月度归档 2024年2月29日

Spring ploughing is busy, spring is strong, and the vitality of spring is everywhere in the motherland.

CCTV News:Spring ploughing is busy and spring is strong. Next, we follow the camera to feel the vitality of spring all over the country.

What we are seeing now is 25,000 mu of wheat managed by a grain and cotton planting cooperative in Wucheng County, Dezhou, Shandong Province. At present, wheat has entered the jointing stage. Local archives have been established for all the entrusted plots, and remote sensing satellites can be used to monitor the growth and diseases and pests of wheat 24 hours a day, patrol the fields online and offline, and customize scientific and accurate water and fertilizer management schemes for farmers. Wisdom empowerment, symptomatic application of drugs to help stabilize production and increase production.

Following the camera, we came to Pingli County, Ankang, Shaanxi Province, deep in the Qinba Mountains. Among the mountains, green tea gardens and golden rape flowers reflect each other, adding bright colors to spring. The villagers transferred land and participated in the production and management of tea gardens and the cultivation of high-quality rapeseed to increase income. At present, the tea garden in Pingli County covers an area of 200,000 mu, and the tea industry and eco-tourism are integrated and developed to promote rural revitalization.

This is Andaqiha Village, Qunke Town, Hualong Hui Autonomous County, Haidong, Qinghai. In the early spring, more than 1,700 acres of apricot blossoms spread out in front of the village and behind the house. Huahai tourism has made this village on the bank of the Yellow River a well-known flower viewing place in the local spring, attracting many tourists every year, and the villagers will also prepare accommodation, catering and various special agricultural products. The quietly flowing Yellow River, the vast distant mountains and beautiful villages constitute a refreshing picture.

Now we come to Xiaotaipingcun Formation next to Taiping Lake in Mile City, Honghe, Yunnan Province. Spring grass, spring water, spring flowers and mountains and rivers are fascinating. Just a few years ago, it was a rocky desertification barren hillside with typical karst landforms. Most of the land in the village is mountainous with large slope and thin soil layer. Since 2016, Xiaotaiping Village has become a well-known ecological livable village by strengthening the linkage among counties, townships and villages, guiding multiple subjects to participate in rural governance, completing thousands of acres of rocky desertification and barren land improvement, and concentrating on circulation to develop nurseries and tourism.

What you are seeing now is the Wumeng Prairie in Panzhou City, Liupanshui, Guizhou Province. The mountains are stacked, and 40,000 mu of wild plateau dwarf rhododendrons are in full bloom. The average elevation of Wumeng Prairie is 2,500 meters. The local area attaches great importance to the protection of Rhododendron hybridum in the plateau, prohibits cutting, digging and climbing, pays attention to fire prevention, and strictly limits the number of grazing. Some time ago, the snowfall made the soil moisture of this plateau grassland abundant, and the azaleas also bloomed more beautifully.

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Abandoned for 65 years, the main fighter plane of World War II of the US Army "surfaced" on the British beach.


    [Content at a glance]In World War II, a P-38 fighter plane ambushed Isoroku Yamamoto’s plane and killed it. As for this fighter plane abandoned on the Welsh beach, it was gradually covered with sand and has been sleeping on the coast for 65 years. Its most famous achievement was the ambush of the plane of Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese joint fleet, on April 18th, 1943, which killed the mastermind of the Pearl Harbor incident.


In World War II, a P-38 fighter plane ambushed Isoroku Yamamoto’s plane and killed it. [Profile picture]


The heroic attitude of P-38 Lightning fighter during World War II. [Profile picture]

The northern coast of Wales, England, has charming scenery and golden beaches, and tourists come in an endless stream in summer. Surprisingly, a plane was buried in the shallows for 65 years until July this year. According to expert appraisal, this rusty "antique" actually belongs to the famous American P-38 "Lightning" fighter in World War II.

Shoal surprises antique fighters

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 15, this fighter plane was discovered by a family who came here for a holiday on July 31 this year. It may be because of the climate that the sand surface on the beach flowed and retreated, which made this plane see the light again. Before that, people built sand castles, walked and swam around it, but they didn’t know it existed at all.

At first, people thought it was an unmanned reconnaissance plane in the 1950s, but when an aviation fan saw the photos published in the local newspaper, he recognized its identity from its unique "double-body" shape-the P-38 Lightning, the main fighter of the US military in World War II, and then got in touch with American aviation historians.

Experts uncover twists and turns.

Through the serial number and other records of this fighter, the experts finally determined its identity. It was built in 1941, arrived in Britain in 1942, and then began to carry out combat missions along the coast from the Netherlands to Belgium. On September 27, 1942, Robert, a pilot from North Carolina? Fred? Lieutenant Eliot took part in the bombing exercise, but due to fuel supply problems, he was forced to make an emergency landing on the Welsh beach. Because the belly of the fighter plane landed in the shallows first, the wing tip of the plane broke, but Eliot was safe and sound. Unfortunately, three months later, Eliot, 24, was hit by the enemy in an air battle in Tunisia, flying another P-38 "Lightning" fighter plane, which was destroyed and killed, but his body and wreckage were never found.

As for this fighter plane abandoned on the Welsh beach, it was gradually covered with sand and has been sleeping on the coast for 65 years. Rick gillespie, the head of the International Organization for the Restoration of Historical Aircraft, who led the team to visit, said that some official records of the United States showed that the military dismantled its weapons and equipment and salvaged it because it could not take off on the beach. "But in fact, they didn’t do it. Because of the military’s information censorship system and the fact that Britain closed the beach in World War II and did not open it to the public, no one knew where it was hidden. "

This incident was later forgotten by American officials. On November 19, 1961, a fire destroyed a lot of data of the US Air Force, and the plane that had disappeared before was later listed as "officially abandoned" by the military and was not mentioned again.

Robert Jr., 64, who lives in Tennessee, USA? Eliot, the nephew of that young pilot, spent nearly 30 years trying to understand his uncle’s deeds. "For me, this is a major discovery, which makes me excited." He expressed his great hope to go to the scene to see the recovered fighter in person.

It once frightened the Japanese army.

It is reported that the P-38 "Lightning" fighter is the first twin-engine military aircraft developed by the famous Lockheed Aircraft Company. Johnson introduced it in the late 1930s. At the beginning of 1942, an F-4 reconnaissance plane modified from P-38 suddenly appeared over the southwest Pacific Ocean, which was the first appearance of P-38 on the battlefield, and then P-38 was put into the European battlefield one after another. Because the P-38 adopts the layout of double tail supports, it looks like two fuselage, and it was called "double-body demon" by the Axis forces at that time.

After 1943, P-38 also began to appear in the vast Pacific battlefield. With high speed, heavy armor and powerful firepower, the excellent characteristics of the P-38 made the Japanese army hate and fear. Its most famous achievement was the ambush of the plane of Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese joint fleet, on April 18th, 1943, which killed the mastermind of the Pearl Harbor incident.

By the end of production in 1945, a total of 9,923 P-38 models had been produced, but there were only 32 complete machines and some spare parts. The newly discovered plane on the Welsh beach may be the oldest "Lightning" fighter. The "International Organization for the Restoration of Historical Aircraft" plans to join hands with experts from the British Museum to begin the restoration of this fighter in the spring of 2008. The British Imperial War Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum are also interested in this. In order to prevent being robbed, the authorities did not announce the current specific location of the fighter plane, but let it continue to return to the cover of sand. (China Daily website/Kang Juan)


The United States builds a "space fighter" with 6 times the speed of sound, and it is powerful to drop bombs in low-earth orbit.

American warships visited northern Vietnam for the first time after the normalization of US-Vietnam relations.

The F-35 "Lightning 2", a new generation stealth fighter in the United States, was publicly unveiled.

In 2009, the United States provided Pakistan with F-16 technology that was prohibited from leaking to China.

The United States will allocate $100 million to develop space attack weapons.

Editor: Cao Jin

2021 "Civil Code" inheritance new rules: four kinds of property can not be inherited (detailed explanation+law)

The Civil Code of People’s Republic of China (PRC) will be implemented from January 1st, 2021.One of them is rightHow can parents’ property be transferred to their children through inheritance?Detailed regulations have been made, and many of these regulations are new regulations put forward in combination with the current situation. That is to say,The new rules of "inheritance right", starting from 2021, all parents’ properties will be disposed of according to the "new rules".
Change 1
The new right of inheritance has increased. Two ways to make a will
In the past, the common and most effective way to make a will wasGo to the notary office for notarization,However, people who want to make a will are generally elderly people, and their actions are naturally slow and inconvenient. The notary office is tens of hundreds of kilometers away, and the old people can’t stand this toss.
New inheritance rules,Added two legal and effective ways to make a will: video will and print will.This can alleviate many troubles of the old people. For example, many old people can’t read or know clearly when they are old, so they can make videos.
Change 2
In order to prevent being forced to make a will, the "witness" rule has been added.
In order to compete for their parents’ real estate, some children will do strange things, such as telling their parents something in advance and asking them to make a will according to their own opinions, otherwise there will be serious consequences.
So, in order to prevent this from happening,It is stipulated that two witnesses must be present to ensure that the will comes from the old man’s inner thoughts.
Change 3
The newly added "forgiveness" system of wills
When the heir repented after doing something wrong, he got the understanding and forgiveness of the decedent, and the normal family relationship was repaired.The law will restore its inheritance right, which is the inheritance "forgiveness system".
The "forgiveness system" has been recognized in the previous judicial interpretation and has achieved good results in judicial practice. This system is actuallyIt gives the heir a chance to turn over a new leaf, and at the same time it embodies the rule design that respects the will of the decedent.
Change 4
New regulation settingThe principle of "the latest will comes first"
As long as it is a legal and valid will,Which will is the latest and latest from now?,Then this will will be executed as the most effective will.
This was not possible in the past. According to the previous regulations, in all kinds of wills,Only "notarized will" has the greatest legal benefit,No matter what kind of will the children hold, as long as there is a notarized will, it will eventually prevail.
The new regulations are in chronological order,The latest will will be executed according to this will.
Change 5
The new regulations have increased the scope of effective heirs.
In order to pursue a higher quality of life, more and more young people are reluctant to have children. With the shrinking of families becoming more and more obvious, many families mayWithout the first and second legal and effective heirs,So who will the property and real estate that these people have struggled for a lifetime eventually give?
The new regulations add heirs.Scope, nephews, nieces, nephews and nieces are among them.You can inherit the property according to law.
The above is the new civil code
Changes about inheritance
I also want to remind everyone.
There are four kinds of property that cannot be inherited.
Some of them are only children.
Among the property jointly owned by the decedent and others,What belongs to others cannot be inherited.
This situation means that the property appears to belong to the decedent,In fact, the decedent does not own all the ownership,The most common situation is that husband and wife share property.
for instance
Lao Zhang and his wife have two sons. The couple bought a house after marriage and registered it in Lao Zhang’s name. After his wife died, Lao Zhang lived with his youngest son. Now Lao Zhang has passed away, leaving a will stating that the house belongs to the younger son.
Does that mean that the eldest son can’t get a room?No, the eldest son can still get one-sixth of the property.Why? Look at the picture below to understand ↓
In fact, Lao Zhang’s wife also owns half of the house. If Lao Zhang’s wife didn’t make a will before her death, according to the law,Half of the property in Lao Zhang’s wife’s hand will be shared equally by Lao Zhang, the eldest son and the youngest son.
As a result of the distribution, Lao Zhang holds 2/3 of the property rights, and the eldest son and the younger son each hold 1/6 of the property rights.And Lao Zhang’s will can only determine the ownership of 2/3 of the house.
It is also true that the only child may not inherit his own house on the Internet. How to solve these problems? Simple, just make a will and make it clear.
Some rights cannot be inherited.
for examplePersonal rights and intellectual property rights.Lao Zhang wrote a best-selling book, which earned considerable copyright income every year. After Lao Zhang died, his only son Xiao Zhang was the heir.You can still enjoy copyright income,But Lao Zhang, as the author of this work,The right of signature, including the right to modify the work, etc.Xiao Zhang can’t inherit it.
Death compensation and pension cannot be inherited.
Because this property is generally obtained after the decedent died in an accident or on business, it is a financial subsidy and spiritual comfort to the close relatives of the deceased. Attention!This is for the close relatives of the deceased, so it does not belong to the deceased’s estate and cannot be inherited.
Insurance money generally cannot be inherited.
Whether the insurance money can be inherited as an inheritance depends. Generally speaking, if the insurance specifies the beneficiary, after the death of the insured,The insurance money should belong to the beneficiary, not the insured’s estate.Except for special circumstances, of course.
The full text of the Civil Code-Inheritance:
Part VI Inheritance
Chapter I General Provisions
Chapter II Legal Succession
Chapter III Testamentary Succession and Legacy
Chapter IV Disposal of Legacy
Part VI Inheritance
Chapter I General Provisions
Article 119 This Part regulates civil relations arising from inheritance.
Article 120 The State protects the right of inheritance of natural persons.
Article 121 Inheritance begins at the death of the decedent.
If several people who are related to each other died in the same event, and it is difficult to determine the time of death, it is presumed that the person without other heirs died first. There are other heirs, and if there are different generations, it is presumed that the elders will die first; Those of the same generation are presumed to have died at the same time, and there is no succession to each other.
Article 122 An inheritance is the personal legal property left by a natural person when he dies.
An inheritance that cannot be inherited according to the law or its nature shall not be inherited.
Article 123 After the succession begins, it shall be handled in accordance with the statutory succession. If there is a will, it shall be inherited or bequeathed according to the will; If there is a legacy support agreement, it shall be handled in accordance with the agreement.
Article 1124 If an heir abandons the inheritance after the inheritance begins, he shall make a written statement of abandonment before the disposal of the inheritance; If there is no indication, it is regarded as accepting inheritance.
The legatee shall, within 60 days after knowing the legacy, make an indication of accepting or giving up the legacy; If there is no indication of maturity, it shall be regarded as giving up the legacy.
Article 1125 An heir who commits one of the following acts shall lose the right of inheritance:
(1) Intentionally killing the decedent;
(2) Killing other heirs in order to compete for inheritance;
(3) Abandoning the decedent or maltreating the decedent if the circumstances are serious;
(4) Forging, tampering, concealing or destroying a will, if the circumstances are serious;
(5) forcing or obstructing the decedent to establish, change or withdraw his will by fraud or coercion, and the circumstances are serious.
If the heir has committed the acts mentioned in Items 3 to 5 of the preceding paragraph, and indeed shows repentance, and the decedent expresses forgiveness or lists him as an heir in his will afterwards, the heir shall not lose his inheritance right.
If the legatee commits the act specified in the first paragraph of this article, he shall lose the right to be bequeathed.
Chapter II Legal Succession
Article 126 The right of inheritance is equal between men and women.
Article 127 The inheritance shall be inherited in the following order:
(1) First order: spouse, children and parents;
(2) The second order: brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandparents.
After the inheritance begins, the successor in the first order inherits, and the successor in the second order does not inherit; If there is no successor in the first order, it will be inherited by the successor in the second order.
The children mentioned in this Part include children born in wedlock, children born out of wedlock, adopted children and stepchildren with dependency.
The parents mentioned in this Part include biological parents, adoptive parents and step parents with dependent relationship.
Brothers and sisters referred to in this part include brothers and sisters with the same parents, half-brothers or half-brothers, adopted brothers and sisters, and stepbrothers and sisters with dependent relationships.
Article 128 If the decedent’s children died before the decedent, subrogation inheritance shall be the direct descendant of the decedent’s children.
If the decedent’s brother and sister died before the decedent, subrogation inheritance, the child of the decedent’s brother and sister.
Generally speaking, subrogation inheritance people can only inherit the share of the inheritance that subrogation inheritance people have the right to inherit.
Article 129 A widowed daughter-in-law who has performed the main duty of supporting her in-laws and her in-laws shall be regarded as the first heir.
Article 130 Generally, heirs in the same order shall inherit an equal share of the estate.
Heirs who have special difficulties in life and lack the ability to work should be taken care of when distributing their inheritance.
Heirs who have made major maintenance obligations to the decedent or who live together with the decedent may get more points when distributing their inheritance.
If an heir who has the ability and conditions to support fails to fulfill his obligation to support, he shall not divide or divide the inheritance.
If the heirs agree through consultation, they may also be unequal.
Article 131 A proper inheritance may be distributed to those who depend on the support of the decedent other than the heir, or those who support the decedent more than the heir.
Article 132 The heirs shall handle the issue of inheritance through consultation in the spirit of mutual understanding, mutual accommodation, harmony and unity. The time, method and share of inheritance division shall be determined by the heirs through consultation; If negotiation fails, the people’s mediation committee may mediate or bring a lawsuit to the people’s court.
Chapter III Testamentary Succession and Legacy
Article 133 A natural person may make a will to dispose of personal property in accordance with the provisions of this Law, and may appoint an executor.
A natural person may make a will to designate personal property to be inherited by one or more legal heirs.
A natural person may make a will to donate personal property to an organization or individual other than the state, the collective or the legal heir.
A natural person may establish a testamentary trust according to law.
Article 134 A self-written will shall be written and signed by the testator, indicating the year, month and day.
Article 135 A will in lieu of letters shallThere are more than two witnesses present to witness., written by one of them, and signed by the testator, the representative and other witnesses, indicating the year, month and day.
Article 136 A printed will shall be witnessed by two or more witnesses. The testator and the witness shall sign on each page of the will, indicating the year, month and day.
Article 137 A will made in the form of audio and video recording shall be witnessed by two or more witnesses. The testator and the witness shall record their names or portraits, as well as the year, month and day in audio and video recordings.
Article 138 A testator may make an oral will in an emergency. An oral will shall be witnessed by two or more witnesses. After the emergency situation is eliminated, if the testator can make a will in writing or in the form of audio and video recording, the oral will made is invalid.
Article 139 A notarized will shall be handled by the testator through a notarization institution.
Article 140 The following persons cannot be witnesses to a will:
(1) Persons without capacity for civil conduct, persons with limited capacity for civil conduct, and other persons without witness capacity;
(2) Heirs and legatees;
(3) People who have an interest in the heirs and legatees.
Article 141 A will shall reserve the necessary share of the estate for the heirs who lack the ability to work and have no source of income.
Article 142 A testator may withdraw or change his will.
After making a will, if the testator carries out a civil legal act contrary to the contents of the will, it shall be regarded as the withdrawal of the relevant contents of the will.
There are several wills, and if the contents conflict, the last will shall prevail.
Article 143 A will made by a person without or with limited capacity for civil conduct is invalid.
A will must express the true meaning of the testator, and a will made by fraud or coercion is invalid.
Forged wills are invalid.
If the will is tampered with, the tampered contents are invalid.
Article 144 Where there are obligations attached to the inheritance or bequest of a will, the successor or legatee shall perform the obligations. If a person fails to perform his obligations without justifiable reasons, the people’s court may, at the request of the interested party or the relevant organization, revoke his right to accept part of the inheritance with obligations.
Chapter IV Disposal of Legacy
Article 1145 After the succession begins, the executor is the administrator of the estate. If there is no executor, the successor shall elect the administrator of the estate in time; If the heirs are not elected, the heirs shall jointly serve as the estate manager; If there is no heir or all heirs give up inheritance, the civil affairs department or villagers’ committee of the decedent’s domicile shall be the administrator of the estate.
Article 146 Where there is a dispute over the determination of the estate manager, the interested party may apply to the people’s court for the appointment of the estate manager.
Article 1147 An estate administrator shall perform the following duties:
(a) to clean up the heritage and make a list of the heritage;
(2) reporting the inheritance to the heirs;
(3) Take necessary measures to prevent the damage and loss of the heritage;
(4) Handling the creditor’s rights and debts of the decedent;
(five) according to the will or in accordance with the law;
(six) the implementation of other necessary acts related to the management of the estate.
Article 148 An estate administrator shall perform his duties according to law, and shall bear civil liability if his heirs, legatees and creditors are harmed by intentional or gross negligence.
Article 149 An administrator of an estate may be remunerated according to the law or the agreement.
Article 150 After the commencement of inheritance, the heir who knows the death of the decedent shall promptly notify other heirs and the executor. If none of the heirs knows the decedent’s death or knows the decedent’s death and cannot notify him, the unit where the decedent worked before his death or the residents’ committee or villagers’ committee at his domicile shall be responsible for notifying him.
Article 1151 A person who has an inheritance shall take good care of it, and no organization or individual may embezzle or scramble for it.
Article 152 After the succession begins, if the heir dies before the division of the estate and does not give up the inheritance, the inheritance that the heir should inherit shall be transferred to his successor, unless it is otherwise arranged in the will.
Article 153 Unless otherwise agreed, when dividing the property jointly owned by husband and wife, half of the property jointly owned shall be divided into the spouse’s property and the rest shall be the decedent’s property.
If the inheritance is among the common property of the family, when the inheritance is divided, the property of others should be divided first.
Article 1154 Under any of the following circumstances, the relevant part of the estate shall be handled in accordance with the statutory succession:
(1) The testator waives the inheritance or the legatee waives the legacy;
(2) The testator loses the right of inheritance or the legatee loses the right of bequest;
(3) The testator’s successor or legatee dies or terminates before the testator;
(4) the legacy involved in the invalid part of the will;
(5) the legacy that has not been disposed of in the will.
Article 155 When the estate is divided, the share of the fetus’s inheritance shall be reserved. The fetus is dead when it is delivered, and the reserved share shall be handled in accordance with legal inheritance.
Article 1156 The division of an estate shall be beneficial to the needs of production and life, and shall not damage the utility of the estate.
Legacy that is not suitable for division can be handled by discount, appropriate compensation or joint ownership.
Article 157 If one spouse remarries after the death of the other spouse, he has the right to dispose of the inherited property, and no organization or individual may interfere.
Article 158 A natural person may sign a legacy support agreement with an organization or individual other than the heir. According to the agreement, the organization or individual shall bear the obligation of keeping the natural person alive and having the right to be bequeathed.
Article 159 When dividing an estate, the taxes and debts that the decedent should pay according to law shall be paid off. However, the necessary inheritance should be reserved for heirs who lack the ability to work and have no source of income.
Article 160 An inheritance that has neither been inherited nor bequeathed shall be owned by the state and used for public welfare undertakings. If the deceased was a member of a collective ownership organization before his death, it belongs to the collective ownership organization where he belongs.
Article 161 The successor shall pay off the taxes and debts that the decedent should pay according to law within the limit of the actual value of the acquired estate. If the part exceeds the actual value of the estate, the heir will voluntarily repay it.
If the heir renounces inheritance, he may not be liable for paying off the taxes and debts that the decedent should pay according to law.
Article 162 The execution of bequests shall not hinder the payment of taxes and debts that should be paid by the legatee according to law.
Article 163 If there are both legal and testamentary inheritances and bequests, the legal heir shall pay off the taxes and debts that the decedent should pay according to law. The part exceeding the actual value of the statutory inheritance shall be paid off by the testator and legatee in proportion to the income.

The sun will live a billion years less? It’s not just you and me.

  Can you imagine a world without the sun? Astronomers’ research shows that if there is no sun, the average surface temperature of the earth will drop to below-17.78 degrees Celsius in a week, and it will drop to-73.33 degrees Celsius in a year. Most plants will die in a few weeks, and then most life will disappear because of the disappearance of the sun, and everything will be dead.

  Now we know how important the sun is to us! However, something unfortunate happened. Recently, foreign scientists’ research on the metal abundance of the sun shows that we may overestimate the life of the sun by one billion years, and the sun may die one billion years earlier than we expected.

  Elemental abundance controls the sun’s life gate

  It is understood that scientists have previously deduced that the life of the sun is about 10 billion years based on the standard solar model that ignores the rotation effect, which is a theoretical value simulated by the stellar evolution program, not a real value. And this value only refers to the central hydrogen combustion life in the theory of star evolution.

  "This is not to say that the sun really can only exist for 10 billion years. The accurate statement should be called the main sequence life of the solar model. In theory, the sun will become a red giant in about 10 billion years, but it still exists and will emit more sunlight. " Associate Professor Yang Wuming from the Astronomy Department of Beijing Normal University told the Science and Technology Daily reporter.

  He said that there are many preconditions to get the theoretical value of 10 billion years, and it is necessary to assume the initial element abundance of the sun and the physical process inside the sun. The life of the solar model is different with different initial element abundances. Because it is impossible to really get the initial element abundance of the sun and determine its internal physical processes, the life of the sun and even other stars cannot be accurately estimated.

  Twenty years ago, astronomers’ direct and indirect measurements of the sun showed that the metal abundance of the sun was around 1.8%; However, the latest solar spectrum measurement shows that the metal abundance of the sun is only 1.3%, which is far lower than the previous measurement results, and correspondingly, the life of the sun will be reduced by 1 billion years.

  The so-called solar metal abundance is the general term for the abundance of solar elements except hydrogen and helium. This metal is different from what we usually call metals. Because the contents of hydrogen and helium in the sun account for the vast majority, astronomers call all the heavier elements in the sun "metals". Although the content of these metals is small, it affects the fate of the sun.

  Because the electrons of metal elements easily absorb photons, which hinders radiation, the higher the metal abundance of the sun or star, the higher the opacity. The opacity of the sun or star is closely related to its life, temperature, brightness and other properties. Sani Vaniotch, a physicist who studies solar metal abundance at Stockholm University in Sweden, said that a very small amount of metal is enough to completely change the behavior of a star, and metal abundance can basically tell you how the star will die.

  Influence of atmospheric model on solar lifetime estimation

  The solar spectral measurement used in the latest research usually means that astronomers get the spectral lines of all measurable elements such as hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and iron through solar spectral analysis, and then compare them with the spectral lines given by the solar atmospheric model. When the two are consistent, the abundance of elements such as hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and iron used in the atmospheric model is considered as the element abundance of the solar photosphere. "However, this method cannot obtain the relative abundance of inert gases such as helium, neon and argon. The abundance of helium on the surface of the sun can only be inferred by helioseismology. " Yang Wuming said.

  After the latest measurement results come out, many people are wondering: Why is there such a big difference between the solar metal abundance measured before and after?

  In this regard, Yang Wuming explained that the old solar metal abundance was derived from the one-dimensional atmospheric model of local thermal balance combined with the observed spectral lines; The new solar metal abundance is derived from the three-dimensional atmospheric model of non-local thermal balance combined with the observed spectral lines. The old one-dimensional atmospheric model is considered to ignore many physical factors. Some scientists think that the new atmospheric model is closer to the real situation, and it is the improvement of the atmospheric model and the update of the transition probability data of atoms and molecules that cause the difference in the abundance of old and new metal elements.

  In the evolution of stars, if other conditions remain unchanged, the decrease of metal abundance will lead to the energy generated by the central nuclear reaction radiating outward more easily. However, the energy tends to radiate outward, which will cause the star to contract more easily and increase the density and temperature of the center of the star. More importantly, the increase of density and temperature will accelerate the hydrogen combustion rate, which will lead to the shortening of the total time of central hydrogen combustion, that is, the main sequence life of the solar model will be shortened. However, if other conditions change, such as the increase of hydrogen abundance or the influence of the sun’s rotation on its evolution, then the aforementioned life reduction does not exist.

  So, how to verify which method is more correct in the future?

  In Yang Wuming’s view, the answer to this question lies in which metal abundance measurement is more accurate and whether the helioseismology inversion result is reliable. Only by giving the correct abundance of solar elements can we determine how long the life of the sun is. If we can give a new solar model of gold abundance consistent with the helioseismology inversion results, all related problems will be solved.

  Life geometry is related to the theory of stellar evolution.

  Chen Pengfei, a professor at the School of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University, said that he was inclined to think that the initial life span of the sun was correct, and the life span of the sun would not be reduced by one billion years. "For several reasons, I prefer to think that the original model is correct: first, the measurement results of metal abundance in the solar wind by satellites support 1.8%; Secondly, the density of photosphere on the surface of the sun is high enough, so it is reasonable to adopt the approximation of local heat balance model in the past; Thirdly, the new model takes into account the inhomogeneity of the solar atmosphere, which is indeed an improvement, but it also ignores other factors, such as the influence of magnetic field; Fourth, to take a step back, even if the results of the new model are correct, because the distribution of metal abundance may be uneven, the metal abundance on the surface of the sun may be different from that inside. " Chen Pengfei said.

  At the same time, Yang Wuming also agrees that the initial solar life is correct. He said that the life of the sun has not been overestimated by 1 billion years, and that the life of the sun is overestimated because only the reduction of metal abundance is considered. When the influence of hydrogen abundance increase and rotation on the evolution of the sun is considered, the life of the sun will not be reduced.

  However, the astrophysicist Martin asp Lund of the Australian National University insists that the 1.3% solar metal abundance is correct. He said that all aspects of astronomy will be affected, and an accurate understanding of the evolution of stars has laid the foundation for almost everything.

  So, if astronomers do overestimate the life of the sun by one billion years, what theories need to be revised?

  In Yang Wuming’s view, if the life of the sun is really overestimated by 1 billion years, it shows that the theory of stellar evolution established by astronomers before is not complete, so they need to re-examine the theory and model of stellar evolution established before. For example, the standard theory of star evolution ignores the influence of star rotation, but in fact all stars are rotating. We have reached the time when we need to seriously consider the influence of rotation on the evolution of stars. Astronomical research on star clusters and galaxies depends on the theory of stellar evolution to a certain extent. If the theory of stellar evolution is wrong, the previous understanding of star clusters and galaxies needs to be adjusted.

Jubilant animal expansion package from year of the loong to the zodiac.

The jubilant year of the loong realized that the dragon is the only animal in the zodiac that can’t find any real animals.
However, with the dragon in the zodiac, it seems that there is the whole nature. From the dragon, we can see not only the images of many animals, but also the images of plants and astronomical phenomena.
What animals, plants and even astronomical phenomena are there? Next, we will try to find possible answers.
Dragon, the animal expansion package of the zodiac. Among the 12 zodiac animals, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, dogs and pigs, which have been domesticated by human beings, account for half. Others are mice, tigers, rabbits, snakes and monkeys, which people often say are common real animals.
"Dragon" is unique. At present, there is no one-on-one real animal that can make everyone agree. There are even views that the dragon prototype is pine, rainbow and lightning.
When looking for its animal prototype, the main one is: it deserves all the beauty in this world.
In ancient books, there are descriptions of dragons "horns like deer, head like camel, eyes like rabbits, neck like snakes, abdomen like salamanders, scales like fish, claws like eagles, palms like tigers and ears like cows". Later, everyone also had their own version of "dragons have nine similarities" in their hearts.
What other animals can compete for the dragon prototype independently?
There are alligators, pythons, silkworms and so on.
The Chinese alligator was called tuó in ancient times, and it was commonly known as "Tulong" or "Pig Polong" among the people. The name of the Chinese alligator became dragon-like. It is an ancient rare animal unique to China and a close relative of dinosaurs. And the "dragon", this is not a kiss and a kiss!
In Shuo Wen Jie Zi, the dragon "ascends to the sky at the vernal equinox and dives in the autumn equinox". The water body is the main activity place of Chinese alligator. Moreover, the roar of the Chinese alligator was once a forecast of the thunderstorm weather of our ancestors. Chinese alligator courtship and mating in the rainy season, and the loud call of courtship seems to have its own filter.
But it can dive deep, but it can’t climb to the sky. As a small crocodile, to become a dragon, it is a little powerful.
So, how can the silkworm become one of the versions of the dragon prototype, let alone formidable?
This is because, in some areas, the dragon worshipped by ancestors who herded horses and raised silkworms was the silkworm with a scaly head.
There are different opinions about the prototype of the dragon. With the dragon in the zodiac, it is like having the whole nature. This may also be a pluralistic tolerance of dragon culture.
(Source: CCTV News Client)

Lingao Volleyball Championship | Ding ‘an Team beat Haikou 3-1 to win the first game.

Original title: Lingao Volleyball Championship | Ding ‘an Team won the first victory with 3: 1 lecturing Haikou.

New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net February 18 th News (Reporter Liang Zhenwen) On February 18 th, the "Chinese Dream and Working Beauty"-"Witt Cup" 2024 Hainan (Lingao) Trade Union Elite Volleyball Championship was launched in Binjiang Park, Lingao County. The opening match was played by Ding ‘an team vs Haikou team, and finally Ding ‘an team beat Haikou team 3-1 to get off to a good start.

Ding ‘an team beat Haikou 3-1 to win the first game, and Haikou team served. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

In the first game, Ding ‘an team took the lead in kicking off. Ding ‘an team entered the state earlier, and gained a 4-1 lead through serving and the opponent’s mistakes. The Haikou team then counterattacked and scored continuously through spiking, and the score was 4:3. Then the two teams fell into a stalemate, and Haikou team took a 10:9 lead through No.2 smash and double block. The scores of the two sides once again entered anxiety, and the coaches of the two teams also suspended the adjustment one after another. In the end, the Ding ‘an team won the first game with a thrilling 22:20.

The coach of Haikou team exchanged tactics with the players after the timeout. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

In the second game, Haikou scored a block and led 2-0. Ding ‘an team immediately made an adjustment and tied it at 5:5. By serving, Haikou team quickly opened the score, 12:8. Ding’ an team had to call a time-out adjustment and score by stealing the ball through the second pass to stabilize the situation. However, the Haikou players in this game were in a hot state. They scored continuously through spiking and blocking, and they were in a bad state when they joined Ding ‘an team. Haikou team won the second game with a huge advantage of 21:11. The two teams drew a big score of 1:1.

Haikou players struggled to save the opponent’s attack. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

Ding ‘an team blocked the attack of Haikou players by two people. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

At the beginning of the third game, Haikou team continued the state of the previous game and led by 5:0. Ding’ an team can only call a time-out to make adjustments. However, because the whole team is not in the state, it still lags behind by 3:9. The Haikou team continued to maintain its state and continued to lead at 12:6 through blocking. Ding’ an team had no choice but to call a time-out adjustment again. By slashing and serving, they scored one after another and clinched the score at 13:15. Depending on the fierce chasing momentum of Ding ‘an team, Haikou team can only call a time-out for adjustment. On the 13th, Ding ‘an scored three points in a row by serving, and Ding ‘an led by one point at 16:15. Haikou team quickly adjusted its state and scored a 20:20 draw through smash. Entering the key points, Haikou team once again suspended the tactics, but the momentum of Ding ‘an team has started, and finally Ding ‘an team won the third game with a reversal of 22:20. Take a temporary lead with a big score of 2:1.

Haikou team launched an attack. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

At the beginning of the fourth game, Ding ‘an team broke Haikou’s pass by serving and took a 5-1 lead. Continue to lead by 7:1 through smash. Haikou team can only call a 30-second short pause and rearrange tactics. Haikou scored 4:7 by spiking. Seeing that the Haikou team is gaining momentum, the Ding ‘an team is also called to suspend adjustment. Through the smash, the situation was stabilized with a lead of 9:6. Haikou team was full of momentum, scored successively by blocking and smashing, and overtook Ding ‘an team by 10:9. The Ding ‘an team called for a pause for adjustment for the second time, and the two teams tied for the first time at 12:12. Subsequently, at 16:16, 17:17 and 18:18, the scores of the two teams alternately led and tied. In the end, Ding ‘an team won by 21:18, with a total score of 3:1, and got off to a good start. (Liang Zhenwen)

China women’s volleyball team sits at home! Paris Olympic volleyball qualifying tournament settled in Ningbo

It is reported that the volleyball qualifying tournament of the Paris Olympic Games in China has been decided to be held in Ningbo. It’s good news for China team to participate in the competition in familiar venues. Cai Bin, head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team, once said that the goal of China Women’s Volleyball Team is to get the Olympic qualification in the first time.

In recent years, Beilun, Ningbo is one of the two major training bases of China women’s volleyball team in China. In the last Olympic cycle, it was in Ningbo that China women’s volleyball team passed the Olympic qualifiers and obtained the Olympic qualification at the first time.

The women’s volleyball qualifying tournament for the Paris Olympic Games will be held in China, Japan and Poland from September 16th to 24th. Twenty-four teams will be divided into three groups, with eight teams in each group playing a single round robin competition. The top two teams will be qualified for the Olympic Games, and six Olympic seats will be produced at this stage. The competition system of men’s volleyball is the same as that of women’s volleyball. The competition will be held in China, Japan and Brazil from September 30th to October 8th.

China women’s volleyball team is in the same group as Serbia, Dominica, Netherlands, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico and Ukraine, while China men’s volleyball team is in the same group as Poland, Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and Bulgaria. Eight teams in the group played a single round robin, and the top two teams qualified for the Olympic Games. The Asian Games and the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments are held with a short interval and some overlap (the Asian Games will be held from September 23rd to October 8th), while the distance between Ningbo and Hangzhou is not far, which also gives the head coach more space to arrange his troops.

Cai Bin, head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team, once said that the qualifying goal of China Women’s Volleyball Team is to get the Olympic qualification in the first time. China men’s volleyball team should also strive to play a good game, improve the world ranking, and strive to advance to the Paris Olympic Games through ranking.

Text: Tao Xingying

Photo: vision china

Source: Xinmin Evening News

Editor: Zhuang Qixin, Yang Ye

Audit: Sun Weijun

Shangguan author: Shanghai Sports

The National Balloon Volleyball Invitational Tournament was held in Wuyuan, Jiangxi

On July 25th, 2023, the opening ceremony of the 8th China National Balloon Volleyball Invitational Tournament was held in Wuyuan, Jiangxi.
In Wuyuan Sports Center Gymnasium, Xu Shubin, secretary of Wuyuan County Party Committee, presided over the opening ceremony; All the leaders and guests on the rostrum pressed the starting column together.
Liu Guoyong, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, announced the opening of the competition. Li Xiaoping, Director of Jiangxi Sports Bureau, and Qiu Xiangjun, Mayor of Shangrao Municipal Government delivered speeches. Shi Ke, Vice Governor of Jiangxi Provincial Government, AARON Li, Director of Youth Sports Department of State Sports General Administration, Zhu Meiqing, Vice Mayor of Shangrao Municipal Government, Luo Laishui, Director of Shangrao Municipal Sports Bureau, Xu Shubin, Secretary of Wuyuan County Committee, Zhou Huabing, County Governor of Wuyuan County, Tao Wusheng, Chairman of Aofei Recreation and Sports Group, and other leaders attended.
The signing and unveiling ceremony of Jiangxi volleyball team’s "Provincial Team Building" was held in Wunvzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Wuyuan County on July 25th.
On July 25th, Zhu Meiqing, Vice Mayor of Shangrao Municipal Government, presided over the signing and unveiling ceremony of Jiangxi Provincial Volleyball Team’s "Provincial Team Building". Zhang Songtao, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, read out the instructions of Governor Ye Jianchun of Jiangxi Provincial Government on the establishment of a special report on Jiangxi volleyball team.
Zhang Songtao, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, signed a contract with Zhu Meiqing, deputy mayor of Shangrao Municipal Government.
Liu Guoyong, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, and Shi Ke, deputy governor of Jiangxi Provincial Government, unveiled the Shangrao Volleyball Club in Jiangxi.
In recent years, Wuyuan County has vigorously developed the national fitness campaign, held sports brand competitions, promoted the integrated development of "sports+tourism" and improved the quality of development. It has successively hosted several national and provincial large-scale sports events such as the National Ancient Post Road Walking Competition, the "Most Beautiful Country Cup" National Balloon Volleyball Invitational Tournament, the Wuyuan International Marathon and the Poyang Lake International Cycling Race. At the same time, a series of national fitness activities such as football, table tennis, gateball, ground throw ball and softball are widely carried out.
In 2022, the county hosted more than 40 large-scale events at or above the municipal level, such as the men’s and women’s volleyball competition in China Super League, the National Youth Table Tennis Competition (South Division) and the Cycling Cross-country Challenge around Poyang Lake. Nearly 1 million sports tourists came to Wuyuan to participate in the events, which stimulated the sports tourism consumption to reach 480 million yuan and stimulated the vitality of the tourism market.
In 2022, Wuyuan, as the only representative of the city, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award in Shangrao’s sports work, as well as the Outstanding Contribution Award in Competitive Sports in Shangrao from 2019 to 2022 and the Advanced Unit in Mass Sports Work in Shangrao in 2022.
On July 25th, athletes were competing in Ziyang Park, Wuyuan County.
Gas volleyball is a mass sport that integrates sports, leisure and entertainment. As a new sport, it has been favored by more and more middle-aged and elderly friends. The National Balloon Volleyball Invitational Tournament in the most beautiful countryside has been held for the eighth time since it was held for the first time in 2014. The cumulative number of participants has exceeded 10,000, which has been widely praised by air volleyball fans all over the country. There are 312 teams from all over the country, and more than 3,000 team leaders, coaches and athletes participate in the competition. The competition is divided into three groups: youth group, middle-aged group and elderly group.
(China Daily Jiangxi reporter station Tang Ying/photography Zhang Wen)
Source: China Daily.

A reliable interpretation of zhenai’s marriage matchmaker: co-production of love The Secret Behind, soul fit is the key.

With the progress of society and the change of ideas, more and more people begin to choose blind date to find their other half. In this fast-paced era, zhenai blind date platform has become the first choice for many single young people. For blind date, many people have a common expectation, that is, to find a partner who fits their soul. In this process, the professional interpretation of zhenai matchmaker played a vital role.

What is soul fit? Soul fit not only refers to the attraction of two people in appearance or the coincidence of interests and hobbies, but more importantly, the two sides have a high degree of fit in emotion, values and ways of thinking. This fit makes it easier for both sides to understand and trust each other, thus establishing a deep emotional connection.

Zhenai matchmaker plays an important role in blind date in zhenai. Through professional interpretation and analysis, they help single young people find a partner who fits their soul more accurately. They will give the most appropriate suggestions and recommendations by analyzing the personality characteristics, living habits and hobbies of both parties.

At the same time, zhenai blind date platform also improves the success rate through systematic matching algorithm. This algorithm will recommend the most suitable potential partner for members according to their personal information, mate selection requirements and other reference factors. In this way, zhenai provides more opportunities for single young people to find suitable partners.

So, is zhenai reliable? According to statistics, zhenai has helped thousands of single young people find suitable partners successfully. This also proves the reliability and credibility of the blind date platform in zhenai. Through professional service and strict audit, zhenai ensures the authenticity and safety of every member.

In the process of zhenai’s marriage, the change of ideas is also an important factor. In the past, many people paid more attention to appearance and external conditions in blind date, but ignored the fit of soul. Now, more and more people begin to attach importance to the harmony of souls. They hope to find a partner who can understand and support each other and walk through every stage of life together.

The existence and development of blind date platform in zhenai provides more choices and opportunities for single young people to find suitable partners. Through blind date, they can get to know each other more comprehensively and communicate in an open environment. Such communication and getting along with each other will lay a good foundation for them and lead them to a happy married life.

In a word, the love in tune is inseparable from the deep fit of the soul. In the process of blind date in zhenai, soul fit has become the most important consideration. Through the professional interpretation of zhenai matchmaker and the matching algorithm of blind date platform, single young people can find their soul-compatible partners more accurately. The reliability and credibility of the blind date platform in zhenai have been recognized by the majority of single young people. Let’s embrace the changes of this era, believe in the power of zhenai, find a suitable partner and move towards a happy life.