Amy made a perfect curtain call. Game of Thrones and Vice President became winners.

Amy made a perfect curtain call. Game of Thrones and Vice President became winners.

    1905 movie network news The 67th American TV Emmy Awards were announced at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles this morning, Beijing time. Hosted by Andy Samberg, the star of "Detective Bewilder", the award ceremony opened happily. This year’s Emmy Award won three awards: Best Drama, Director and Screenplay, while jon hamm, the male actor, finally ended his seven-year running with him and was honored as Emperor. Viola davis won the Best Actress in Drama. In comedy, it broke the myth of Lian Zhuang and won the best drama series. At the same time, it also included four important awards: best actress, best male actor and best screenwriter. Comedy upstart won the best actor and best director awards in comedy category.

    In the limited drama (original "mini drama")/TV movie, he won the best TV movie award by winning six awards, including the best limited drama.

[Drama] "Game of Thrones" won three awards. Joe Hamm ended his seven years of running with him.

    This year’s Amy is not as strong as last year’s, but the competition is still very fierce. "Game of Thrones" was attacked by the dark horse and other popular dramas, and finally won Amy’s favor, winning the three awards of best drama, director and screenwriter. After being nominated for the fifth time in a row, "Little Devil" Peter Dinklage won the best supporting actor award for the second time. It seems that the death of "Jiong Nuo" in the fifth season is not a serious injury, but the best bargaining chip for its Emmy award this year.

    Mad Men, which had never won a performance award before, finally won a sigh of relief for the best male actor. jon hamm ended his seven-year running with him and won the title of Emperor at the end of the season, which was the best curtain call for the era drama Mad Men. This year’s new drama made viola davis get the first Emmy nomination in her life, and finally won the best actress in drama, becoming the first African-American best actress in Emmy history. Taraji P hansen, the heroine of Hip-Hop Empire who keeps pace with her, regretted losing the election.

    Last year, uzo aduba, who won the best guest actress in comedy, was once again recognized for her slightly neurotic performance in the drama and won the best supporting actress in drama. 

[Comedy] Modern Family ended the best comedy throne of Lian Zhuang myth "Vice President"

    In this year’s comedy competition, surprise gift, Modern Family finally fell out of favor with the academy, and the Lian Zhuang record was broken. Instead, Vice President won the best comedy series. Julia Louis Dreyfus, the star of "Vice President", won the Best Actress in Emmy Comedy for the fourth time. In addition, the play won four awards, including Best Screenplay and Best Actor, which made it a big winner in this comedy category. However, my poehler in the movie finally passed Amy and ended her trip to Amy. 

    The transparent family, which focuses on "transgender" hot topics, has become the upstart comedy this year. Everyone’s beloved "Sheldon" didn’t make the shortlist for this year’s Emmy, and it was almost universally expected that Jeffrey Tambor won this year’s Emmy comedy. Previously, Jeffrey was nominated by Emmy for six times, but he didn’t win any prizes. This time, in Transparent Family, he portrayed the image of a transgendered father vividly. The play also won the best director in comedy.

    Allison janney won the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. This year, she played steadily in "The Best Mom", and she had already been nominated for the Golden Globe Award as a female companion, and also won the TV Critics’ Choice Award. There is no suspense for Jenny to win this award.

[Limited drama/TV movie category] olive kitteridge won six important awards.

    This year’s limited drama competition is particularly fierce, and "olive kitteridge" reflect the current hot issues in American society. However, it is obvious that Olive kittredge’s description of ordinary people’s lives is more appetizing for Emmy Awards, and it won six awards in one fell swoop: Best Limited Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor and Best Male Supporting. Telling the legendary life of a female blues singer won the best TV movie award.

    David oyelowo lost to olive kitteridge richard jenkins. , missed the best actor in the limited drama. There seems to be no doubt that the award for defining the best actress belongs to Frances McDormand, and her vitriolic female image in the play is impressive. And bill murray won the best male match with his consummate acting skills.

    Although there are three actors bring up the rear from "American Fear", among them, sarah paulson, the "Banana Sister", has a very high voice, but regina king broke through the tight encirclement with "American Serious Crime" and won the best supporting actress in a limited drama/TV movie category, and finally "American Fear" returned empty-handed at this year’s Emmy Awards.

award prize winner Drama awards Best drama series best actor

Jon Hamm

best actress Viola Davis Best Supporting Actor

Peter Dinklage 

Best supporting actress Uzo Aduba Best guest actor Reg e. cass  Best guest actress Margo Martindale best director

David Nutter

The best playwright David Benioff  Comedy awards Best drama series best actor Jeffrey Tambor  best actress

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Best Supporting Actor Tony Hale  Best supporting actress Allison Janney Best guest actor Bradley whitford Best guest actress Joan cusack’s Shameless Family best director Jill Soloway  The best playwright Armando Iannucci Limited drama/TV movie/drama special program award Best limited drama Best TV movie best actor

Richard Jenkins

best actress Frances McDormand  Best Supporting Actor

Bill Murray

Best supporting actress

Regina King

best director

Lisa crowden 


Jean Anderson

Reality show awards  Best competition reality show Best organized reality show Winner of ingenuity Best unorganized reality show Deadly hunting Best host Jane Lynch Variety awards  Best variety talk show Best sketch variety show best director Chuck O’Neil  The best playwright Elliott Kalan


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