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AITO asks M7, an "all-around vehicle" that satisfies perfectionists.

"An idealist who is unconstrained and unconstrained, a painter who hopes to live in a fantasy land." Miss Ni, the owner of M7, described herself like this. "Choosing a car is difficult for a girl, not to mention that I am a perfectionist." As everyone knows, a person who is uninhibited and uninhibited when painting, in the face of real life problems, is difficult to choose.



In the middle of the year, the goddess of luck came to Miss Ni. Being in a first-tier city, she was happy to get the car purchase index, and fell into ecstasy after learning the news. But soon, Miss Ni was entangled again. "I want to buy a car that is perfect in all aspects, but I am afraid of disappointment. Being a perfectionist is too tired! " She vomited.


Bound mseven"Pentathlon" in the eyes of perfectionists


After a period of investigation and comparison, Miss Ni finally chose the M7 as her new car. Friends have expressed their incomprehension. Why did a little girl choose such a big 6-seat SUV? In the interview, Miss Ni told us the reasons for her decision to buy a new car with the confession of "perfectionist".



"For a car, my request is quite a lot. First of all, the space is big enough, and the car makes me feel insecure; Then there is that intelligent technology must be in place, and the configuration should be rich enough and intimate enough; Yan value and aesthetic online, this is also a must; There is also the hope of saving fuel. Now that the oil price is so high, it is better to take a taxi if you don’t save fuel! " In the eyes of a perfectionist like Miss Ni, even if she has a thousand choices, she must find the car that best matches her needs.


Fortunately, she still found M7 who meets the perfect standard of pentathlon.


"Large space represents security"


Regarding friends’ questions, Miss Ni has a unique and interesting point of view: "I hope the car can be bigger, not because I am greedy for more space, but because of a ‘ Big guy ’ Not only can it hold my little universe, but it also makes me feel safe ‘ Protection force field ’ 。”



Wenjie M7 has six large spaces with a body size of 5020x1945x1775mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, and its longitudinal distance is superior to its peers. In addition, Wenjie M7 is equipped with the industry’s first commercial AITO zero-gravity seat, which opens the zero-pressure suspension with one button and ergonomically creates a first-class comfortable ride experience.



"In the uninspired night, go to a place where there is no one with your car and bid farewell to external disturbances. Lying in the chair, looking at the stars and the moon through the skylight, imagining the story between them, being unconstrained and isolated, and feeling safe. " Miss Ni shared it, and her eyes sparkled.


"Strong intelligence represents imagination"


In Miss Ni’s view, imagination is a gift from the world, which originates from the connection between people and the world. "The more nodes you connect, the more imagination you can get. Not only the connection with people, animals, music and history is the source of my imagination. Just like smart devices, asking the wisdom of M7 is even a better choice than imagination. "



The M7 is equipped with the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which can provide car owners with an unimaginable intelligent travel experience anytime and anywhere. Super desktop, realizing seamless transfer of multiple devices to the car, and mobile applications can get on the bus at any time; Intelligent voice interaction, which can be said visually, has more intelligent reminding function to create a top-level interactive experience; The intelligent scene from HarmonyOS makes the interior environment more comfortable and the car machine knows the owner’s mind better.


"Multiple configurations represent vitality"


"At the peak of my creation, I want to get more and create more every day, and tossing is essential. Youth and vitality have nothing to do with age, but are determined by mentality. Although the environment and platform will decide a lot, whether it is there or not and whether it is wanted or not are two different things. There are more choices in life and more cars. I believe no one will refuse, but that is the vitality! "



The vitality of Miss Ni’s mouth is displayed in the rich configuration on the M7. Front seats come standard with seat massage and ventilation heating; Dual 40W wireless fast charging makes the mobile phone full of power at all times; Unit 19 HUAWEI SOUND sound system, luxury mobile concert hall; Studio-class soft light queen mirror, with soft light, can easily create beautiful makeup; 128-color ambient light and 3-slot fragrance system add more colors to life. Haopei is standard, and the world M7 builds an all-round technology cockpit with vitality.


"High face value represents creativity"


For almost all girls, Yan value is definitely the highest weight in the process of car selection, and so is Miss Ni. But her judgment on car design is not limited to face value. "High face value is not only important, but also the source of my creativity. If it is a conservative car, it will make me feel boring. But if it is too angular, it will make me feel that creativity is bound. "



The M7 continues the ultimate, simple and pure design concept of the series of models. The visual appearance is luxurious, calm and extremely symmetrical, and the interior design style is people-oriented and experience first. Through exquisite design techniques, the M7 combines attractive classic symbols with luxurious body elements to create a high-value luxury smart car that is more suitable for modern people’s aesthetics, so that more consumers can take the car as the origin and stimulate the creativity of their beautiful peers.


"Low energy consumption represents execution"


Because she got the fuel vehicle index, Miss Ni didn’t consider the pure electric vehicle, and she didn’t want those uncontrollable and constrained conditions. The extended-range hybrid of M7 is different from traditional energy sources, which not only has long battery life, but also has low fuel consumption. The unique characteristics of the world give her a sense of deja vu and old friends.



Thanks to the intelligent platform of pure electric drive, Wenjie M7 can provide Miss Ni with a comprehensive battery life of 1,220 kilometers for a tank of oil, a four-second acceleration of 100 kilometers and a fuel consumption as low as 5.8L. Based on the excellent chassis and suspension adjustment, the driving quality of the M7 is both maneuverable and comfortable. With 6 driving modes and 3 energy consumption modes, this freedom-loving girl can enjoy more driving pleasure at lower travel cost.



"Quiet and powerful, I appreciate the character of being able to work hard in a place that others can’t see, with execution but not exposed." Miss Ni commented on the new car like this.


In Miss Ni’s eyes, the M7 is an "all-round model" that makes perfectionists satisfied. She smiled and said, "I know there must be a perfect product in the world, but the process of finding it is always difficult and painful." Fortunately, I didn’t give up my initial intention and standards, which is another inspiration that I chose to ask M7. "

Looking at BYD from the Long-term Perspective behind the Release of "Yunnian"

   ■Xing Rui  

  Innovation is endless.
  On April 10th, BYD once again made a major technological breakthrough — — With the release of the "Cloud" system, the industry marveled at the high efficiency and ability of BYD’s self-developed technology, and at the same time marveled at the "wide and deep" moat of BYD.

Than 1

  Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Group, made an image metaphor for the technical release of "Yunqi". He said that BYD has fished up another "fish" (from the "technical fish pond").  

  "Cloud chariot" means more than "from zero to one"
  It is no exaggeration to describe this year’s auto market as "big wind and waves", but no matter how big the wind and waves are, they can’t stop the pace of the strong. After winning the title of China auto market in 2022 with sales of 1.8 million vehicles, BYD still maintained its strong style in the first quarter of this year, with monthly sales exceeding 200,000 vehicles, accounting for nearly 40% of the new energy vehicle market. Behind the sales volume is the full-stack self-research technology that supports BYD to get out of the "big bull" market — — Blade battery, CTB technology, easy quartet, BYD step by step, on the road of technological innovation, "braving the wind and waves."
  Now, BYD has taken another big step on the road of self-developed technology: On April 10th, BYD released the world’s first new energy exclusive intelligent body control system — — "Cloud chariot". As the latest achievement of full-stack self-research, "Yunnian" marks that BYD has become the first China automobile enterprise to master the intelligent body control system independently.
  "Cloud chariot" is taken from "Wei Shu": "The cloud chariot worships the cool, and the royal banquet is peaceful". Among them, the "chariot" is the ancient emperor’s car. The "cloud" symbolizes the creation of a lighter and more stable driving experience with intelligent technology. It not only has the ultimate pursuit of travel in ancient times, but also integrates modern advanced technology, which is also the "Chinese new luxury" refined by Wang Chuanfu.

Than 2

  "Yunqi is China people’s own body control system." Wang Chuanfu said: "The birth of Yunqi has rewritten the history that body control technology relies on foreign countries, filled the domestic technical gap and achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1. On the other hand, ‘ Yunqi ’ Beyond the foreign technical level, it stood in the leading position in the industry as soon as it debuted, completed the upgrade from 1 to 2, and climbed another peak. "  

  "You choose the route, and leave the rest to Yunqi."
  Wang Chuanfu’s speech was interrupted several times by warm applause on the spot. One time, when he introduced the origin of "Yunqi" (three-dimensional thinking of vertical direction control), he said: "You choose the route and leave the rest to Yunqi." What heroism and technical confidence this is.
  "Easy Sifang" is a heavy technology released by BYD at the beginning of this year, which can realize four-wheel independent drive and effectively avoid the "secondary injury" caused by flat tire during high-speed driving. Only three months later, BYD’s "Cloud chariot" eliminated the "secondary injury". In a video demonstration that looked up at U9 as an example, U9 with a flat tire could still run stably on three wheels.
  In Wang Chuanfu’s lecture, BYD’s "cloud" technical idea became clearer and clearer, breaking the original "convention" for the vertical control industry of the car body — — Instead of starting with a single technology or hardware, a systematic solution is adopted to upgrade the "vertical and horizontal two-dimensional" control to the "vertical and horizontal three-dimensional" control, which is like plugging the electric and intelligent "wings" into the vertical control of the car body.
  "Cloud chariot" can effectively restrain the change of body posture, greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and reduce the sitting displacement of drivers and passengers. At the same time, the cloud chariot system can effectively protect the car body under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water, avoid the collision damage of the whole car caused by terrain, improve the comfort and safety of driving, and realize the double protection of people and cars.

Than 3

  The "Yunqi" product matrix includes Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and other products, which will greatly enhance the driving experience of consumers from the dimensions of comfort, control, safety and off-road.  

  Yunqi -C: Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system realizes the perfect compatibility of vehicle comfort and sportiness. Yunqi -C hardware has been installed on some configuration versions of BYD Han, Tang and Tengshi D9 models, and will be upgraded to Yunqi -C system through OTA.
  Yunqi -A: Yunqi -A intelligent air body control system makes the whole vehicle have the ultimate comfort, support and passability, and sets a new benchmark for luxury. Take the first leap N7.
  Yunqi -P: Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system can realize super-high lift, four-wheel linkage and camping adjustment, and create a new peak of luxury off-road in the world. First take a look at brand U8.
  Wang Chuanfu summed up the safety upgrade brought by "Yunqi" quite well. He said, "Let the luxurious ceiling be higher and the bottom line of safety be firmer."
  "Super technology" opens the door to the new world
  At the end of the conference, it was an essential "egg".
  Looking up at U9 equipped with cloud -X technology came to the center of the stage with an unprecedented "swing" posture. Finally, it completed the appearance show with a four-wheel simultaneous jump from the ground.

Than 4

  The seemingly simple jumping and swinging is actually the Yunqi -X full-active body control technology, which can realize high-order functions such as "0" roll, "0" pitch, three-wheeled driving, vehicle dancing and in-situ take-off, and represents the highest level of the global body control system.  

  Lian Yubo, executive vice president of BYD and president of Automotive Research Institute, simply summed it up as "a small step for car body control and a big step for comfortable travel." He said that Yunqi intelligent body control system is a super technology with both extreme experience and extreme safety. It will bring subversive improvement to the driving experience with excellent genes of high intelligence, safety protection, stable driving and full coverage to ensure the safety and stability of the whole vehicle.
  It can be said that technology will always be BYD’s "bottom logic", with 69,000 technicians and 28,000 authorized patents, and the accumulated investment in research and development exceeds 100 billion yuan … … These figures, Wang Chuanfu is like a few treasures, and he is also proud of it. He believes that BYD’s self-developed technology is a necessary and correct choice to maintain its iterative ability. "We are fighting for engineers, fighting for the ability of vertical integration, fighting for market strategy and fighting for scale advantages." The word "fight" shows the fierce market competition and BYD’s sense of urgency to seize the day. With the geometric growth of R&D investment, BYD’s "technical fish pond" is getting bigger and bigger, its technical reserves are getting richer and richer, and its confidence in participating in all-round competition is getting more and more sufficient. Wang Chuanfu said, "When it is critical (for example, looking forward to brand release), it will be fished out."

Than 5

  Therefore, BYD’s success today is not due to luck, but the inevitable result of "persisting in the initial intention" and "bold innovation", and it is the persistent "technology-based enterprise" that pushes BYD all the way forward. In March this year, BYD won the championship with sales of more than 200,000 vehicles, and was far ahead of other car companies with a market share of nearly 40%.  

  Nowadays, the strong rise of Tengshi brand, the expectation of brand release and the landing of more high-end technologies such as "Yunqi" have opened the door to the future for BYD, and on the other side of the door, it is a "new world" that China brand has been yearning for for for a long time, but it has never been touched. (Image courtesy of BYD)

Zray won the Best Performance Award for Newcomer of the Year, Bai Bing and Weng Hongxiu Xiang Shoulder.

Movie Network News (Text/Diao Zongruitu/Han Huawei) On the evening of March 23rd, the second China Huading Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. Nearly 100 celebrities from all walks of life, including Zhang Yimou, Song Zu Ying, Tang Guoqiang and Bai Yansong, were all dressed up to attend, which was a star-studded event. Twenty-five champion trophies called "People’s Word of Mouth Award" were also awarded in the evening.

China Newcomer of the Year Best Performance Actor Zray

Zray received the award.

Wang Baoqiang, the first in the public image survey of new actors in China.

New forces in Wang Baoqiang and Zray compete for favor.

At the ceremony, Wang Baoqiang was not the first one to arrive, but the first star to walk on the podium. Although after a series of role polishing, Wang Baoqiang is no longer a newcomer in the circle, when he received the award of the best public image of China’s new actor, Wang Baoqiang showed a straightforward smile. He said that he would continue to work hard. "Be a good person and do things well." The other newcomer award went to Zray, a little actor who was deeply loved by the audience because of his performances in TV dramas such as "Family with Children". With his naughty, bold, confident and witty personality advantages, he won the "Best Performance Actor of the Year in China" award. When delivering his acceptance speech, he also confidently said, "Strive for more awards to encourage me." At present, this post-90s actor is accumulating his own strength in singing, dancing and acting.

Tang Guoqiang

Tang Guoqiang said that if you want to play a good show, you should eat lunch boxes.

Compared with the naivety of Wang Baoqiang and Zray, the face of China veteran movie star Tang Guoqiang is full of boldness and atmosphere. For the honor of the best public image of China film and television actors given by the audience, Tang Guoqiang said indifferently: "I played some big people, as if standing in a very high position, but it’s not that I am tall, it’s that those people are tall, and I stand tall on the shoulders of giants." In addition, "eat more than 200 boxes of lunch a year and go to places that few people have experienced." It has also become the key to shooting men’s works in his heart. Tang Guoqiang also smiled and said, "If possible, I want to do it again."

Sun Honglei expressed emotion on the stage.

Sun Honglei became heartless under the stage.

Sun Honglei’s students on the stage feel that the audience has become ruthless

In terms of film performance of the year, Mei Lanfang, directed by Chen Kaige, edged out You Are the One and Painted Skin, winning the audience’s favorite. However, Chen Kaige was busy with the promotion of the film in South Korea, and was unable to attend the scene in person, so he specially recorded a VCR to thank the audience. That night, Sun Honglei, who accepted the award on his behalf, said in his speech: "There are still many unknown staff members in the crew of Mei Lanfang. This honor is given to all of them. Thank you to all those who gave us advice. Thank you."

In addition, Sun Honglei personally won the award of "China Public’s Best Performer’s Annual Satisfaction", and Sun Honglei couldn’t hide his excitement after receiving the trophy. He explained how it was not easy for him to enter the mainstream line of sight from a Chinese opera listener. And firmly said, "I have grown up and matured, and I should have a sense of mission." When the reporters at the scene wanted to interview him, Sun Honglei was expressionless and left in a hurry under the escort of security guards.

Song Zu Ying and Zhang Yimou presented awards to Liu Yan.

Zhang Yimou’s outstanding achievements were besieged by reporters.

Among all the guests present at the event, Zhang Yimou, who was halfway through, undoubtedly became the focus of attention. At the event site, he not only awarded the award of "Best Dancing Actress of the Year in China" together with Song Zu Ying, but also won the title of "China’s Most Outstanding Achievement of the Year" together with Song Zu Ying.

Facing Liu Yan in a wheelchair, Zhang Yimou gave the highest praise. He said, "The first person I need to be grateful for is Liu Yan. She dedicated everything to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. She is a hero. The price she paid for the opening ceremony is unmatched by everyone. Even under the cheers of the opening ceremony, her voice has always been in my heart. "

When talking about the awards he won, Zhang Yimou was very low-key. He said frankly, "First of all, I want to thank my team. It is the painstaking efforts of countless people. Perhaps for me, the Olympic Games was only once in China, but it left an infinite memory. I want to thank the Olympics, because the Olympics are great and the people of China are great. I just did my job. " Zhang Yimou’s remarks also made the whole scene applause.

Since Zhang Yimou has rarely appeared in public since the Olympic Games, and the news that he will start shooting a new play is endless during this period, when Zhang Yimou walked out of the award ceremony, he naturally became the target of media criticism. However, he laughed and ran and jumped to escape the interception of swarms, and almost fell down the stairs. Its "national treasure" charm is beyond doubt.

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History is rare! Volvo also participated in the price reduction army! Completely "crazy"!

  Source: China Fund.


  Wait, the party is blessed! Even Volvo has participated in the price reduction army!

  On March 17th, according to the news released by Chengdu, the automobile consumption activity of "production and marketing linkage" in Longquanyi District, the largest automobile production base in Chengdu, was officially launched today. Individual or legal person consumers will buy designated models from the automobile dealers operating in Chengdu, and will get a one-time subsidy ranging from 15,000 to 150,000 yuan for each car if they apply for the license and superimpose the preferential subsidies matched by the enterprises within the prescribed time limit.

  It is understood that,The event will last until June 30, 2023. The brand models participating in the event cover pure electricity, hybrid electricity and plug-in. The subsidy methods are divided into two ways: one-time car purchase subsidy and car coupon deduction.

  Funjun looked at the poster released by Chengdu auto dealers. The highest subsidy was Funjun’s dream car Volvo, with a maximum discount of 150,000 for designated models. Secondly, the highest discount for Hongqi Automobile is 71,000, the highest discount for FAW Toyota is 61,000, and the highest discount for Volkswagen under FAW is 23,500.

  The official announcement of the two billion giants: comprehensive price reduction

  Since March, Hubei, Jilin and other places have launched consumption promotion activities for cars made locally or owned by local car companies. Previously, the local government used subsidies to help car companies digest their inventory, and some traditional car companies also minced it as "dealer behavior".

  On March 16th, SAIC Volkswagen personally stepped down and announced a subsidy of 3.7 billion yuan to follow up the "price reduction tide". The maximum time-limited discount for bicycles can be 50,000 yuan. SAIC Volkswagen said that this subsidy activity will last from now until April 30.

  Specifically, Huiang offers a limited time discount of 50,000 yuan; Touran 2023, brand-new Touran X, Weiran 2023 and other models have a limited time discount of 35,000 yuan; Passat 2023, Passat PHEV and other models have a discount of 25,000 yuan, and some models also enjoy discounts ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.

  In terms of new energy, SAIC Volkswagen ID. The family also joined the tide of price reduction, and the 2023 ID.6X and 2023 ID.4X were both offered a discount of 30,000 yuan; 2023 ID.3 offers a discount of 20,000 yuan.

  Earlier, SAIC subsidized the price reduction of some models in some provinces. On March 8,Shanghai automotive groupNot only has coverage been introduced in HubeiRoeweSpecial preferential activities of brands such as MG, Buick, Cadillac, etc., have also started subsidy activities for all Chevrolet departments nationwide. Same day.FAW Group in Jilin ProvinceLaunched the activity of "Banner Benefits Jilin-Subsidies for Benefiting the People within a Time Limit of 100 million yuan", covering the scope of subsidies.FAW HongqiFaw liberationFaw PentiumFAW-VolkswagenFaw ToyotaBrands and other brands, the total subsidy reached 150 million yuan.

  On the 17th, SAIC Volkswagen’s parent company SAIC Group rose 1.62% in early trading. At the close, it rose slightly by 0.28%.

  In addition, on March 17th, after the subsidy of 10 billion yuan, Changan Automobile officially announced to follow up the "subsidy tide" again, and its main sales models including CS75 series, UNI-V and Yidong PLUS participated in the subsidy.

  Specifically, the CS75 series limited-time comprehensive discount is as high as 33,000 yuan, including a direct cash drop of 10,000 yuan and a maximum equity subsidy of 23,000 yuan; UNI-V offers a limited comprehensive discount of up to 22,000 yuan, including a direct drop of 5,000 yuan in cash and a subsidy of up to 17,000 yuan in equity.

  It is worth noting that UNI-V Zhidian iDD, which has just been launched, has also joined the subsidy camp, with a time-limited comprehensive discount of up to 26,000 yuan, including a direct cash drop of 10,000 yuan and a maximum equity subsidy of 16,000 yuan.

  A few days ago, Changan Automobile unveiled four brand-new models, including Changan UNI-V Zhidian iDD, UNI-K Zhidian iDD and Auchan Z6 Zhidian iDD, and the third generation CS75 PLUS Zhidian iDD is coming soon. According to the plan, Changan Automobile plans to realize the "smart electricity" of all classic products this year.

  In addition to the direct drop in cash, Changan Automobile has launched a "one-price" model. For example, the cash of the new CS75 Blue Whale Edition has dropped by 30,000 yuan, and the current price is 83,900 yuan (the daily price is 102,900 ~ 113,900); Yidong PLUS has a price of 73,900 yuan; The price of CS35 PLUS is 78,900 yuan.

  Prior to this, Changan Automobile has launched the policy of "10 billion Huimin Car Purchase Season". Users who pick up their cars during March 1 ~ March 31 (buying all models of Changan passenger cars) can enjoy an additional 1,000 yuan car coupons, and other related car consumption subsidies introduced before April 30 will be given cash subsidies according to the corresponding policy standards.

  Changan automobile continued to fall for a long time, and bottomed out and rebounded by 1.15% on the 17th.

  Is the era of BBA per capita here?

  On March 8, "Beijing arearun quicklyThe news that the price was reduced by 110,000 yuan quickly triggered a heated discussion in the market. According to legend, the price after mercedes benz c discount is only 210,000 yuan.run quicklyThe price of E-class is as low as 330,000 yuan.

  In response to this rumor, many in Beijingrun quicklyThe 4S shop responded: "The high discount rate is not true." The 110,000 discounts rumored on the Internet are not all cash discounts, but the purchase tax, insurance, replacement subsidies, financial subsidies, second-hand car policies and big customer policies are counted together. Individual stores may have thousands of discounts to the store, but there is little difference between the terminal purchase price and the guiding price paid by consumers as a whole.

  exceptrun quicklyOutside, Audi andBMWThere are similar rumors, such as "Audi A6 bare car price is about to drop to 220,000", "BMWNews such as the price after the 3 series discount is in the early 170,000 s has been widely spread on the Internet.

  But in fact, the price reduction of luxury brands is just a word game. As the three best-selling luxury cars in China, BBA’s overall supply and demand are matched, and the gap between the number of cars in dealers’ hands and the actual delivery orders is not particularly large.

  according toBeijing automobileThe announcement issued on March 14 shows that in 2022,Beijing BenzRealized an operating income of 24.82 billion euros (about 181.625 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 16.59%; After-tax profit from continuing operations was 3.649 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.85%.

  Announcement shows that Beijing BenzThe double growth of revenue and profit in 2022 benefited from the increase in sales. according toMercedes-BenzAccording to the released sales data, in 2022, the sales volume of passenger cars (wholesale, including smart) in China was 753,900, up 3% year-on-year, accounting for 37% of the total sales volume, and the sales volume of light commercial vehicles in China was 34,200, down 11% year-on-year.

  As for the implementation of the national 6B standard in July, many people in the industry said that BBA was the national 6B standard long ago. The price reduction is only for individual dealers to go to stock, and the official guide price has not been adjusted yet.

Qin Dingtianxia subverted and Huapeng Group Qin Plus Dmi collective delivery ceremony ended.

  October 24th, 2021 at six o’clock in the evening.

  Qin decided to subvert the world and came to Huapeng Group.

  Qin Plus Dmi& Qin Plus Ev enjoy the collective delivery ceremony of car owners.

  Held in Huairou Youth wanda plaza.


  The owners of Qin Plus Dmi and Qin Plus Ev gathered together. In the atmosphere of solemn and romantic ceremonies, the staff of Huapeng Group and the owners’ friends spent an unforgettable night together.

  [Ceremony site of heart building]











  Carefully arranged site, focusing on creating the most perfect ceremony scene for customers! Spare no effort!





  [A cold meal area full of details]




  [Beautiful young ladies]


  Of course, our Qin Plus Dmi and Qin Plus Ev have become the most beautiful scenery in the whole square.


  [black technology VtoL discharge display]






  There are a constant stream of customers looking at the car on the spot, and our professional account manager answers their doubts one by one!




  Our lovely bear also took photos with many younger brothers and sisters as a souvenir.



  [Activity preheating and performance interaction]

  Activity opening




  Congratulations on becoming a BYD owner:

  May the rich background of the Millennium dynasty set off your brilliant future, may the stars light up your dream road, build your dream as a success, and wish you a happy career and a happy family. BYD and you will travel to the new place and hope that you will fill a car with happiness, let peace clear the way, release the true feelings of your life and let happiness smile at you forever.



  [Sign-in and Admission]



  Kick off the event with the band’s wonderful performance





  The heat of on-site activities has risen linearly! Wonderful interactive gift-giving session!



  Mr. Zhang Yu, the sales manager of North Ruifeng BYD, delivered a speech for the event, and also gave a detailed explanation on the explosive models (Qin plus-dmi and Qin plus ev)!


  At the same time, we also invited media friends from CCTV, Chedi, Tencent Auto and Aika Auto. Among them, Mr. Wang Qi of Aika Auto is also our distinguished owner of Qin Plus Dmi. He told us about his car experience.


  As an internal employee of BYD, he was also conquered by it (Qin Plus Dmi), and also told us about his experience of buying a car and sharing his car experience!



  [Wonderful band performance again]



  [Honoring the Owner and Delivery Ceremony]

  Punch in online celebrity around the city

  Efforts again and again, full of sense of ceremony, the online celebrity trailer belonging to our North Ruifeng BYD 4S shop is coming! Byd Qin Plus Dmi, mountains and rivers are far and wide to go with you!







  Life needs a sense of ritual.

  Let ordinary life be full of emotion.

  This is built for the owner.

  A unique delivery experience

  I hope that all car owners will have a smooth journey with Qin.

  In the future, we will continue to work hard

  Dedicated to every car owner.

  Bring the driving pleasure of enjoying life.

  North ruifeng BYD 4S branch

  Serving the heart and being satisfied with the line.

  Star experience service wanjia

  Huairou Shunyi unique dynasty flagship shop

World refitted car industry grand meeting: Counting ten cool car models of North American refitted car show.


    [Content at a glance]At this modified auto show, Volvo exhibited two high-performance modified Volvo S80 and C30, operated by Heico Sportiv, a famous German modified car manufacturer.
Heico’s modified C30 uses an upgraded T5 turbocharged engine.

    The 2007 North American Modified Auto Show (SEMA) was held in Las Vegas, USA from October 30th to November 2nd. After 31 years’ development, this annual modified auto show has become a grand event of the world’s modified car industry, attracting most of the world’s automobile manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts to gather in Las Vegas every November.

    So far, there are no manufacturers in China, but with the growth and prosperity of China’s automobile aftermarket, the world’s largest modified auto show is gradually entering the field of vision of China players. It doesn’t matter if you can’t come to the scene in person. Now, follow our reporter and take a look at the world’s most advanced automobile modification technology and products.

    Chevrolet Cobalt SS

    The 2008 Cobalt SS is equipped with the same 2.0-liter Opel and Ecotec 260hp turbine engines as Chevrolet HHR SS, Opel Astra OPC and Pontiac Solstice. The output power is 55 horsepower higher than that of the previous super-powered Cobalt SS, and the acceleration process from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 5.7 seconds.

    Volvo S80 and C30

    At this modified auto show, Volvo exhibited two high-performance modified Volvo S80 and C30, operated by Heico Sportiv, a famous German modified car manufacturer.

    The modified S80 high-performance concept car adopts T6 turbocharged bioethanol engine, which outputs 350 horsepower at 5500 rpm, with the maximum torque of 550Nm/1500~4000rpm and the acceleration time of 0~100 km/h of about 5.8 seconds.

    It is equipped with Volvo electric control all-wheel drive system with instant traction function, and also adopts specially developed sports suspension.

    Heico’s modified C30 uses an upgraded T5 turbocharged engine. The maximum output power is 300 HP at 5500 rpm, and the maximum output torque is 420 Nm at 3500 rpm. The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is only 5.4 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 250 km/h (speed limit). The car also uses a specially developed sports suspension.

    Hyundai Elantra "Beach Cruiser" Concept Car

    The hatchback Elantra will be launched in 2008. At this SEMA Auto Show, it made its debut as the concept car of Elantra Touring "Beach Cruiser". This beach cruiser was modified by K-Daddyz Kustomz.

    The car body is painted in two colors, beautiful grape purple and tango orange, with beautiful patterns. The concept car is equipped with a huge panoramic skylight on the roof, and the interior is also made of two-tone high-grade leather. A specially installed 8-channel stereo is installed in the trunk, and high-end speaker components are hidden under the floor of plexiglass. There is no special investment in performance modification, except for the cold air intake system, balance bar and beautiful hood, as well as some small accessories.

    Suzuki SXForce concept car

    This is a brand-new concept car based on the SX4 sports car in 2008.

    Compared with the prototype, SXForce adopts a 5-speed manual transmission, a 2.0 turbocharged engine, the power is increased to 255 horsepower, and an adjustable NASCAR-style tail is added at the tail.

    You can even find a built-in data statistics system, which can help you analyze and download all the information of the engine in real time, and make you feel like you are in the competition.

    Cadillac CTS sports concept car

    At this auto show, Cadillac gave this CTS sports car a brand-new appearance through a series of modifications, including: adopting brand-new front and rear bumpers, improved hood, rear tail and 20-inch rims.

    Carbon fiber parts used in many parts of the car body, redesigned headlights, high-performance brakes with yellow calipers, LED brake lights and exhaust system were replaced with Corsa cat-back exhaust system with 3.5-inch exhaust pipe.

    Ford Roush P-51A mustang

    This car is equipped with Roush Stage3 suspension, powered by an improved ROUSH 4.6L V8 engine, with a maximum power of at least 510hp and a maximum torque of at least 691Nm, so the P-51A should be very competitive. Of course, the full set of Roush aerodynamic kit, upgraded wheels and tires, and upgraded braking system are all included in this upgrade package.

    Hummer H2 Safari

    This is a strong Hummer and a super convertible. The car has no back seat, and the purpose of modification is to use it for competition.

    This Hummer off-road concept car is equipped with a 6.2L V8 engine with 393 horsepower. In addition, the designer has improved the shape of the car, including customized air induction system, customized double exhaust pipe system, wheel flash, protective steel, high-performance brake pads and 20-inch wheels.

    Jeep brings two concept cars.

    At this year’s SEMA Auto Show, Jeep exhibited two Jeep concept cars: Jeep Wrangler Ultimate and Jeep Wrangler JT.

    Wrangler Ultimate is based on Wrangler’s four-door non-limited edition model, equipped with 3-inch body lifting kit and 35-inch BF Goodrich mud tires, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, as well as a series of appearance upgrade kits, adding new entertainment systems. The engine adopts a powerful 392 Hemi engine.

    Jeep, on the other hand, is a JT made by removing the rear seat and installing a 5-foot-long cargo box on the basis of the four-door Wrangler non-limited edition. It is equipped with front and rear bumpers and spare tire placement equipment from Mopar, Warn 9500ti winch. (Zhou Weili)

Editor: Tian Shijia

Starting from 126,800 yuan, the global version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is pleasantly listed!

This is the best conference:

Release the world’s first pickup truck popular color "blue";

Cooperate with the official announcement of Pantone Color Institute, the world authoritative color organization;

Join hands with China canoeing national team to achieve annual strategic cooperation;

Create a cross-border brand alliance with the national outdoor brand pathfinder;


On March 12th, the global version of the newly upgraded pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun was launched with a price range of 126,800-166,800 yuan. In this conference, Great Wall Gun released the world’s first popular color "blue" for pickup trucks, opening a new era of pickup trends. Great Wall Gun has also reached a strategic cooperation with the China canoeing national team to jointly compete in the world. And jointly launch the life adventure plan with the Pathfinder brand to jointly build the "strongest ecological circle" of pickup culture.

As the most influential pickup truck brand in China, Great Wall Gun released the world’s first popular color of pickup truck "blue", which brought inspiration and innovation to the whole industry. "Shaped Blue" is taken from the quiet blue of the sea and starry sky, which is deep and unrestrained, especially incorporating more inclusive and elegant gray, bearing the imagination of the Great Wall Gun for a perfect and ultimate life.

What constitutes an excellent CP with "blue" is the enthusiastic, open and optimistic "True Orange". As a brand rejuvenation color of the Great Wall Gun, it combines blazing red and jumping yellow, and radiates the vitality of life with enthusiasm. The birth of two exclusive colors has led the fashion trend of pickup trucks, helped the brand rejuvenation journey of Great Wall Gun, and brought better and more colorful pickup truck life to users.

In addition, Great Wall Gun has also cooperated with the official announcement of Pantone Color Institute, the world’s authoritative color organization, and will use the power of color to bring users a brand-new sensory experience in the future, so that the life of users’ full-scene pickup trucks will be even better!

In this activity, Great Wall Gun and China canoeing national team reached an annual strategic cooperation to help Olympic athletes ride the waves. China’s canoeing national team has won the gold medals in Athens Olympic Games and Beijing Olympic Games, as well as several world championships and World Cups, while the Great Wall Gun has been the top seller in the pickup truck market. Strategic cooperation between the two, amphibious walk hand in hand, build China’s strength with champion quality, and jointly fight for the world. At the same time, this is not only a further broadening of the life of the pickup truck in the whole scene of the Great Wall Gun, but also a perfect interpretation to show the world the spirit of China.

As a national outdoor brand, Pathfinder has been pursuing professional perfection and challenging exploration, which is highly compatible with the brand concept of Great Wall Gun pursuing perfect and extreme life and building a full-scene pickup truck life. At this conference, Great Wall Gun and Pathfinder reached a strategic cooperation, built a cross-border brand alliance of Great Wall Gun, explored unknown fields together, and explored the infinite possibilities of life. At the press conference, a song "Teenager" by the Artillery League brought the atmosphere to a climax. The brothers of the Artillery League were full of love and sang their love! Everyone is both a teenager and an explorer. Great Wall Gun builds an open and shared pickup truck life community through the offline artillery alliance car club and the online gun-riding APP, creating the "strongest ecological circle" of pickup truck culture in China, creating a full-scene pickup truck life for every user who loves to explore, and really playing with users.

As a global pickup truck brand, the global version of the Great Wall Gun pickup truck was officially launched, and it continued to lead the era of multi-purpose pickup truck 3.0 with more visual impact and more luxurious and comfortable configuration.

As a leader in the life of pickup trucks, the Great Wall Cannon will be applied to the extreme, with a thicker chrome grille and a larger LOGO, which has great visual impact; With sharp eagle-eye smart headlights, add luster to every trip with Yan value aesthetics.

In the interior, the ubiquitous soft coating in the car enjoys the ultimate touch; Front and rear seat heating, plus multi-link rear suspension, rear elbow pillow, cup holder, more than 100 noise reduction treatments and exclusive fragrance, let family and friends enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

In terms of configuration, the Great Wall Gun is equipped with the perfect power combination of 2.0T+8AT, combined with TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, rear axle electronic differential system, L2 automatic driving, intelligent network connection system, wireless phone charging, etc., which makes the "arrival" more beautiful, smarter and more intimate.

In terms of active safety, Great Wall Gun 9.3 version ESP, 360 look around, 12 radar probe, lane departure, parallel assistance, ACC adaptive cruise, etc., so that you can easily avoid risks; Passive safety, high-strength cage body, 6 airbags, secondary collision mitigation function, you add enough buff!

At the same time, in order to thank the users for their concern and support for the Great Wall Gun, this month’s new global version of the Great Wall Gun enjoys four gifts:

Financial gift: you can enjoy a two-year zero-interest financial policy when buying a car;

Replacement ceremony: enjoy 5000 yuan subsidy replacement subsidy;

Interconnection ceremony: basic services are free for life, entertainment services are free for 3 years and exclusive services are free for 1 year;

Service Gift: The engine/transmission is guaranteed for 4 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first).

The press conference also revealed a heavy news that China’s first full-size pickup truck based on the Great Wall tank platform will officially make its world debut at the Shanghai International Auto Show in April this year. As a global intelligent professional off-road platform, the tank platform has the characteristics of powerful power, high reliability and intelligent off-road, which is worth looking forward to!

In China, the Great Wall Cannon has helped the Great Wall pickup truck to achieve a market share of over 51%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one is the Great Wall. Great Wall pickup truck has been ranked first in domestic and export sales for 23 years in a row, with a total of over 1.9 million users worldwide, and achieved the results of being "the first in China and the top five in the world". In the future, the Great Wall Gun will take the global version as a new starting point, win over China, go global, and constantly accelerate the journey of globalization. The sword refers to the top three pickup truck brands in the world, bringing better colorful life to users around the world and making the Great Wall Gun popular around the world!

Hand-made, health-preserving, zero-added … Is "online celebrity Mooncake" really what you think?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 22nd: Handwork, Health Preservation and Zero Addition … … Is "online celebrity Moon Cake" really what you think?

  Xinhua News Agency "China Net" reporter

  Abalone, bullfrog, crayfish, fruit … … What stuffing do you eat for moon cakes? As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, some "online celebrity moon cakes" with the signs of "keeping healthy" and "handcrafted" are becoming popular in the circle of friends and major shopping websites. However, the reporter’s investigation found that there are some problems such as false propaganda behind these moon cakes. Relevant people suggest that we should strengthen the supervision of seasonal goods such as moon cakes on the internet, and consumers should also distinguish clearly when purchasing.

  Is "online celebrity moon cake" really all like "honey talk"?

  A few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the private kitchen moon cake makers in the circle of friends have started the pre-sale mode, and zero addition and no preservatives are the most common signs for businesses.

  "It was originally made by hand. As a result, the moon cakes bought were not right, and the yolk was too dry to bite. It felt like old stuffing." Ms. Zhang from Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province said that a few days ago, she bought a box of handmade moon cakes in a micro-store made by a chef. "The moon cakes claimed to be ‘ Zero addition ’ The price is not expensive. After buying it back, I found that there was a feeling of being fooled, and the remaining moon cakes had to be thrown away. "

  "At that time, I mainly saw that the mooncake packaging was simple and fashionable, and it was zero-added, which met my aesthetics and requirements. With the recommendation of friends, I wanted to buy a box first." Ms. Zhang then consulted a professional, and the other party said that although some sellers claimed that the mooncakes were all made by hand from the crust to the stuffing, there were no additives and preservatives, in fact, the additives and preservatives brought into the products by raw materials were almost inevitable.

  The reporter also found that the gimmicks of some "abalone moon cakes" and "health moon cakes" are often greater than the essence.

  The reporter tried to buy an "abalone moon cake" with a price of 268 yuan online. In its ingredient list, the reporter saw that the content of abalone was greater than 3%, but under questioning, the store explained that abalone was "abalone flavor, not abalone meat". And some consumers commented under another store selling "abalone moon cakes" that "abalone is rare, just like eating steamed stuffed buns".

  In addition, a "health moon cake" in the online store also sold well. The ingredients are clearly marked with four kinds of medicinal materials: Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Alba and Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong, and it is claimed in the publicity that the moon cake has the effects of "regulating menstruation and removing blood stasis, invigorating the middle energizer, nourishing yin and not getting tired".

  In this regard, Zhang Jian, director of the Shaanxi Health Managers Association and a national first-class health manager, said that from the perspective of effect, health preservation generally takes a certain course of treatment, but moon cakes are seasonal foods, and they are often eaten only once or twice. It is impossible to achieve some effects.

  There are standards for production, and "online celebrity moon cakes" may be "unreliable"

  It is understood that in 2015, the new standards for moon cakes published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee refined the characteristics and processing techniques of moon cakes, and even made requirements for the naming of moon cakes. For example, the lotus seed content in lotus seed fillings of lotus seed moon cakes should be no less than 60%; Only when the lotus seed content is 100% can it be called pure lotus seed paste; The content of chestnut in the stuffing of chestnut-like moon cakes should not be less than 60%; The amount of fruit and its products in the stuffing of fruit moon cakes should be no less than 25%.

  The reporter learned from an interview with the food and drug supervision department that if enterprises adopt this standard, moon cakes must be made according to the guiding standards; Enterprises can also adopt their own standards for production. No matter what method is adopted, there must be standards for filing with the regulatory authorities to facilitate supervision.

  For the "moon cakes for private kitchens" which focus on the concepts of "zero addition" and "pure manual production and sale" sold in Wechat business. According to industry insiders, if these "private kitchen moon cakes" do not have the corresponding food production and circulation qualifications, they are "three no products" and there are food safety hazards. Once food safety problems occur, it is difficult to defend rights such as disputes and refunds.

  For some moon cakes that claim to have health care function, if the manufacturer does not apply for registration of the approval number of health food products, it is a false and illegal product. Consumers can check the approval number on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration to distinguish the authenticity.

  According to the Interim Provisions on the Publication of Food Advertisements, ordinary food advertisements may not publicize health care functions, nor may they express or imply their health care functions by publicizing the functions of certain ingredients. If you find such a situation, you can report it to the regulatory authorities.

  "online celebrity Moon Cake" should be purchased cautiously.

  Yuan Changhao, a lawyer of Guizhou Guida Law Firm, said that abalone, health care and handmade moon cakes are popular in the market, reflecting the growing health needs of the masses. On the other hand, due to the lag of relevant regulatory measures and the poor identification ability of the masses, some lawless elements are greedy for profits and exploit regulatory loopholes, which makes some consumers fall into the trap and suffer losses.

  At present, special rectification of the seasonal food market such as moon cakes is being set off all over the country. Beijing Food and Drug Administration carried out full coverage sampling inspection for 53 mooncake manufacturers, and piloted the implementation of the "Seasonal Food Daily System". Guizhou Food and Drug Administration has strict access, strict supervision and strict inspection to ensure the safety of the moon cake market. Especially after the Mid-Autumn Festival, it will also follow up the disposal of moon cakes in stock of production enterprises to prevent enterprises from using recycled raw materials for reproduction.

  In the actual process of handling cases, some law enforcement officials said that if false propaganda is identified as false advertising on the Internet, it should be under the jurisdiction of the industrial and commercial authorities where the advertisement publisher is located according to relevant regulations. Cases are often time-consuming, and it is difficult to obtain evidence and investigate responsibility. In addition, cross-regional law enforcement cooperation is needed, and law enforcement costs are high.

  Law enforcement officials reminded consumers to be vigilant about "online celebrity moon cakes", not only looking at the packaging, but also paying attention to the labels, production dates and other signs. When buying moon cakes, choose merchants with food production and operation qualifications and high credit evaluation, and confirm the shelf life of moon cakes, especially some moon cakes that are now sold, and confirm the delivery time to prevent them from expiring. In addition, you should also keep relevant shopping vouchers for the purpose of returning goods and safeguarding rights.

  As consumers’ shopping needs gradually shift from offline to online, some places have started to track online cases through big data screening and investigate them in time. Law enforcement officials suggested that the governance system should be improved, grassroots law enforcement should be strengthened, and social participation should be mobilized to form a joint force of supervision. Further strengthen advertising-oriented supervision and urge operators to exercise self-discipline to maintain market order.

  Yuan Changhao said that in the online market with mixed products, it is urgent for the regulatory authorities to strictly control the examination and approval and circulation, and to make the criminals feel "painful", praise the high-quality products and blacken the unscrupulous profiteers. (Reporter: Zhang Bin, Xiao Yan, Li Wei, Li Qiang)

5G commercial start-up operators push various promotions to further reduce the price of 5G mobile phones

  CCTV News:Personal mobile phone users will be able to use the 5G communication service from today (1st). In order to welcome the official commercialization of 5G, the three major operators have also launched a variety of promotional measures in combination with the newly launched 5G package.

  Yin Shaochun, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Marketing Department:We are now carrying out the package reservation activities for old users through the mobile phone business hall. The current policy is that there will be a 30% discount for those who have been online for more than three years, and a 20% discount for those who have been online for less than three years.


  Lu Liangjun, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Marketing Department:China Telecom launched cloud VR, cloud games and ultra-high-definition video when it was officially commercialized. It combines the characteristics of high traffic of 5G with the characteristics of cloud network integration of China Telecom, which will bring users a better audio-visual experience.

  China Mobile said that it will further reduce the price of 5G mobile phones and lower the threshold for users to replace 5G mobile phones.

  Shou Jianguo, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Marketing Department:In the second quarter of next year, we will launch a mobile phone with a gear of 2000 yuan, and in the fourth quarter of next year, it is possible to launch a mobile phone with a gear of 1000 yuan. Then, in order to further lower the threshold for customers to replace 5G, China Mobile has also launched supporting preferential activities such as installment purchase of 5G mobile phone credit and worry-free replacement.

  The person in charge of the operator also said that at present, 5G is still in the initial stage of commercialization, and the network coverage is not perfect. There may be some problems in the use process. With the gradual advancement of commercialization, the construction of 5G networks will be accelerated.

HUAWEI SOUND empowers, how about the M5 sound system?


The first model AITO Wenjie M5, which was jointly built by Jin Kang Celeste and Huawei, has made its sound system a highlight, just like other manufacturers’ new cars. Different from the traditional car companies, AITO Wenjie did not choose the mainstream audio systems such as Dana and Harman Kardon, but adopted the HUAWEI SOUND audio system independently developed by Huawei. According to the official introduction, AITO Wenjie M5 car has a cinema-level and theater experience.

HUAWEI SOUND, which registered its patent trademark in 2020, is completely a novice in the car audio industry, so how does this audio system perform in its class? With this question in mind, this paper will analyze the sound configuration of AITO M5 as comprehensively as possible.

First, the model introduction

Wenjie M5 made its debut at Huawei’s flagship new product launch conference in winter on December 23rd, 2021, and was officially launched on February 25th, 2022. It is a medium-sized SUV with extended-range plug-in hybrid power, offering two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, and equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS OS intelligent cockpit system. The Wujie M5 was jointly built by Huawei and Jin Kang Celeste. Celeste Automobile is responsible for the research and development, core technology, manufacturing, delivery, service and car experience, while Huawei is deeply involved in product definition, quality control and channel sales.

At present, there are four models on sale, namely, rear-wheel drive standard version, four-wheel drive performance version, four-wheel drive to reach the standard version and four-wheel drive flagship version, and the price range is 25.98-331,800 yuan.

According to the latest information, the first pure electric model of the M5 will be launched in September. According to the previous plan, two models should be brought, and the number of models will be increased to six.

Second, the car equipped with audio overview

According to the information of official website, HUAWEI SOUND sound system is adopted in the M5.

(1) Number and layout of speakers

The rear drive standard version, four-wheel drive performance version and four-wheel drive to Zhen version of Wenjie M5 are all equipped with 15 speakers as standard, and 19 speakers (including 4 private headrest generating speakers for the main driver) can be optional, and the optional price is 6000 yuan. The four-wheel drive flagship edition comes standard with 19 speakers.

Bound M5






Headrest (non-standard)

Number of speakers







The 15 vocal speakers include: double voice coil subwoofer *1, woofer *4, surround speaker *2, midrange speaker *3 and tweeter *5. Four drivers’ private headrest speakers have been added to the 19 sounding speakers. Judging from the number of hardware, the M5 is in the leading position in its class.

Nineteen speakers are distributed in five sound zones: left front surround, right front surround, center surround, left rear surround and right rear surround, forming a multi-directional and multi-step speaker layout.

(2) Highlights of M5 audio system:

1, the lowest frequency dive to 30Hz

Audio is generally divided into seven sections: ultra-low frequency (ultra-bass), low frequency (bass), mid-low frequency (mid-bass), intermediate frequency (alto), mid-high frequency (mid-treble), high frequency (treble) and ultra-high frequency (ultra-treble). Generally, 20Hz-40Hz is called ultra-low frequency (ultra-bass).

The range of sound that the human ear can hear is 20 Hz ~ 20Hz~20000Hz, which means that the larger the frequency response range of the sound, the more the details of the sound can be restored, and the human ear can hear richer details. Generally, the lowest subwoofer in the cinema is about 35Hz, while the diving frequency of the M5 is lower, which can create more bass details and achieve the cinema-level bass effect.

The bass part of the M5 is handled by the dual voice coil subwoofer *1 and the woofer *4.

Among them, the dual voice coil subwoofer is an 8-inch subwoofer with dual driving voice coils and independent rear cavity, and its peak power can reach 100W, which means that the bass of the M5 has super explosive power and more impact. The four woofers are four 6.5-inch door woofers.

HUAWEI SOUND adopts bass transient control technology, dual-drive voice coil, subwoofer with independent back cavity, bass dynamic fidelity algorithm, spatial audio technology, etc. At the same time, with the help of the design of closed box, the maximum volume can reach 107db and the lowest frequency of bass can reach 30Hz.

2, 1000W+ peak power

In general, the better the sound quality, the greater the sound power. The power of the 4-speaker stereo of an ordinary family car is about 150W, and that of the 6-speaker stereo is about 200W W.. The higher the price of a car, the better the sound system and the higher the corresponding power. For example, the bose audio power on the 200,000 or so models is about 400W, and a channel of Audi A6 high-grade BOSE audio can reach 560W. The higher-priced HiPhi X can reach 600W W. The M5 can reach 1000W+ peak power, which is also ahead of competitors.

3, 7.1 channel system

The 7.1-channel system of Wenjie M5 is made up of 15 speakers, which is responsible for five sound zones: left front surround, right front surround, center surround, left rear surround and right rear surround. Compared with the 5.1-channel system, the 7.1-channel system has two separate channels, so that the number of speakers in the rear surround can reach four, and at the same time, the sound effect can be optimized according to the passenger’s position, creating an immersive sound field. That is, when playing a symphony in a car, you can hear the directions of different instruments as in a concert hall.

4. Tri-frequency sound

The M5 consists of three speakers, namely treble, midrange and bass, which is usually found in millions of luxury cars. On the technical level, M5 uses active frequency division technology to divide the sound source signal into three channels and supply them to different speakers. Based on the layout of surround speakers, the output sound can finally achieve a fuller and clearer surround stereo experience in the car.

It is worth mentioning that under the optimization of software and hardware, such as double-layer laminated sound insulation glass in the front and rear rows, acoustic sealing of 3M soundproof pad, LASD liquid acoustic damping material on the floor and control algorithm of intelligent electric drive system, the noise inside the car is 38db at idle speed, which provides a rare quiet environment for the play of the car audio system.

Third, the introduction of unique audio brands

HUAWEI SOUND, a high-end audio brand developed by Huawei, is a multi-product audio technology solution brand, which mainly empowers Huawei related brands. There are 6 R&D centers and more than 300 audio engineers around the world. Its products include smart speakers such as Huawei Sound X, and its service targets include: laptops, headphones, tablets, speaker speakers, televisions, car cockpits and so on.

Representative products include Huawei MateBook X Pro equipped with four HUAWEI SOUND microphones and six HUAWEI SOUND speakers, and Huawei Smart Screen equipped with six HUAWEI SOUND speakers.

It is worth mentioning that in the car cockpit, at present, HUAWEI SOUND only serves the brand AITO Wenjie. In addition to the above-mentioned Wujie M5, the cabin sound of AITO Wenjie M7, the second model of AITO Wenjie, is also built by HUAWEI SOUND. AITO Media M7 has 19 professional speakers, supports 7.1-channel music sound field, 1000W independent power amplifier and 107dB bass effect, which is similar to that of Media Media M5.

Fourth, the technical analysis of highlights

At present, HUAWEI SOUND has its own core technology, but it has not been disclosed much. Among them, the three-frequency sound technology is outstanding. Compared with the treble and bass of the two-frequency speaker, the three-frequency speaker has three frequencies of treble, alto and bass, and the sound transition process will be more gentle and soft.

In the M5, three speakers, namely treble, midrange and bass, form a "three-frequency speaker". In the M5, active frequency division technology is adopted to divide the sound source signal into three channels and provide them to different speakers. Finally, it is asked that the M5 high, medium and low tri-band speakers give full play to the greatest advantages of each speaker within their respective frequency response ranges.

In addition, in the newly released M7, the HUAWEI SOUND audio system equipped with it also uses Boom-Boom bass transient control technology, sound cubic space sound effect, distributed pickup and other technologies to restore sound effects, and at the same time, AI noise reduction, ENC active noise reduction and other technologies make the car noise of the M7 as low as 35dB when idling, achieving the quiet effect of the music hall; At 120Km/h, the noise inside the car is only 64dB, and the language clarity is 86%, which creates an extremely quiet environment for the perfect reproduction of the sound inside the car.

V. Comparison of parameters of main competing products

Because the HUAWEI SOUND sound system is only mounted on the car, it can’t enter like other stereos.

Comparison of competing product parameters under the same brand.

The main competitors of M5 are Tesla Model Y, Tucki P7 and Li ONE.

(1) Tesla Model Y

The price of Tesla Model Y is 31.69-41.79 million, and the overall price is higher than that of Wenjie M5, both of which are medium-sized SUV models.

All three models of Tesla Model Y are equipped with 14 speakers as standard, which is one less than the 15 standards of the M5. The layout of Tesla Model Y speakers is as follows: front door, high school, low school *2, rear door, high school *2, alto on the back seat *2, subwoofer on the bottom of the passenger seat *1, all of which are not equipped with headrest audio.

This set of audio system is characterized by good hardware materials, both capacitors and wires are better than most car audio materials. The disadvantage is that the sound insulation of the Model Y car body is not good, and there will be greater resonance when the volume inside the car is large.

Like M5, Tesla Model Y did not choose the current mainstream car audio brand, but adopted the American brand Martin Logan. Martin Logan is the world’s top brand of electrostatic audio. Because of the principle of face-to-face sound, the sound field is particularly wide. Previously, it mainly occupied the home theater market, and its main products included electrostatic speakers and traditional speakers.

Martin Logan has the most difficult patented curved linear source (CLS) technology in the world’s loudspeaker field, which expands the original sound surface and makes the best listening area larger and wider. In addition, it has the exclusive technology of electrostatic cone-basin mixed structure, which can solve the low-frequency problem of electrostatic speakers. The low-frequency is clear and clean, and the bass adopts independent irregularities involving the box, thus avoiding the occurrence of standing waves in the box.

(2) Tucki P7

The price of Tucki P7 is 239,900-429,900 yuan, and the price range is larger than that of the customer’s M5. It is positioned as a medium-sized car. There are 15 models on sale in 2022. The 11 models with lower prices are equipped with 8 speakers as standard, and 18 speakers are optional. The 4 models with higher prices are equipped with 18 speakers as standard. From the perspective of the number of speakers, the customer’s M5 is better.

Tucki P7 is different from the first two, equipped with the mainstream top car audio, and the top Confidence series audio of Dynaudio. Volkswagen, Volvo, Bugatti, etc. all have cooperative relations with Tanner. At present, in addition to Tucki P7, BYD Han EV, Lantu FREE and other models also adopt Tanner audio.

Tucki P7 can be equipped with 18 speakers (optional for low version and standard for high version), with 16+2 layout for 18 speakers and 2 headrest stereos for the main driver. On the other hand, the M5 is equipped with four main driver’s headrest stereos, and the main driver’s audio experience is better than Xiaopeng P7. From the function point of view, both of them can play telephone and navigation sounds independently, and can use different sound sources with other speakers to realize the function that the main driver and passengers do not interfere with each other. Like the M5, the car also has 7.1.2 channels with independent power amplifier, with a total power of 600 watts.

According to the layout, the audio system of Tucki P7 is located on the left and right sides of the instrument panel near the A-pillar, with a liftable treble *2, a vehicle B-pillar and a vehicle ceiling with a treble *2, a 6.5-inch bass *1 on each of the front and rear door panels, a 3-inch alto *5 on the front door, center console and shelf, a 10-inch subwoofer *1 in the trunk, and a 2-inch full-range speaker *2 on the main driver’s headrest.

This set of audio will cause four door panels to resonate when playing audio, and it will also resonate at medium and low frequencies. In addition, this set of audio system can meet the requirements of most car owners for audio systems.

(3) Li ONE

Compared with the competitors mentioned above, Li ONE’s sound system is rather lame. Li ONE has a total of one model with a price of 349,800 yuan, which is higher than the top price of the M5. The whole system comes standard with 12 speakers.

The speaker of Li ONE Audio System is TEAC brand, and its Chinese name is First Audio. Although there is an ASK independent amplifier, the signal output power of the amplifier is only 310W.

Specifically, Li ONE’s 12 speakers are composed of alto, treble, alto and subwoofer. Although there are quite a few speakers, Li ONE’s host software has no systematic electro-acoustic management software, but only simulated surround and HIFI sound mode, which will lead to serious frequency interference and chaotic sound field. In addition, the bass of this system is turbid and the layering is poor, and this sound system is seriously complained by consumers.

From the layout point of view, the windshield and instrument panel tweeter *2, the front door alto *2, the instrument panel middle alto speaker *1, the rear left and right doors, the tweeter *2, the third row seat ceiling surround the speaker *2, and the left 8-inch subwoofer *1 in the rear trunk.

Earlier, Li Xiang claimed that most high-end car audio brands cooperated with car manufacturers, neither producing speakers nor amplifiers, mainly for the purpose of tuning, and even many of them just posted cards. In addition, Li Xiang said that the ideal car does not have an OEM, but makes its own software and comes standard to every car. Therefore, according to the ideal view, Li ONE should not choose to cooperate directly with audio brands, but personally participate in the software level.

VI. Summary

After in-depth analysis of AITO’s M5 audio system, it is found that its audio system is excellent in hardware level and audio experience, ahead of competitors such as Tesla Model Y, Tucki P7 and Li ONE.

However, at the core technology level, HUAWEI SOUND lost to the traditional mainstream car audio manufacturers. However, HUAWEI SOUND is less than 3 years old. With Huawei’s research and development capabilities, I believe that more audio "black technology" will be seen in AITO’s models in the near future.