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Aouita 11 first took Huawei ADS2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, leading the era of intelligent driving.

Aouita 11 is a high-end intelligent electric vehicle, equipped with Huawei’s full-stack smart car solutions, including DriveONE electric drive system, Sound sound system, AR.HUD live projector and so on. Recently, Aouita 11 announced that it will iterate the latest generation of Huawei’s intelligent driving system-ADS 2.0 in the first batch, so as to realize a full-scene intelligent driving experience with high perception, high computing power and high personification.

ADS2.0 is a high-level intelligent driving system released by Huawei on April 16th, 2023. It does not rely on high-precision maps, and can meet more than 90% of application scenarios, with a continuous non-takeover mileage exceeding 200 kilometers. ADS2.0 uses 34 intelligent driving sensors, including 3 laser radars, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 13 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, which realizes 360-degree environmental perception without dead ends. ADS2.0 also has the functions of high-speed NCA intelligent navigation assistance, high-speed ICA intelligent cruise assistance, APA intelligent parking assistance, etc., which can cope with complex traffic situations such as congestion, lane change overtaking and active obstacle avoidance.

Aouita 11 is one of the first vehicles equipped with ADS2.0, and it is also the result of deep cooperation between Huawei and Aouita. Aouita 11 single-motor version was officially launched on March 24th, 2023, with a maximum power of 230kW and a 6-second zero-acceleration capability. Aouita 11 single motor long battery life and long battery life are equipped with 90kWh and 116kWh ternary lithium-ion battery packs respectively, with cruising range of 600 km and 705 km respectively. Aouita 11 also has a 750V high-voltage platform with a maximum charging power of 240kW, which can realize "10 minutes and 200 kilometers" lightning fast charging.

Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Aouita Science and Technology, said: "The Aouita 11 single-motor model gives users the choice of longer battery life, and has no compromise in intelligent driving experience, which shows our determination to stick to the high-end intelligent electric vehicle market and is also the basis for Aouita brand to continue to lead in the new track. We are very honored to cooperate with Huawei in depth to jointly promote the technological progress and innovation of China’s automobile industry. "

It is reported that all users of Aouita 11 can take the lead in upgrading ADS2.0 system through OTA, and enjoy the commercial opportunities in urban areas launched by Huawei. In the second quarter, we began to promote high-precision maps to 5 cities, and in the second half of the year, we will start to push the map-free plan to 45 cities, basically covering major cities in China.

Avatar 2: the first choice for parent-child viewing on New Year’s Day, with special effects far exceeding Marvel superhero blockbusters.

On December 30th, Avatar: The Way of Water (hereinafter referred to as Avatar 2) exceeded $1.1 billion at the global box office. The film is not only a stunning blockbuster with extraordinary visual effects, but also a family film suitable for parent-child viewing.

The line "Children are our weakness and our armor" has aroused the emotional resonance of countless audiences. In the upcoming New Year’s Day holiday, Avatar 2 will still be the first choice for the audience in major movie markets around the world, including China.

As a super 3D visual blockbuster that James Cameron led the team for thirteen years, Avatar 2 is undoubtedly the biggest attraction to attract the audience with its highly realistic visual effects and amazing imagination.

The Pandora planet in the film not only has the fantastic deep forest, strange mountains and rocks, exotic animals and strange-looking Nami in the first film, but also has a magnificent and thrilling underwater world, magical marine life, giant Tukun and winged sea snakes, which obediently become the mount for Nami on the island reef to swim in the ocean.

Whether it’s the forest or the ocean, the mountain or the island reef on Pandora, the expressions or actions of people and animals, the skin or the hair are vivid and subtle, giving people a strong sense of reality that they are immersive and close at hand.

Near the end of the film, Colonel Miles Quaritch leads the earth people to kill Tukun in the ocean and kidnap Jack’s children as hostages. With the help of Nami on the island reef, Jack and his wife fight to the death, and the scene is particularly intense and wonderful.

Judging from the stunning 3D visual effects production level of the whole film, personally, it is far superior to Marvel Comics and DC superhero blockbusters, which undoubtedly represents the highest film industry level in Hollywood and even the world.

Earlier, Cameron criticized Marvel Comics and DC’s movies more than once, saying that Thanos’s motion capture performance in "The Avengers" series was poor. After watching Avatar 2, I found that this is not Cameron’s arrogance, but the fact is true.

Such a top-level visual special effects presentation comes from Cameron’s rich imagination, creative concept of Excellence, investment in shooting and production, and courage to explore and try advanced film technology.

According to media reports, when filming Avatar 2, Cameron moved a huge water tank with a capacity of 900,000 gallons into the studio to simulate the marine environment and truly present the underwater scene. He also developed a motion capture system for underwater shooting and designed and produced underwater 3D shooting equipment.

Although the plot of Avatar 2 is an old routine of Hollywood commercial blockbusters, and there are some logical problems, it shows a strong concept of family affection, and the golden lines about it are impressive, which has aroused the emotional resonance of countless audiences.

Colonel Miles Quaritch, the villain in the film, kidnapped Jack and his wife’s children three times to coerce and force them to submit. Even when the earth people who drive fishing boats hunt Tukun, they also take this despicable means to kill the pregnant Tukun mother.

I have to say,These earthlings are really bad, and they know that "children are the soft underbelly" is not only applicable to animals like humans and Tukun, but also beyond national boundaries and planetary boundaries.

At the end, the child rescued his parents from the underwater shipwreck, so the hero Jack said with emotion, "Children are our weakness and our armor." This Chinese translation line is ingeniously borrowed, which can be called an ingenious translation, and has aroused the emotional resonance of thousands of audiences in Qian Qian.

In addition, "the family will be together!" Other lines about family and affection in films such as "Being a father means protecting your family" also left a deep impression on the audience.

These plots and lines make Avatar 2 not only a stunning blockbuster with extraordinary visual effects, but also a family film suitable for the whole family, and it is the first choice for parents and children to watch movies during the New Year holiday.

According to the Guangzhou Daily reported on December 27th, the proportion of family viewing and parent-child viewing in the audience group of Avatar 2 continued to increase, and "giving children a valuable growing memory" was recognized by many parents and audiences.

Since Avatar 2 was released in the world’s major film markets on December 16th, its global box office of 434.5 million dollars in the first weekend, although it was lower than expected before the release, it still set a new box office record for James Cameron’s films in the same period.

Since then, the box office trend of the film is similar to Titanic and Avatar directed by Cameron, showing strong stamina and being another long-distance runner in the global film market.

According to foreign media reports, Disney, the producer of Avatar 2, predicts that the North American box office of the film is expected to be close to 400 million US dollars by the end of 2022, while the cumulative box office of Avatar in North America at the end of 2009 was 352 million US dollars.

On December 28th, the global box office of Avatar 2 exceeded US$ 1 billion, which was not only faster than that of North America, but also faster than some movie market observers predicted.

For this reason, the New Year’s Day holiday will be a good time for the parents of "Yangkang" in China to take their "soft spots" and go into the cinema to watch Avatar 2. Don’t miss the remaining 20 days.

Domestic medical drama: It is more important to convey warmth than to make explosions.

Li Yu

Medical drama’s Welcome to Maile Village is a major theme work. It is a literary drama broadcast at special nodes such as the 10th anniversary of the "the belt and road initiative" initiative, the 60th anniversary of the dispatch of foreign aid medical teams from China, and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Tanzania. The drama tells the story of China’s foreign aid medical team saving lives and building deep friendship with local people in Africa. From the perspective of medical drama, aiding Africa to medical drama is a major feature of domestic medical drama.

2023 is a big year for medical drama. Many idol dramas focus on medical staff, such as I heard that you like me, my earthly fireworks, and healing lovers. Serious medical career dramas are frequent, including White Castle, Ask Your Heart, Extraordinary Doctor and Welcome to Mai Le Village. In particular, "Ask Your Heart" scored 8.4 points for Douban, which became a new high made in medical drama for many years.

Medical care is closely related to the interests of ordinary people. Medical drama is also a rare theme that can radiate to all levels of society, from life and death to the relationship between doctors and patients, the medical system, and then to all beings in the world. Medical drama’s people’s livelihood genes and social attributes determine that it should be medical drama’s pursuit to bridge social contradictions, protect social conscience and convey warmth and hope, rather than chasing "explosions".

The lack of explosions: medical drama’s tortuous March

Medical drama is a branch of workplace drama, which takes the hospital as the story background, the medical workers as the protagonist, and the medical staff saving lives as the main plot of the story, focusing on presenting the daily work of medical workers, the relationship between colleagues and their patients.

Domestic medical drama can be traced back to the Hippocratic Oath with only two episodes in 1986. The play has an excellent reputation, but due to the creative conditions, medical drama has not become a climate. In 2001, "It’s All Angels’ Trouble" was a romantic idol drama set in a hospital, and medical staff began to become the main characters on the screen. Never Give Up in 2001 is a real medical drama. The Final Diagnosis in 2004, Infinite Life in 2005 and The Lancet in 2009 were broadcast in medical drama, and medical drama gradually matured.

The Doctor’s Kindness in 2010 and Mind in 2012 are landmark works made in medical drama. The Doctor’s Benevolence confronts the contradiction between doctors and patients and eulogizes the doctor’s benevolence, which has been highly praised and won the first prize of the flying prize long TV series; Directed by Yang Yang, written by Zhang Jiayi and starring Christina in 1966, Mind is the first widely discussed medical drama in China, which also makes medical drama a mainstream drama type.

After Mind, medical drama, which is the focus of production, has increased, with more diverse themes and styles. Typical examples include Distance to Love in 2013, Obstetrician, Obstetrician and Gynecology of Love in 2014, Obstetrician Male Doctor, Young Doctor, Story of Emergency Room in 2015, Growing Up, Emergency Doctor, Pediatrician Justices Seeker in 2017, Fall in love with you and cure me in 2019. Domestic medical drama involves various departments, including surgery, emergency department, obstetrics and gynecology, children, psychiatry, etc. Even domestic medical drama has a scarce theme in foreign medical drama: medical aid for foreign countries, such as Take a Deep Breath Together. It is a little regrettable that so far, there has not been a medical drama with explosive broadcast effect, and even from 2013 to 2022, there is no domestic medical drama with a douban score of 8.

The year 2023 will be the turning point of domestic medical drama from quantitative change to qualitative change-a large number, different themes and high quality. For more than ten years, medical drama made in China has matured and its creative paradigm has gradually stabilized.

Presentation of Professionalism: medical drama’s Creative Consensus

As a medical workplace drama, the professional presentation of the profession should have been the foundation of medical drama. As the audience commented on Grey’s Anatomy, "Every chest and abdominal cavity are wide open, and every episode is like a Wikipedia, which broadcasts the explanations of the terms heart valve, duodenal perforation and cardiopulmonary bypass." However, for a long time before, medical drama did not regard "professionalism" as a creative consensus.

On the one hand, the creators don’t know enough about workplace dramas and medical drama, so they can’t accurately grasp the aesthetic principles of this type of dramas. In the end, medical drama often falls in love under the guise of medical treatment, or performs family ethics.

On the other hand, medical drama is a branch of workplace drama which is very difficult to create. Medical drama has a very high threshold, and non-medical professional film and television teams are at a loss about medical knowledge. At the same time, the filming of the operation process needs the support of the fine level of film and television industrialization. After all, many medical devices are very expensive, so it is impossible for the team to buy real devices, and they need to shoot with realistic imitations.

Because of the lack of knowledge and literacy of the main creator, medical drama frequently made mistakes, misled the general audience and was criticized by medical workers. In 2017, the medical community "Lilac Garden" surveyed more than 2,000 doctors, 94% of whom had watched medical TV dramas, and 85.8% of doctors had found mistakes when watching medical TV dramas. Including "no concept of sterility", "I took my glasses with sterile gloves", "I took the film backwards", "I took the CT film and said it was magnetic resonance imaging", "The feeling that the doctor can always put the white coat out of the trench coat without fastening" and "No matter what patient dies suddenly, he will be electrocuted when he comes up".

With more ridicule, the consensus that "professionalism comes first" has gradually been established in medical drama. More and more professionals have joined the screenwriter team, and they have also been supported by professionals in the creative process. In this way, the professional level of medical drama has been significantly improved in recent years.

For example, the screenwriter of "Everything about Dr. Tang" graduated from Wuhan University with a bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine, and went to Beijing to study art only with a master’s degree. Therefore, more than 70% of the episodes of this drama took place in the hospital. White Castle is adapted from an autobiographical novel of the same name by Wang Chenggang, deputy chief physician of anzhen hospital Emergency and Critical Care Center. From the script creation to the shooting of "Ask Your Heart", there are more than 150 senior doctors who form an advisory group, and the creative team will ask experts for advice at any time if they encounter any problems. The main creative team built a real scene of the hospital covering an area of 8,000 square meters, used nearly 200 conventional equipment such as micropumps, ventilators and echocardiography, and rented high-tech medical equipment such as ECMO and IVUS …

It can be said that since 2020, the professionalism of domestic medical drama has made a qualitative leap.

The growth of doctors: medical drama’s "life and death lesson"

It is generally believed that the "double P" principle is the two wheels that drive the medical workplace drama. The first is "professional", that is, the professionalism we mentioned earlier; The second is "personal", that is, personalization. medical drama must focus on the personal growth of doctors.

Every doctor has to undergo the test of "courses" other than medical courses, such as life and death courses. Hospital is a place of hope-it brings many patients back from the brink of death, and the hospital is also a place of despair-there are inevitably too many deaths here. For every new doctor, the medical school has taught them the skills of saving lives, but it may not have taught them the death lesson-how to face the death of patients and how to accept the death of patients. This is the first level that new doctors must pass.

In "White Castle", the new doctors Wang Yangming and Liu Fei were both scared when they suffered the death of a patient for the first time-they were shocked that death was so horrible. "A person who was thinking a few minutes ago, still moving, and even talking to you breathed his last breath, and then gradually became cold and became a lifeless body." After all, doctors must learn to face death calmly and calmly. If you are immersed in pain, "this kind of pain makes you have no courage, and you can’t even do this job in the face of the next patient. Accept the reality, accept the reality that you can’t do anything, and don’t have any emotional color. " Being unemotional is not "apathy", but being more diligent in profession and more serious in attitude, and always having the courage to know that there are tigers in the mountains and favor tigers in the mountains, helping every patient to resist death as much as possible.

It is a doctor’s bounden duty to "heal the wounded and rescue the dying". However, in the specific work practice, doctors often encounter the question of "save or not". For example, in The Extraordinary Doctor, Chen Hui, a new doctor, was on his way to the hospital for an interview when he met a little boy who was hit by high-altitude glass and was dying. Chen Hui judged that the little boy had pneumothorax and needed immediate treatment. He immediately ran to the convenience store, took the art knife, disposable gloves and Erguotou, disinfected it with Erguotou, and gave the little boy a closed chest drainage on the spot. This is a very thrilling emergency rescue. After all, the scene is not a sterile environment at all. Once the chest is opened in the street, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Every operation, the hospital has some procedures to follow. For example, the interns in the ward have no right to dispose, and the tracheotomy needs to be consulted. For example, the operation requires high environment. For example, some operations require the consent of family members … If the doctor violates these procedures-although the starting point is to save people, once the patient has any consequences, the responsibility will have to be borne by the doctor, and the family members may be brought to court, lose money, and may be dismissed. If faced with such a situation, should doctors "save people or protect themselves"? In dramas such as Thank You Doctor and Ask Your Heart, some doctors respect the process, while others think that saving people is the first priority-it is of course important to follow the process, but we can’t let it get stuck in life.

The hospital is a pure white world, but this does not mean that there is no calculation of interests or disputes between right and wrong in the hospital, and it does not mean that doctors and nurses have no selfishness. Where there is a workplace, there are "rivers and lakes", there is the distribution of interests, and there is a conflict between the collective and the individual. Welcome to Maile Village is a major theme of medical drama, but it cuts into the narrative with a grounded doctor’s interest dispute. Ma Jia, the first surgeon in thoracic surgery played by Jin Dong, thought that his professional title was assured and the position of director of thoracic surgery was also in the bag. Unexpectedly, in the end, "both ends failed." At this time, Ma Jia put personal interests first. His initial motivation for joining the medical aid team in Africa was not pure. However, in the process of aiding Africa, Ma Jia gradually realized the collective significance, recovered her initial intention of becoming a doctor, balanced the collective interests and personal interests, and achieved another personal growth.

Through the growth of doctors, the audience deeply realized the doctor’s dilemma, and then empathized with the doctor’s choice, and gained inspiration from it.

The Perfect Doctor: medical drama’s Ideal Call

There are growing doctors in medical dramas, and there is often a perfect doctor who is like a needle in the sea-he is the guide and role model for new doctors, and also medical drama’s imagination and call for ideal doctors.

The "perfection" of the perfect doctor is not the perfection of labeling and shouting slogans, but the firm guardian of their initial intention to become a doctor in the face of the temptation of interests. As a medical drama’s line said, "This is a cost-effective era. All relationships are evaluated by efficiency and interests, and responsibilities and obligations deteriorate into unreasonable sacrifices. Even public welfare and goodwill have to be knocked on the calculator." Even so, Do not forget your initiative mind, the ideal doctor, said, "You should have a conscience in medicine, have confidence in surgery, and be sincere to patients."

As early as 2010, Zhong Lixing, played by Xie Junhao, made many viewers unforgettable. He has superb medical skills, cold outside and hot inside, awe-inspiring justice, chivalrous and soft-hearted, broad-minded, and never gives in to money and power … He is the spiritual leader of many doctors, and he can always remain independent and sober in the face of cross-flow desires.

In Mind, Liu Chenxi played by Zhang Jiayi is also a perfect healer. He has always adhered to the principle of "benevolence and benevolence", but his own daughter is suffering from renal failure and is waiting for a chance to change her kidney. It is not that I have never met a suitable kidney source, but "any doctor will not give up saving lives because of other things before the operating table." In the face of more urgent rescue, the daughter’s kidney source is also "something else." Fortunately, one good deed deserves another. "Luck also has a name, called selflessness. If we live in an environment where everyone is for me, then I am willing to do it for everyone. "

In Welcome to Maile Village, Zu Feng plays Jiang Daqiao as a noble healer. Just after three years of border aid, he was duty-bound to join the African medical team when it needed him. Because of his dedication to the medical cause, he owed money to his family, his marriage broke down, and he finally had a happy time with his daughter and separated. But where the collective needs him, he always stands up without hesitation.

A perfect doctor is a major feature of medical drama made in China. Only under the socialist medical system can we have so many medical staff who are "particularly capable of fighting, suffering and dedication". Although the medical system still needs to be improved, and the contradiction between doctors and nurses still exists, the existence of "perfect doctors" always highlights the lofty sense of the medical profession and always reminds medical staff of their sense of mission-"doctors are the industries that make heroes."

Warm transmission: medical drama’s positive intention

Medical drama, which has been made in China for a long time, is often criticized by critics, who think that this type of drama is not worth shooting without explosions, or deny the progress of medical drama, which is made in China. Domestic medical drama, why is it difficult to explode?

The fundamental reason is that they weaken the contradiction. Specifically, medical drama’s "contradiction" has three aspects: first, the workplace contradiction between doctors, such as the struggle between factions and interests; Second, the contradiction between doctors and patients, which extends the "exposure" of the medical system; Third, through the patient’s sentient beings, it shows the suffering of ordinary families when they encounter diseases and reflects social contradictions.

The creator is not incapable of intensifying and amplifying contradictions. At the beginning of the new century, there was a medical drama whose main purpose was to expose the black, such as Behind the Red Cross in 2005. But this creative tendency is not worth encouraging. First, unlike private medical care in developed countries, China is dominated by public medical care, and the division of interests and factional infighting do not conform to the general situation of public hospitals in China. Secondly, under China’s medical system, doctors and patients are allies and comrades-in-arms. Enlarging the contradiction between doctors and patients and transferring the shortcomings of the medical system to doctors will not only lead to the occurrence of malignant cases such as medical injuries, but also lead to the loss of medical students, and the final consequence will be borne by patients. Thirdly, a serious illness does bring great suffering to ordinary families, but in a documentary like "On Earth" Chinese Doctors, we can still see the kindness, warmth and courage in suffering-this can bring strength to families troubled by the shadow of the disease. If medical drama exaggerates suffering and sadness, it will crush the inner defenses of some patients and their families.

Therefore, the domestic medical drama is not only an entertainment work, but also a social work, and it should have a positive intention-to eulogize the light, not to amplify the darkness; To bridge contradictions, not intensify them; To convey hope, not despair-even at the expense of drama and topicality.

Compared with making explosions, it is more important for medical drama to stick to the correct idea and convey more hope and warmth to the world. Medical drama, who has a good reputation in the past two years, has such a warm texture from Everything about Dr. Tang, White Castle, Ask Your Heart, Extraordinary Doctor and Welcome to Mai Le Village. It can understand the difficulties of doctors, and strive to popularize "doctors are not omnipotent" and "there are still too many difficulties in modern medicine", hoping that patients can get out of the cognitive misunderstanding of "spending money to cure" and reduce misunderstanding and hostility towards doctors.

They also saw the difficulties of countless patients. "There is only one disease in the world, called poverty disease." Some patients have neither medical insurance nor agricultural insurance, and once they are seriously ill, they will go bankrupt. How to improve the coverage of basic medical insurance? Uneven distribution of high-quality medical resources has objectively caused the burden on the top three hospitals, and it is also extravagant for outpatient doctors to fully communicate with patients. How to balance medical resources?

These warm medical drama, let us see the dilemma of both sides-this dilemma can not be completely eliminated for a while, doctors may still be very tired, and some patients will still be very bitter; These warm medical drama convey to us the courage to face, challenge and overcome difficulties-we must constantly solve personal problems through the optimization and improvement of the system; These warm medical drama encourage doctors and patients to put themselves in other’s shoes, care for each other and understand each other, so as to work together to overcome diseases. This is the glorious responsibility and beautiful pursuit of medical drama.

The crazy photos of the big S sisters and Aya have been exposed, and I am afraid that the result will disappoint the Zhang Lan family

In the entertainment circle, there are many amazing stories, and one of them is Huang Zijiao. Although he used to be a lover of Xiao S, recently, his remarks have made many artists become the focus topic. Wang Xiaofei mentioned the drug problem many times, but people didn’t really pay attention to it. Now, Huang Zijiao’s words have caused widespread controversy. Although the studio of Size S issued a statement denying this statement, there are still a large number of netizens who are skeptical.

At that time, Size S took a group photo with Faye Wong, the then diva. Faye Wong wore a relatively conservative dress, but her hairstyle was unique. While the others in their box were dressed in a non-mainstream style. At that time, they were all loyal fans of Faye Wong. However, even at that time, the beauty of the big S has been revealed, and her brilliance is hard to ignore.

In the entertainment circle, the size of S quickly emerged, especially the big S, when she was only 20 years old. An advertisement for Panasonic they participated in was broadcast on CCTV, which was the first time that Wang Xiaofei, then 15, met his future "wife" on TV. Although the big S was not fully mature at that time, she had left a deep impression on Wang Xiaofei.

Big S married Wang Xiaofei, and they jointly run the Taipei South Beauty Restaurant. Big S once supported Wang Xiaofei lovingly. However, ten years of marriage finally collapsed, and Big S returned to her first love, Oba Jun-yup Koo, with two children.

Recently, Wang Xiaofei exposed the high electricity bill of the big S family, which triggered widespread speculation. This event fermented on the Internet, and the popularity of the live broadcast room in Zhang Lan suddenly soared, instead of shopping live broadcast, it became a celebration. Zhang Lan sold "jiaozi" in the live broadcast, and even his clothes changed from blue to red, and the music of "Good Days" was played in the live broadcast room.

Nowadays, the image of the once gentle and lovely size S has become annoying. It is hard for people to believe that these negative messages are related to them. At the same time, Aya has become increasingly intellectual and popular. Her programs and manners are deeply loved by everyone. This shows that in the entertainment circle, it is not enough to rely only on the popularity of many years ago, and artists also need to constantly improve themselves. Especially for the former generation of goddesses, such as Big S, not only her appearance is no longer exquisite, but also her reputation is damaged by divorce.

This picture has a relatively great influence on Aya, who almost fell into depression. For Xiao S, the impact of this incident seems to be small. Maybe she didn’t attract much attention from the beginning.

In the end, this series of events caused career ruin for Huang Zijiao, 51, who was accused of kissing a girl and taking nude photos, and even had to be unfair.

Sorry. At the same time, his wife was involved in the storm and had to apologize for his behavior, which put their family in trouble, especially their young daughter, in chaos.

At the same time, Aya has gradually emerged, and her intellectuality and charm are deeply loved by the audience. Her program and style of speech have gradually gained more recognition. This contrast also makes people wonder how the stars in the entertainment circle can cope with the changes of time and how to maintain their position in the fierce competition.

Although the size S used to be the stars of the entertainment circle, they were inevitably under the pressure and scrutiny of the spotlight. In this highly competitive world, they need to constantly adapt to changes and improve themselves, otherwise they will easily be eliminated by the times.

The heat is miserable! Hiro reimbursed, and Oladipo was put out. Fortunately, Butler was only bruised on his hip.

121-99, although the Heat beat the Bucks at home, they also paid a painful price. When Oladipo made a breakthrough with about 4 minutes left in the last quarter, he was suspected to have been pushed behind by Potis, which caused him to fall to the ground. Oladipo held his left knee for a long time and could not stand up. Finally, he was put out by the staff. Visually, the injury was not optimistic.

Oladipo’s career is rather bumpy. He has been wandering after a serious injury and failed to recover to the pre-injury level. He likes the team culture of the Heat and finally joined the Heat in the middle of the 2020-21 season. Now, at the age of 30, he is at the peak of his career theoretically, but obviously, the injury is not friendly to him.

Oladipo is not the absolute main force in this heat team, but the heat team needs him especially at this time. Hiro has undergone surgery on his right hand because of a broken finger and is expected to miss at least six weeks, which means that the Heat need to reach the finals before Hiro can return to the team. However, with the strength of the Heat, it is really difficult to rush out of the East this season, not to mention a hero who averages 20.1 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists in regular games.

At this time, the Heat certainly needed a substitute like Oladipo to come forward, but in the third game of the series, Oladipo was also injured.

Butler scored 30 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, made 12 of 19 shots, and made 4 of 4 three-pointers, which is the biggest contributor to the Heat’s victory. But in the third quarter, Butler also suffered two heavy falls, one of which was a hard back landing, which took him a long time to get up and missed an offensive round. After that, he limped back to the locker room, and when he returned to the bench in the fourth quarter, his waist and buttocks were wrapped in thick ice packs.

Butler has always been known as a tough guy, and Butler in the playoffs is really bloody enough to be slightly injured. After the game, the Heat officially issued a tweet: Butler suffered a bruise on his hip and his back was not injured. Fortunately, it’s okay to be a star.

To put it bluntly, Hiro was basically reimbursed this season; Oladipo was put out, not optimistic; Butler’s hips are also wrapped up, and it is certainly false to say that there is no influence; It’s even more difficult for the Heat, which is already a pile of draft picks. At this time, we can only pray that the injury will get worse and the Heat will have better luck!

Yongxiu, Jiangxi: More than 4,500 people run the "Migratory Bird Kingdom" at the start of the half marathon.

From: People’s Network-Jiangxi Channel

People’s Daily Online Yongxiu On April 22nd, the much-anticipated "an all-consuming love Dreaming of Wucheng" 2023 Jiangxi Yongxiu Half Marathon started in Wucheng, a migratory bird town in China. More than 4,500 Chinese and foreign racers raced in the hinterland of Poyang Lake, deeply enjoying the beautiful scenery of "World Wetland and Migratory Bird Kingdom" and experiencing the ecological charm of Yongxiu with running and speed.

Certified by China Athletics Association, this competition is co-sponsored by Yongxiu County People’s Government, Jiujiang Wenguang New Tourism Bureau, Jiujiang Sports Bureau and Jiujiang Forestry Bureau, and undertaken by Yongxiu County Wenguang New Tourism Bureau, Yongxiu County Education and Sports Bureau and Yongxiu County Forestry Bureau. A total of three events are set up: half marathon (21.0975km), national fitness running (7.5km) and party member model walking (7.5km). The routes are carefully planned by the organizing committee of the competition, accompanied by birds and flowers all the way, runners can enjoy the natural beauty of spring in Poyang Lake, and also enjoy the elegant demeanor of the migratory bird kingdom and the ancient town with thousands of years.

The contestants started from the tourist center of the migratory bird town in Wucheng, Yongxiu County, and passed through Wucheng scenic spots and landmarks such as Yongwu Highway, Poyang Lake Ecological Civilization Exhibition Center, Ji ‘an Hall, Huanzhen Highway, Wucheng Paigong Lane, which is known as the "most beautiful water highway", and walked through the Poyang Lake Nature Reserve, with birds singing in their ears from time to time, which perfectly integrated sports with nature.

Located in the core area of Poyang Lake ecological wetland, Wucheng is one of the four famous towns in Jiangxi history, a national 4A-level scenic spot and the first "China migratory bird town" in China, with pleasant climate, fresh air and beautiful scenery, which provides an excellent place for all kinds of leisure sports and competitive competitions.

In the end, after fierce competition, China track and field athlete Peng Jianhua won the men’s championship in 1 hour, 07 minutes and 20 seconds. MelkamAlemayehuTassew from Ethiopia won the women’s championship in 1 hour, 12 minutes and 42 seconds. "This is my second visit to Yongxiu. I feel that people here are very enthusiastic and the track is the most beautiful track I have ever seen!" Peng Jianhua said happily at the half marathon award ceremony.

"Take the scene as the medium and make friends with the game. We organically combine sports, characteristic tourism and other advantageous resources to provide a good platform for the holding of sports events. At the same time, this will greatly enhance the popularity of scenic spots in Yongxiu and stimulate the development of local tourism. " The relevant person in charge of the Wenguang New Tourism Bureau of Yongxiu County said that next, Yongxiu will hold many wonderful activities such as cultural festivals, music festivals, cross-country rally races, lobster festivals, etc., to cultivate new highlights of tourism consumption, continue to polish the global tourism brands, and boost the high-quality development of the county’s tourism industry. (Shi Yu, Zheng Wenbin, Li Panpan)