Hu Baosen personally supervised the Henan team and won the first victory at home.

Hu Baosen personally supervised the Henan team and won the first victory at home.

Last night’s sailing stadium was happy. When the scoreboard was finally fixed at 1:0, Sarkozy and his coaching team were surrounded, and the fans at the scene left excited tears. At this moment, the Henan team waited for too long. Since the start of the tournament, the seven rounds of unbeatable haze have been swept away. Although the current Henan team is still mired in relegation, it has finally ushered in a glimmer of light.

In the 31st minute of the competition, the stands of the aviation body were dotted with stars, and the fans turned on the lights of their mobile phones to celebrate the 31st birthday of Henan Football. Among them was Hu Baosen, the boss of Jianye Group, who had been committed to Henan Football for 30 years.

In 1994, when Henan professional football was faced with a "life-and-death choice", Hu Baosen took over the Henan team with "rushing to the top and getting angry". Who knew that it was 30 years, and although he experienced too much bitterness and injustice in the middle, even though the "Jianye" used for 30 years was cut off by the "neutral name" of the Football Association, he still carried it down without hesitation, and invisibly Hu Baosen became a banner of Henan professional football.

2023 is the third year of Henan team’s share reform. Although the shares held by Jianye are decreasing, Lao Hu’s love for football has not diminished. Just as the team was in a precarious situation, Hu Baosen once again came to the stadium to watch the battle. The players on the field seemed to be injected with a needle of "stimulant". Even Ke Zhao and Li Songyi, who were rough in previous games, were like a different person, fighting actively and bloody, and performed well at both ends of the attack and defense. Wang Shangyuan, the captain of the team, was injured in the 27th minute, which cast a shadow over the game. However, at this time, Ke Zhao and Covic stood out, and it was their tacit understanding of "connection" that scored the winning goal for the team and helped the Henan team win the first game in 2023.

Although it won the first victory in the league, this victory is not enough to get the team out of the quagmire. At present, the team has 7 points, only 1 point higher than the relegation circle. The future situation is still grim. The next round of the team will go to Shanghai to challenge the current "leading" Shanghai Shanghai team, but the alarm in Henan has not been lifted, and the front line is weak, the lineup is not complete and the camp is full of injuries. This is a cruel reality faced by the team and an urgent problem to be solved.

No matter how bumpy the road ahead is, we must go on without hesitation. Hu Baosen’s performance in the air also gave the fans a "reassurance" and quelled the "rumor" that the Henan team might quit at the end of the year. As long as Lao Hu is there, Henan professional football is there. This is a spirit, a belief and a trust.

I wish Henan football better and better!


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