Gudong outdoor running

Gudong outdoor running

Gudong outdoor running is a running fitness APP used by 200 million people. There are professional fitness guides, detailed health exercise instructions and accurate exercise records, which cover the national sports communities all over the world and give you the most perfect fitness experience, as well as the latest cycling step-by-step data and a large number of professional domestic sports equipment recommendations. Come and download the experience! ! !

The most popular sports fitness and weight loss app in China has been upgraded! Let you experience happiness, technology and fashion, and easily get a bodybuilding figure! Glug exercise to create a revolutionary mobile phone exercise fitness and weight loss system. Not only can you accurately record all kinds of sports, but you can also watch your sports achievements through Weibo, WeChat and other "show" friends, and you can also ask friends around you to exercise, PK and challenge your limits! Chase your dreams! Three major functions set off a wave of overall exercise, fitness and weight loss!

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Professional Sports Community Forum

Hundreds of millions of users share dry goods, experience in sports online celebrity, and discount good goods … waiting for you to tease, so that sports are no longer boring.

"Equipment experts share good goods"

Recommended by real sportsmen, we can solve the soul torture of sports equipment through vivid videos and pictures: what to wear, where to buy it and how to wear it?

"swimming equipment information recommendation"

Swimming compulsory courses, common sense and skills upgrading dry goods, topic interactive discussion, and swimming equipment discounts to know first, enjoy swimming.

"Intelligent Training Program Guidance"

Professional coaching courses make a scientific training plan for you, and more than 200 courses are recommended to help you exercise without detours.

"accurate data analysis record"

Accurate running and riding records and sports big data analysis record every challenge, so that it is no longer difficult to persist in sports.

1. Support new smart accessories and record your daily activities and sleep quality 24 hours a day;

2. Monitor the number of steps, distance, calorie burning, exercise intensity, and GPS route, speed and pace;

3, voice feedback throughout the exercise, voice broadcast information every 1 km, and exercise is more focused;

4. Take photos of the scenery along the way, and you can also feel the surrounding scenery during exercise;

5. Historical data is stored in the cloud, and the data is completely saved from now on, so it is no longer lost;

6. Personal best performance records, constantly breaking them and improving yourself;

7. Follow the "training plan" to complete daily tasks and constantly improve yourself;

8. Join the competition, keep up the momentum and make continuous progress!

1. Accurately track the movement route and monitor the distance, speed and altitude through GPS global positioning technology;

2. Check the position of the movement and the movement chart in real time;

3, using a unique algorithm to accurately calculate the calorie burning;

4. A variety of customizable exercise modes, with any choice of goals and challenges;

5. Automatically synchronize the movement route and data to the splash network;

6. Share sports achievements in Weibo, let more people inspire you to make progress, or show off your proud achievements;

7, the sports scenery is taken at will, no need to stop moving. The photos you choose to upload will appear on the route position, forming a geographical mark;

8. Keep the sports history locally, and master your own status anytime and anywhere;

9. Note: The continuous operation of GPS in the background will significantly reduce the battery life.

"group running activities"

Join a suitable running group, follow the coach to keep exercising, and run together for more fun;

"Red envelopes for gifts"

Sports can receive red envelopes, sports can be exchanged for gifts, and rewards belong to you who persist;

"training plan"

Professional coaches set up courses and make scientific training plans, and there is always a suitable exercise intensity for you.

"sports motivation"

Record every progress and witness every self-transcendence. Accurate running and cycling record statistics and sports data analysis will inspire you to go stronger and further!

"Talent Community"

Sports achievement sharing, running track creation, sports experience, inspirational deeds, star big coffee, network red man … You are not the only one on the road to sports!

"event activities"

You can sign up for famous marathons and cycling events at home and abroad; Large-scale popular sports activities are waiting for you to participate, and a surprise gift is also given!

"sports encyclopedia"

From Xiaobai to an athlete, running skills, sports injuries, healthy recipes, and weight loss strategies …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

"equipment optimization"

How can sports be such a professional thing without equipment? Recommended by elite runners and carefully selected by the government, the quality is guaranteed;


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