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Why didn’t Hua Xizi cut with Li Jiaqi?

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Hua xizi set fire to his body.

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Author | Yang Lei

Editor | Wei Xiao

Unexpectedly, Li Jiaqi’s anger for the accident of Hua Xizi is still fermenting.

Yesterday, after work, Hua Xizi, the "silent lamb", suddenly sent an apology, saying that he was late. "I have a few words to tell you," and wrote a 450-word essay.

Hua Xizi summed up the state of these days with the words "sincere fear, at a loss". However, regarding the incident itself, Hua Xizi didn’t say a word about whether an eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan was expensive or not, and the negative impact on the brand caused by Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks and the countermeasures.

In the words summed up by netizens: talking a lot means saying nothing …

In order to make up for consumers, Hua Xizi will also give away 10,000 eyebrow pencils for free use, but netizens don’t buy it.

Obviously, Hua Xizi’s public relations strategy did not work, but instead pulled himself from the edge of the incident to the center.

Early this morning, the PR people of Wangchuanhuaxizi fled overnight. And issued a statement in the circle of friends: I have resigned from Hua Xizi, and everything that happened in the hot search today has nothing to do with me.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, people familiar with the matter said that Hua Xizi left a public relations department or collectively.

The situation has spread to this point, and Hua Xizi has been in chaos both inside and outside. But after clarifying the origin of this matter, we can’t help asking a question: Hua Xizi has been thinking about it for so many days, why hasn’t he cut with Li Jiaqi?

It’s time to untie Li Jiaqi

Suppose that the "Li Jiaqi taunts consumers" incident happened to other brands and anchors. What kind of judgment will the brand make at the first time?

A routine operation is that the brand will draw a clear line with the anchor at the first time. If it is serious, the brand will also hold the anchor accountable.

However, Hua Xizi clearly knows where the consumer is angry, but he doesn’t say anything about it. This is also one of the reasons why consumers don’t buy Hua Xizi’s apology behind this open letter.

Judging from the equity penetration chart, Li Jiaqi actually has nothing to do with Hua Xizi. However, Hua Xizi, founded in 2017, was able to go from obscurity to the head of domestic beauty cosmetics in three years, but it was all thanks to Li Jiaqi.

Looking back in the process of AI Blue Media Convergence, Li Jiaqi is deeply bound, and Hua Xizi can be described as a step into the sky. In 2019, double 11 promoted Hua Xizi to rank seventh in Tmall beauty category with GMV of 250 million yuan. In 2020, Hua Xizi became the first in the turnover list of domestic beauty cosmetics with GMV of 235 million yuan, and in that year, double 11 went straight to the second place in the category of Tmall beauty cosmetics with a turnover of over 470 million yuan.

With so many domestic products queuing up for Li Jiaqi to bring goods, it happened that Huaxizi was the most favored. The reason behind this, Li Jiaqi summed it up like this: "I have been with Hua Xizi for many years. I am the one who knows best how Hua Xizi got up. They almost gave me their home. I almost took Hua Xizi’s surname Li."

In other words, Hua Xizi is working for Li Jiaqi.

Earlier, 36Kr reported that it was rumoured that Li Jiaqi got a profit share as high as 100%-120% by cooperating with Hua Xizi, which was equivalent to brand inversion.

Although Hua Xizi denied this statement, saying that the cooperation between the company and the anchor was at the average level in the industry, Hua Xizi’s high marketing expenses were spread evenly on 79 yuan’s eyebrows, so that consumers could instinctively think about whether it was worth it.

When Li Jiaqi shouted "Where is it expensive?" And let consumers can’t afford to find their own reasons, this noisy point turned into a sword and stabbed Hua Xizi.

Can be described as Li Jiaqi, Li Jiaqi also destroyed.

In fact, Hua Xizi has also shown growth fatigue in the past two years. In 618 this year, the pre-sales of Huaxizi in Tmall, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker did not exceed 100 million yuan, which is the second year in a row. In 2021, in 618, the overall sales of Huaxizi reached 263 million yuan, which exceeded 100 million yuan during the pre-sale period.

Visible, binding Li Jiaqi, also cannot once and for all. However, Hua Xizi did not untie Li Jiaqi in time according to the routine, which also showed that they were tied too deeply to some extent.

Are the "Hua Xizi" in danger?

Hua Xizi once represented "new domestic beauty". What is "new domestic beauty"? Redefine design, aesthetics and make consumers more confident in using it.

The most representative is not 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil, but Huaxizi’s carved lipstick. In 2019, the carved lipstick, which abandoned the public film and adopted the ancient micro-carving process, became a hit in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and Hua Xizi became famous. It takes oriental aesthetics as its selling point, establishes its own oriental beauty makeup system, and puts concentric locks, dowry, micro-carving, Miao Yin, batik and other elements into product design one by one. At that time, Hua Xizi’s exquisite and unique packaging design also repeatedly triggered discussions on social platforms.

After tasting the bonus of carved lipstick, Hua Xizi worked hard on the outer packaging. According to public information, Hua Xizi applied for 177 patents, more than half of which were product packaging design.

Excessive force on the outer packaging has gradually begun to disgust consumers. Some netizens teased: Hua Xizi is more like a company selling outer packaging.

New domestic products are expensive, not groundless.

A very direct action is that consumers begin to "weigh" the new domestic beauty cosmetics.

Before, the perfect diary stiletto was weighed by consumers to verify that the perfect diary was more expensive than Armani lipstick.

For Hua Xizi, consumers are even more merciless. Everyone accurately calculated that the price per gram of Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil is as high as 985 yuan, which is more expensive than gold.

The star product Huaxizi Loose Powder, which once sold explosively, is on the same level as Chanel under the calculation of netizens. It is understood that the price of Huaxizi Loose Powder is 169 yuan, the net content is 8.5g, and the unit price is 19.88 yuan. The price of Chanel Loose Powder is 590 yuan, and the net content is 30g, and the unit price is 19.67 yuan-which means that Huaxizi Loose Powder is more expensive than Chanel.

Cosmetics should not have been weighed, but in the face of the fact that the unit price per gram is higher than that of the first-line big brands, and its brand value and practical value are much worse than that of the big brands, it is difficult for consumers to convince themselves that they must support "new domestic products."

After the recent incident in Li Jiaqi, the most lively place is the live broadcast room of old domestic products represented by bee flowers.

A flower falls, and thousands of old Chinese goods are born. To a certain extent, it also shows that whether it is a good domestic product is really not defined by the brand itself, but judged by consumers.

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Great Wall King Kong cannon declaration map exposure: the length is more than 5 meters 6.

  According to the 350th new car announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Great Wall pickup truck declared a brand-new model called King Kong Gun. .

  The appearance of the new car generally continues the design style of the current Great Wall Gun. The air intake grille is covered with wide chrome trim strips, thick and thick, and the interior is a black honeycomb air intake grille. The overall style looks like a Ford F-150 Raptor, which is extremely domineering.

  Different from the current Great Wall Gun, the new car uses bigger headlights, and halogen headlights and LED matrix headlights will be provided according to the configuration difference.

  The new car is divided into two models: standard container and long container, among which The standard container version has a body size of 5365 * 1880 * 1815mm and a wheelbase of 3140mm. , the container size is 1550*1500*470 mm; The body size of the long container version is 5635 * 1815 * 1840mm and the wheelbase is 3410mm. The container size is 1820 * 1500 * 495mm.

  The new car is equipped with 235/65 and 245/65 tires. The rear axle adopts five leaf springs, with a approach angle of 22/25, a departure angle of 24/25 and a rated load of 500 kg.

  In terms of power, the new car will provide two engines, gasoline and diesel, both of which have a displacement of 2.0 liters.

  The maximum power of the 2.0T gasoline engine is 140kW, and the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that the fuel consumption of the King Kong cannon equipped with this engine is 9.2L or 9.5L per 100km..

  2.0T diesel engines are divided into 110kW and 120kW low-power and high-power, and the fuel consumption per 100km is 7.7L, 7.9L, 8.1L and 8.2L..

  Judging from the body size and power composition, The positioning of the newly declared King Kong gun is slightly lower than that of the current Great Wall gun, focusing on the economic and commercial field, and the price of the main models will be less than 100,000 yuan. Then it is possible that it only provides manual transmission.

  The sales of the current Great Wall Gun are hot, with a total of 180,000 units sold from January to October this year. If the price of the King Kong Gun is right, it will inevitably become an explosion!

On October 25, the news inventory.

  The three major indexes of A-shares were mixed: more than 4,000 stocks rose and the infrastructure sector strengthened.

  Up 0.4%,Up by 0.47%,It fell by 0.9%. The turnover exceeded 870 billion,, engineering consulting,Large infrastructure sectors, such as steel, led the gains.The medical sector was among the top losers. View the original > > >

  Can trillions of special government bonds "ignite" A shares? Four times in history, they all walked out of the high point.

  On the evening of October 24, Xinhua News Agency reported that the central finance will be in the fourth quarter of this year.In 2023, the national debt will be 1,000 billion yuan, and all the additional national debt will be arranged to local governments through transfer payment. The purpose of this issuance of special treasury bonds is to concentrate on supporting post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, making up for the shortcomings of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, and improving China’s ability to resist natural disasters as a whole. View the original > > >

  Lee Ka Chiu John: Hong Kong will reduce the stamp duty on stock transactions from 0.13% to 0.1%.

  Lee Ka Chiu John, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said today (25th) that Hong Kong will reduce the stamp duty on stocks from the current 0.13% to 0.1%, with the aim of completing the legislative process before the end of November. View the original > > >

  The marginal improvement signal of A-share market frequently appears in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.One-day "sucking gold" is nearly 4.6 billion yuan.

  The data shows that on October 23, the total funds of stock ETFs in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets4.592 billion yuan. As of October 23, the management scale of 792 stock ETFs (stock ETFs and cross-border ETFs) in the whole market was nearly 1.60 trillion yuan. View the original > > >

  Zhang Kun, Xiao Nan, Liu Geming, Fu Youxing, etc.The manager’s heavy stock is released.

  The third quarterly report of the fund shows that Zhang Kun has adjusted the allocation structure of industries such as consumption and medicine, and Xiao Nan has increased the rightAnd Fu Youxing reduced his holdings of electronic stocks and increased his holdings of chemicals, home appliances and other stocks. View the original > > >

  Xie zhiyu jiacang(of investors) reduce one’s shares in a listed company Zhu Shaoxing reduced its holdings.(of investors) increase one’s shares in a listed company

  According to the latest data, several products managed by Xie Zhiyu of Xingzheng Global mainly reduced their holdings in the A-share market in the third quarter., increasedIn terms of Hong Kong stocks, the positions of such stocks have mainly increased.The position, such as reducing the stock. Besides,Zhu Shaoxing, mainly reduced in the third quarter,, increased.And other stocks. View the original > > >

  The third quarterly report of Gelan was released: overweight,For this fund, the position is large.

  In the third quarter, Glen stepped down as the fund manager of several funds. By the end of September, the accumulated scale of the three funds currently under management was about 63.8 billion yuan, which was nearly 13 billion yuan lower than the 76.7 billion yuan at the end of the second quarter. With the continuous disclosure of the fund’s third quarterly report, the latest positions of the three funds currently managed by Gulen also surfaced. Every time the reporter noticed, the allocation of two medical theme funds was mainly reduced., added,,Positions of such stocks; On the other hand, in the new starting point of China-Europe Mingrui, the positions have been greatly adjusted, and seven of the top ten awkward positions have been changed, making it the largest awkward position. View the original > > >

  Fu Pengbo and Zhu Yi of Ruiyuan Fund increased their positions against the trend in the third quarter.And photovoltaic stocks

  The "unique foundation" managed by Fu Pengbo, a well-known fund manager of Ruiyuan Fund-Ruiyuan Growth Value disclosed the third quarterly report of 2023. According to the third quarterly report, as of the end of the third quarter, the size of the fund was 23.377 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.052 billion yuan compared with the end of the second quarter, and the stock position dropped slightly to 9.120%. In addition, on August 28th, Ruiyuan Fund increased its share of A by 22,943,800. View the original > > >

  The latest investment trends such as Liu Yanchun, Zhu Shaoxing and Xie Zhiyu were exposed.

  Judging from the position adjustment in the third quarter, Liu Yanchun reduced his holdings.、; Liu Geyu stuck to his existing positions and did not make major structural adjustments; Zhang Kun has adjusted the allocation structure of industries such as consumption and medicine, and Zhu Shaoxing will turn over more "stones" in the future. In view of the current situation, some fund managers call "Rome wasn’t built in a day". Looking forward to the market outlook, many fund managers said that after the decline in the third quarter, the overall valuation attractiveness of the equity market has been further enhanced, and they are firmly optimistic about the prospects of stock assets, full of hope for the market outlook, and believe that the market will eventually return to rationality. View the original > > >

  The third quarterly report reveals the emergence of long-term capital layout path one after another. Fund andPosition exposure

  As of October 23, more than 500 A-share listed companies have disclosed the third quarterly report of 2023. Among the companies that have disclosed the third quarterly report,Such as companies with large market value held by social security funds,QFII is a company with a large market value. View the original > > >

  Asked about the popularity of the new M7: 5,000 units were "blindly ordered" in 17 days, and the car delivery was scheduled for February next year.

  On October 25th, AITO released the latest "blind subscription" report card of M9, which has exceeded 15,000 units so far. This achievement is only 17 days after Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei’s smart car solution BU, said that "10,450 orders were blindly booked and 8,040 orders were accumulated". View the original > > >

  Heavy! Add 1 trillion national debt to water conservancy infrastructure or stand on the wind!

  Among the eight major aspects of the key use of 1 trillion yuan of national debt, four are related to water conservancy, including key flood control projects, other key flood control projects, irrigation area construction and renovation, key soil erosion control projects, and urban drainage and waterlogging prevention capacity improvement actions. View the original > > >

  : the central government adds leverage to show its determination to stabilize growth.

  It is pointed out that according to Xinhua news agency, the central government will issue 1 trillion yuan of special treasury bonds in the fourth quarter of this year, which will be used to support post-disaster recovery and reconstruction and make up for the shortcomings of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief. The central government’s leverage has demonstrated the determination of the central government to stabilize growth. Considering that the issuance and delivery of bonds will take time, we slightly increase the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2023.The growth rate is predicted to be 5.6% and 5.3% respectively, and the annual growth rate of infrastructure investment may be above 8%, and it is expected that the policy effect will be more reflected in 2024. Fiscal policy overweight in the fourth quarter is expected to stabilize economic growth in the fourth quarter and even next year.Economic entities expect that further economic stabilization is expected. Looking forward to next year, it is expected that the proportion of the central government in the new deficit will continue to increase, and there is still room for the central government to increase leverage. View the original > > >

  Looking forward to the fourth quarter, it is generally judged that "positive factors are accumulating" and technological growth is still the main line in the medium term.

  Entering the fourth quarter, market volatility intensified. Recently, brokers have intensively released research reports, focusing on market hotspots such as A-share investment timing, trends and industry allocation. It is worth mentioning that a number of brokers have recently discussed the establishment of a "stabilization fund" (a fund established by the government in a legal way through a specific institution to smooth out irrational and violent fluctuations in the stock market by operating against the market index). View the original > > >

  "foreign shipments are almost the same!" Public offering: strong and weak roles or swaps of US stocks and A shares.

  DuojiaThe strategy report released this week shows that the biggest drag on the market in the near future is the outflow of funds from the north. Considering that many institutions have started to raise their expectations for the domestic economy, the outflow of foreign capital may be coming to an end. It is expected that the market with a-share and Hong Kong stock valuations greatly revised will have more valuable opportunities for bargain-hunting. Many fund companies emphasized that industries with low institutional investors and valuations at the bottom of history are significantly more resilient. View the original > > >

  Zhang Kun, the top flow fund manager, slightly reduced his scale in the third quarter.Is not the ultimate reward.

  In the third quarterly report, Zhang Kun said that fundamental investors often spend a lot of energy on analyzing and judging the future net profit level of enterprises, but net profit is not the ultimate return. Zhang Kun also stressed that we should not only pay attention to the profitability of enterprises, but also pay attention to the quality of prudent investment. View the original > > >

  : double eleven preheating on Pay attention to bibcock and emerging categories.

  The securities research report pointed out that this time, all platforms were urged to increase subsidies to make a cost-effective layout and lower consumers’ purchase threshold. Under the background of more active platform drainage and realization, the traffic will be further dispersed. In this case, the leading enterprises in the brand side are more likely to have competitive advantages because of their multi-channel operation ability, and some enterprises with differentiated operation advantages will also benefit potentially. View the original > > >

What is the operation effect of parking service around the Road Campus of the Second Affiliated Medical College? The reporter "looks back"!

  On August 1st, Wenzhou Net News reported that parking service service was introduced to Xueyuan West Road in the urban area, hoping to rectify the traffic chaos in Xueyuan West Road by "solving the problem of marketization". This morning, the launching ceremony of parking service service around the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University will be held in Xueyuan Campus of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, which indicates the official start of parking service service there.

  The reporter learned that the parking service service around the Second Affiliated Hospital of College West Road and Eye Optometry Hospital has been put into trial operation for nearly a month. What was the effect during the trial operation? With this question, yesterday afternoon, the reporter once again came to Xueyuan West Road for a site visit.

  It takes only 30 seconds to complete the delivery and parking process.

  At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter saw in Xueyuan West Road that six signs with the words "25 yuan in parking service in the Second Affiliated Hospital" had been set up in the west-east direction of the road section to remind the residents to choose the regular parking service. Right in front of a building in the Road Campus of the Second Affiliated Medical College is the parking service Service Area. More than 10 staff members wearing uniform red vests are providing parking service services to people who come to see a doctor. The reporter found that there were more than 160 parking services at this service point at this time. After on-site timing, the whole process takes only about 30 seconds from the time when citizens drive into parking service service area to the time when parking personnel complete the delivery.

  Zhou Chengwen is the on-site manager of parking service service point. According to him, after the citizens drive their cars to parking service service area, parking personnel will immediately come forward to give the owner a bracelet with the number and contact information marked on it. After the citizens have finished seeing a doctor, they can call the number on the bracelet to pick up the car, and the parking personnel will return the car with the corresponding bracelet after driving it back to the hospital.

  "At present, we keep 15-20 parking service staff at the scene every day. After the citizens hand over the car to the parking staff, we will park the car in the regular underground parking lot in the neighborhood near the hospital, and there will never be parking staff driving on the road or parking at random." According to Zhou Chengwen, at present, the parking service point receives 200-300 vehicles that need parking every day. Generally, it takes only 3 minutes to drive from the hospital to the parking lot, but it takes 6-7 minutes to get back from the parking lot without traffic jams. "Therefore, when the citizens pick up the car, we will explain and let them call 10-15 minutes in advance to reduce the waiting time for picking up the car." Zhou Chengwen said.

  The reporter learned that at present, from 9: 30 am to 10: 00 am every day, it is the peak period of the service point. During this period, there may be many people and few cars, but with the end of the summer vacation, this situation will be improved.

  There are still these problems to be solved at the scene.

  Because the current parking service is not only convenient, but also more affordable than before, it has been praised by many citizens. However, during the interview, the reporter also found that there are still many problems that need to be solved.

  The reporter found that at the intersection of Xueyuan West Road and Feixia Road, there were still several "parking service scalpers" standing in the middle of the road. In addition, the reporter also found several illegal parking service personnel on the west side of the Stomatological Hospital. According to relevant sources, since the Second Affiliated Hospital set up a regular parking service service, it has caused a lot of influence on these illegal parking service people. "At first, they stopped to collect 40 yuan, but since the introduction of a regular parking service service, their business has been difficult, but there are still several diehards on the roadside ‘ Leak ’ 。”

  According to the previous bidding scheme for the right to operate the driving parking service, in addition to setting up the parking service area in the Second Affiliated Hospital, parking service area should also be set up in the designated area of the optometry hospital opposite. However, the reporter found yesterday that the parking service service on this side of the optometry hospital has not yet been opened. According to relevant sources, the parking service on this side of the optometry hospital has not been opened yet, because the selection of parking areas by various departments has not yet reached a final result. "This side is different from the second affiliated doctor. At present, it is impossible to set up a U-shaped passage for parking and delivery. If the delivery point is set on the road, it will easily lead to congestion, so the parties are still discussing it." The person introduced.

  In addition, the reporter also found that a new isolation guardrail was set in front of the stomatological hospital, which made the separation of people and vehicles more clear, but with the setting of the guardrail, new problems appeared. A passer-by told reporters that there are two huge distribution boxes and mobile communication cable boxes on this sidewalk. Because these two "big guys" are very close to street lamps, the originally spacious sidewalk there has become particularly crowded. "There are already many pedestrians and electric cars on this road, and every time they go to this place, they will be blocked. I really can’t figure out why these two big boxes should be placed in such a small place." The citizen said.

  Source: Wenzhou Daily

  Original title: The parking problem of Xueyuan West Road in the urban area is still a long-standing problem after more than 20 years — —

  Parking service process is convenient and affordable, but there are still many problems to be solved urgently.

  Reporter Du Yichuan

Aouita 11 first took Huawei ADS2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, leading the era of intelligent driving.

Aouita 11 is a high-end intelligent electric vehicle, equipped with Huawei’s full-stack smart car solutions, including DriveONE electric drive system, Sound sound system, AR.HUD live projector and so on. Recently, Aouita 11 announced that it will iterate the latest generation of Huawei’s intelligent driving system-ADS 2.0 in the first batch, so as to realize a full-scene intelligent driving experience with high perception, high computing power and high personification.

ADS2.0 is a high-level intelligent driving system released by Huawei on April 16th, 2023. It does not rely on high-precision maps, and can meet more than 90% of application scenarios, with a continuous non-takeover mileage exceeding 200 kilometers. ADS2.0 uses 34 intelligent driving sensors, including 3 laser radars, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 13 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, which realizes 360-degree environmental perception without dead ends. ADS2.0 also has the functions of high-speed NCA intelligent navigation assistance, high-speed ICA intelligent cruise assistance, APA intelligent parking assistance, etc., which can cope with complex traffic situations such as congestion, lane change overtaking and active obstacle avoidance.

Aouita 11 is one of the first vehicles equipped with ADS2.0, and it is also the result of deep cooperation between Huawei and Aouita. Aouita 11 single-motor version was officially launched on March 24th, 2023, with a maximum power of 230kW and a 6-second zero-acceleration capability. Aouita 11 single motor long battery life and long battery life are equipped with 90kWh and 116kWh ternary lithium-ion battery packs respectively, with cruising range of 600 km and 705 km respectively. Aouita 11 also has a 750V high-voltage platform with a maximum charging power of 240kW, which can realize "10 minutes and 200 kilometers" lightning fast charging.

Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Aouita Science and Technology, said: "The Aouita 11 single-motor model gives users the choice of longer battery life, and has no compromise in intelligent driving experience, which shows our determination to stick to the high-end intelligent electric vehicle market and is also the basis for Aouita brand to continue to lead in the new track. We are very honored to cooperate with Huawei in depth to jointly promote the technological progress and innovation of China’s automobile industry. "

It is reported that all users of Aouita 11 can take the lead in upgrading ADS2.0 system through OTA, and enjoy the commercial opportunities in urban areas launched by Huawei. In the second quarter, we began to promote high-precision maps to 5 cities, and in the second half of the year, we will start to push the map-free plan to 45 cities, basically covering major cities in China.

National Health Planning Commission: There are 5.4 million registered patients with severe mental disorders in China.

  BEIJING, Beijing, April 8 (Shang Qi) Depression, anxiety, alcoholism and senile dementia … … With the rapid development of China’s economy and society, the aging population has intensified, the pace of life and work has been significantly accelerated, and the accompanying psychological pressure has generally increased. The public has paid more and more attention to their own mental and psychological health. So, what is the mental health status of China people at present? On the morning of the 7th, the National Health and Family Planning Commission held a press conference to introduce this.

  What is the status of severe mental disorder?

  — — There are 5.4 million registered patients with severe mental disorders in China.

  On the morning of the 7th, the National Health and Family Planning Commission held a regular press conference in Beijing to report the recent progress of mental health work in China.

  According to reports, by the end of 2015, there were 2,936 mental health service institutions in China, with 433,000 beds, a significant increase over 2010 (1,650 institutions and 228,000 beds); There are 27,733 licensed (assistant) psychiatrists, 57,591 psychiatric nurses and more than 5,000 psychotherapists in China. More than 900,000 people have obtained professional qualification certificates for psychological counselors.

  Wang Bin, deputy director of the CDC of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, revealed that by the end of 2016, there were 5.4 million patients with severe mental disorders registered in China, with a management rate of 88.7%. Among them, the number of patients with schizophrenia accounts for about 3/4 of the total number of registered patients.

  What factors lead to depression?

  — — Heredity, external pressure, unhappy life, etc.

  According to reports, depressive disorder includes depression, unspecified depressive disorder and bad mood. The prevalence rate of depressive disorder in China is generally on the rise, with 4.06%, of which 3.59% is depressive disorder, which is higher than the survey results in 1980s and 1990s.

  Wang Gang, president of Beijing Anding Hospital, said that from some mechanisms of depression, factors such as heredity, external pressure and some unpleasant events in life may lead to depression, among which the contribution of heredity is about 40% and 50%.

  It is worth noting that he also introduced that the first episode of depression is generally concentrated around the age of 30. In addition, the incidence rate of most mental diseases is equal between men and women, but the incidence rate of women is significantly higher than that of men.

  After treatment, whether depression can be cured is also the focus of public attention. In this regard, Wang Gang said that it is not difficult for patients with depression to get a clinical cure after comprehensive treatment, and most of them can return to the social function level before the onset.

  Why is the prevalence of anxiety disorder rising?

  — — Public psychological pressure has generally increased.

  What is anxiety disorder? Zhu Zhuohong, director of the mental health counseling center for employees of central state organs, explained that anxiety disorder is a group of mental disorders with anxiety as the main manifestation, accompanied by some physical manifestations, especially autonomic nerve dysfunction.

  "For example, some people will have severe palpitation, sweating, shaking hands, and even physical manifestations such as frequent urination, urgency and diarrhea." He said.

  The results show that the prevalence rate of anxiety disorder in China is 4.98%, which is higher than the survey results in 1980s and 1990s.

  Wang Bin explained that with the rapid development of China’s economy and society, the pace of life and work has been significantly accelerated, and the public psychological pressure has generally increased, which has led to a corresponding increase in the risk of illness.

  She added, "In recent decades, residents’ health awareness and willingness to seek medical treatment have also improved, and the ability of professionals to identify mental illness has also improved. These factors are related."

  How to prevent senile dementia?

  — — Promote healthy aging and improve various health policies for the elderly.

  With the aggravation of population aging in China, the prevalence of senile dementia is also on the rise.

  The results show that the prevalence rate of senile dementia is 5.56% among people aged 65 and above, which is higher than that of some areas in China since 1987.

  It is reported that compared with other countries with higher life expectancy, the prevalence of senile dementia in China is lower than that in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

  Talking about the next work plan, Wang Bin said that considering the current situation of the rising prevalence of dementia in the elderly, we should promote healthy aging from the perspective of individuals, families and society, improve various health policies for the elderly, and delay the development of patients’ illness by taking comprehensive intervention measures.

  Is the prevalence of alcohol use disorder different between men and women?

  — — Men are significantly higher than women.

  According to public information, alcohol use disorders include alcohol dependence and poisoning symptoms, which are manifested as long-term overclocking, excessive drinking, short-term heavy drinking, etc., which will not only harm the body, but also lead to a series of serious mental health problems.

  According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, due to the influence of local drinking habits and residents’ drinking habits, previous surveys in various parts of China show that the prevalence of alcohol use disorders varies greatly in different regions.

  The results show that the prevalence rate of alcohol use disorder in China is 1.84%, and the prevalence rate of men is significantly higher than that of women.

  In addition, compared with the survey results of some economically developed countries and middle-income countries published by international authoritative journals in recent years, the prevalence of alcohol use disorder in China is at a medium level. (End)

All anxious, all chaotic, China football to the dog eat dog bone moment.

As a commentator, Mr. Huang appeared on XXTV-5 in the early 1990s, and Huang and Liu and Zhang Sanjianke created the column of World Football, which made us look forward to every Monday when we were studying in Beijing. My last impression was that I co-hosted the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup with Shen Bing in 2002.

Later, it is said that he joined the media and became the online celebrity of football. With his football level, he should be able to dominate one side, and entertainment football can flourish off the court. Should be blessed, although the age difference is not big, but after all, watching his program has a beard.

Another master’s corner, I really don’t know. I know it by chance because of a technical term of "protective response" That is, online celebrity, who wears sunglasses and bobs his head to catch and scold anyone on the Internet, is said to know the way and know the king better than the beautiful country and Sichuan.

Because of the big sunglasses, I knew that I had a football teenager. Frankly speaking, we are not football professionals. Although big sunglasses preached everywhere that he was engaged in youth training, we always felt that it was at best a football training class and an off-campus training class.

It seems that the relationship between the two is not bad, and they have been entertaining to death, and they are also connected to each other live. I don’t know about it recently, maybe Mr. Huang has seen through the scam; Perhaps the head of the new Football Association named the big sunglasses, and Mr. Huang wanted to raise his arms and shout for the sake of his inner conscience.

Mr. Huang finally decided that junior football is a performance class in online celebrity. Zhan Yan, it’s worse than us, and we also evaluate it as teaching and training.

Big sunglasses know the king, how can you stop? Come on, bully me, no way. Although we are not studying literature, we are studying inorganic materials. We’re not subtle. What do you think you came from? Leave that station, you’re nothing, and you’re a bitch.

Football in China, what is this situation? In a rural phrase, that is: dogs eat dog bones.

China football, when can you get clean and let a certain line really "do it"?

This time, I am optimistic about Mr. Huang, just because I follow my heart and my heart.

Tongliang: 6000 acres of cherry blossoms.

At present, in Shuangshan Town, Tongliang District, 6,000 mu of cherry flowers have entered the full bloom stage, which not only attracts tourists, but also breeds new hopes for villagers to increase production and harvest this year.

Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 1
Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 2

Walking into Jianxin Village, Shuangshan Town, Tongliang District, looking around, patches of cherry flowers stretch from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, clusters and clusters, densely covered with branches, like white snow, beautiful. Visitors who come to enjoy the flowers stroll along the path among the flowers, breathing the fragrant fragrance and enjoying the beautiful scenery in spring.

Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 3
Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 4

Shuangshan Town, Tongliang District is known as the hometown of cherries, and it is a well-known "hometown of small fruits". In recent years, the local cherry and other fruits have been planted in an area of more than 10 thousand mu, among which Jianxin Village is the core area of cherry planting, with more than 10 varieties such as white cherry, cinnabar cherry, Chinese red cherry and black pearl cherry in the early, middle and late days, and the flower viewing period will last until the middle and late March. In recent years, with the flower viewing economy as the fulcrum, the local area has promoted the combination boxing of rural festivals, recommended double-mountain cherries and derivative products, promoted people’s income and helped rural revitalization.

Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 5
Tongliang: 6,000 acres of cherry blossoms 6

(The first eye-Chongqing Radio and Television Special Reporter Wang Yang Zhou Zhenyu Editor Xiang Wei)

February 17, 2011 is the Lantern Festival, and the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival are counted.

February 17, 2011 is the Lantern Festival, and the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival are counted.The custom of Lantern Festival — — Lion dance (data map)

February 17th this year is the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month, also known as the Lantern Festival and the Spring Lantern Festival, which is a traditional folk festival in China. The first month is the first month of the lunar calendar. The ancients called it "Xiao", and the fifteenth day is the first full moon night in a year, so the fifteenth day of the first month is called the Lantern Festival. Also known as the first lunar month, Yuanxi or Lantern Festival, it is the first important festival after the Spring Festival. China has a vast territory and a long history, so the customs of Lantern Festival are different all over the country, among which eating Lantern Festival, enjoying lanterns, dancing dragons and lions are several important folk customs.

The origin and customs of Lantern Festival

The formation of Lantern Festival custom has a long process. According to historical data and folklore, the fifteenth day of the first month has been paid attention to in the Western Han Dynasty. The activity of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to sacrifice the "Taiyi" in Ganquan Palace on the first night of the first month (Taiyi: the god who dominates everything in the world) is regarded by later generations as the forerunner of offering sacrifices to the gods on the fifteenth day of the first month. However, the fifteenth day of the first month was really a folk festival after the Han and Wei Dynasties. The introduction of Buddhist culture in the Eastern Han Dynasty is of great significance to the formation of the custom of Lantern Festival.

During the Yongping period of Emperor Han Ming (AD 58-mdash; — In 175), because the Ming Emperor advocated Buddhism, it coincided with Cai Kun’s return from India for Buddhism, saying that on the fifteenth day of the first month in Mohatuo, India, monks gathered to pay tribute to Buddhist relics, which was an auspicious day to participate in Buddhism. In order to promote Buddhism, Emperor Han Ming ordered "burning lamps to show Buddha" in the palace and temple on the fifteenth night of the first month. Therefore, the custom of burning lanterns on the fifteenth night of the first month has gradually spread in China with the expansion of the influence of Buddhist culture and the addition of Taoist culture.

It is also said that the Lantern Festival originated from the "Torch Festival". In the Han Dynasty, people held torches in rural fields to drive away insects and beasts, hoping to reduce pests and pray for a good harvest. To this day, people in some areas in southwest China still make torches out of reeds or branches on the fifteenth day of the first month, and hold them high in groups and dance in fields or grain drying fields. Since the Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties, it has been in full swing. Tens of thousands of people took part in singing and dancing, from faint to dull. With the changes of society and times, the customs of Lantern Festival have changed greatly, but it is still a traditional folk festival in China.

Another theory is that the custom of burning lanterns in Lantern Festival originated from the Taoist "three-yuan theory"; The 15th day of the first month is Shangyuan Festival, the 15th day of July is Zhongyuan Festival, and the 15th day of October is Xiayuan Festival. The officials in charge of the upper, middle and lower three elements are heaven, earth and man respectively, and the heaven official is happy, so the lantern festival should be lit. The festivals and customs activities of the Lantern Festival are extended and expanded with the development of history. As far as the length of the festival is concerned, it was only one day in the Han Dynasty, three days in the Tang Dynasty, and five days in the Song Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, the lights were lit from the eighth day of the eighth month until the night of the seventeenth day of the first month, for ten days. Connecting with the Spring Festival, the day is the city, which is very lively, and the lights are lit at night, which is spectacular. Especially the exquisite and colorful lights make it the climax of entertainment activities during the Spring Festival. By the Qing Dynasty, there were more "hundred plays" such as dragon dancing, lion dancing, roller boating, walking on stilts and dancing yangko, but the festival period was shortened to four to five days.

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Hefei benchmark house price adjusted again, with the highest increase of 500 yuan per square meter.

A major event in 2011 was known in advance. In May, the two elevated roads in Hefei were connected.

It is more convenient to eat melons in Sanshigang this summer. Hefei Huanhu North Road will be opened in March.

It takes only 30 minutes from Hefei to Nanjing, and the Hening Intercity Railway is expected to be built this year.

After Hefei’s holiday, the recruitment salary has generally increased by more than 20%. You can choose from many large-scale job fairs.

Monthly donors have to pay more, and the interest rate of Hefei provident fund loan will be adjusted from February 9.

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The list of national key protected wild animals and plants has not changed for 20 years and needs to be updated urgently.

  In January 2018, the only South China Golden Cat in the global zoo died in Hangzhou Zoo. Li Jian photo/bright picture

  The existing list of species protection in China has not been systematically updated in the past 20 years. The list of national key protected wild animals was promulgated in 1989, and the list of national key protected wild plants (the first batch) was promulgated in 1999, and it has only been fine-tuned once so far; The List of National Key Protected Wild Plants (Second Batch) has been in the state of "discussion draft" and has not yet been officially promulgated.

  The past two or three decades have witnessed the fastest economic development and urbanization in China, especially in the eastern and southern parts with high population density. Many natural habitats have been developed and changed, and resource utilization and human activities have intensified, resulting in habitat loss and fragmentation, which has greatly reduced the distribution and number of wild animal populations.

  The Yangtze finless porpoise, once affectionately called "Jiang Pig" by the residents along the Yangtze River because of its naive and extremely common behavior, has rapidly decreased in population in the past 20 years, from 2,700 in 1991, 1,800 in 2006 and 1,050 in 2012 to less than 1,000 now — — This figure makes people who care about the protection of finless porpoises feel worried.

  Following the functionally extinct baiji, the Yangtze finless porpoise has been known as the "giant panda in the water" for more than 10 years, and the recent related research has even divided the Yangtze finless porpoise into an independent species. However, the "giant panda in the water" has not been treated as a giant panda: in the list of key protected wild animals in China, the finless porpoise has not changed since it was designated as a second-class protected animal in 1989. Although experts and conservation organizations keep calling for upgrading, the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Council have issued documents to strengthen the protection of finless porpoises, but the adjustment of the list involves the coordination and unification of various departments in charge of wildlife protection, so it has not been realized.

  The lag of protection level cannot be said to have no influence on the living conditions of Yangtze finless porpoises today.

  The Red List of Endangered Species published by IUCN divides the endangered species into nine grades, which are evaluated and updated by experts all over the world about every five years. It also includes the evaluation results of China species regularly organized by the National Endangered Species Science Committee of China, that is, the Red List of China Species. The rating of Yangtze finless porpoise in IUCN Red List was "endangered" in 2000, and it was upgraded to "extremely endangered" in 2013, only one step away from "extinction in the wild".

  China Nature Watch 2016, an independent analysis report jointly issued by a number of nature conservation agencies and the Research Center for Nature Conservation and Social Development of Peking University, pointed out that the IUCN Red List involves threatened species in China (including critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable), and 405 of them are not included in China’s protection list; However, 197 species in China’s protected list are "non-endangered" species in the IUCN Red List — — This means: on the one hand, a considerable number of endangered species are not protected by Chinese laws; On the other hand, some species that are not endangered may occupy limited conservation resources.

  Specifically, there are the following situations:

  First, it has been endangered for a long time but has never been included in the list. For example, the spoonbill snipe is a migratory bird passing through the eastern and southern coastal beaches of China. At present, the population in the world is estimated to be less than 100 pairs, and the habitat along its migration route, especially the development of coastal wetlands in East Asia, is the main reason for the extreme endangerment of this species. The IUCN Red List assessed it as endangered in 2004, and soon adjusted it to extremely endangered in 2008. However, this species was not included in the list of key protected animals in China, but only appeared in the List of Terrestrial Wild Animals Protected by the State (referred to as the "Three Lists").

  Second, in the past 20 years, it has become endangered from no danger. For example, the well-known "sparrowfinch", the yellow-breasted flounder, still had a huge population and was widely distributed in the 1990s. In 2000, it was assessed as a non-endangered species in the IUCN Red List, and then its population plummeted due to excessive killing and eating and the large occupation of rice fields in its main habitat, and it was assessed as extremely endangered in 2017. At present, the sparrows are not listed in the List of National Key Protected Wild Animals.

  Third, it has been included in the protection list, but the level is lower than the actual endangered situation. In addition to the Yangtze finless porpoise, another example is a species unique to China — — Yellow-lipped fish is evaluated as extremely dangerous in IUCN red list. But like finless porpoises, yellow-lipped fish is only Grade II in the List of National Key Protected Wild Animals. Yellow-lipped fish is one of the rarest species in the family Sciaenidae, with low protection rating, serious lack of public concern and national protection; In addition, some news media reported positively that fishermen caught yellow-lipped fish and sold it at a sky-high price, which aggravated the pressure of overfishing on this species.

  Fourth, the list of the second batch of key protected plants has been delayed, and a number of endangered plants cannot be effectively protected. More than 2,000 species of plants threatened with extinction in the "second discussion draft" have not been protected by law due to disputes over jurisdiction by several competent authorities. Most of these plants have great economic value, so the wild population is over-utilized. For example, there are no restrictions on the mining and trading of wild ginseng in China, and sometimes it is even encouraged by individual news media. The situation is similar to that of wild Dendrobium candidum and Dendrobium huoshanense.

  Fifth, some species endemic to China, but not endangered, are listed in the protection list. For example, Davidia involucrata, clover and Tibetan wild donkey are all national first-class protected species, but the number of wild populations is very large. According to China Nature Watch 2016, the protection of these species is improving.

  China Nature Watch 2016 also assessed the protection status of all species in the current List of National Key Protected Wild Animals/Plants and all China species (1085 in total) on the threatened list in the IUCN Red List from 2000 to 2015. The results show that only 102 species have improved, 738 species have deteriorated, and the remaining 245 species lack information.

  It can be seen that the outdated list leads to the lag of law enforcement, which is one of the reasons for the deterioration of the protection of quite a few threatened species. There are many reasons why the catalogue has not been updated, and the lack of species information, especially the reliable information of population number, actual distribution and change, is only one of them. With the country’s attention to species protection and the promotion of the whole society’s awareness of protection, especially the opportunities for the general public to participate in natural observation of birds and beasts are increasing and deepening, and the information gaps are being filled step by step. Another major obstacle affecting the updating of the directory is the deadlock caused by the difficulty in coordinating multi-sector management. It is expected that the integration of natural resource management departments will help solve the problem of multi-sector management of wildlife protection. In fact, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Wildlife Protection Law (Revised Draft), which came into effect on January 1, 2017, has written into the law that the list of protected animals should be updated every five years. Therefore, it is imperative to update the list as soon as possible.

  For the adjustment of the list, we suggest to establish an evaluation standard based on experts and scientific data on the basis of referring to the research reports such as IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, China Red List of Species and China Nature Watch 2016, and comprehensively sort out and rate the species in China, so as to adjust the protection level. For example, the IUCN Red List can include endangered and extremely endangered species, and the species with a score lower than -2 (inclusive) in the reference of China Nature Watch 2016 can be adjusted as national first-class key protected species; Adjust (or reserve) flagship species such as giant panda, snow leopard and Chinese white dolphin, umbrella species and top predator species in the ecosystem as national first-class key protected species; The species in the discussion draft of "List of National Key Protected Wild Plants (Second Batch)" will be officially promulgated to make it legally effective. In principle, non-endangered and low-endangered species will not be removed from the list, but only downgraded. For example, if the species in the current protection list are non-endangered and near-endangered in the IUCN Red List, and the score in China Nature Watch 2016 is higher than -1 (inclusive), it will be adjusted to the national second-class key protected species; Extinct species are indicated separately; Remove the taxonomically proved species (such as heterophylla japonica) from the list.

  We earnestly hope that the "Updated List of National Key Protected Species" will be put on the legislative agenda as soon as possible and promulgated as soon as possible, so that all the truly endangered species can be protected by law.

   (Author: Lv Zhi Gu Lei, professor of Nature Conservation and Social Development Research Center of Peking University, lecturer of Capital Normal University and head of nature observation project of Shanshui Nature Conservation Center)