World Cup Preview: Dancsics Retreated from Injury! The men’s basketball team won! America is beaten!

World Cup Preview: Dancsics Retreated from Injury! The men’s basketball team won! America is beaten!

The World Cup starts in two weeks, and national teams

Are in full swing for running-in preparations.

China men’s basketball team ushered in an exciting victory.

Beat Cape Verde in Italy’s four-nation tournament.

In this game, Li Kaier did not participate in the battle.

But the men’s basketball team still plays high-quality organization and defense.

Especially Cui Yongxi’s domineering empty dunk in the second quarter.

It shows the indispensable vitality of the new generation men’s basketball team.

Constantly honed, with the in-depth understanding of tactical concepts

I am confident to see the men’s basketball team under the new system

Re-killing in the international arena responds to some heights.

In contrast, the American team seems to be not going well.

The newly formed "dream team" is like a "dream detachment"

At the beginning of joint training, the starting lineup of American men’s basketball team

Actually lost to the selection team who came to practice. …

Cunningham played like Dancsics in the selection team.

One-on-one hit, series from soup to nuts, leading the team to victory.

But Cole said that he was not worried about such a thing at all.

It is an old tradition for the American team to lose to the selection team.

It has happened in the past, and it will not delay the men’s basketball team to win the championship in the end.

At this moment, the real Dancsics is also having a hard time.

Last time we talked about Dancsics, who became the captain.

The first time I led the team, I lost to the Greek team without letters.

Even in the game, I was robbed and dunked by the letter brother.

Brother letter at that time, don’t mention how proud you are.

"Ha ha ha! Scared! Letters are all brothers in front of me! "

Holding my breath, Slovenia and Greece fought for the second time

It’s a pity that Dancsics’s team still lost this time.

Greece finally defeated Slovenia 88-77.

Moreover, Dancsics was injured in the second quarter.

Before the knee injury, he had just scored 18 points.

After the knee injury, Dancsics dropped out of the game directly.

In fact, the injury is not serious, but the knee is very important

For safety reasons, Dong Zi didn’t play in the second half.

But it does not prevent him from continuing to participate in the national team schedule.

The really bad news is that his national team-mates

Cancar, also unfortunately injured his knee in the game.

His injury is much more serious than Dancsics’s.

77 also prayed for the health of his teammates on social media.

But in a high probability, I didn’t run away without the World Cup.

Two consecutive defeats in the warm-up match, and I was slightly injured myself.

An important teammate almost reimbursed the race schedule.

Dancsics’s World Cup trip was not very smooth.

As the strongest player in the international arena at present,

How sure is he to lead the team to win the championship?


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