The cinema movie "Cloud Dream" was officially launched. Zhang Xingyao has grown up to protect traditional culture.

The cinema movie "Cloud Dream" was officially launched. Zhang Xingyao has grown up to protect traditional culture.

  On December 15th, Wang Yuan, Baozhong Shan and Jin Doucan were the producers, Zheng Xiantai was the director, Deng Liguang was the photography director, and Ji Wang, Shan Sijie, Baozhong Shan and Zhang Xingyao starred in Yunmeng, Hubei Province. The film was produced by Hubei Dazizai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Yunmeng Guze Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qianhai Dazizai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. Among them, the actor Zhang Xingyao plays a rich girl with a complete growth line.

  Continuation of historical and cultural heritage and protection of cultural relics

  The movie Cloud Dream takes the protection of cultural relics as the theme, takes the cloud dream region as the background, tells the legendary story of father and son guarding precious cultural relics, and presents the long history and rich culture of cloud dream to the world by means of film and television. According to the director, this film was made to show the culture of Yunmeng Chuwangcheng and the local customs, and introduce the local characteristics and culture of Yunmeng to China and even the whole world. The release of the film is of great significance to the inheritance of cultural relics protection and the continuation of history and culture.

  This is a family story film with ideological and artistic features. The total shooting length is about 105 minutes. The actor Zhang Xingyao plays a rich girl in the film. After experiencing personal growth, she finally contributes to the protection of precious cultural relics. Zhang Xingyao is handsome in appearance and unique in temperament, which is highly suitable for the role in the film. What kind of wonderful presentation will she have? What do young people think about the protection and inheritance of cultural relics? Let’s see from the movie.

  Zhang Xingyao leads the starring role and depicts the warm story with heart.

  Zhang Xingyao is one of the leading stars of the film, and at the same time, with Ji Wang, Shan Sijie and Shan Bao as partners, he will jointly interpret a warm film that reflects the social reality and highlights the spirit of the people to protect cultural relics, showing the audience the participation and efforts of the Chinese people in the protection of cultural relics, and at the same time making people understand and love China traditional culture more. Zhang Xingyao has launched a number of new film and television dramas this year: The Eight Thieves, The Record of Smelling Scenes, The Legend of Jianghu Detective, and The Second and Third Seasons of Return to 1993.

  In various types of works, Zhang Xingyao tries hard to explore and hone her acting skills, and constantly opens a new role chapter, bringing different points of view to the audience. Next, the online drama "The War of Housewives" and the movie "The Night Inn" starring her will also meet with you in 2024. I look forward to the wonderful performance of the actor Zhang Xingyao on the screen, bringing more high-quality works, and the future can be expected.


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