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Its film arrangement is only 0.7%, but it is the most worth seeing in the near future.

Special feature of 1905 film network Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your memory disappeared one day?

We have seen too many movies, and we often meet people whose memories are fading away, and some incredible things have happened. Some people rely on their only remaining memories to find clues to solve crimes; Some people hit their heads and all their memories were restored; Some people can’t get their memories back all their lives.

The film officially released in the mainland cinema on February 23 rd once again took the memory as a knife. However, this time it is a little different.

1 What’s the difference between this film?

The main characters in the film "Love Before Memory Dies" are two old people. Ella Spencer played by helen mirren is a rebellious old girl, while John Spencer played by donald sutherland is a forgetful old warm man.

The old couple are both seriously ill. John has Alzheimer’s disease, which is what we often call Alzheimer’s disease. The disease makes his memory go wrong and slowly disappears. He needs to live in a nursing home, while Ella has cancer and needs to be admitted to the hospital. At this moment, the two will face eternal separation.

So, the two decided to take a trip in an RV. The English name of the film "The Leisure Seeker" is the name of this RV — — Leisure seekers. They walked all the way from Massachusetts to the south, recalling the experience of spending their holidays with their children. This time, their destination was Hemingway’s former residence in Sisuo Island.

I went to Hemingway’s former residence because John’s favorite writer was Hemingway. At the same time, John is also a teacher. His illness makes him forget the names of his wife and children, but he can easily say Hemingway’s works. Hemingway’s famous The Old Man and the Sea was finished here in Xisuo Island, and it is John’s favorite work.

Two old men "ran away from home" behind their children’s backs. John couldn’t drive because of illness, but during the journey, he drove the old car at a gallop. When Ella called the children, she told them, "Son, we won’t be long. There are some things that I must finish with your father.".

The film fills in the grief and sadness that Alzheimer’s disease would have brought to the family with a lot of jokes, making the whole film easy and interesting.

During the trip, John left his wife alone and drove away. When Ella got on a passerby’s motorcycle and caught up with John, John’s reaction was, "Why are you sitting on a motorcycle?" He has completely forgotten that his wife traveled by car with him.

Similarly, when he arrived in Pennsylvania, he asked Ella, "Where are we?" After Ella told him, he asked, "What are we doing in Pennsylvania?" He will forget his children, mistake his students, and forget the purpose of this trip.

However, he can’t forget English grammar. On the way, when they were forced to hand over the money by a sudden robber, he did not forget to correct the grammatical mistakes made by the robber. At this time, Ella scared away the robbers with a prepared shotgun.

"Love Before Memory Dies" is adapted from Michael Sadrian’s novel of the same name. As a road movie, it reveals the story of travel and uncovers an old story (not much to say, it will be spoiled if you talk too much! ), and behind this past, the focus is on marriage and old age.

In the last period of life, their attitude is not negative at all, and life is full of interest everywhere. Ella, played by helen mirren, painted her nails, wore a wig and put on lipstick. Even though she is not young, she is still a delicate woman. During the journey, the two will also look at old photos with slides.

From the preview, we can also see that the two spent a beautiful and romantic night in the hotel suite. John talked to ella to the fullest; "I can’t believe my wife is so beautiful", the gentleman invited her and they embraced and danced together. The couple who have been together for fifty years have a very funny and warm daily life, and their love is indestructible in the face of aging and death.

The two leading actors won numerous awards.

"Love Before Memory Disappears" was selected as the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival in 2017. After the premiere of the film festival, some media reporters praised helen mirren’s performance. Helen mirren won the Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 for her film, and won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Queen the following year.

Helen mirren in The Queen is noble and solemn, but she is very conservative. When helen mirren portrays Elizabeth II after learning of Princess Diana’s death, she reminds herself by saying "I am the queen" every day. And her superb acting skills have been greatly affirmed.

In addition, helen mirren won the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival with and twice.

Donald sutherland, the actor, should be the most familiar Canadian in China. He is also quite powerful. He is the winner of the 90th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. Previously, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor twice for Citizen X and War Path.

Donald sutherland has appeared in many films, including series,,, and so on. It is worth noting that he once appeared in the works directed by Xiaogang Feng in 2001. His role is Taylor, the great Hollywood director who came to China to make a film.

It can be said that the performances of donald sutherland and helen mirren were impeccable. Many foreign media commented on "Love Before Memory Dies", although they were quite critical of the film’s plays, they still affirmed the performance of these two drama bones, saying that this is the most attractive part of the film, which is quite convincing. "Every wrinkle is a play, and every expression contains the most complicated emotions in the character’s heart."

3 Italian local teams shoot American films.

Paolo Virzì, the director of Love Before Memory Dies, has shot many Italian local comedies, and can be said to be one of the representative figures. His "My name is Tanino" has all been shortlisted for the Venice Film Festival. "Love Before Memory Dies" is the fourth time that he has been selected for the Venice Film Festival.

But his international fame is not very great. In the 74th Venice Film Festival, many famous directors gathered, and his works also received a lot of attention. Especially with the blessing of the two leading actors, the judges can feel the more delicate emotional expression.

Paolo Virzì never thought that he would make a film that had nothing to do with Italy. When he was invited by an American film producer, he decided that helen mirren and donald sutherland must play the roles.

He said: "When I was filming this film as an American director, I always reminded myself of my Italian identity. On the set, I felt the common feelings of human beings. I tried to look at this story from an Italian perspective, and I kept my own style: shooting this film with a story that is true, human, ironic and mixed with comedy and tragedy. "

Yes, this is the concept that Paolo Virzì has always adhered to: there is always tragedy in comedy, and only dramatic plots can make people laugh.

The foreign media "SSG Syndicate" described the film as a bittersweet and warm journey, and the excellent performance made this film. Film Journal International commented that although this film is a bit ordinary, it is very enjoyable in most cases.

When talking about this film, "CineVue" said: "Sorrow and sadness are often dangerous, but" Love Before Memory Dies "is not like this. Even if love comes to an end, they are still celebrating." The critics of RogerEbert.com even shed tears when watching it.

In addition, although the film was shot in the United States, most of the film’s creative team are Italian. Photographer Luca Bigazzi has worked with Italian director paolo sorrentino in many film and television dramas.

Musician Carlo Wizz and director Paolo Virzì are old partners, and he has participated in Osodo and My Name is Tanino.

Editor Jacob Quadri worked with the director on My Name is Tanino, but he is famous for working with Italian director bernardo bertolucci.

"Handmade products" appeared in Germany to promote cultural exchanges between friends and enterprises

Recently, Lu Guohua, the head of Lvcongcong Parent-child Farm in Gaozhuang Town, Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province, and his party visited B&W MEDIA-SERVICE GmbH Group in Essen City, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and presented high-profile products such as folk hand-painted peony flowers from Gaozhuang Town, "Shandong hand-made" mortise and tenon wood products, hand-woven sachets and hand-made Chinese knots to German friends.

Oliver Berndt, head of B&W Group, said that these handmade products can reflect the exquisite craftsmanship of China folk artists and the characteristics of Chinese civilization and culture, and they are very meaningful gifts. We will exhibit them in the Handmade Crafts Cultural Exchange Center under the Group, so that more Germans can see the real China, understand China and fall in love with China. Lu Guohua said that in the future, he will use the opportunity of docking enterprises abroad to give home-town products representing Chinese traditional culture to foreign friends, promote home-town culture with actions, and enhance folk friendship between China and foreign countries.

Source: Public Network Near


The cinema movie "Cloud Dream" was officially launched. Zhang Xingyao has grown up to protect traditional culture.

  On December 15th, Wang Yuan, Baozhong Shan and Jin Doucan were the producers, Zheng Xiantai was the director, Deng Liguang was the photography director, and Ji Wang, Shan Sijie, Baozhong Shan and Zhang Xingyao starred in Yunmeng, Hubei Province. The film was produced by Hubei Dazizai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Yunmeng Guze Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qianhai Dazizai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. Among them, the actor Zhang Xingyao plays a rich girl with a complete growth line.

  Continuation of historical and cultural heritage and protection of cultural relics

  The movie Cloud Dream takes the protection of cultural relics as the theme, takes the cloud dream region as the background, tells the legendary story of father and son guarding precious cultural relics, and presents the long history and rich culture of cloud dream to the world by means of film and television. According to the director, this film was made to show the culture of Yunmeng Chuwangcheng and the local customs, and introduce the local characteristics and culture of Yunmeng to China and even the whole world. The release of the film is of great significance to the inheritance of cultural relics protection and the continuation of history and culture.

  This is a family story film with ideological and artistic features. The total shooting length is about 105 minutes. The actor Zhang Xingyao plays a rich girl in the film. After experiencing personal growth, she finally contributes to the protection of precious cultural relics. Zhang Xingyao is handsome in appearance and unique in temperament, which is highly suitable for the role in the film. What kind of wonderful presentation will she have? What do young people think about the protection and inheritance of cultural relics? Let’s see from the movie.

  Zhang Xingyao leads the starring role and depicts the warm story with heart.

  Zhang Xingyao is one of the leading stars of the film, and at the same time, with Ji Wang, Shan Sijie and Shan Bao as partners, he will jointly interpret a warm film that reflects the social reality and highlights the spirit of the people to protect cultural relics, showing the audience the participation and efforts of the Chinese people in the protection of cultural relics, and at the same time making people understand and love China traditional culture more. Zhang Xingyao has launched a number of new film and television dramas this year: The Eight Thieves, The Record of Smelling Scenes, The Legend of Jianghu Detective, and The Second and Third Seasons of Return to 1993.

  In various types of works, Zhang Xingyao tries hard to explore and hone her acting skills, and constantly opens a new role chapter, bringing different points of view to the audience. Next, the online drama "The War of Housewives" and the movie "The Night Inn" starring her will also meet with you in 2024. I look forward to the wonderful performance of the actor Zhang Xingyao on the screen, bringing more high-quality works, and the future can be expected.

The theme forum "High-quality Development of Hainan Free Trade Port Film Industry" was held.

  Everything is born in the sea, and light and shadow are new forces. On December 17th, the theme forum of "High-quality Development of Hainan Free Trade Port Film Industry" was held in Sanya. Based on the advantages and characteristics of Hainan Free Trade Port, the forum is committed to promoting the development of China’s film industry and promoting exchanges and cooperation between filmmakers at home and abroad.

  The forum consists of keynote speeches and round-table forums. Industry leaders and experts and scholars from home and abroad, such as Huayi Brothers, Zhejiang Film and Television Group, Qingdao Oriental Film Capital, Communication University of China, and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, discussed how to learn from international experience in terms of copyright trading, cultural cooperation, culture going out to sea and talent training, and effectively stimulated the innovation vitality and market potential of the film industry, which opened up a broader vision, a higher pattern and a broader imagination space for Hainan’s film industry.

  In the keynote speech session, four industry big coffees explained the multi-dimensional path and its many possibilities of integration, innovation and high-quality development around Hainan film industry.

  Wang Zhonglei, co-founder, vice-chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd., vice-chairman of China Film Producers Association and honorary president of Hengdian Film and Television Industry Association, talked about how to further make good use of policies to promote the high-quality development of Hainan films. He suggested that the first task should be to give full play to policy advantages and pay attention to policy implementation. Secondly, it needs the support of advanced technology and creative ideas to attract talents to stay and shine for Hainan film industry. In addition, it is necessary to speed up the construction of a film and television base with a world-class industrial system, establish and improve a standardized and professional film shooting service system, and explore the development model of the film industry with Hainan characteristics.

  Zhang Xiaohui, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Film and Television Group, put forward the vision of "inter-provincial cooperation and linkage" in his keynote speech. "I hope that by taking this opportunity, we can make a deep integration of the film and television service shooting resources of Zhejiang and Hainan provinces, and help the two provinces to make an alliance in film and television shooting." Through the cooperation between the two provinces, information sharing and resource complementarity can be realized, and homogenization competition and resource waste can be avoided.

  In the round-table forum, government leaders, industry leaders, experts and scholars discussed how to combine Hainan Free Trade Port with the national macroeconomic strategy, thus effectively stimulating the innovation vitality and market potential of the film industry.

  "If Hainan is to be a center leading the film industry, it needs to upgrade from hardware to software. This is a great challenge. Although the subsidy policy is costly, it is a very good start." Abdul Dalagudi, deputy director of the Research Institute of Multinational Corporations of the Ministry of Commerce of China and founder of Xiamen BRICS Economic and Cultural Research Service Center, said.

  Yaning, president of iQiyi Film, said, "Hainan has a policy advantage. In the future, it depends on how the policy is implemented and the shooting cost of the crew is really reduced, so as to attract more directors and production companies."

  Zhang Qiyan, deputy director of the Art Department of Hainan Provincial Tourism Department and former associate researcher of the State Council Development Research Center, believes that "one of Hainan’s great advantages is its tourism. When we discuss Hainan’s film and television industry, we can raise our horizons to a higher level and think about this issue across industries. In the future, Hainan will introduce new policies to closely integrate the film and tourism industries to seek new breakthroughs. "

  Huang Yichuan, a researcher at the China Film Art Research Center and the president and editor-in-chief of Contemporary Film magazine, said, "Hainan has sea, rainforest and hardworking people. Our advantage is not only tourism, but marine culture will definitely be a particularly important culture in the future." He suggested that it is not based on the relevant policy support of the free trade port, but should aim at excavating multi-level cultural manifestations in marine culture.

  Sun Hengqin, president of Qingdao Oriental Film Capital Industry Holding Group, said that Hainan’s advantages in personal income tax concessions, population exchanges and import procedures in the free trade zone need to be well grasped.

  Natasha Deville, a veteran filmmaker, called for responsibility for Hainan’s ecological environment in combination with her shooting experience in Hainan. She believes that the premise of attracting more films and crews to come to Hainan for filming is to protect Hainan’s environment and undeveloped areas.

  Huang Fei, general manager of Hainan Film Co., Ltd. and vice president of Hainan Film Association, said that he has cooperated with China Film Research Institute to set up a special technology joint laboratory in Sanya and is about to enter the stage of achievement transformation. The next step is to rely on the "Hainan International Media Port" project, give full play to the advantages of Hainan’s digital industry, introduce top technical teams at home and abroad, realize the comprehensive empowerment of science and technology, and promote the digital, industrialized and innovative development of Hainan’s film industry.

A movie "roadshow" ticket is fried to thousands of dollars! Who is making a profit behind it?

Many new film release publicity meetings will arrange "film roadshows" in cinemas, that is, arrange the main creators and starring actors to meet the audience during the movie viewing sessions. Because there are stars present, this method is highly praised by many fans, and the ticket price is often fired to hundreds or even thousands of yuan. Who is selling these high-priced "roadshow" tickets?
Entering the keyword "movie roadshow" in a second-hand trading platform can search out a large number of information about movie tickets purchased and resold by fans from all over the world. Among them, the highest selling price is a roadshow of the film "Crossing the Sea" in Shenzhen, and the price tag is 1000 yuan. The seller said, "There are not many ticket sources, so you need to take a ticket quickly." At the scene of an offline roadshow in Chaoyang District, Beijing, many scalpers disguised as fans. Some of them are collecting tickets, while others are looking for buyers.
According to the reporter’s visit, roadshow information is often released through the official Weibo of the film, WeChat or the theater where roadshows are held. The ways to get tickets for roadshows vary from place to place. Some tickets are sold publicly, while others are given internally. Take Beijing as an example. Tickets for roadshows are not for sale. Audiences need to sign up for a viewing group, which will be randomly drawn according to the number of seats in the cinema. However, during the film announcement period, a large number of fans lacked information and idolize was urgent, which gave scalpers an opportunity.
Where do the high-priced roadshow tickets come from? There are many kinds of channels for scalpers
While not publicly selling, all kinds of high-priced scalper tickets flowed out. Where did these resold roadshow tickets come from? Who is profiting behind the "realization of roadshows"?
On the second-hand platform, the reporter selected a roadshow that has attracted high attention in Beijing recently for consultation. The other party claimed that "as long as 450 yuan can enter his identity information in advance, he can directly sign in at the scene to exchange tickets". However, when the reporter asked what kind of ticket it was, the other party did not reply, but kept urging, saying that "if you don’t submit your identity information, you will close the registration." How can I participate in the roadshow without signing up for the viewing group? Where did these tickets come from and can they be redeemed successfully? In order to further understand the situation, the reporter finally paid the relevant fees and arrived at the scene in advance on the day of the road show as required.
Staff of the viewing group:This is a booking, two different viewing groups, one viewing group and one hall. We are all free here.
Since I didn’t receive the text message, the reporter contacted the scalper again, but the other party refused to answer it, and told me with WeChat that "don’t say what you bought outside, just say that you won the prize, report the information directly, and even don’t have to show them the electronic invitation letter". Subsequently, the reporter took the ID card and successfully exchanged the shadow tickets and checked the tickets according to the scalper’s statement.The so-called roadshow ticket is actually the winning qualification of fans. As long as the scalper can enter the buyer’s information into the organizer’s winning list, it can be exchanged.
According to industry sources, in order to promote the effect, organizers usually invite guests to participate in roadshows by way of booking. In this process, there are indeed some ticket sources flowing out. In order to maximize the benefits of the cinema, or hope that the fare will be sold higher, the possibility of joint speculation with the scalper is not ruled out.
Staff of a film publicity company in Beijing:It is possible that the scalper has already applied for the quota of the viewing group, and the viewing group has given him the qualification. Because unlike concerts, it is difficult to verify one-on-one real names.
Head of a cinema in Beijing:As soon as tickets are released in the cinema, scalpers will buy them first, and a total of 150 seats will buy 100 tickets first. If you can’t buy it, the scalper will give you an invoice through the star studio, or the "big V" channel.
Source: CCTV Finance

American newspaper: Korean war survivors reveal the truth about the American massacre

  Xinhua News: The International Herald Tribune of the United States published an article entitled "Survivors of the Korean War Talk about the US Army’s Killing Innocent People" on the 21st. The main points are as follows:

Douglas macarthur (former) Incheon gloated after landing.

  Many people were burned alive.

  In September, 1950, under the personal command of General douglas macarthur, American troops landed in Incheon Port, South Korea, which changed the direction of the Korean War and made MacArthur a hero.

  But more than half a century later, in a shabby tent at the entrance of Yuewei Park, a group of elderly Koreans wanted to tell the world about the unknown side behind the victory of the US military and a story about civilians being burned alive that was not mentioned in Korean official history and textbooks.

  Li Beiji, 76, said: "When napalm hit our village, many people were still asleep at home. Those who escaped from the fire came to the seaside, and we tried to show American pilots that we were ordinary people. However, they still shot at us, both women and children. "

  According to the military documents declassified by the United States reviewed by South Korean government investigators, on September 10, 1950, five days before landing in Incheon, in order to "burn" the eastern part of Yuewei Island, 43 American warplanes flew to the island and dropped 93 cases of napalm bombs.

U.S. military burned facilities on Moon Island.

  There were 210 massacres of civilians.

  Moon Island is not the only target of bombing. Since November last year, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission under the South Korean government has published a series of reports on the situation of Yuewei Island and two other cities that were attacked by air. Local residents said that a large number of unarmed civilians were killed in indiscriminate air strikes by the US military. The Committee believes that such air strikes violate the international conventions on war, and therefore suggests that the government come forward to negotiate with the United States to pay compensation to the victims.

  According to other findings of the Committee, on January 19, 1951, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at Shancheng village, about 160 kilometers southeast of the capital, killing at least 51 people, including 16 children.

  The Committee also said that a day later, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at the entrance of a cave full of refugees in Danyang, 35 kilometers north of Shancheng Village, and about 167 villagers were burned alive, more than half of them women.

  Jin Dongchong, a senior official of the Committee, said: "We should not ignore or conceal the deaths of innocent civilians, because their deaths were not caused by the mistakes of a few soldiers, but by orderly air strikes and strafe. History tells us that we need an alliance, but this alliance must be based on humanitarian principles. "

  During the early totalitarian and extremely anti-communist government in South Korea, it was taboo to criticize the actions of the US military in the war. However, after the South Korean government later set up a fact-finding commission, the public provided 210 cases about the indiscriminate killing of innocent people by the US military, most of which were caused by air strikes.

The US military forced the moon to tail island.

  The United States has argued that "air strikes are justified."

  Major Stuart Upton, a spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, said that the Pentagon would not comment on these reports until the South Korean government took formal action.

  After the Korean War broke out in June 1950, the US military planned to land in Incheon Port in September to rescue the United Nations troops trapped in the southeast corner of the Korean Peninsula. The US military decided that it must first turn Yuewei Island, located at the throat of a waterway leading to Incheon Port, into a no-man’s land.

  In their report on the mission of bombing the island at the end of the moon, the pilots of the US Marine Corps said: "This mission is to completely bomb this area with napalm and burn all objects on the ground."

  They also said: "I didn’t see any signs of the army. But the smoke rising from the ground shows that the fire is enough to burn everything on the ground. "

  These reports also described the shooting on the beach, but made no mention of civilian casualties.

  American investigators did not object to South Korea’s investigation report, but thought that the US air strikes were "justified". They said that the mountain city was a stronghold of the enemy at that time, and the villagers had been warned to evacuate in advance.

  However, regarding the bombing of Moon Island, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission pointed out that although it believed that it was necessary for US troops to land in Incheon Port, it found no "evidence of any efforts to reduce civilian casualties". (Editor: Apeng)

Related reading:

  In June 1950, when the Korean War broke out, the Korean People’s Army laid a large number of mines in the nearby waters to prevent the US troops from landing in Wonsan. In order to ensure the successful landing, the US military used more than 10 mine-clearing ships to clear mines. However, due to the limitation of troops and mine-clearing technology, only more than 200 mines were cleared in 15 days, accounting for 1/10 of the total number of mines laid by the People’s Army. A large area of mines undoubtedly poses a serious threat to the next landing operation of the US military. Unable to do anything about it, the US Far East Naval Command remembered that after Japan’s defeat, an old Japanese naval mine-clearing unit with more than 100 mine-clearing ships and combat capability remained.

Countless North Korean children were killed by American troops.

In the Korean War, the old woman was killed by the American army on the roadside.

Editor: Wang Jiaolong

The benchmark of high-quality housing in Bay Area Guangfo New World deducts the life of the first manor in Bay Area.

Guangfo New World, with time to carve "Bay Area Manor Life Aesthetics", achieved a new life gathering place in the Bay Area. Brand promise, which upholds the new world China’s concept of "giving new meaning to the city", Guangfo New World has always insisted on building high-quality residences with the concept of sustainable development for many years, and has accumulated years of love and investment for social creating shared value, serializing beautiful nature, international humanities and rich life.

Adhering to the concept of "giving new meaning to the city" to build a world-class manor

In order to shape the unique manor-level life aesthetics in the Bay Area, New World China, as an urban landmark expert, is constantly searching for the ideal answer from the local and international perspectives of the Bay Area-enjoying prosperity and poetry in the city, finding humanity in nature and finding spiritual habitat in communication.

At the beginning of the construction, Guangfo New World applied the design concept of sponge city in a forward-looking way, and joined hands with Foshan government to create a demonstration sample of international community construction facing the European Union that won the GEO Best Environmental Ecology Certification.

With the rise of the concept of Work-Life Balance, Guangfo New World has been sitting on the value hub of the Super Bay Area, the five subway twin-city rail and other transportation matrices, reaching all parts of the Bay Area instantly and connecting with the world, making it the first choice of residence favored by the elites in the Bay Area.

Join hands with four top teams to create a sample of international human settlements.

The project teamed up with AECOM/PLACE/P&T/CTI, the top four international teams, to create a sample of international residential upgrading, and to create the Guangzhou-Guangdong International Exchange Center (CIH) and the Guangfo Mansion, Guangfo Tiandi and Guangfo Heart Exhibition Hall with ingenuity, which won the gold certification of LEED. Among them, Guangzhou-Guangdong International Exchange Platform covers 108 facilities such as infinity pool, NBA standard basketball court and top international indoor fitness room, and is a cultural center integrating art exhibitions, conferences, banquets, business and social activities.

Guangyue Mansion, a hotel-style apartment with consular service standards, has only 71 private apartments, but it attracts many executives from Fortune 500 companies to live here, so that every resident can enjoy a top-class and comfortable living experience with customized and personalized courtesy services.

Achieving cultural communication fertile soil, global elites follow this.

Guangfo New World Golf Club, as the only 1,100-mu world championship course in South China that has won GEO’s best environmental and ecological certification, was planned and designed by one of the top ten golf design companies in the world, and hosted the European Tour Challenge Foshan Open for seven consecutive years. In and out of this, it is not the top international stars, but the top 500 executives and business celebrities in the world. A swing trip, easily integrated into the gold social circle.

As a landmark of Greater Bay Area’s artistic life, Guangfo New World bears the cultural protection and cultivation of the new world China. It has been committed to promoting the cultural development of Greater Bay Area and improving people’s quality of life. It has joined hands with world-class artists and art teams for many times to stage more than 50 literary life festivals such as Lang Xianping Forum and Chinese and foreign youth chorus festivals, attracting owners from more than 20 countries to live here, and jointly building more than 100 international quality communities, forming a fertile ground for spreading Cantonese culture. Here, Guangdong culture is booming and moving towards the world.

Fascinated by natural energy field, foresight, foresight, craftsman building Damei manor

The plot ratio of the project is as low as 1.15, in which 35 natural lakes, 20 km jogging greenway, 1,100 mu golf green, ecological sports park, etc. are invigorated in a vast natural space, creating a fascinating natural energy field. Guangfo New World is more ingenious in planting 1,000+precious tree species, creating colorful forests and creating an immersive life experience for the owners. In the sun and on the greenway, you can run freely, ride and camp, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest.

Choose independently to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, experience the euphoria brought by nature, and promote the healthy sports culture of the community in daily life. The world’s great living people breathe in the same way, leading the international concept of healthy life.

The ultimate residence of a lifetime, the chief cover work of the Bay Area.

Whether it’s a city villa or a low-density villa, Guangfo New World, based on its unique environmental advantages, digs into every detail of its products and innovates 10,000 ways of playing products, so that every buyer who comes here will have a heart-warming surprise.

Guangfo New World is a villa with a floor area of about 160-1,200 square meters, a living room with a height of about 7 meters, all-glass floor-to-ceiling windows, IMAX-level landscape, and unbounded integration of indoor and outdoor. Stepping out of the court, the courtyard with heaven and earth shows the beauty of manor life, or sitting alone, gathering with family members, or enjoying tea with friends and neighbors, and feeling the beauty of time flowing slowly, so that the family story and glory can be interpreted and passed down in Damei Manor.

In such a villa life circle, there are low-density manor houses with a floor area of about 100-140 square meters. The design of "small high-rise and pure plate" is always accompanied by sunshine and air, and the natural greenery is close to the window, nourishing the physical and mental health of the family. There is also a private ladder that matches the giants, so that every time you go home, you have a unique sense of ceremony and dignity. LDK integrated design, multi-room system … spread the new world of Buddha, and extend the width of quality life with spatial scale.

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2023 World Robotics Congress opens in Beijing, attended by Yin Li Wan Gang.

  Original title: The 2023 World Robotics Congress opened in Beijing, attended by Wan Gang, Yin Li

  On the afternoon of August 16th, 2023 World Robotics Congress opened in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Yin Li, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and secretary of Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and Wan Gang, chairman of China Association for Science and Technology attended.

  At the opening ceremony, Yin Li and Wan Gang, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shu Wei, Deputy Party Secretary, Full-time Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology, Xia Linmao, Standing Committee Member of Beijing Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Alexander Weir, Chairman of the International Federation of Robotics Academic Committee, and Wang Tianran, Academician of China Academy of Engineering jointly pressed the start button, and the 2023 World Robotics Congress was officially launched. Xin Guobin, Shu Wei, Xia Linmao and Yue Se Vieira, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, delivered speeches respectively. The launching ceremony of the World Robotics Cooperation Organization, jointly sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Israel Robotics Association, was held.

  After the opening ceremony, the leaders came to the exhibition hall of World Robotics Expo 2023 and visited the booths of key core components, Eston Automation Co., Ltd. and Beijing soft robot Technology Co., Ltd. The theme of the 2023 World Robotics Congress is "Open and Innovative, Enjoy the Future". During this period, there will be "Cooperation Night", 6 main forums, 30 special forums, expositions and related events. 320 guests from all walks of life, such as Industry-University-Research Jinyong, will gather at the conference, and nearly 600 robot products from 159 enterprises will be exhibited and nearly 10,000 players will compete on the spot. The holding of the conference will further promote international cooperation, stimulate the vitality of business entities, release the kinetic energy of scientific and technological innovation, deepen exchanges and cooperation in the global robot industry, help the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center and International Exchange Center, promote the high-quality development of the robot industry, and continue to create a new business card of "Beijing Zhizhi".

  Gou Ping, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Jin Wei and Zhao Lei, leaders of Beijing Municipality, heads of some national robotics associations and international organizations, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars, and business representatives attended. (Liu Feifei Yangqi)

Chasing food documentaries is becoming a way of life.


  Recently, the second season of "Flavor World" and the broadcast of "Looking for Dongguan" have once again teased the taste buds of diners and aroused people’s imagination of food. The second season of "Flavor World" starts from a global perspective, and explores the inextricable connection of cuisines around the world and presents the fresh taste of cuisines around the world. "Looking for Dongguan" is based on the authentic food flavor of Dongguan, showing the local food style from three angles: adapting to the weather, relying on mountains and rivers, and migrating and blending. It outlines the local fresh people and things with food, and then reveals the original appearance of Guangdong food culture, showing the historical change and time-space collision behind the flavor circulation.

  Under the mode of creating and broadcasting "internet plus Documentary", food has become an important theme. Documentaries such as "Flavor World" and "Everything Nourishes" have become "traffic", "online celebrity" and "explosion" with the help of the power of the Internet, realizing brand marketing and genre creation. By means of defamiliarization, daily aesthetics and drama, these documentaries have re-endowed the life style and cultural heritage at the image level, transformed the daily life of ordinary people into an important cultural phenomenon in China society, and promoted cultural inheritance and innovative development by means of contemporary Internet platforms and audio-visual media.

  The production mode of "high concept" and the audio-visual presentation of "film texture" are surpassing the domestic food documentary.

  In recent years, several major Internet video platforms have successively launched documentaries on food themes. Popular topics, unique perspectives, and escalating audio-visual means ignite the public’s enthusiasm for watching, and almost every food documentary will become a hot topic. This successful documentary type provides inspiration and experience for us to think and explore how to develop the quality construction of audio-visual works.

  Judging from these successful experiences, high-quality products include the continuous innovation of audio-visual technology and concepts, the shaping and promotion of cultural product brands, and the mainstream and sharing of value systems. Take "Flavor Room" as an example, the total broadcast volume of "Flavor Room" in Tencent video in the first two seasons alone is close to 2 billion yuan. In addition, Tencent launched the urban food documentary "Looking for Dongguan" immediately after the end of the second season of "Flavor World", and used the lens to show the audience the migration of Dongguan people and the changes and changes on their dining tables. Other Internet video platforms, such as bilibili, have also started a series of work non-stop after the successful broadcast of A Life Series in the first season.

  In addition to the continuous development of food content, these documentaries draw lessons from the production mode of "high concept" and pursue the audio-visual level of "film texture". Close-ups with shallow depth of field and aerial photography with special perspectives reflect the pursuit of spectacle effect in Internet documentaries. These comparable film quality and carefully selected shooting themes together constitute spectacle viewing effect, which has become an important driving force for documentary films to improve quality and market performance in recent years.

  For example, the first paragraph of the first season of "Flavor Man" shows the life and diet of nomadic people in Kuerte, Xinjiang. The film shows in detail the process of freezing and growing ice crystals in horse intestines after the sudden drop of temperature at night in winter. In "Looking for Dongguan", the footage of fishermen fishing at night and people drying raked radishes changed from near to far with the shooting environment at that time, which instantly raised the details of daily life to a higher perspective and brought a powerful shocking effect to the ordinary food life.

  This special shooting technique, which is specially designed according to the ingredients and production process, widely exists in most story paragraphs of this series of documentaries, and has become a new visual technology benchmark for food documentaries and a typical element used to represent audio-visual quality and viewing experience during publicity and promotion. It can be said that the level of serialization and spectacle of China’s food documentaries is approaching or even surpassing that of overseas TV stations, and other mature documentaries have become the benchmark of film and television quality creation.

  It not only has cross-cultural penetration, but also is an important support for the inheritance and development of Chinese civilization in the contemporary era.

  Food is not only a big IP of current Internet documentaries, but also an important symbol of China traditional culture. Long before the popularity of food documentaries, Chinese restaurants have opened all over the world and become the first window for many foreigners to know about China. With the audio-visual media becoming the most popular form of mass communication in the world, it has become a global phenomenon to understand China culture through audio-visual and food practice. Flavor Origin is the first documentary of China team that landed in Netflix, and a series of short videos on food topics released by online celebrity Liziqi on overseas platforms have also promoted the cross-cultural communication of China culture.

  Popular food documentaries not only introduce China’s diet with spectacular images and dramatic stories, but also use diet as a means to explore the world outlook, values and choices of lifestyle and interpersonal relationships belonging to China culture in a way that can be understood by contemporary and even world audiences. From the perspective of dietary anthropology, many cultural groups attach their unique feelings and concepts to the daily behavior of diet; Things not only define the social identity of individuals, but also convey a lot of information such as cultural habits and lifestyles. After the broadcast of China on the Tip of the Tongue, the popularity of "Tongue Tip" in social short videos and a large number of social discussions around food documentaries have proved that such documentaries have profoundly influenced the public’s imagination about their own culture, and even shaped and strengthened their shared life experiences and shared cultural patterns.

  In these audio-visual narratives about food culture, two kinds of cultural concepts have been loved by audiences at home and abroad. First of all, the traditional culture of China attaches importance to family affection, and the family has become an individual’s safe haven and gas station. This is not only the success of food documentaries that can constantly stir the heartstrings of China audiences, but also makes foreign audiences, especially those in Southeast Asia, feel familiar and close. Secondly, the familiarity and respect for everything in the world embodied in the food culture conveys the harmonious relationship between individuals and the world, and renders the connection between people and plants and mountains and rivers. These cultural elements and value systems not only have cross-cultural penetration, but also can be accepted by modern life, which is an important support for the inheritance and development of ancient China civilization in the contemporary era.

Documentary scenes and scenes full of life texture bring ordinary people’s daily life to the foreground.

  Another noteworthy feature of food documentary is that it is one of the few audio-visual works that insists on telling the daily stories of ordinary people. Although there are many international chefs and elites in the film, ordinary people are undoubtedly the main body in this kind of documentary, and their lives are often the most concerned and appreciated part of the audience. It has realized the people-centered creative requirements in the current field of literature and art in a quiet way, so that the daily struggle of ordinary people has gained its due position in the presentation of mass media.

  In the cultural category of "elegance and vulgarity" or "high and low", food is a typical popular culture that comes from the daily life of ordinary people and is based on oral instruction. In the documentary scene, Internet documentaries restore food to the daily meals of every ordinary family, paying attention to seasonal ingredients, regional natural ecology, and family concepts and kinship behind food processing and enjoyment, and activating the inherent beliefs of ordinary people about daily life such as "eating at home", "the taste of mom" and "the most common and delicious". In particular, films such as A String of Life, Breakfast in China and Wondering about Dongguan have opened up another "technical route" that highlights the "fireworks" in addition to the image style of wonders, accommodating more documentary scenes, daily dialogues and even seemingly unrelated chats, which are full of life texture.

  Ordinary people coming to the front of the film not only vividly show how China people extend their historical traditions to their present lives, but also help other cultural groups to overcome obstacles and barriers and get to know the real China people and China culture in the context of contemporary life. Compared with movie stars and development achievements, the ordinary life of ordinary members of society also has the value of cross-cultural sharing; A meal, rice, oil and salt can often stimulate the understanding of life under different appearances, bringing true mutual understanding and beauty.

  (Author: Jun-jian Liang, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University)

"Football Manager 2024" homeless evaluation 8.4 points this damn and wonderful football.

At one o’clock in the morning, I took my eyes off the screen at the end of the game.

The coke can creaked when I pinched it.

"Buy clique, eat kickbacks, no tactics, substitution suicide; One will be unable to exhaust the three armies, so please give me a class, Tenghage. "

I opened "Football Manager 2024", which is a completely different world line-Manchester United is no longer the fish-eating team that was slaughtered by others, but once again embarked on the journey of triple crown.

This time, the official will also use the "parallel world" model as a propaganda point, but in fact it is to start a season without initial transfer.

The reason why "Football Manager" can make players fondle it, not only because it brings a parallel football world, so that you can make up for those regrets in reality, but also because it can help you become the uncompromising supreme leader of the team and make the players who are already millionaires bow to you. And you are in charge of their life and death: criticism, fines, decentralization of the reserve team, immediate dismissal, as long as you see them unhappy, then the game can satisfy you.

Of course, Football Manager can do more than that. It can satisfy almost all your wishes for the football world. Its player database is accurate to amateur leagues that ordinary people can participate in. The complexity of tactics allows you to accurately reproduce the concept of real football masters, and the freedom of operation gives you the possibility of doing everything in detail, and also allows you to entrust AI with full responsibility.

It can be said that whether you are a fan or not, Football Manager will gradually make you feel the charm of the whole football world.

Damn football, football is wonderful.

Compared with the previous generation’s minor repairs, this "Football Manager 2024" has made many fruitful changes. After about 50 hours of exploration, I think the most important adjustment in this work is the upgrade of the positioning ball system.

In fact, no matter corner kicks, free kicks or foul balls, they only account for a small part in football matches. Many times, it is difficult for you to see the team score goals directly with them.

But that doesn’t mean the set-pieces aren’t important. It is a unique part of tactics, which can directly create opportunities beyond defense and is also a magic weapon to defeat the strong with the weak.

Whenever I talk about the famous corner kick, I always think of the Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich at Camp Nou in 1999.

Dozens of seconds ago, Manchester United just equalized the score with a close-range shot, and in the subsequent corner kick, Beckham scored a long pass with precise guidance, Sheringham headed the ferry in front, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was ambushed later, succeeded in overtaking at the last stoppage time.

At that time, Johansson, the president of the Football Association, was ready to present the Big Ear Cup to the Germans. However, when he walked out of the player’s aisle, he was shocked: "Why are the winning teams crying, while the losing team is dancing?"

It was this scene that Sir Alex Ferguson witnessed that led to the famous saying "Football, bloody hell".

This is the charm of the positioning ball, which has the power to create miracles in a moment. Now in Football Manager 2024, you finally have a chance to create a unique set of set-pieces tactics.

The game will provide complete guidance. You only need to answer a few questions briefly, and the coaching staff can help you tailor a set of appropriate corner kick tactics. After that, you can adjust each player’s position and responsibilities in detail.

You can let the air bully in the team attack the middle road, as long as you reach the ball, it will pose a fatal threat, but it will also be surrounded by heavy troops on the opposite side; If you send him to the near post or the far post, you can disperse the enemy’s defensive forces, but it will be easier for the goalkeeper to catch the ball or give the opposing players more reaction time.

Therefore, you need to let many attacking players take care of each other. Some people are responsible for pushing forward to distract the enemy, some people ambush in situ to try to head the ferry, some people meet at the top of the restricted area to fight for the second point, and some people secretly ambush a fatal blow. Only in this way can we find a chance in the well-defended attack zone 3.

Actual combat effect

Almost the same goal in the same game proves the power of a good corner kick tactic.

The tactical freedom of "Football Manager 2024" is not limited to this. You can refine the corner kick to play an inner arc ball or an outer arc ball, arrange players to open a tactical short corner kick near the corner flag area, or throw the football into the restricted area with a "Grenade tactic" when the foul ball is close to the restricted area. It can be said that in this generation, you can’t reproduce the volley world wave connected by two people, and no matter what set-pieces tactics you want to build, you have everything in the game.

It is worth mentioning that it may be because this generation has more options to "interfere with the opposing goalkeeper" when deploying players. In every season of "Football Manager 2024", the main goalkeeper will encounter much higher risk of injury than previous generations, and often will be absent for weeks or even more than a month because of cracked palms. Although this may weaken the team’s strength, it finally gives those substitute goalkeepers more opportunities to play.

Expert: This is the fracture price.

It’s hard to buy people, and it’s even harder to sell them.

Transfer transaction has always been the top priority in running the team, but this book has added two new mechanisms to the process of selling players.

Before selling the players, you can have a cup of tea with their agents and talk about whether any team wants to buy them.

They will tell the truth and take the initiative to help you contact the team to make an offer if there is an opportunity. And if even they don’t like the deal, you can almost give up.

Moreover, your conversation may only be regarded as a casual chat by the players, which is much milder than putting them on the transfer list or recommending them directly to other clubs, and will not make the players have any opinions on you.

If you are not satisfied with the quotation found by the broker, you can contact the middleman again and ask them to help you broker several deals, and you need to pay them an expensive intermediary fee. Fortunately, their feedback speed is usually fast enough to save you a lot of time.

These two new mechanisms seem to provide you with more means to sell players, but they don’t actually make the transfer transaction in Football Manager 2024 easier.

The reason is that this generation has the most outrageous rising speed of players’ worth, the most stingy team budget and the most savvy AI.

In the second summer transfer window of the game, Osman, who scored 16 league goals in a season, was worth 230 million euros, but even if I wanted to sell him, other teams had no money at all. Bayern and Manchester United, the only ones who have made an offer, are only willing to pay a mere 50 million.

However, the transfer budgets of the powerful teams in this play are surprisingly small. Even Newcastle, which is kept by Saudi local tyrants, has only 6 million euros left, while the middle and lower reaches, such as Bournemouth and Burnley, simply have no money left.

And according to the official, the AI ? ? coach in this game will also become more rational when buying people, not only paying attention to the player’s ability and potential (CA/PA), but also considering whether his key attributes meet the needs.

Therefore, even if Football Manager 2024 adds some auxiliary trading systems, it will only benefit marginal players who are not worth a few dollars. And if you want to sell the stars at a good price, it may be even more difficult than the previous ones.

What’s even more embarrassing is that even if your team has an oil dad in Football Manager 2024, you can’t wave money and hit people casually, because the fiscal fairness policy of this play is very strict.

Even if your transfer budget is as much as 300 million, but limited by financial fairness, you may only spend 60 million of it to buy people, and if you accidentally spend too much, you will have to sell players to even the bill or take the risk of suspension.

Of course, it does not rule out that it is caused by a BUG in the pre-experience version.

This is another problem for the coaches. At least, it is the first time for a player like me who has been playing the Football Manager series for seven years to run into a financial fairness policy in the game. Perhaps when you are thinking hard about how to balance the accounts, you can finally understand that it is not easy to manage the team’s finances in reality.

New league, new position

This generation of "Football Manager" also introduced Japan’s third-class J League for the first time.

The level of players in J1 League matches that of the British Championship, but limited by the prestige of the League, it may be difficult for you to dig up high-potential calves from Europe-even if the development of Japanese football is not what it used to be, they are not willing to bet their future on this far east island country. Moreover, the J League, which starts in spring and ends in autumn every year, is far from the European League, which usually starts in autumn. If you want to sign foreign aid, you may have to wait until the end of the whole season before they can join the team.

In addition, your experience in other leagues can basically be applied to J League. Compared with some low-level leagues, the budget of J League is quite sufficient. After all, the Kobe Victory Ship, which I expected to rank eighth when I started the file, also has a transfer budget of about 10 million euros available.

Let’s focus on the team itself again, and look at an optional position added by the full-backs in this game-Inverted Full-Backs (IFB).

This change is probably to better conform to the ever-changing football tactics. Although Barcelona had a similar tactical design in cruyff’s time, it was Guardiola who now coached Manchester City that really carried it forward.

The side and back waist will be retracted when controlling the ball, and will come to the back waist position to help the defenders create opportunities to pass the ball forward, while when there is no ball, they will return to the back line for traditional defense work. Representative players in this field are Cancelo in Manchester City, kyle walker today and Ram in Bayern.

Correspondingly, the central defender also increased the position of free agent. Similar to the flank and waist, he will insert forward to help the team pass the ball when holding the ball, and will retreat to the back line when defending. This new tactical requirement is different from the traditional "scavenger" and beckenbauer-style freemen, and it is also a play created by Guardiola for stones.

In order to cooperate with these two new positions, the players’ positions have become more intelligent now. For example, when the side and back waist push forward, you will see that the remaining three defenders also adjust their positions during the running, transforming the four-defender system into a defensive state more similar to that of the three-defender.

Of course, in fact, most players don’t really play tactics that carefully, but these brand-new designs can be regarded as providing a completely different system for those players who like to study tactics.

Other piecemeal changes

After upgrading the lighting and turf materials, the picture of "Football Manager 2024" has made gratifying progress. With the further adjustment of player animation and football trajectory in the previous work, it will also bring a lot of improvement to your watching experience.

The official comparison chart (the left is the previous work and the right is the present work)

In addition, when you created the coach, this book also added some optional accessories, including glasses, medals and face color. Of course, for me, I’m even more surprised to find that Football Manager doesn’t know when to pinch a female coach-although this is just an old function that has been around since last year.

What is limited to our play is still the pre-experience version of the game launched two weeks in advance, so there are still many outrageous bugs in it. For example, when adjusting the lineup in the game, you may find that after changing the positions of two players on the list, only an animated performance was played, but they still stayed in their original positions and did not move.

However, from last year’s experience, I believe that these bugs can basically be fixed after the game is officially released.

general comment

Perhaps Football Manager 2024 looks a little similar to the previous generation, but only when you actually experience it can you find that its changes in all aspects have changed the whole football world. It has made some outstanding upgrades to the set-piece system, added two brand-new tactical positions for the players, and also made some fine-tuning to the transfer trading system, plus some screen improvements, which is enough to make you feel that it is different from the previous experience.

Under the premise that "Football Manager 2025" has decided to switch to the Unity engine and there are many unknown factors, perhaps "Football Manager 2024" is the best simulation football game you can play under the traditional framework.