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Leaving the team is a foregone conclusion? The team’s help to the king of the summer window still hasn’t scored a goal, and Pioli no longer supports the disciples

In the early morning of May 21st, Beijing time, the 36th round of Serie A started. AC Milan, who had just returned from the Champions League, played against the relegated team Sampdoria at home. In this game, Milan fired fully, and scored three goals in less than half an hour after the opening, which made the game lose suspense early and finally AC Milan beat Sampdoria 5-1.

In this game, Milan’s players in the center and frontcourt all played brilliantly. Starting center Gill scored a hat trick, and front waist Brahim Diaz scored twice and scored a goal. Raphael Leo, as the core of the team’s attack, scored a goal and an assist. Midfielder Tonali planned threatening offensives many times and sent an assist himself, which was equally remarkable. Even Salma Coles, who came off the bench, had a very active performance.

However, there are also some players who have not performed satisfactorily in this one-sided game. mesias is one of them, and the other is Decatur, the protagonist of this article. In the 70th minute of the game, coach Pioli sent Decatur. At that time, Milan still scored 5 goals, and Sampdoria was in no mood to fight again. For Decatur, this was an excellent opportunity to improve his self-confidence.

Milan players are also very caring for Decatur, and everyone is actively feeding him the ball, hoping that he can add icing on the cake to this victory. In the 90th minute, Belgian countryman Salma Coles found Decatur with a free kick, but the latter’s header was unexpectedly high. Decatur Lare didn’t show his vitality according to his age, and his performance on the field looked lifeless, even worse than that of veteran Gill who played the whole game.

In more than 20 minutes’ playing time, Decatur Raleigh passed the ball nine times, including one mistake, one shot that missed the target and only one passing without success. Decatur has once again missed the opportunity. The winner of last summer’s window is still nothing this season. Even if the whole team is helping him, it will be difficult to break the goal shortage.

In an interview after the game, Brahim Diaz, who has a direct competitive relationship with Decatur, said that the team is very United, everyone is working hard in training, so is Decatur, and everyone wants to help him make progress. However, judging from the performance of this season, Decatur Lare and Brahim Diaz are not at the same level at all.

Pioli, who had always supported his disciples, changed his tune this time. When asked by reporters whether the club would rent Decatur out, Pioli did not rush to deny it, but said that the matter would be discussed after the end of the season. There is no doubt that if Brahim Diaz can be bought out, or Milan can bring in a new front waist, then Decatur is likely to be rented out for exercise, as rumored by the Italian media.

Desperate! Kane wants to leave? Old Tottenham general: I asked him that if he left Tottenham, he could only go to Manchester United.

After beating Bournemouth 1-0, Manchester United extended Liverpool’s points difference to 3 points, and the remaining 2 home games can be locked in the Champions League as long as they get 1 point. After losing to Brighton and West Ham in a row, to the recent two-game winning streak, it was not easy to win, but fortunately, it stabilized the situation and resisted Liverpool’s strong chasing momentum.

Compared with the excitement of Manchester United fans, Tottenham fans are once again in a depressed state. This round of Tottenham Hotspur was stung three times by the "Little Hornet" in the case of leading 1-0 at home, and ended the home journey of this season with a 1-3 defeat. In the game, Kane helped the team to score again, but Tottenham finally lost, which is already the standard template of Tottenham Battle Report.

Next, there is one away game left for Tottenham. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, because anyone can lose for this Tottenham. What is embarrassing is the current situation of Tottenham Hotspur. After losing this home game, their ranking fell to the eighth place. The most optimistic thing is to play in the UEFA, and they may not even qualify for the European War. Therefore, after the game, the media, fans, experts, celebrities and veterans once again talked about Kane’s future.

The old Tottenham general Crouch asked Kane for us, and that was before Tottenham played brentford. "I did ask him this question, and his answer was very tactful. I don’t think he even knew that he might be ambitious to go elsewhere and win a trophy, but it didn’t just depend on his own wishes. He still has a year left, and there is one person in the club (Levi) who doesn’t want to lose his star player. So what does it mean for fans to lose a player like Kane? Where can he go? Manchester City has now solved the problem. "

"Manchester United is the only real choice I can think of. He can’t go to Chelsea or Arsenal. Newcastle is a potential choice, but I think Newcastle is just a level transfer. Newcastle has great potential, but I think it is better to stay in Tottenham."

From Crouch’s words, we can also hear Kane’s complicated mood at present, and this is only before the game against brentford. At that time, as long as Tottenham wins, it is still possible to qualify for the Europa League, but after losing to brentford, the situation of Tottenham is very pessimistic. Therefore, if Crouch asked after the defeat of this game, Kane revealed that it might be more likely to leave the team.

After the defeat of Tottenham Hotspur, many fans said in the comment area that they called on Levi to let Kane leave, "Don’t delay Kane any more", "Kane deserves to go to a better team", and even fans said bluntly: "Kane is really stupid not to leave".

I believe Kane will have a good talk with Levi about his future after the season. He has done everything he can for Tottenham Hotspur. Regardless of the ups and downs of the team and who the coach is, Kane has always contributed one goal after another in his position. He has scored about 30 goals for nine consecutive seasons, and his performance is worthy of the evaluation of the top three centers in football and the name of the first center in Britain, but Tottenham’s performance year after year is not worthy of BIG6′ seat.

It is very rare for a striker like Kane to rank among the top scorers in history, who can hit Alan Shearer’s goal record and win the championship at zero. Azar’s example of 7 goals and 8 crowns shows that choice is more important than hard work, so it is time for Kane, who is about to enter his thirties, to make a choice for himself. This has nothing to do with loyalty. His love for Tottenham is obvious to all. Otherwise, he would not have signed a six-year contract as soon as he signed it, and almost left his golden career at Tottenham.

And this summer is the last chance. As Crouch said, Manchester City has got Harland, and Kane missed the best choice. Chelsea and Arsenal are deadly enemies in London. It can be ruled out that Newcastle’s platform is not attractive enough, and it is doubtful whether it can compete for the championship. And Manchester United have won the championship this season, and the summer window will continue to strengthen the lineup. Tenghage will definitely buy a center this summer, and Kane can basically announce that he has no chance to stay with Manchester United if he chooses to stay for another year.

Therefore, Kane’s example also proves the importance of a good agent, who can help players plan their future more reasonably. After leaving Tottenham Hotspur, Kane can not only get a bigger contract, but also many champions may have been written in the honor book, such as Manchester City two years ago.

1-2! Levan’s goal was difficult to save, Barcelona’s unbeaten golden body was broken, and Harvey missed the miracle of Mourinho.

Touring group

In the early morning of May 21st, Beijing time, the 35th round of La Liga officially started, and Barcelona played against Real Sociedad at Camp Nou. In the first half, Sollott steals Comte and assists merino to push and shoot to break the deadlock. In the second half, Sollott pushed to expand his advantage. Levan pulled back a city at the end of the game, but he was unable to recover the defeat. In the end, Barcelona lost 1-2 to Real Sociedad at home and suffered the first home defeat of the season.

After beating the Spaniard 4-2 away from home in the last round, Barcelona has been crowned La Liga champion four rounds ahead of schedule, and winning the league title after four years has also announced the beginning of Barcelona’s reconstruction. As for Real Sociedad, 3 wins and 2 draws have remained unbeaten in the last five rounds, and even defeated Real Madrid, but their fourth position is not stable, Villarreal is still struggling to catch up, and they still need to play against Atletico Madrid and Seville, so they can’t relax.

Perhaps because he has won the championship ahead of time, Harvey directly rotated in this game. Pedri, Garvey and araujo all failed to enter the big list, and Rafinha, Dembele and Levan led the front trident; Busquets and Kathy, Derong sit in the midfield; Bald is a guest right-back, Comte returns to the middle to partner Christensen, the left-back is Alba, and the goalkeeper is Ter stegen; Before the game, the Royal Society players lined up to welcome Barcelona, who won the championship in advance, to enter the stadium.

Only 5 minutes after the opening, Comte took the ball to the midfield and was intercepted by Sollott. After the latter broke the ball, he pushed back and crossed into the restricted area. merino was unmarked and pushed the goal, 0-1! The royal society took the lead in anti-customer.

1 goal behind, Barcelona immediately launched an offensive counterattack. In the 15th minute, Rafinha broke the ball in the frontcourt and made a cross pass. lewandowski took the ball from the bottom and sent it to the back point. Dembele headed the ball and was blocked by Remiro. In the 17th minute, Kathy’s volley in the restricted area was cleared by the Lenormand goal line. In the 19th minute, De Jong inserted in front of the cross pass in the restricted area, and Su Weimendi completed the key damage. A minute later, Rafinha crossed at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, and the header in front of Lewan was actually biased; In the 23rd minute, Lewan scored a direct free kick over the crossbar.

After resisting Barcelona’s three axes, the royal society also gradually found the offensive. In the 28th minute, Rafinha made a mistake in returning, and Barrenechea turned around and strafed and was confiscated by Ter stegen. In the 30th minute, Sollott counterattacked a low cross, and Mohammad Ali Shaw outflanked and stabbed, which was solved by Ter stegen. In the 32nd minute, Muhammad Ali Shawnee sent a straight plug, and Barrenechea followed up with a volley.

Back in the second half, Harvey took the lead in adjusting, and Alonso, Fati and Ferran Torres appeared together; In the 66 th minute, Kubo Jianying set the ball and sent it to the restricted area. Diego Rico’s close-range header actually went straight to the top. After the substitution, Barcelona not only failed to gain anything on the offensive end, but the defense line fell again; In the 72nd minute, Derong’s frontcourt holding organization was broken, Kubo Kenying held the ball on the spot to push back, the Japanese international scored the ball to the left, Su Weimendi knocked horizontally, Sollott easily pushed into the net against the attacking Ter stegen, 0-2! Barcelona 2 goals behind, Real Madrid society ahead of schedule to lock the victory.

In the 90th minute, Phelan Torres got rid of the defense on the right and sent a cross. Lewan threw his head in front of the door and pulled back a city, 1-2! Levan scored the 22nd league goal, five goals ahead of Benzema, and hoped to get his first La Liga Golden Boot.

However, Barcelona finally lost 1-2 at home, and the unbeaten home league was broken. In addition, the number of goals conceded by Barcelona this season has reached 15, which failed to refresh Mourinho’s single-season record in 2004-05.

The storm Leon overturned the sailors and wrecked the ship, and Gill Apennine wore a hat at the beginning of his career

AC Milan 5-1 Sampdoria (war communiqué)

Titan sports’s all-media correspondent in Italy Shen Tianhao.

Before the home game against Sampdoria, Leon received his Serie A player of April trophy on the sidelines. Is it? Why? What time? Intensive schedule and heavy mental pressure make the boundaries between months blurred, and the 4-goal away victory over Naples seems to have happened in the last era. Milan have won only three of the previous 11 league matches. In April, Leon scored twice against Napoli and Lecce, contributing two of them. The other game was against Lazio, in which Leon was injured, Milan was cornered in the bitter struggle for four, and the team longed for the personal light of the Portuguese.

Leon came back full of blood, and Milan won easily.

Leon raised the trophy, and his own song was played in the south stand. The lyrics were very simple: "Leon, Leon …". Because the Milan winger often plays the leading role on the court, this ballad appears very frequently. Perhaps the south stand needs to consider optimizing its melody and lyrics. Leon came back, Leon scored, Leon led Milan to victory-everything is a familiar script. In the 10th minute of the game, Milan easily broke the deadlock: Brahim Diaz won the confrontation in the midfield, lightly picked the ball and then sent a just-right overhead ball. Leon grabbed in front of Gunther and pushed the far corner directly to the goalkeeper.

Milan have always been helpless against the iron drum array this season, but Sampdoria’s situation is different from that of Empoli and cremona. The last time Stankovic played against Milan, it had to be traced back to the Europa League knockout in 2020-21. At that time, he led the league leader Belgrade Red Star, and the team did cause a lot of trouble to Milan in two rounds. This time, the former Inter Milan midfielder is a team that is plagued by unpaid wages and has been relegated. They have no intention of building a strong city in the San Siro.

Even so, Sampdoria still had his own chance: Zanoli easily broke through Milan’s left side, then knocked back at the bottom, and Quagliarella in front of the door succeeded in pushing and shooting, and scored for 18 consecutive Serie A seasons. Special Olympics made a fool of himself in the process of defense. The two-round derby in the Champions League was a heavy blow to the Milan team, especially for Special Olympics, who seemed to have exhausted all his energy. The nightmare of losing points against the weak team reappeared. Fortunately, Milan woke up in only 3 minutes: the corner kick cooperated, Diaz sent a cross, and Gill’s header was very easy.

Before returning to the goal-scoring track, Gill failed to score a goal in the last six league games-it was his longest goal shortage since he came to Apennine. Gill was annoyed by the defeat. He left heroic tears after the German game. Not scoring goals makes Gill hungry, and he has no mercy on a fragile sailor. Four minutes later, Milan won the penalty: Augello’s long pass was intercepted by Tomori, Tonali’s assist found Leon in the seaman’s defence, and the Portuguese entered the penalty area and was knocked down by Gunter in the process of switching to his right foot. There is no doubt about the penalty. Gill stood in front of the ball, and the opponent was not Napoli, 3-1!

Gill wears a hat and blows the horn of decisive battle.

At the end of the season, it was the first time Milan scored 3 goals in the first half. This Sampdoria team has an uncertain future at the management level, but it has been completely disarmed at the competitive level. For the defending champion of Serie A, this is obviously a weak opponent; For the red and black No.10, his opponent’s loose defense made him feel comfortable in the front waist position for a long time. Diaz sent a long pass for his teammates, decided the direction of the flank attack with the ball, broke the opponent’s midfield defense with the breakthrough, and sent the ball into the net in the 63 rd minute of the game. Calabria-Gill-Salmax-Leon-Tonali-Diaz, with a continuous kick and a clear running route, how long has it been since you saw Milan kick such an offensive?

The goal continues. In the 68th minute, Leon sent a cross from the left, and Gill leaned against Netinke, breaking the door with Ibrahimovic’s unconventional action and gaining the first hat of his Milan career. Pioli praised Ai Jiang after the game: "Olivier never lets people down. Even when he doesn’t score, he can make a lot of contributions to the team. Of course, scoring goals will make him happier! " In the past one and a half seasons, Gill was the only center that Milan could use, used well and dared to use. When he chose to join the team two summers ago, he never thought that he would shoulder such a heavy responsibility. He finally gritted his teeth and persisted. A hat trick against Sampdoria was a fitting reward.

With this hat, Gill tied the report card of 11 goals in the league last season; After opening the record for the team, Leon tied the number of league goals he directly participated in (11 goals and 10 assists last season and 13 goals and 8 assists this season). Milan’s league journey this season can’t be compared with that of a year ago, but Gill and Leon at least tried their best. What’s the problem? Others stand up too few times. Decatur came on as a substitute, which continued to disappoint. His debut season in Milan was doomed to end in nil.

From the technical and tactical level, Milan played against an already absent-minded Sampdoria, and the scenes and results did not have very strong reference value. The question of whether Diaz could play No.10 well could not be answered through this game. From the psychological level, this great victory is tantamount to a tonic for Milan. The blue-black carnival in the derby left a piece of land, and the Rossoneri struggled to rebuild their fortress. Next comes the visit to Juventus, and Gill said after the game that the team should regard this as a final.

Hu Baosen personally supervised the Henan team and won the first victory at home.

Last night’s sailing stadium was happy. When the scoreboard was finally fixed at 1:0, Sarkozy and his coaching team were surrounded, and the fans at the scene left excited tears. At this moment, the Henan team waited for too long. Since the start of the tournament, the seven rounds of unbeatable haze have been swept away. Although the current Henan team is still mired in relegation, it has finally ushered in a glimmer of light.

In the 31st minute of the competition, the stands of the aviation body were dotted with stars, and the fans turned on the lights of their mobile phones to celebrate the 31st birthday of Henan Football. Among them was Hu Baosen, the boss of Jianye Group, who had been committed to Henan Football for 30 years.

In 1994, when Henan professional football was faced with a "life-and-death choice", Hu Baosen took over the Henan team with "rushing to the top and getting angry". Who knew that it was 30 years, and although he experienced too much bitterness and injustice in the middle, even though the "Jianye" used for 30 years was cut off by the "neutral name" of the Football Association, he still carried it down without hesitation, and invisibly Hu Baosen became a banner of Henan professional football.

2023 is the third year of Henan team’s share reform. Although the shares held by Jianye are decreasing, Lao Hu’s love for football has not diminished. Just as the team was in a precarious situation, Hu Baosen once again came to the stadium to watch the battle. The players on the field seemed to be injected with a needle of "stimulant". Even Ke Zhao and Li Songyi, who were rough in previous games, were like a different person, fighting actively and bloody, and performed well at both ends of the attack and defense. Wang Shangyuan, the captain of the team, was injured in the 27th minute, which cast a shadow over the game. However, at this time, Ke Zhao and Covic stood out, and it was their tacit understanding of "connection" that scored the winning goal for the team and helped the Henan team win the first game in 2023.

Although it won the first victory in the league, this victory is not enough to get the team out of the quagmire. At present, the team has 7 points, only 1 point higher than the relegation circle. The future situation is still grim. The next round of the team will go to Shanghai to challenge the current "leading" Shanghai Shanghai team, but the alarm in Henan has not been lifted, and the front line is weak, the lineup is not complete and the camp is full of injuries. This is a cruel reality faced by the team and an urgent problem to be solved.

No matter how bumpy the road ahead is, we must go on without hesitation. Hu Baosen’s performance in the air also gave the fans a "reassurance" and quelled the "rumor" that the Henan team might quit at the end of the year. As long as Lao Hu is there, Henan professional football is there. This is a spirit, a belief and a trust.

I wish Henan football better and better!

[A little information] The top 8 of the World Championships decided that four seats were born, two major tragedies, two world champions were eliminated, and China teenager 6.

On April 22nd, Beijing time, the 1/8 final of the Snooker World Championships continued. Yesterday, three competitions ended, resulting in two tragedies and a big upset. The two tragedies were Mark Allen’s 12-4 explosion of Bingham, O ‘Sullivan’s 13-2 massacre of Wafi, and the big cold was that Jack Jones, a dark horse, defeated Australian artillery Robertson 10-7 after the 1990s, so that the quarter-finals of this World Championships were decided. O ‘Sullivan and Jack Jones, two new world champions Bingham and Robertson were eliminated, and China teenager Si Jiahui temporarily led veteran Milkins 6-2!

This season’s hottest Mark Allen and World Championship champion Bingham met in a narrow way and staged a seed dialogue. As a result, the game turned into a one-sided massacre. With a 4-3 lead, Mark Allen then made a stormy attack and won the match point with a powerful attack wave that won eight games in a row. Bingham blasted a single shot to break the hundred in the sixteenth game and finally won a game to stop bleeding, but in the seventeenth game, Mark Allen made a shot. As a result, Bingham was blasted with 12-4. In this game, Mark Allen’s firepower was super fierce, and the audience blasted 13 shots with 50+. The powerful offensive directly smashed Bingham and created a tragedy!

Defending champion O ‘Sullivan faced WAFI who eliminated Ding Junhui. As a result, the match between the two men was full of fiery flavor. WAFI exploded and kicked off, which completely angered O ‘Sullivan. O ‘Sullivan also responded with strength. The fire was all on, and he won 6-2 in the first stage. In the second stage, he won 7 games in a row. He ended the battle ahead of schedule with a score of 13-2, and he was beaten hard to create this session.

Australian artillery Robertson faced Jack Jones, a dark horse born in the 1990s. As a result, Robertson lost the fiery state in the first round. He played very badly, and the whole audience felt very depressed. Jack Jones relied on winning six games in a row in the second stage, and finally defeated Robertson with a surprise of 13-7. Jack Jones only shot two shots and five shots and 50+ in the whole game, so that Jack Jones beat Carter and Robertson in succession.

China teenager Si Jiahui and 47-year-old veteran Milkins finished the first stage of the competition. Si Jiahui felt very hot. Facing Milkins, who was in a depressed state, he blew a shot to break 100 and a 4-shot 50+, and got a 6-2 lead. But then Si Jiahui must not be careless, beware of Milkins’ counterattack. His first round of 2-7 backwardness and shocking reversal of JoPerry is an example. We must resist his counterattack!

Literary/sports novels

The heat is miserable! Hiro reimbursed, and Oladipo was put out. Fortunately, Butler was only bruised on his hip.

121-99, although the Heat beat the Bucks at home, they also paid a painful price. When Oladipo made a breakthrough with about 4 minutes left in the last quarter, he was suspected to have been pushed behind by Potis, which caused him to fall to the ground. Oladipo held his left knee for a long time and could not stand up. Finally, he was put out by the staff. Visually, the injury was not optimistic.

Oladipo’s career is rather bumpy. He has been wandering after a serious injury and failed to recover to the pre-injury level. He likes the team culture of the Heat and finally joined the Heat in the middle of the 2020-21 season. Now, at the age of 30, he is at the peak of his career theoretically, but obviously, the injury is not friendly to him.

Oladipo is not the absolute main force in this heat team, but the heat team needs him especially at this time. Hiro has undergone surgery on his right hand because of a broken finger and is expected to miss at least six weeks, which means that the Heat need to reach the finals before Hiro can return to the team. However, with the strength of the Heat, it is really difficult to rush out of the East this season, not to mention a hero who averages 20.1 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists in regular games.

At this time, the Heat certainly needed a substitute like Oladipo to come forward, but in the third game of the series, Oladipo was also injured.

Butler scored 30 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, made 12 of 19 shots, and made 4 of 4 three-pointers, which is the biggest contributor to the Heat’s victory. But in the third quarter, Butler also suffered two heavy falls, one of which was a hard back landing, which took him a long time to get up and missed an offensive round. After that, he limped back to the locker room, and when he returned to the bench in the fourth quarter, his waist and buttocks were wrapped in thick ice packs.

Butler has always been known as a tough guy, and Butler in the playoffs is really bloody enough to be slightly injured. After the game, the Heat officially issued a tweet: Butler suffered a bruise on his hip and his back was not injured. Fortunately, it’s okay to be a star.

To put it bluntly, Hiro was basically reimbursed this season; Oladipo was put out, not optimistic; Butler’s hips are also wrapped up, and it is certainly false to say that there is no influence; It’s even more difficult for the Heat, which is already a pile of draft picks. At this time, we can only pray that the injury will get worse and the Heat will have better luck!

Captain Shougang’s emotional intelligence is high, and there are too many articles involved, and Guangdong has become the target of public criticism.


With the brave play of Zhao Jiwei’s three-pointer, the desire of Shougang men’s basketball team to fight back was also extinguished one by one. Today’s Shougang is still too young, and the reserve lineup is not deep. Compared with the Liaoning men’s basketball team with a strong team, it is not only the lineup system, but also the on-the-spot experience in the playoffs. There is still a big gap. However, this does not affect fans’ love for Shougang.

Why do you say this? Because Shougang, to be honest, has been a surprise entry this season. If it weren’t for Leiden’s appointment, Shougang would have a second spring. Otherwise, Shougang will pack up and leave as early as the end of the regular season. Therefore, it is beyond the fans’ expectation to be able to reach the top 8 seats.

As a Chinese poem reads we have no fear of the clouds that may block our sights as we are already at the top of the height. Even in the face of the champion Liaoning men’s basketball team, it is able to withstand the pressure and fight back. I have to say that this has made the fans see the dawn of Shougang’s return to the peak. Just after the game, Zhai Xiaochuan, the captain of Shougang, also led all the players of Shougang Men’s Basketball Team. Standing on the field, I walked around the field for a week, expressing my pure apologies to the fans of Shougang and my regret for not winning at home. I failed to live up to the expectations of Shougang fans.

Shougang’s behavior also moved the fans very much. Later, Zhai Xiaochuan also updated his social media and sent out a special dynamic. First of all, I expressed my congratulations to my brother team, Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team, and secondly, I recognized everyone in Shougang Men’s Basketball Team. Being able to stand on the playoff field against Liaoning is enough to make them feel extremely proud. Said very little, but every word was distracted.

Moreover, other players of Shougang also sent messages to congratulate the Liaoning men’s basketball team. They were friends off the field and opponents on the field, which made people unable to help but contact the previous years. The Guangdong men’s basketball team won Shougang for two consecutive years, but no one from Shougang sent a message to make a sharp contrast. Now Guangdong and Guangsha are also fighting to the death, and the action scale is comparable to the fighting field. I have to say that this gap is still embarrassing.

What do you think of the welcome comment area to leave a message?

Pull your hips! Li Kaier was naturalized and thoroughly sleepwalked, and two points and five points made three noes, which can drive the China team?

On April 22nd, Beijing time, did the China Men’s Basketball Team really consider returning the goods? The Timberwolves are now 0-3 behind the Nuggets, and Kyle Anderson once again gave a depressed performance in the crucial third game.

Since Li Kaier heard the news that he might be naturalized by the China men’s basketball team, Anderson has been in a daze recently. Except for the infighting being punched by Gaubert, he played very badly in every game. In the face of the Nuggets, he was the absolute core of the bench. He scored 1 of 7 in 29 minutes, but only got 2 points, 2 rebounds and 5 assists, as well as 2 mistakes and 5 fouls.

In 29 minutes, 2 minutes and 5 fouls, Anderson’s performance was too low, and the positive and negative values were the lowest in the audience. After three playoff games, his three positive and negative games were all ranked in the bottom four of the team. In the first game against the Nuggets, he made 5 of 11 shots and finally got 11 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists. His performance was not very good. The team was defeated by nearly 30 points. At that time, Anderson’s play was questioned by many people.

In the second game against the Nuggets, he played well. He scored 10 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists in 4 out of 5, but there were also 4 fouls. More importantly, the team lost the game again. To be honest, Anderson really didn’t make any contribution in this game today. The whole game was completely sleepwalking in offensive and defensive aspects, which can be said to be almost every game.

It can be said that you used four words to describe Anderson’s performance in this game, which really means no speed, no breakthrough, no attack and no rebound. The defense is still as hard as ever, and the organization of the whole team is more serious, but that’s all. The problem is that you don’t have the advantages mentioned above. You can’t even carry the Timberwolves. Can you carry the China men’s basketball team? He stood beside Wolves with Gaubert, Downes and Edwards, and a veteran Conley in the NBA.

It’s not the same when you come to the China men’s basketball team. The weakened version of Gaubert qi zhou, the absolutely all-round scaled-down version of Downs Zeng Fanbo, Edwards and Zhang Zhenlin standing next to you are nothing to compare with. How can the defender Guo Ailun compare with Conley? Can you move the China men’s basketball team? Li Kaier, who has none of these advantages, is of great significance and value to the China men’s basketball team? It seems that he won’t play ball since the news of naturalization came. I wonder if he wants to finish the game early and go through the formalities? The heart is gone. Where’s the Timberwolves? Or is the ability not so good?

Goodbye Embiid, leonard needs you more! 76 ers, Clippers discuss 1-for-1 deal Harden?

The Philadelphia 76ers have played very well so far this season. They entered the playoffs with the third place in the East in the regular season, and swept the Nets 4-0 in the first round of the series to advance to the second round. Embiid is expected to win the first regular season MVP in his career, while Harden won the assists title with 10.8 assists per game. Under the leadership of these two superstars, the 76ers are getting closer and closer to the championship goal. However, the intensity of the playoffs can’t be mentioned in the same breath as that of the regular season. Athletes’ physical consumption is very high. Embiid was absent because of knee injury, and Harden’s hamstring has always been hidden. They all have no experience in winning the championship, so it is inevitable that they will be weak when facing more powerful opponents in the playoffs. If there is no big accident, the 76ers will face the stronger Celtics in the second round of series. As we all know, the Celtics broke into the NBA finals last season. Under the leadership of Shuang Tanhua, they played very hard at both ends of the offense and defense. It is very difficult for the 76ers to break through the Celtics.

Once the 76ers stop in the second round, Harden is likely to choose to leave. After all, he sacrificed his position as the team leader and high salary in order to win the championship. Harden’s performance in the first round of the playoffs is not satisfactory, and the management of the 76 ers may not meet his five-year salary renewal demand. At the same time, Harden’s old club, the Rockets, launched a strong pursuit for him. On the one hand, it was the temptation to go home and the hard-to-refuse top salary. On the other hand, it was blindly asking for it, ignoring his emotions. Harden’s choice would hardly be in suspense. However, the management of the 76ers didn’t want to send Harden away for nothing, which would make them lose the chance to continue to attack the championship, so a deal of signing first and then changing came into being. According to James Pearcey, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the 76ers and Clippers plan to make a 1-for-1 swap deal this summer. If the negotiation goes well, Paul George will go to Philadelphia to assist the great Embiid. The specific transaction plan is: the 76ers will send James Harden to get Paul George of the Clippers.

The prerequisite for this deal is that Harden agrees to a deal plan of signing first and then exchanging. L.A. is Harden’s birthplace, leonard is a super league, and the Clippers have his favorite head coach Tyrone Lu and a group of outstanding role players. Harden has no reason to refuse another chance to compete for the championship. Although the Rockets are his potential next home, today’s Rockets are a team composed of young players. No one doubts that Harden’s return can help the team improve its record quickly. But in the long run, there is a huge age gap between Harden and the young players in the team. When young players such as Jay Green, jabari Smith and Shen Jing grow up, Harden estimates that he has entered the twilight of his career, and his top salary contract may become an obstacle to the continued development of the Rockets. The combination of the two may lead to double losses, so for Harden, joining the Clippers is far more attractive than returning to the Rockets.

For the 76ers, Maxi’s rapid growth provided them with the confidence to send Harden away. At least from the performance in the playoffs, Maxi’s role seems to be more prominent. The 76ers have always lacked a star with strong comprehensive strength in the front line. Harris is good at attacking and PJ- Tucker is good at defending, but they all have their own shortcomings and are easy to be used by opponents. Paul George is one of the few offensive and defensive players in the league. He not only has a variety of offensive means, but also has various ways to send the ball to the basket, and he can also be the best defender of the team on the outside. The 76ers’ acquisition of George can make the overall lineup structure more balanced, which will help them to continue to attack the championship.