15, met his future "wife" on TV. Although the big S was not fully mature at that time, she had left a deep impression on Wang Xiaofei.

Big S married Wang Xiaofei, and they jointly run the Taipei South Beauty Restaurant. Big S once supported Wang Xiaofei lovingly. However, ten years of marriage finally collapsed, and Big S returned to her first love, Oba Jun-yup Koo, with two children.

Recently, Wang Xiaofei exposed the high electricity bill of the big S family, which triggered widespread speculation. This event fermented on the Internet, and the popularity of the live broadcast room in Zhang Lan suddenly soared, instead of shopping live broadcast, it became a celebration. Zhang Lan sold "jiaozi" in the live broadcast, and even his clothes changed from blue to red, and the music of "Good Days" was played in the live broadcast room.

Nowadays, the image of the once gentle and lovely size S has become annoying. It is hard for people to believe that these negative messages are related to them. At the same time, Aya has become increasingly intellectual and popular. Her programs and manners are deeply loved by everyone. This shows that in the entertainment circle, it is not enough to rely only on the popularity of many years ago, and artists also need to constantly improve themselves. Especially for the former generation of goddesses, such as Big S, not only her appearance is no longer exquisite, but also her reputation is damaged by divorce.

This picture has a relatively great influence on Aya, who almost fell into depression. For Xiao S, the impact of this incident seems to be small. Maybe she didn’t attract much attention from the beginning.

In the end, this series of events caused career ruin for Huang Zijiao, 51, who was accused of kissing a girl and taking nude photos, and even had to be unfair.

Sorry. At the same time, his wife was involved in the storm and had to apologize for his behavior, which put their family in trouble, especially their young daughter, in chaos.

At the same time, Aya has gradually emerged, and her intellectuality and charm are deeply loved by the audience. Her program and style of speech have gradually gained more recognition. This contrast also makes people wonder how the stars in the entertainment circle can cope with the changes of time and how to maintain their position in the fierce competition.

Although the size S used to be the stars of the entertainment circle, they were inevitably under the pressure and scrutiny of the spotlight. In this highly competitive world, they need to constantly adapt to changes and improve themselves, otherwise they will easily be eliminated by the times.

World Cup Preview: Dancsics Retreated from Injury! The men’s basketball team won! America is beaten!

The World Cup starts in two weeks, and national teams

Are in full swing for running-in preparations.

China men’s basketball team ushered in an exciting victory.

Beat Cape Verde in Italy’s four-nation tournament.

In this game, Li Kaier did not participate in the battle.

But the men’s basketball team still plays high-quality organization and defense.

Especially Cui Yongxi’s domineering empty dunk in the second quarter.

It shows the indispensable vitality of the new generation men’s basketball team.

Constantly honed, with the in-depth understanding of tactical concepts

I am confident to see the men’s basketball team under the new system

Re-killing in the international arena responds to some heights.

In contrast, the American team seems to be not going well.

The newly formed "dream team" is like a "dream detachment"

At the beginning of joint training, the starting lineup of American men’s basketball team

Actually lost to the selection team who came to practice. …

Cunningham played like Dancsics in the selection team.

One-on-one hit, series from soup to nuts, leading the team to victory.

But Cole said that he was not worried about such a thing at all.

It is an old tradition for the American team to lose to the selection team.

It has happened in the past, and it will not delay the men’s basketball team to win the championship in the end.

At this moment, the real Dancsics is also having a hard time.

Last time we talked about Dancsics, who became the captain.

The first time I led the team, I lost to the Greek team without letters.

Even in the game, I was robbed and dunked by the letter brother.

Brother letter at that time, don’t mention how proud you are.

"Ha ha ha! Scared! Letters are all brothers in front of me! "

Holding my breath, Slovenia and Greece fought for the second time

It’s a pity that Dancsics’s team still lost this time.

Greece finally defeated Slovenia 88-77.

Moreover, Dancsics was injured in the second quarter.

Before the knee injury, he had just scored 18 points.

After the knee injury, Dancsics dropped out of the game directly.

In fact, the injury is not serious, but the knee is very important

For safety reasons, Dong Zi didn’t play in the second half.

But it does not prevent him from continuing to participate in the national team schedule.

The really bad news is that his national team-mates

Cancar, also unfortunately injured his knee in the game.

His injury is much more serious than Dancsics’s.

77 also prayed for the health of his teammates on social media.

But in a high probability, I didn’t run away without the World Cup.

Two consecutive defeats in the warm-up match, and I was slightly injured myself.

An important teammate almost reimbursed the race schedule.

Dancsics’s World Cup trip was not very smooth.

As the strongest player in the international arena at present,

How sure is he to lead the team to win the championship?

China men’s basketball team’s key to victory, Zhang Ning finally began to understand, abolished Chen Lei to take over the right to attack and kill the quartet.

Should Zhang Ning be scolded? Some fans who support Zhang Ning think how can you blame Zhang Ning? Zhang Ning is not a god. Can a team be won by one person? And Zhang Ning doesn’t have the ball. How can you blame Zhang Ning? This is entirely due to the tactical arrangement of head coach Chen Lei. Zhang Ning doesn’t have the tactical core of Chen Guohao, but the question is, do you know that Zhang Ning didn’t want to play the Universiade originally? Zhang Ning is the ace player specially invited by the Basketball Association of the Universiade to win the championship, and Zhang Ning himself is also an all-star player in CBA. As the top CBA player, Chen Guohao’s reputation is much worse than Zhang Ning’s, so it’s not too much for you to say that he is James to play CBA. As a result, Zhang Ning showed no superstar demeanor. After losing to the provincial team Taipei, Zhang Ning suffered all kinds of abuse and criticism.

However, Zhang Ning’s reputation was reversed with his strong play. Zhang Ning led the China men’s basketball team to beat the Japanese 84-62. Zhang Ning himself made 12 of 17 shots and got 27 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Chen Guohao made 10 of 12 shots and got 22 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 1 steal. Wiliam got 12 points. What did this game show us? That is, Zhang Ning’s individual singles ability is absolutely top-notch among the players in this Universiade. Moreover, Zhang Ning, who owns the ball, can not only score by himself, but also drive Wiliam to score. Chen Guohao also plays more efficiently with Zhang Ning’s assistance.

Zhang Ning’s style of play is simple, and there are three main tactics. He either holds the ball outside the three-point line or plays pick-and-roll with Chan Kwok-ho. After pick-and-roll he can score by himself. After pick-and-roll, Chan Kwok-ho can also pick up Zhang Ning’s pass and hit the basket, while Wiliam lies in the bottom corner. When Zhang Ning meets a double-team or sees that Wiliam has a vacancy, he immediately passes the ball to let Wiliam project a three-point. Zhang Ning’s style of play is not very professional, and he prefers to play wild ball.

What are the disadvantages of this style of play? Of course, once you can’t score, or your personal ability is insufficient, it will cause you to occupy a lot of ball rights, and your teammates can’t play, and one person will dominate the victory of the whole team. But isn’t this exactly in line with the purpose of inviting Zhang Ning by the Basketball Association of the Universiade? Originally, the goal of inviting you to come over is to win the championship. To win the championship is to abuse college students by using your personal ability. After all, it is widely rumored that professional players can easily hang and beat college students. Otherwise, Su Qun wouldn’t have revealed that the China men’s basketball team is rushing to win the championship this time to form a team. As a result, Zhang Ning’s role can’t be changed, and he always thought that he was just here to help.

How did Zhang Ning lead the China men’s basketball team to lose three games in a row? Zhang Ning takes the ball and carries it a few times, or observes the movement of his teammates, and then passes the ball to Wang Lanying or Li Yiyang. Then the tactical arrangement of head coach Chen Lei is also very simple, with Chen Guohao and Zou Yang as the core of attack, and the whole team is serving the two college athletes. At this time, Zhang Ning has no ball rights. Can Zhang Ning solve this problem? Not really. Zhang Ning only needs not to pass the ball and dribble himself to break through. Against the Japanese team, Zou Yang only got 2 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block, Li Yiyang got 2 points, 3 assists and 2 steals, and Wang Lan made 1 of 10 shots and only got 2 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. As for this performance of his teammates, Zhang Ning often has to pass the ball to Wang Lan and Li Yiyang.

If Zhang Ning plays the Japanese team and then passes the ball to Wang Lanzhang and Li Yiyang to control the ball as before, then the China men’s basketball team will undoubtedly lose this game. We have been talking about Zhang Ning as a special guest and an ace player of the China men’s basketball team. With him, the China men’s basketball team will set the goal of winning the championship. At this time, Zhang Ning is a privileged player. As long as you can win, even if you occupy all the ball rights of the team, no one will spray you at all. You are the ace. This is it.

Many fans will question whether Zhang Ning is ruining his basketball career by doing so. But have you ever thought that with Zhang Ning’s strength, he basically has no chance in the first team of China Men’s Basketball Team. According to his ability, CBA will always be the main force as long as there is no large-scale injury. What is Zhang Ning afraid of at this time? And do you still need to give face to Tsinghua University head coach Chen Lei, a graduate of Peking University? And if Chen Lei has outstanding ability, will he be reversed by Guanggong to win the championship? As a professional player in CBA, isn’t Zhang Ning much better than Chen Lei? In competitive sports, you have been listening to a weak person making tactical execution for you. Can this be successful? This is the current situation of sports in China, where a group of incompetent head coaches occupy the position.

Final summary

If Zhang Ning had woken up earlier, as he said, if Zhang Ning had played so early, the China men’s basketball team would not have lost three games in a row, but also lost to the provincial team Taipei and Zhang Ning. It is estimated that the China men’s basketball team now has the opportunity to compete for the championship. Zhang Ning’s only bad thing in this Universiade is that he is too humble. Obviously, you are the ace player. You don’t take a lot of ball rights to score points in singles, and you don’t lead the attack of the whole team. Instead, you pass it to Wang as soon as you lose. In the Japanese game, after Zhang Ning changed his style of play, he not only won the game, but also made Chen Guohao efficient, and Wiliam’s score was no longer questioned. Therefore, Zhang Ning should have abolished the head coach Chen Lei’s style of play with Chen Guohao and Zou Yang as the core. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I hope Zhang Ning will not be too humble in the future and really play his due ability on the court.

I’m A Mu. Do you think Zhang Ning should have abolished the tactics of head coach Chen Lei long ago? You are welcome to pay attention to message exchange.

Still want to fight the Lakers? Tommy Tam talks about James again. The Rockets are ready and have the Splash Brothers.

This year’s offseason, the Lakers and Suns are the most active teams, and their lineups have been reinforced. Therefore, many fans believe that the western part of the new season will be a situation in which the Nuggets, Lakers and Suns are the top three. But in fact, there is still a team that we have neglected, that is, the Houston Rockets. In the past, there were three fewer Thunder and six fewer Rockets. They were Smith, Shen Jing, Ethan, Green, Amen and Whitmore. The Rockets are all talented and have too much potential to tap. For example, Whitmore, who is the MVP of the Summer League, was only the 20th overall pick in the draft. In fact, in terms of real strength, he is not worse than anyone in the top five overall picks.

It is not enough to rely only on young people. The Rockets understand this truth very well, so they also made two operations. First, they laid off Silas and hired Uduka. Last year, the Green Army reached the finals, which was led by Uduka. Uduka attached great importance to defense and was also good at tapping the potential of players. He was very suitable for coaching a team like the Rockets. Look at this year’s Green Army. After Uduka’s class, the Green Army’s defense could not be seen, and it was easily smashed by the Heat. Secondly, the Rockets also signed four veterans, namely Van Frith, Tommy Tam, Landale and Jeff Green. The joining of veterans can help young people grow up quickly.

After the end of the first round of G2 this year, Tommy Tam talked about James. At that time, he said, "I won’t respect James unless he cuts 40 points on my head." Tommy Tam’s remarks have caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that Tommy Tam is just a buffoon. James has been in the league for 20 years and is used to all kinds of storms. Tommy Tam’s behavior is just a trick in his eyes. But not long ago, Tommy Tam was interviewed. He talked about the Lakers again. Tommy Tam said: "I want to see my best self in Houston. I want to be better than last season and pay more. I am eager to play against the Lakers again. I don’t care how the outside world evaluates me. I want to beat the Lakers and LeBron (James). That’s it."

Tommy Tam’s meaning is obvious. First of all, he thinks that joining the Rockets is an opportunity for him, and he will have an explosion in the new season. Secondly, Tommy Tam is still unconvinced. He still wants to fight against the Lakers and James. He has to say that Tommy Tam really dares to say that he has been aiming at defeating the Lakers and James. It seems that losing to the Lakers this year has made Tommy Tam’s fighting spirit even higher, which is a good thing for the Rockets. In addition, Tommy Tam later praised Smith. He said: "I can’t wait to play with jabari (Smith). Our game styles are very complementary. I also talked with jabari for a while, and he can’t wait to start working. Our goal is the same."

Judging from Tommy Tam’s remarks, he is full of confidence in the Rockets in the new season. Tommy Tam believes that the Rockets will make great achievements in the new season, and he can also help the team make progress. In addition, Tommy Tam admired Smith Jr. very much. It is a good thing to have self-confidence, which is what the Rockets need most. In fact, in terms of lineup, the Rockets do have unlimited possibilities, such as Van Frith+Green, who are the splash brothers of the Rockets. Smith played well in the league this summer, and will only play better in Uduka’s hands in the new season. Shen Jing is known as "Little Jokic", with comprehensive ability and Ethan’s offensive and defensive integration. There is also Amen. His style is steady and mature, and his attack, defense and organization are impeccable. Whitmore is an underestimated rookie.

This rocket is really not simple. I dare not say that they can make it to the playoffs, but the possibility of getting a playoff place is extremely high. Don’t underestimate the fighting spirit of young people. At the same time, it is not difficult to lead the rocket to take off with Uduka’s coaching ability. Uduka was interviewed before. He said: "We have talked with all our players, and we have reached a common goal. We must cultivate the habit of winning."

Warriors! West Ham fans singled out dozens of football hooligans to protect their stands.

On May 20th, Beijing time, the British media "Mirror" reported that Fonal, who scored the goal, was not the only Hammer hero on the night when West Ham advanced to the UEFA final. Because after the game, the West Ham fans who played away from home were attacked by the fans of the home team, and then a fan bravely fought with dozens of extreme fans to protect his own fans.

That night, Fonal scored a winner in the 94th minute of the game, helping the Hammers win 1-0 away, with a total score of 3-1 to advance to the UEFA final, which is also their entry into the European final after 47 years. However, due to the ugly incident in the stadium, the celebration of the team was interrupted, and friends and family members of West Ham United players also became the targets of extreme fans in Alkmar.

Previously, the railing separating the fans of the two teams was removed, and those extreme fans dressed in black and black hats attacked the visiting fans, but West Ham fans would never sit idly by. In fact, a fan bravely repelled dozens of football hooligans and protected his fans. There is a photo circulating on social media, in which a man named "Knollsy" stands at the forefront of the conflict, trying to stop extremists who want to attack visiting fans, and he protects the weaker fans behind him. Although his coat was torn by his opponent, he did not hesitate to confront his opponent wearing a balaclava hat.

Another man in the crowd was very appreciative of these brave moves. He posted a photo on social media with the caption: "Knollsy, a legend. Stopped the home fans from attacking the players’ families. Give him a final ticket. "

Many Dutch fans also praised Knollsy as a hero, and felt contempt for the behavior of extreme fans in Alkmar. He wrote in social media: "I am ashamed of the unbearable attacks of Alkmar fans. What they have done is disgusting."

Other fans also praised Knollsy’s selfless behavior and "paid tribute to him". In fact, Knollsy was known to West Ham United as early as 2021, when he was struggling with illness. Then West Ham United player Rice posted a video on social media and said, "I just want to extend my best wishes to you and everyone in West Ham. We are all fighting for you, man."

In the clash on Thursday night, many West Ham players also wanted to take part because they wanted to protect their families and friends. UEFA has confirmed that disciplinary action will be taken against Alkmar and his fans after the full report is released.

Bournemouth vs Liverpool first-half statistics: shooting 3-9, possession rate 34.2% vs 65.8%.

Live on March 11 th, in the 27th round of Premier League, Bournemouth led Liverpool 1-0 at half time with Billing’s goal, and Sqauwka counted the data of the first half of the two teams.

Bournemouth vs Liverpool first half statistics (Bournemouth first)

Expected goal-0.87 to 0.71

Shoot-3 to 9

Straight shot-1 to 5

Touching the ball in the opponent’s penalty area-8 to 14

Ball control rate-34.2% vs 65.8%

Corner kick-2 to 6