Sichuan men are drunk to death after eating the New Year’s party, and when they drink to death, they fall asleep.

Sichuan men are drunk to death after eating the New Year’s party, and when they drink to death, they fall asleep.

  "As long as you are in love, you should fall asleep when you drink to death", and the rhetoric on the wine table turned into a real tragedy: last week, Gao Hua (pseudonym), director of the legal service office of Linshi Town, Fuling, hosted a banquet for local cadres, then went home drunk, went to bed and never woke up.

  Go home drunk and die in bed.

  Yesterday (January 19) morning, the person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that at 1 pm on January 14, Director Gao, who lives in Fuling City, called him and two other comrades in the office to have a group dinner.

  Jiang recalled that two months ago, he became the director of the institute. On the day of the dinner, Jiang had other business and didn’t go to the group annual banquet. The next day, he received a phone call from Gao’s family, saying that something was wrong.

  After 1 pm that day, Jiang rushed to Gaojia and learned what had happened: On the evening of 14th, Gaojia went home to sleep with drunkenness after entertaining guests. At 12 noon the next day, I was still in bed. His family called him to get up for lunch, but no one answered.

  "When the family checked, they found that his body was cold." Jiang said. Afterwards, everyone thought that he was in good health and died of drunkenness.

  I drank 6 liang of white wine before the accident.

  According to an insider, there were 13 people who attended Gao Hua’s banquet that day, including two deputy mayors of Linshi Town, two staff members of the grassroots department of the Judicial Bureau, staff members of the Judicial Office of Linshi City and court staff of Linshi Town.

  The guests recalled that on the same day, Gao frequently toasted the guests during the dinner, and asked everyone to give their support in the work in the coming year. Many guests estimated that Gao had drunk more than six taels of liquor at that time.

  "He has a good capacity for drinking, and he can drink more than a catty at ordinary times." A guest said. They didn’t expect that something happened when they drank more than six taels that day. Another guest said that on that day, after drinking more than six taels of wine, he was dizzy and faltered.

  After the dinner, the guests left one after another. The next day, they received news that Gao was unfortunately drunk to death.

  The family claimed 380,000 yuan from the Justice Bureau.

  Yesterday afternoon, Xiong Yiping, director of the Fuling District Judicial Bureau, told reporters that after the incident, Gao’s family found the Judicial Bureau and thought that Gao died on business: Gao invited guests to dinner, not for himself, but for the legal service office, so Gao’s family claimed 380,000 yuan.

  Director Xiong said that the Bureau of Justice only provides business guidance to the legal service office, and the service office has nothing to do with the Bureau of Justice, whether it is personnel or business, so it is impossible to talk about death in the line of duty. However, considering that Gao’s child is only 14 years old and is in the second grade, the bureau decided to give relief to Gao’s family.

  On the evening of January 16th, with the active handling of the Judicial Bureau, Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association signed an agreement with its family to compensate for financial difficulties. It was revealed that the compensation was more than 200,000 yuan. The day before yesterday, Gao’s body was cremated.

  Director Xiong did not disclose the amount of compensation to reporters, but he did not deny the compensation. He said that compensation is being raised and will be paid to Gao’s family on January 23.

  (3) compensation by government departments

  According to reports, the government of Linshi Town, the district judicial bureau and the district court, where the guests who accepted the banquet on that day, will give certain compensation for difficulties.

  The person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that the Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association initiated more than 10 legal service offices in the district to donate money to Gao’s family: each office donated at most 5,000 yuan and at least 2,000 yuan. This sum will also be part of the difficult compensation.

  There is also a sum of compensation from 13 guests who attended the banquet that day. Director Xiong of the Justice Bureau said: Thirteen guests each donated 1,000 yuan as compensation for Gao’s family. According to the reporter’s understanding, last year, a unit in the district had a treat and a guest was drunk. The court decided to compensate the family members of the deceased according to the proportion of whether the guests participated in persuading or gambling on alcohol.

  Yesterday, a guest who had donated 1000 yuan said that Gao’s unfortunate death made him feel very uncomfortable, and he would drink less in the future. He believes that this is a tragedy caused by the "wine custom". The wine custom of "as long as the feelings are close, you should fall asleep when you drink to death" and "deep feelings and one mouthful stew" should be abandoned. (Nie Chao Teng Zhouhui)

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