The battery life is 1300km, and the pre-sale of Geely Xingyue L is 173,700 yuan.

Automobile Information Network December 27th At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, Geely’s first model equipped with Lei Shenqing Hi X intelligent hybrid platform-Xingyue L Raytheon Hi X hybrid version was released. With the product characteristics of "performance, energy saving and intelligence", it has a stronger market competitiveness compared with the joint venture brand in the market.

On December 25th, Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version officially opened for pre-sale. Only one new car was launched, and a limited number of 2022 vehicles were pre-sold, with a pre-sale price of 173,700 yuan. At the same time, Geely Automobile also provides users who purchase the hybrid version of Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X with a deposit of 5,000 yuan and a deduction of 10,000 yuan, a lifetime free vehicle warranty, a lifetime free battery warranty, a lifetime free basic maintenance, and a lifetime free road rescue.

It is worth mentioning that after the pre-sale was started at 10: 00 am on December 25, it took only 8 minutes and 21 seconds, and all the 2022 pre-sale places were booked. Can be snapped up in such a short time, what kind of product charm does Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version have?

A tank of oil lasts for 1300km, and the fuel consumption of the same class is the lowest.

Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version continues the overall design of the fuel version in appearance, highlighting the "identity" of its hybrid model only through the new style of air intake grille and daytime running lights, the brand LOGO that can be lit, the new style of bumper and other details.

There is no obvious change in the side of the car body, but a new style of wheels has been replaced. In terms of body measurements, it is also consistent with the fuel version, with the length, width and height of 4770mm×1895mm×1689mm and the wheelbase of 2845mm respectively. The rear of the car still uses penetrating taillights, and the shape of the bumper echoes the front of the car, highlighting the positioning of its hybrid models.

The smart cockpit that was originally eye-catching on the fuel version has not changed. With the blessing of Geely Galaxy OS system, the IMAX triple screen and the 25.6-inch AR-HUD four-screen linkage have been realized, creating the interior with the largest "screen ratio" at the same level.

As the biggest highlight of the new car, Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version is equipped with a DHE15 hybrid engine with a displacement of 1.5L, and its thermal efficiency reaches 43.32%. With the cooperation of the motor, the maximum comprehensive power of the system reaches 180kW and the peak torque of the system is 540 N m.

Not long ago, Geely Automobile also launched the 1300km long endurance challenge of Xingyue L Raytheon, which started from the neighboring suburbs of Beijing, crossed many provinces and cities in the north and south, and arrived in Jiaxing, south of Shanghai. The average fuel consumption of the 10 hybrid versions of Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X, which participated in this challenge, was around 4.3L, which was lower than that of CR-V hybrid, RAV4 hybrid and Li ONE. After a long journey of 22 hours, we not only successfully completed the challenge of a tank of oil for 1300km, but also ran the longest cruising range of a tank of oil of 1426.1km and the fuel consumption of 100 km was as low as 3.9L 

"Micron-scale" Process to Build a 3-speed Hybrid Electric Drive

Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X hybrid version can achieve a battery life of more than 1300km, and the biggest "hero" is the world’s first 3-speed hybrid electric drive-DHTPRO. On December 22-24, Geely Automobile also opened the new Raytheon Power DHT smart micron factory to the media and users for the first time, and demonstrated the hard-core strength behind the "hybrid artifact" of DHT Pro in the form of cloud release.

The Raytheon Power DHT Intelligent Micrometer Factory, which was opened to the outside world for the first time, is also an important part of the "strongest system power" of comprehensive electrification in the era of Geely 4.0. The factory adopts micron-scale engraving precision manufacturing and micron-scale management system, and comprehensively benchmarks the European luxury car standards. With the invisible "micron level" pursuit, the manufacturing accuracy of AT gearbox is two levels higher than that of traditional AT gearbox.

It is understood that the factory has realized the mass production of the first "intelligent heating and pressure quenching process" large-diameter gear ring in Asia. After the heat treatment of EMA automatic water-cooling pressure quenching machine, the tooth deformation of planetary gear ring of DHT Pro can be controlled within 8 microns, and at the same time, the honing process with small allowance after heating can be applied, which breaks through the current situation that the gear ring is not machined after heating in the industry.

The top-notch honing process in Asia has realized the processing of gears in the transverse, longitudinal and circumferential directions, and formed a three-dimensional "twisted as needed" special tooth profile and irregular texture on the surface, which can not be achieved by conventional processing methods, thus improving NVH in the meshing process. At the same time, the ultra-precision machining and measuring processes such as 1 micron journal smoothness, 0-5 micron compensation accuracy and 0.3 micron ultra-high precision three-coordinate measurement make the quality of DHT Pro consistent.

In addition, the world’s first three-speed hybrid electric drive transmission DHT Pro has also upgraded the hybrid system FOTA for the first time, which can identify the driver’s driving habits and road congestion, and realize 20 intelligent working modes such as driving mode adaptation, self-learning and self-adjustment, making the vehicle smarter and more efficient.


In the current market, China brands have accelerated the layout of hybrid products. In addition to BYD, which was the first to make efforts, Great Wall and Changan have also launched hybrid products in recent two years. With Geely’s participation in the "mixed battle", it will further boost a new round of "shuffling" in the industry before the pure electric vehicles are fully popularized. As a brand-new member of Geely China Star Family, Xingyue L Raytheon Hi·X Hybrid Edition will also bring brand-new choices to more consumers by surpassing the product strength advantages of joint venture competing products.

RAVE Smart Wearable Air Conditioning AICE3 Global Conference: Open New Imaginations of Life

Author: Wang Li Time: 2023-04-03 21:00

On April 2, 2023, rave, a cutting-edge domestic brand that focuses on new lifestyles, held a new product launch conference in Shenzhen with the theme of "opening a new imagination of life".AICE3, the first smart wearable air conditioner with human health monitoring function on the whole network, made a stunning appearance at this conferenceBrand co-founder Yan Longpeng and product manager Luo Rui made an in-depth analysis of the product’s original R & D intention, R & D process and innovative performance points at the press conference, and introduced the epoch-making product in detail for the global audience in an all-round way.

With the original intention of driving industry change, we continue to make efforts for outdoor cooling

In the past few years, the Rave Research Institute found that as the climate warms, more than 366 national weather stations around the world have released record high temperatures, and the number of people who die from heat stroke every year is as high as 5 million, and this number continues to rise. However, traditional fans and air conditioning products are very limited in application scenarios due to their bulky characteristics. At this conference, Yan Longpeng, the co-founder of the Rave brand, also carried a traditional air conditioner weighing nearly 40 kilograms to "demonstrate" the wrong outdoor cooling method for the audience. To this end, the Rave Research Institute has been hoping to develop a lightweight outdoor cooling product to solve the problem of heat stroke in outdoor travel for humans, and continues to make unremitting efforts to this end.

In 2020, Rave launched a market-disrupting bladeless neck fan, bringing the neck fan into the public eye, freeing their hands to welcome the summer breeze and refreshing users’ awareness of outdoor cooling products.

In 2021, rave noticed users’ high pursuit of high wind, so it revolutionized the air duct and launched a 4-core super-wind neck fan, which greatly improved the wind speed and increased the air volume by 130%.

In 2022, the rave innovative 8 air duct will produce wind up and down, and the new Phantom neck fan will be officially launched, truly enabling the wind to cover the whole body.

These three products have been ranked first in the domestic online market for three consecutive years, and more and more users and brands in the same industry have begun to pay attention to outdoor cooling products. On the way to driving industry change, rave can be said to have played a key role in promoting and leading. However, in order to create a more extreme outdoor cooling experience, rave research institute has undergone 4 years of technical research and continuous iterative innovation of products. In 2023, rave’s new generation of smart wearable air conditioners ushered in new opportunities.

An epoch-making explosion was born, opening up a new imagination of life

Up to now, the rave neck series has successfully applied for more than 230 patents, and has received a large number of real and original sound feedback from users around the world, which has been well received. However, rave’s research and development of products does not stop there. How to make the wind cooler and more comfortable is still the key point that rave needs to explore and improve.

In 2022, rave upgraded the neck fan to a neck air conditioner for the first time, and the cooling technology took a big step forward. "Although we have made a breakthrough in the industry, we still aspire to create an outdoor cooling product that is more extreme, healthier, and more able to meet the multi-dimensional needs of users," said the brand co-founder. Therefore, AICE3 smart wearable air conditioner was born under such a great research and development mission.

At the press conference, brand co-founder Yan Longpeng officially announced the three epoch-making innovations of AICE3:

"A device that truly realizes rapid coolingAICE3 can achieve an instantaneous temperature drop of 12.6 degrees, and the cooling performance is 26% higher than that of the previous generation of neck air conditioners, which is a ceiling-level existence in the industry.

"True outdoor equipment with human health monitoring": AICE3 is also a smart device that can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen and other signs at all times. It can monitor changes in human signs and soothe users’ emotions by adjusting temperature. It is an intelligent cooling partner that can truly understand emotions. Considering the development trend of the current environment, the function of integrating" health "monitoring can be said to be homeopathic.

"A truly intelligent temperature-controlled deviceThe AICE3 is equipped with an Arm32-bit smart chip, which can automatically adjust temperature changes according to the ambient temperature without manual operation, truly achieving active temperature regulation and making intelligence ubiquitous.

These three technologies that revolutionized the times were a major breakthrough in outdoor cooling equipment, which was enough to establish the leading position of rave neck air conditioners in the industry.

RANVOO-ICEMAX cooling technology and Metaura interactionSystem, refresh the new height of products of the same category

After a large number of user research, experiments and scientific calculation and demonstration, Rave found that "comfortable cooling experience" is the core demand of users to purchase cool products in hot weather, and effectively reducing the body temperature under high temperature is also the difficulty that outdoor cooling equipment needs to overcome. Therefore, the Rave Research Institute has improved and optimized the cooling technology from the three dimensions of "cooling efficiency", "heat dissipation system" and "innovative air duct", and strives to bring a cool and comfortable healthy cooling experience. This is also the launch of the AICE3 networkRave Ice Sensing Technology (RANVOO-ICEMAX)Product manager Luo Rui said in an interview with the media, "It is with the support of this cooling technology that AICE3 has achieved a continuous reduction of 10 degrees even in a high temperature environment of 40 degrees. Looking at the industry, no outdoor cooling product has been able to do it so far."

Products that can only cool down are not enough to have the significance of "epoch-making". Making the product return to the human itself is the ultimate goal of rave’s research and development of outdoor cooling products. rave hopes that smart wearable air conditioners are not only a tool for adjusting hot and cold, but also pay attention to the user’s health status, so that temperature can become a means of calming emotions and relieving stress. Therefore, AICE3 applies the intelligent Metaura active interaction system, striving to explore different scenarios, so that users can have a more comfortable temperature experience.

AICE series products are equipped with multiple temperature sensors to monitor the user’s body temperature and ambient temperature changes in real time. It has also introduced a healthy exercise section in AICE3. Through a variety of sensors, the product intelligently senses the user’s heart rate, blood oxygen and other signs, helping users have a healthier life and challenge higher limits. For example, if you start exercising in a very hot summer, AICE3 will recognize that the user has entered the exercise state through the Metaura system, actively turn on the cooling function, and adjust the temperature and wind according to the increase or decrease of exercise intensity, frequency conversion, switch to exercise mode, record the exercise data, and assist users in completing exercise indicators in a comfortable environment.

What’s more innovative is that AICE3 has designed a 1.9 three-dimensional pressure-sensitive touch screen that can be touched with gestures. Through full-screen touch and three-dimensional pressure-sensitive gestures, convenient functions such as quickly setting temperature and stepless wind speed can be realized. It also supports instant viewing of more health and sports data on the screen. This has truly achieved a new concept of leading the future and ushered in a new era of touch screens for wearing air conditioners.

According to statistics, a total of 200,000 + users from home and abroad watched the global live broadcast of the rave AICE3 product launch on the evening of April 2 at the same time, with a total exposure of 1.784 million + people and a total of 552,000 + likes. Among them, the live stream of the rave Tmall flagship store rushed to the TOP1 real-time list of Tmall live broadcast within half an hour of the launch. This series of data shows that this new product of the subversive era has indeed focused the attention of the whole network, and has also triggered a large number of users to be curious and explore the psychology of new technology products that can lead the future. It is not difficult to predict that in this summer, the rave AICE3 smart wearable air conditioner is bound to become a super hit in the technology wearable market, once again subverting people’s perception of outdoor cooling products, opening up new imaginings in users’ lives, breaking new highs in the industry, and helping the neck series product market take off.

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(Editor in charge: Yongqing)

Brother Yang was cracked down on or paid 100 million, establishing MCN to find a way back

This article is from the WeChat official account:Bad review (ID: chaping321), Author: Dodo Bird Samurai, Editor: Mask Line, Original title: "Refund one to pay three can pay 100 million little brother Yang, also began to find a way out for himself.", title picture from: Visual China

Today’s Weibo’s trending topic list is: Crazy Little Brother Yang.

You may not have heard of this name. Brother Yang is Douyin’s top Internet celebrity. The reason for the fire this time is also very "top": the products sold with goods are suspected of quality problems. According to the refund, one pays three, and may have to pay one hundred million.

Trump is not as popular as him today.

Although 100 million yuan was just a "small goal", such a big battle still made netizens curious about what happened.

What happened is very simple, a few days ago, the fake @Wang Hai(It was also him in the Simba Bird’s Nest incident before)I found that the power of the Jinzheng wall breaker and meat grinder sold in Brother Yang’s live stream before was false.

The wall breaker is marked with a power of 300W, but the actual power is 105W. The meat grinder is marked with a power of 300W, and the actual power is 120W.

This product with a unit price of 399 sold for 68,000. According to the refund of one to three, the total amount of the final refund compensation exceeded 100 million.

As things got worse, the brand Fangjinzheng also quickly issued a statement on Weibo, saying that 300W is the rated power of the whole machine, while the 120W and 105W marked on the motor refer to the output power of the motor alone, and the two are not the same concept.

At present, there is no conclusion on this matter, and the two sides are still relying on the "network small court" to shoot snipers in the air and fight back and forth.

In the back and forth controversy, some people followed the amount to eat melons, but in the end they got more doubts: Who is Brother Xiao Yang? How much does he earn a month, can he afford to pay?

Brother Yang, full name "Crazy Brother Yang", formerly known as Zhang Qingyang, was born in Lu’an City, Anhui Province in 1995.

On Douyin, the main funny plot content, sitting on 102.30 million fans, an average of 14 Chinese people, there is 1 is his fan, just from the number of fans, and even hang Andy Lau, Chen He, Di Li Reba and other stars.

As early as his sophomore year, Brother Yang and his twin brother "Big Brother Yang" opened Yang to create short videos, and at the beginning they posted some dancing spoof content. Such content was already a lot on Douyin at that time, and their account data was mediocre.

What made Brother Yang start to feel that he could fire was a simple and crude cannon fight.

Once during the Chinese New Year, the two brothers "rubbed" a big cannon fight, with about half a 27-inch display screen(Visual inspection)It’s so big, and the caption is also rude: "Double-click to add attention, and it will be released tomorrow."

One night came 80,000 many people who wanted to see the firecrackers paid attention to him, and this was the first famous work.

However, it is very tragic that after the firecracker, 40,000 fans were lost the next day.

But from then on, Brother Yang began to try this nonsense and death-seeking style.

His first real hit was "fried ink."

The plot was very simple. He and his roommate were on the balcony preparing to use a firecracker to blow up ink to play. However, as soon as he lit the fire, his roommate entered the room and locked the door, leaving Brother Yang on the balcony to be blown up by ink.

This video directly increased Brother Yang’s fans to more than 600,000, and also made him feel the "traffic password".

Then the two brothers joined their families to create together, grasping the two weapons of death and reversal, specializing in funny plot content. Due to the unique style, the fans grew rapidly.

Such a "traffic password" was later re-engraved by Brother Yang into the live broadcast sales.

There is a brand selling stockings, and they pull the brand and ask him to talk about why a big man wants to sell stockings?

There is a brand selling bags, priced at 1299, and they directly said: What kind of bags are you selling, so expensive, you must not be able to sell any of them.

The brand explained that this bag is very good, for example, it can be waterproof and scratch-proof.

The two brothers began to use various means to wipe the outer skin of the bag with a brush, and even bite their mouths. They had to break it, and the brand couldn’t get off the stage today.

Anyway, very dramatic.

Several times, netizens frantically prompted the brand in the live stream: "You can be the original manufacturer or the plaintiff."

Some people may be curious, what should I do if it is really damaged? The brand is not here to be scolded.

Don’t say it, this buddy really broke things several times, and even if he broke it, these two brothers are not empty.

First, you can use this to cut prices with the brand.

Secondly, because the operations used are very extreme, such as using teeth to check the quality of slippers, these operations do not happen in real life, and the audience will not feel that there is a problem with the quality of the product, but will feel that the quality of the product is good.

Of course, if you believe this scenario completely, you will lose.

But this was full of drama, which made Brother Yang’s live broadcast data rise steadily.

According to the data in the background of the star map, Crazy Little Brother Yang has reached more than 20 million views in recent times, and the sales range of a single game is between 10 million and 100 million.

According to the quotation on the star map, Xiao Yang is now an e-commerce special 210,000 per hour, and the fight is 40,000 a product.

This is just advertising fees, and there is usually a commission.

In addition to direct live streaming, Brother Yang also engaged in "live slicing authorization" before.

Authorized creators can edit out the highlights of Brother Yang’s live broadcast and put them on their account to bring goods. The income is divided into Brother Yang 3:7, and some good data can be discussed for 5:5. Before media broke the news, the share income of just slices is as high as 16 million yuan per month.

But then there were many unauthorized people sailing under false colors, using Brother Yang’s live slices to sell other counterfeit and shoddy products, so the authorized business has been suspended.

Looking at it this way, you might think that Brother Yang is a live blogger who earns a lot by live streaming.

So, yes, but not quite.

Just a few days ago, Brother Yang spent 103 million to buy a building in Hefei.

Look at the name "content-based e-commerce industry base" and you will know that the end of Internet celebrity is the establishment of MCN.

In fact, as early as 2021, Brother Yang established an MCN institution, and now there are more than 300 accounts in the account matrix.

Why set up MCN as a matrix?

In the field of live e-commerce, doing a matrix actually has a natural advantage: the more accounts in the matrix, the greater the traffic, and the stronger the "pricing power" can be obtained, and the price is the life infra of e-commerce. After having the price advantage, you can sell more goods, or you can use it as a bargaining chip to attract more accounts to settle in, a virtuous cycle.

At the same time, if the scale is large, the supply chain and cost control will be easy to handle, directly replicating and optimizing indefinitely.

A long time ago, Brother Yang revealed in the live broadcast that his company had nearly 10,000 employees.

In addition, a leading live streaming host like this has a set of profitable operations: traffic equity.

The live streaming host takes out its own traffic to sell goods for the brand platform, and the brand pays shares in exchange for the live streaming host platform. Viya, who was previously fined for tax evasion, completed deep binding with Giant Bio and Delmar through similar operations.

To put it simply, live streaming is very profitable, but they still want to earn more. Some play MCN to engage in matrices, some play traffic to invest in stocks, and some even turn around and become capitalists directly, using the money they earn to establish investment institutions and make money with money.

From Brother Yang, Simba to Viya, why does everyone want to be an MCN and play capital?

Think about it carefully, in fact, the flow pool is limited, and no one can fully grasp it. For small UP, you are popular this month, and he is popular next month. Even the super top stream has timeliness, but this timeliness may change from monthly measurement to annual measurement.

What these top players want to seize is certainty, such as precipitating a more mature supply chain and cost control, which belong to the industry accumulation and will not be easily outdated. And with these "stable assets", you no longer need traffic completely, and the doubling of scale and profits is only incidental on the way.

Some time ago, there were media reports that Viya made more money after not broadcasting, and to some extent, it also showed that scale can make money faster than pure super individuals.

But how many people can successfully go from "making money for a while" to "making money for a lifetime"? No one can say.

This article is from the WeChat official account:Bad review (ID: chaping321)Author: Dodo Samurai, Editor: Mask Line

How to join Meituan delivery staff, how to join the delivery staff [detailed explanation]

  Meituan takeaway is currently one of the most popular takeaway platforms. In order to meet the needs of takeaway delivery, it can be said that there is a great need for takeaway staff to join. Many small partners also take a fancy to its relatively free working state. The following editor will bring you the application method of Meituan rider.

  How to apply for a rider:

  1. First, you need to download Meituan’s corresponding delivery software "Meituan Crowdsourcing" or "Meituan Rider". Here, the editor takes "Meituan Crowdsourcing" as an example.

  2. After the installation is completed, complete the registration verification with the mobile phone and verify the login.

  3. After completing the novice guidance, turn on the GPS, otherwise the order cannot be accepted.

  4. Complete real-name authentication and upload personal information.

  5. Successfully upload your personal information and wait for the review of the official website. After the identity verification is successful, you can receive orders normally. If you choose Meituan rider, you also need to enter the city and region where you work. After the personal information is successfully submitted, you will generally receive a notification call for the interview within three working days, go to the interview, and bring your original and photocopy of your ID card during the interview. Just pass the interview, generally you need to know whether the personal information is true and the working hours and other basic information.

  6. To become a good rider, there are some points that must be taken into account:

  ① Routes must be familiar with: Try to choose a route that you are more familiar with, and you must be familiar with the congestion situation of various paths, communities, and road sections. Orders that are too unfamiliar are best avoided, otherwise it will be very difficult to arrive on time.

  ② Maintain a good attitude: Whether it is for merchants or users, a friendly attitude towards picking up and delivering meals is worthy of recognition, and it can also bring you five-star praise. Why not do it?

  ③ Orderliness of receiving orders: When the delivery staff is delivering food, they often receive several orders at the same time. At this time, you have to consider the order of the orders. Where to pick up the food first, where to send it, whether it is on the way, and the waiting time of users will all determine your work efficiency.

  The above is the Meituan takeaway staff joining method brought by the editor for you. At present, the takeaway industry is still relatively optimistic, and interested friends can learn about it.

Galaxy Light + Galaxy L7 Geely Galaxy Series debuts

  [Autohome News] At the Geely New Energy Brand Strategy Conference held on February 23rd,Geely officially released its new Galaxy series brand and the latest brand logo, and also brought two new carsOne of them is a plug-in SUV model named (|), and the other is a pure electric mid-to-large coupe prototype – Galaxy Light. According to the brand plan, Geely Galaxy will launch 7 products, the future E series will be pure electric products, and the hybrid will be L series products.The Galaxy L7 hybrid product will be launched in the second quarter of this year, the L6 sedan will be launched in the third quarter, and the pure electric product E8 will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

  In addition, in terms of core technologies, Geely has also simultaneously released a series of new energy electrification technologies with subversive strength, such as the Aegis battery safety system, the Raytheon Electric Hybrid 8848, and the new automotive operating system "Galaxy N OS".



[Geely Galaxy 7 product planning, click to see the larger picture]


[Galaxy Light Concept Car]


[Galaxy L7 will be available for delivery in the second quarter of this year]

● Brand re-layout

  With the release of the Galaxy series, in terms of brand, Geely has also sorted out the existing brands today. The previous Chinese star, Bo series, Bing series, and Emgrand series will form a "Jixing" product series, and the geometric brand will also return to Geely.From then on, Geely Galaxy series, Geely Star series and Geometry series will become the three major sub-series of Geely brand. In the future, the Galaxy series will focus on the market above 150,000 and within 300,000.In terms of channels, Geely Galaxy will have two models: direct connection to users and agent distribution, and will launch a new APP, introducing new experience and service standards.



● Galaxy series models/technical route layout

  For the newly released Galaxy series, there will be two routes in the future, the intelligent electric hybrid series (long-range PHEV) and the intelligent pure electric series. Under this configuration, it can not only meet the layout of the future pure electric trend, but also allow more users who are inconvenient to supplement their energy to experience Geely’s technical level in the electric field through PHEV models.









  Geely’s latest "Aegis Battery Safety System" not only prevents spontaneous combustion of batteries, but also builds a complete set of battery-based "no blind spot" safety protection systems that integrate architecture, vehicle, intelligent control, and cloud. It can pass 8 shields such as "Architecture Ten Gongge Patent, Vehicle Cage Protection, Fast Charging Safety and Worry-free, BMS3.0’Battery Doctor ‘Intelligent Control System" to ensure the safety of battery pack packs and battery modules.





  The new generation of Raytheon hybrid engine B-Plus equipped with the Raytheon Hybrid 8848 has achieved a mass production thermal efficiency of 44.26%, and the next generation Raytheon hybrid engine with a thermal efficiency of 46% has been in the verification stage. In terms of performance, the Raytheon Hybrid 8848 "three-speed variable frequency electric drive" has evolved again. It is the first intelligent electric drive in the world to achieve P1 + P2 dual motor overclocking drive. The combined power of the two-wheel drive reaches 287kW, and a performance version with a combined power of 488kW will be released in the future.






  The new Galaxy N OS is Geely’s full-stack self-developed distributed operating system. Through the connection with the new voice engine at the system layer, it brings users an interactive experience with more accurate recognition, full scene visibility, and millisecond response. At the application layer, Galaxy N OS brings a new UI style and beautiful silky Galaxy micro-motion graphics to create an immersive experience for users.



  In the field of intelligent driving, the "heaven and earth integration" version of Galaxy Smart Driving solution based on Geely satellites will be launched soon. At present, Galaxy Smart Driving can stop in time in the face of stationary targets when cruising at a high speed of 90km/h; Geely Star Smart Computing Center can simulate 100,000 kilometers of intelligent driving behavior training in 1 day, combined with intelligent network connection professional test field and actual road test, to meet the L3 global certification standard.

  Geely’s self-developed centimeter-level satellite high-precision positioning module has passed the vehicle-level certification. Through the integration of Geely satellite communication, navigation, and remote sensing technologies, this technology can achieve accurate positioning and never lose contact. It is expected that in 2025, Geely will complete the network of 72 low-orbit satellites, and Geely Galaxy Smart Drive will achieve global positioning without blind spots. In the future, Geely Galaxy Smart Drive will also take the lead in mass production of leading technologies such as cross-layer memory parking, high-speed emergency antelope obstacle avoidance, and low-speed exploration and crossing.

● Galaxy L7

  The Galaxy L7 is a plug-in hybrid SUV model that focuses on long range. It can offer various advantages of electric vehicles and ensure range when charging is inconvenient. For the moment, a PHEV is a way to achieve both.


Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023, plug-in hybrid, basic type

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023, plug-in hybrid, basic type

  All the next products of Geely Galaxy will use the design language of "Galaxy Light". On the outside, the Galaxy L7 creates a relatively full shape, and the front part uses a lot of curves, and the details are also the mainstream style trend of the current new energy vehicles. The side lines use a similar slippery back design, but it is not very inclined, so the head space for the rear row is not affected by the shape.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023, plug-in hybrid, basic type

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4700mmX1905mmX1685mm, and the wheelbase is 2785mm, which is the size of a compact SUV. It is close to the size of BYD Song PLUS and Honda CR-V. For an ordinary family of three, practicality is guaranteed. In addition, the door does not use the hidden door handle that some new energy brands prefer. From the experience of previous winter tests, this traditional door handle will lose some of the overall feeling of the door, but it is convenient to pull, and it can also reduce the possibility of being frozen to death in extreme environments. The rear of the car adopts a through-type tail light, which is also the most mainstream style at present. The simple rear is clearly layered, and the two-color guard at the bottom makes it more visually eye-catching.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023, plug-in hybrid, basic type

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023, plug-in hybrid, basic type

  The interior is designed with a hug style as a whole. The center console is supplemented by multiple large screens, 10.25-inch meter + 13.2-inch center control screen + 16.2-inch passenger screen + 25.6-inch AR HUD. Four display screens provide rich driving information and entertainment information. The pocket block design makes the front center channel more practical, providing more cup holders, storage space and wireless charging positions.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023, plug-in hybrid, basic type


Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023, plug-in hybrid, basic type


  For the most important chip of a smart car, the Galaxy L7 is equipped with an 8155 chip, which also allows the Galaxy N OS system to be used for faster and smoother control and improved user experience. Boot speed, application response speed and Keyword Spotting speed are all agile.


  In terms of comfort, in addition to enough space, the co-pilot provides a leg support function, as well as heating, ventilation, massage, physiotherapy and other configurations. In theater mode, the seat automatically reverses to a comfortable angle of 35 degrees, providing a good viewing posture.




  In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a hybrid system composed of a 1.5T four-cylinder engine + motor. The new generation of Raytheon hybrid technology is equipped with a 3 DHT Pro variable frequency electric drive. Using the P1 + P2 solution, it can not only assist in driving, but also drive independently. In terms of performance, it also has remarkable performance. The acceleration of 0-100km/h is 6.9 seconds, which supports ejection start; the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers of power loss is only 5.23L; the CLTC comprehensive cruising range is 1370 kilometers.

"BYD Song PLUS (left)/Latte DHT PHEV"

  Galaxy L7, as a compact SUV model, will compete with BYD Song PLUS, WEY Macchiato, and Latte in the future. Overall, there are still many competitors in this market, including Chinese brands and overseas brands, but in fact, there are not many outstanding sales. Therefore, Galaxy L7 has competitive pressure, but it also has great hope of breaking through in the competition.

● Galaxy Light prototype

  The pure electric Galaxy Light prototype is a large-size coupe model with a low center of gravity and a wide body posture. For pure electric models, the very important drag coefficient has reached the level of 0.19 under the round body curve. It is reported that its production version is expected to be launched by the end of this year.




  The front face of the model still adopts Geely’s ripple aesthetic design style. The "Ripple of Light" front face reinterprets the ripple aesthetic through photoelectric design techniques. The headlight shape that absorbs the upward momentum of the cornices gives the entire front face a more vivid effect. In terms of technology, the front face integrates high definition cameras, radar sensors, and information display panels, of which the information panel is similar to the Dynamic Island of iPhone, which can realize information interaction between cars and cars, and cars and people.



  The side shows the design highlights of the coupe model, and the sportier posture makes people look twice even when static. In addition to styling, in terms of technology configuration, streaming rearview mirrors, hidden door handles, side sentry mode camera screens, NFC unlock areas, charging ports, outdoor mobile charging power supplies, outdoor mobile lighting tools, etc., are not only rich in functions, but also maintain a simple style in design.




  For new energy vehicles, the formerly flat roof now takes on more tasks, including lidar, high brakes, cameras and drone modules, etc., and has made efforts to expand autonomous driving and life functions.




  In terms of interior, in addition to the already common center console large LCD screen, the new model is designed with LED screens on the left and right door panels and the rear row, forming a kind of encircling and penetrating "galaxy ring screen". Through the touch-to-reach "information flash" interaction mode, it provides a smoother, more natural and safer interaction experience. The front row can push in-car information to the rear row to share, and they can also enjoy entertainment without disturbing each other. The rear row can also provide driving information assistance for the front driver, such as navigation, destination sending, etc., bringing more protection to the driver’s driving safety.

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Geely Galaxy product planning E series Delivery time Galaxy E6 2024 third quarter Galaxy E7 2024 second quarter Galaxy E8 Fourth quarter of 2023 L series Delivery time Galaxy L5 2024 second quarter Galaxy L6 The third quarter of 2023 Galaxy L7 2023 second quarter Galaxy L9 2025

  In the past, Chinese brands liked to carry out multi-brand strategies, but later began to shrink due to efficiency and other issues. Geely also had many products before, but it lacked effective sorting. Now it is re-divided into three series, talking about better integration of products to improve overall efficiency and have stronger competitiveness in the market. (Text/Autohome Qi Zixin)

Interview with "Deep Sea Crisis" Action Guide | Why Jackie Chan Is Hard to Find "Jackie Chan"

1905 movie network feature "I also want to find a second Jackie Chan, but it’s very difficult and the market doesn’t need it."Recently, when talking about the current situation of the action actor market in the past few years, the eyes are red. The topic of Kung Fu actors finding successors has once again become the focus of public opinion.

With the advance of technology and the post-production of special effects, many dangerous action scenes no longer require actors to play in person. Coupled with the rise of other types of films, the situation of domestic action actors seems to be getting worse and worse.

As a famous action director in Hong Kong, he has a lot of intersections with Jackie Chan, and has served as action director and stunt director in the representative works of isomorphic action aesthetics.

How does Huang Mingsheng feel about Jackie Chan’s confusion? What are the action scenes worthy of attention in the new film directed by him as a martial arts instructor?

Head action actors are hard to come by

"I think this question is actually very natural, because there are not many kung fu superstars like Jackie Chan, they are all geniuses, and geniuses don’t happen often, so it’s normal." Under the spotlight, Huang Mingsheng said half-jokingly. In his opinion, there are many head action actors in China, such as,,, etc.

These actors themselves had a certain degree of martial arts skills, so they were more handy and entertaining when shooting action movies. They were among the action actors and could be met with rare talents.

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer action actors, which is also due to various reasons.In the 1980s and 1990s, action movies became the hallmark of Hong Kong movies. Starring Jet Li, it also set off a nationwide frenzy for martial arts.In this context, the market demand for action movies was huge, and action actors naturally became the market’s darlings. The number of relevant practitioners was at its peak.

With the passage of time, the aesthetic ability and viewing taste of the mainstream audience of movies have quietly changed. The development trend of the film market in the new century, "a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend", has made the era of action movies no longer exist. The demand for the number of action actors has declined.

"Now that many genre films have developed in the market, you think the proportion of kung fu films and action films is decreasing, but it’s actually a good thing. This proves that the domestic film market is very inclusive." Huang Mingsheng admits that the current reduction in the proportion of action films and action actors in the market is actually a relative process. In addition, some well-known action actors in Hong Kong have been transformed into directors behind the scenes.

The improvement of the level of the domestic film industry, the maturity of green screen cutout and post-production special effects synthesis technology are also one of the reasons for the overall decrease in the number of action actors. In the early years, when these technologies were not yet mature, most of the dangerous action scenes required actors to complete the actual shooting.

In addition, the current film production model often requires more market recognition for actors than action ability. In addition to their own strong business, action actors also need a certain amount of box office appeal in order to have more acting opportunities. Under the combined effect of multiple factors, the golden age of action actors is gradually fading away.

What qualities does a qualified action actor need to possess?Huang Mingsheng admits that physical coordination is the most important. This is also the advantage of head action actors. Today’s martial arts guidance team can express movements in many ways. After a period of reasonable training, ordinary actors can also complete many movements themselves. But Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Wu Jing and other action actors with experience in martial arts since childhood will have a stronger visual impact and higher fluency.

In addition, a professional attitude and strict self-requirements are indispensable self-cultivation for an excellent action actor. In the development of domestic films, action actors are still a rigid demand.

Cultural and martial arts opera design concepts are similar

"In fact, the action design is actually the same as the literary drama. First of all, you need to understand the whole story and characters, and you need to design a reasonable and realistic style for the film." Huang Mingsheng, who has many years of experience in action directing, admits that the design concept of literary opera and martial arts is similar, and authenticity naturally becomes the key word for creation.

Click to watch the video: "Deep Sea Crisis" action guide Huang Mingsheng: The design principles of cultural and martial arts dramas are all the same

Produced, directed, and directed by Huang Mingsheng as a martial arts instructor, "Deep Sea Crisis" tells the story of the international nuclear weapons expert who was hijacked by terrorists and caused the world to tremble. Our public security counter-terrorism personnel worked closely with the Navy to finally resolve the crisis.

With such anti-terrorism works "relatively few in the history of Chinese cinema", Huang Jianxin bluntly said that filming was challenging. This is a fresh field that needs more exploration. For film action direction, it is also full of challenges.

In Huang Mingsheng’s opinion, every action scene in the movie is difficult, and each has its own difficulties. Among them, the good and evil parties chase each other on motorcycles and fly up the fishing row from the beach, and finally end with a big explosion scene, the most difficult to shoot.

Because of the live shooting, the fluctuation of the tide will change the distance from the shore of the fishing rafts and other props in real time. This requires the action guidance team to calculate the variables in advance, so that the movement route of the actors and motorcycles is within a safe range. In order to better present the screen effect of this scene, the actors conducted many rehearsals.

"Actually, we often encounter such a problem, even if the actor has some experience in making action movies before, it may not be consistent with our [action] design, so he will go through some training in the early stage." Huang Mingsheng’s better visual effects of action scenes cannot be separated from the cooperation of the actors. The professionalism of many actors in the film moved him.

The action scenes performed by the male lead not only required the use of professional grappling and fighting skills, but also some new moves designed by Huang Mingsheng. Yan Yikuan "has never done these moves before, and he has never faced the level of danger." The female lead actor of the film even started action training before the crew started filming.

After many years in the industry, Huang Mingsheng’s movement design philosophy is changing.At present, although many movies are not action movies in terms of genre, there are also many uses of action elements. In the past, the theme of Hong Kong action movies was to serve action elements, but now action elements are more to serve the theme of movies.

Currently, Huang Mingsheng is involved in the production of a science fiction action movie. In the future, he particularly hopes to have the opportunity to work with Wu Jing.

The "Wandering Earth" roadshow continues at the age of 65, Wu Mengda insists on hanging Weiya by himself

1905 movie network news A few days ago, the film’s national college roadshow set off in full swing. On the 25th, the film’s main creators appeared in Guangzhou and Xi’an in two ways to share the film’s shooting process and feelings with the students. The students at the roadshow were full of "burning" and the atmosphere was warm. They expressed their feelings for the film and the creator’s "stubborn to the end" belief and spirit, and were full of expectations for Chinese science fiction! Next, the creators will also go to Zhengzhou, Wuhan and other cities to meet and interact with local students.

The film will be officially released on the first day of the new year in 2019, and the door to an imaginative future world is about to open.


Guangzhou Station exposes highlights of the film, Liu Cixin signs autographs for super fans

The original and executive producer Liu Cixin and director Guo Fan, starring Mike Sui, appeared in Guangzhou, Yangcheng, and greeted the students in Cantonese. The roadshow began with an undisclosed highlight, and the students expressed their dissatisfaction while shouting. Hidden in the highlight is an informative easter egg – Wu Jing appeared and showed everyone the behind-the-scenes process of the film shooting, and also shared his feelings during the performance. In the video, he shouted "Too hard!", which caused the students to laugh at the scene.

When talking about the feelings of participating in the film, Mr. Liu Cixin said bluntly: "As a science fiction writer, in fact, the richer your imagination is, the more weak you feel in words, and it is difficult for you to describe your imagination in words. As art, science fiction is particularly suitable for use of pictures and images to show."

Director Guo Fan said that Teacher Da Liu’s words inspired the film: "When the earth is in crisis, the way the Chinese choose is not to give up the earth and leave, but to install an engine on the earth and take the earth to wander. This is the culture of the Chinese people and the soul of our film." Mike Sui, who is in charge of "funny" in the film, was dubbed by the director as "an old artist with both virtues and art". As a "living treasure" at the event, he broke the news: "In fact, when he worked with director Guo Fan five years ago, he said he wanted to shoot a science fiction movie, and now his dream has finally come true."

In the "Me and My Stubbornness" interactive session, a big fan of Teacher Liu made a surprise appearance. He brought the magazine "Science Fiction World" (2000), which had first published the novel "Wandering Earth", to the scene. He had treasured the magazine for 18 years. Teacher Liu Cixin signed it on the spot and expressed his gratitude to his classmates. The super fan said excitedly: "Thank you Teacher Liu Cixin for creating so many excellent science fiction works, which has had a great impact on my life." There was also a child at the scene who raised his hand enthusiastically and asked why the creator wanted to create science fiction content. Director Guo Fan’s answer was impressive: "We hope that more and more children will pay attention to science, expand their imagination, and let them have more imagination and courage. Science fiction movies are a very important carrier."


Wu Mengda, 65, stubbornly insisted on hanging Weiya, calling Director Guo Fan a "crazy director"

The film stars Wu Mengda and Zhao Jinmai parachuted into the ancient city of Xi’an, and the arrival of Wu Mengda’s teacher sparked cheers from fans. The two creators had a warm exchange with their classmates, introducing their characters and sharing behind-the-scenes stories. Wu Mengda’s self-proclaimed role is "National Grandpa": "I played the grandpa of Duoduo and Liu Qi in the film. He dotes on his grandchildren very much. Although these two children are particularly naughty and don’t give people peace of mind, he sacrificed his all in order to let the children feel the emotion of’home ‘in the harsh environment." Zhao Jinmai, who plays Han Duoduo, introduced his role as a little rebellious at first, but eventually became particularly brave.

At the scene, both grandparents participated in the interaction on the topic of "me and my stubbornness" and shared their own stories of stubbornness. Stubbornness is also an emotion that runs through the film. Teacher Wu Mengda exclaimed "I’m so tired": "I’m in my 60s this year, and I’ve been acting in comedies for more than 40 years. This time, I challenge new genres with young people, and I have to inhale oxygen every time I finish filming. But for the sake of Chinese science fiction, I have to be stubborn with everyone to the end!" Zhao Jinmai said that his stubbornness is to do a good job in the career he likes, and at the same time, he also takes care of his studies. Because she happened to catch up with her high school entrance examination during the filming of "Wandering Earth", she is also brushing papers every day while filming.

When it comes to director Guo Fan, Mr. Wu Mengda directly commented on him as a "crazy director": "I have been filming for more than 40 years and have cooperated with many directors, but director Guo Fan is the most persistent person I have ever met. I also admire him from the bottom of my heart. His persistence is something that everyone should learn." Zhao Jinmai joked that the film is a "crazy director" who stubbornly challenges a new genre with a group of "crazy actors". When asked by classmates what life experience they can share, Mr. Wu Mengda shared seriously: "Every stage has different ideas, but I hope that no matter what you do, you will always be righteous and sincere."


Fan Weiqi warms up for the concert, and the big S supports the sisters to hug (Photo)


Fan Weiqi



Fan Weiqi and Big S  

  Fan Fan and Friends

  Fan Weiqi, who has been out for seven years and is about to hold her first large-scale ticketed concert in August this year, held a warm small singing activity at the famous PUB "Riverside Message" in Taipei last week to warm up in advance. Fan Fan’s super charm not only made 160 pre-purchase tickets sold out, but also fans who bought tickets on the spot queued up. Nearly 300 fans crowded "Riverside Message". Not only did parents come with their 8-year-old son and the whole family, but also a 70-year-old super fan grandma came to support Fan Fan, who was both happy and moved. After Fan Fan sang 10 classic songs such as "Thinking Too Much" in one go, the live encore was continuous, and fans asked for encore four times! Fan Fan humorously said, "ENCORE? Okay, then UNCLE is here!"

  The night before, the little junior sister Guo Jing started singing three songs, which immediately heated up the atmosphere of the scene. In addition to singing her favorite classic songs, Fan Fan also interpreted the English song "Bubbly" (original Colbie Caillat) for the first time, as well as the Taiwanese song "Home Queen". Fan Fan revealed that since her debut seven years ago, this is the first time she has sung Taiwanese songs publicly on the stage, in order to pay tribute to Jiang Hui, the senior singer in the music industry, and hopes that her ticket-selling concert this summer can sell as well as the second sister Jiang Hui’s four-game Little Arena concert! Fan Fan, who was originally worried that the pronunciation of the words was not good enough, may have been a little nervous when singing "Home Queen", or accidentally sang the wrong paragraph of the lyrics, and also pronounced "Junior" as "Xiulian", but the fans were still fascinated and responded enthusiastically, and they didn’t mind at all.

  In addition to a large number of die-hard fans present to support, this night’s "Riverbank Message" was also star-studded. Friends in the circle, black Chen Jianzhou, big S Xu Xiyuan, Wang Hongen, Liu Rongjia, as well as Taiwan beer players He Shouzheng and Chen Shinian, were all present to support! When Fan Fan Anke sang "Black and White", he emotionally expressed that the song would be dedicated to "Mr. Black" who was also present, which caused a burst of cheers and screams from the fans on the scene, and black Chen Jianzhou always held a DV to record all Fan Fan’s performances on the stage. And the last song "Can’t You Be Brave", Fan Fan would like to dedicate it to the good sister who filmed this MV together, Big S!

  Fan Fan revealed that "Da Wang" (referring to the beauty king Da S) has not appeared in the nightclub for a long time. 10 minutes before the performance, she heard her good sister Da S express that she would come to the scene to listen to the song. She was also worried that the crowd at the scene was too crowded and the air was not good. She asked Da S not to come, but she insisted on coming, which really touched her. When the audience of fans continued to arch Da S on the stage to sing, Fan Fan also saved the good sisters. Fan Fan said that this song is also given to all the fans, "Many times, we can not be brave, but after tomorrow, we must continue to live a brave life!"

  After the last encore song "Can’t Be Brave" was sung, the "uncle" who was full of people still appeared, but it was almost twelve o’clock in the morning. Fan Fan said to the fans in the audience: "If you want to listen to more exciting content, the ticket sales concert is coming again, and everyone has to be responsible for buying ten tickets!" After the performance ended successfully, many fans were still reluctant to leave. Fan Fan finally responded to the request and took photos and signed autographs with everyone, and the atmosphere was warm.


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"Platform + Park" empowers Deepin Line · Qingdao Station: Deepening platform application, CAOS helps create a new high ground for digital economy

  On December 16th, "Industrial Internet Platform + Park" empowered Deepin Line · Qingdao Station was held online. This event was guided by the Organizing Committee of the World Industrial Internet Industry Conference and jointly organized by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, Haiercaos IoT Technology Co., Ltd., and Sino-German Ecological Park. It aims to promote the integrated development of "Platform + Park", create a new high ground for regional digital economy, deepen the application of industrial Internet platforms, and transform regional development momentum.

  Lu Yang, Deputy Director of Qingdao Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, He Xiaolong, Deputy Director of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, Tao Wei, Director of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center System Institute, and other leaders attended and delivered speeches. Representatives of key industrial Internet platforms and industry enterprises attended and shared the keynote to jointly explore the practical experience and solutions to promote the development of "platform + park".

  Deeply empowered to promote the integrated development of "platform + park"

  As an important carrier for the comprehensive connection of all elements, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain of the industrial economy, the industrial Internet platform empowers the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry while continuously expanding the scope of application. Promoting the integrated development of "Industrial Internet + Park" is an important measure to create a new high ground for the regional digital economy. It is of great significance for deepening the application of the industrial Internet platform, accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, and transforming the momentum of regional economic development.

  Lu Yang pointed out that in recent years, Qingdao City has adhered to the industrial Internet as the main thread connecting the economic development of the city, deeply implemented the "Industrial Empowerment Qingdao" and the "Four New Navigators", and took the lead in exploring the creation of a new type of industrialization "Qingdao Model" that empowers 100 industries to transform, data-driven upgrades of thousands of enterprises, and scenarios support application landing. In the next step, Qingdao City will lead the industry, replicate the model, and output capabilities to optimize the platform ecological construction model, strengthen the application scenario empowering model, and strengthen the international cooperation and opening model.

  He Xiaolong said that industrial parks are responsible for a series of important missions such as gathering innovative resources, cultivating emerging industries, and promoting urbanization. At present, the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center promotes ideas and practices for the work of "Platform + Park", and has achieved certain results in standard development, model system, and ecological cooperation. In the next step, the center will deeply implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and actively promote the high-quality development of "Platform + Park".

  Tao Wei said that the research report on the "Industrial Internet + Platform" empowerment mechanism comprehensively expounds the development needs of the park, the platform empowerment mechanism, application scenarios, the digital construction of the park and policy suggestions, which will provide a useful reference for the construction of the industrial park and provide support for the digitization of the park.

  Multi-party discussions to build a new ecosystem for the industrial Internet industry

  During the event, around the practical experience and solutions of "Platform + Park", the participating industrial Internet platforms and industry enterprise representatives shared the theme, providing development suggestions and paths for the popularization of advanced experience and the promotion of excellent cases, and the construction of a new ecosystem of industrial Internet industry that can cooperate and win-win.

  Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park, Qingdao City Brain Investment and Development joint stock company operation director Zhong Xiaoyang shared the construction experience of Qingdao Free Trade Zone Sino-German Ecological Park from the aspects of park positioning, overall planning, platform construction, etc. He pointed out that based on the ability support of the industrial Internet platform Caos COSMOPlat, the park has created a one-stop full business process, full production factors, full value chain digital factory system platform, covering Client Server, order scheduling, design process, production execution, supply chain coordination and other ten core scenarios, becoming the world’s leading industrial Internet lighthouse base and the first batch of national industrial Internet demonstration parks.

  Feng Qingfeng, director of industry solutions at Haier Caos IoT Technology Co., Ltd., conducted an in-depth analysis of the practical cases of Caos COSMOPlat in energy, chemical industry, home appliances and other industrial parks around the three dimensions of pain points, solutions, and value-added sharing in the transformation of the park. Based on the industrial Internet empower path of points and lines, it introduced the overall idea of Caos COSMOPlat empowering scenarios, enterprises, parks, industries, and regions.

  Sun Yunlei, project owner of Anhui Tongling Henggang Smart Chemical Park, introduced the construction experience of Anhui Tongling Henggang Chemical Park around "Industrial Internet + Smart Chemical Park". Tang Zirui, Director of Technical Operations of Netroot Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., introduced the experience of Handle Global Root Node. Xiong Pan, Director of Industry Marketing of Humi.com, based on the construction of Chongqing Smart Park, shared the park solution of Humi Industrial Internet Platform. Ao Min, Deputy General Manager of JD.com Industrial Internet Business Department, shared the theme of "Industrial Internet Drives New Industrial Supply Chain".

  From point to surface, create a new high ground for the regional digital economy

  If the digital transformation of a single park is the "point", then the driving role of the industrial Internet platform for industrial and regional transformation is the "surface". In recent years, in the special project "Gongfu Qingdao" launched in Qingdao, COSMOPlat helped Qingdao creatively create the "1 + N + X" industrial Internet empowering platform model, which set off a deep transformation of urban industrial digitalization.

  Along the practice path of "1 + N + X", Qingdao and Caos COSMOPlat built a comprehensive service platform for Qingdao industrial Internet enterprises, opened up 24 commissions, provided 946 public services, 281 empower services and 15,000 empower applications; built N vertical platforms, Caos COSMOPlat led the development of Qingdao’s "one super multi-professional" vertical industry platform echelon, with a total of 40 online platforms, serving nearly 90,000 enterprises, driving Qingdao’s industrial Internet industry cluster to be successfully selected as a strategic emerging industrial cluster in Shandong Province; to build X demonstration parks, Caos COSMOPlat empowered Sino-German high-end home appliances and Dongjiakou Chemical industry, high-tech zone "artificial intelligence + high-end equipment" and other industrial Internet demonstration parks, among which Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park was selected as the first batch of national industrial Internet park pilot demonstrations.

  The effect of this innovative model is solidly reflected in the growth curve of Qingdao’s urban industry leap. Up to now, Caos COSMOPlat has empowered more than 4,000 young enterprises, driving Qingdao’s new industrial output value to exceed 30 billion yuan. Relying on the experience of "Industrial Empowerment Qingdao", Caos COSMOPlat will replicate the "Qingdao Model" of empowering 100 industries to transform and upgrading thousands of enterprises with data gain to all parts of the country. A "digital story" like Qingdao is being staged in Deyang, Sichuan and Wuhu, Anhui.

  As an important place of economic growth and innovation, industrial parks contain a large number of enterprise entities, application scenarios and potential needs, providing a broad space for the innovation and development of the Industrial Internet. Taking this event as an opportunity, Qingdao will take the "Platform + Park" as an incision to undertake the mission of the times of digitalization and digital industrialization of industries with Chinese characteristics. And CAOS CSOMOPlat is playing an increasingly important role as a driver, which will help the "Qingdao Model" to bloom across the country and help the high-quality development of industrial parks.

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Chongqing’s deputy mayor says taxi companies have the best returns in the world

  The Beijing News reported on December 2According to Xinhua News Agency, since November, Chongqing, Hainan Sanya, Gansu Yongdeng and Guangdong Shantou and other places have a series of taxi strikes. Taxi strikes are frequent, from one side of the refraction of monopoly.

  The right to operate a taxi was fired to millions

  In response to the taxi industry monopoly, Chongqing’s "brother" Yang Xiaoming proposed the idea of "People’s Taxi Company" three years ago. However, when Yang Xiaoming applied to the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Administration for "taxi operation indicators", he was rejected.

  In fact, what Yang Xiaoming was denied was a monopolistic public resource – the right to operate taxis.

  At present, the taxi operating rights used by taxi companies are transferred by the government in the form of "concessions". At first, they were mostly transferred for free or at a low price, but they were monopolized and speculated by some companies. In some cities, the operating rights of a taxi were speculated to millions of yuan.

  Taxi companies return’best in the world’

  Huang Qifan, vice mayor of Chongqing, said in a discussion with taxi drivers that the taxi company takes about 70% of the money. After deducting costs and taxes such as car purchases, a car has a profit of about 40,000 yuan per year. The average annual income is 50%, and some even as high as 70%. It is really "the industry with the best return on investment in the world."

  Some drivers say taxi companies are simply a "rentier" class created by a monopoly.

  Transportation department research will issue a new policy

  Experts believe that the top priority is for government departments to take measures as soon as possible to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. Such as mandatory "three insurance" protection, formulating the maximum price of "part money", and providing unified and standardized contract models. The second is to break the monopoly of the industry.

  According to the reporter, the State Council has identified the transportation department as the competent department of the taxi industry. At present, the transportation department is investigating the deep-seated problems of the taxi industry and will take policy measures to solve the historical legacy problems.

  The latest data shows that there are more than 1 million taxis legally operating in the country, and there are about 2 million "brother" in the country.

  ■ Related news

  Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shanghai punish "black cars"

  According to Xinhua News Agency, recently, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places have taken measures to crack down on illegal vehicles such as "black cars".

  The Chongqing Public Security Bureau has identified key areas for the illegal operation of motor vehicles in the main urban area, including railway stations, bus stations and areas around the airport, in order to focus on cracking down on "black cars".

  On the 1st, Guangzhou began a three-day large-scale surprise operation to rectify illegal operations. On the same day, a total of 81 vehicles suspected of illegal operation were seized and dealt with, of which 51 were detained by the transportation administration department according to the law, and 21 vehicles suspected of illegal operation with incomplete documents were seized by the traffic police department.

  On the same day, 21 law enforcement units in Shanghai established the "Railway Shanghai Station Regional Linkage Law Enforcement Brigade" to jointly control "black cars" and other illegal acts in the Shanghai Railway Station area.

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