Avatar 2: the first choice for parent-child viewing on New Year’s Day, with special effects far exceeding Marvel superhero blockbusters.

Avatar 2: the first choice for parent-child viewing on New Year’s Day, with special effects far exceeding Marvel superhero blockbusters.

On December 30th, Avatar: The Way of Water (hereinafter referred to as Avatar 2) exceeded $1.1 billion at the global box office. The film is not only a stunning blockbuster with extraordinary visual effects, but also a family film suitable for parent-child viewing.

The line "Children are our weakness and our armor" has aroused the emotional resonance of countless audiences. In the upcoming New Year’s Day holiday, Avatar 2 will still be the first choice for the audience in major movie markets around the world, including China.

As a super 3D visual blockbuster that James Cameron led the team for thirteen years, Avatar 2 is undoubtedly the biggest attraction to attract the audience with its highly realistic visual effects and amazing imagination.

The Pandora planet in the film not only has the fantastic deep forest, strange mountains and rocks, exotic animals and strange-looking Nami in the first film, but also has a magnificent and thrilling underwater world, magical marine life, giant Tukun and winged sea snakes, which obediently become the mount for Nami on the island reef to swim in the ocean.

Whether it’s the forest or the ocean, the mountain or the island reef on Pandora, the expressions or actions of people and animals, the skin or the hair are vivid and subtle, giving people a strong sense of reality that they are immersive and close at hand.

Near the end of the film, Colonel Miles Quaritch leads the earth people to kill Tukun in the ocean and kidnap Jack’s children as hostages. With the help of Nami on the island reef, Jack and his wife fight to the death, and the scene is particularly intense and wonderful.

Judging from the stunning 3D visual effects production level of the whole film, personally, it is far superior to Marvel Comics and DC superhero blockbusters, which undoubtedly represents the highest film industry level in Hollywood and even the world.

Earlier, Cameron criticized Marvel Comics and DC’s movies more than once, saying that Thanos’s motion capture performance in "The Avengers" series was poor. After watching Avatar 2, I found that this is not Cameron’s arrogance, but the fact is true.

Such a top-level visual special effects presentation comes from Cameron’s rich imagination, creative concept of Excellence, investment in shooting and production, and courage to explore and try advanced film technology.

According to media reports, when filming Avatar 2, Cameron moved a huge water tank with a capacity of 900,000 gallons into the studio to simulate the marine environment and truly present the underwater scene. He also developed a motion capture system for underwater shooting and designed and produced underwater 3D shooting equipment.

Although the plot of Avatar 2 is an old routine of Hollywood commercial blockbusters, and there are some logical problems, it shows a strong concept of family affection, and the golden lines about it are impressive, which has aroused the emotional resonance of countless audiences.

Colonel Miles Quaritch, the villain in the film, kidnapped Jack and his wife’s children three times to coerce and force them to submit. Even when the earth people who drive fishing boats hunt Tukun, they also take this despicable means to kill the pregnant Tukun mother.

I have to say,These earthlings are really bad, and they know that "children are the soft underbelly" is not only applicable to animals like humans and Tukun, but also beyond national boundaries and planetary boundaries.

At the end, the child rescued his parents from the underwater shipwreck, so the hero Jack said with emotion, "Children are our weakness and our armor." This Chinese translation line is ingeniously borrowed, which can be called an ingenious translation, and has aroused the emotional resonance of thousands of audiences in Qian Qian.

In addition, "the family will be together!" Other lines about family and affection in films such as "Being a father means protecting your family" also left a deep impression on the audience.

These plots and lines make Avatar 2 not only a stunning blockbuster with extraordinary visual effects, but also a family film suitable for the whole family, and it is the first choice for parents and children to watch movies during the New Year holiday.

According to the Guangzhou Daily reported on December 27th, the proportion of family viewing and parent-child viewing in the audience group of Avatar 2 continued to increase, and "giving children a valuable growing memory" was recognized by many parents and audiences.

Since Avatar 2 was released in the world’s major film markets on December 16th, its global box office of 434.5 million dollars in the first weekend, although it was lower than expected before the release, it still set a new box office record for James Cameron’s films in the same period.

Since then, the box office trend of the film is similar to Titanic and Avatar directed by Cameron, showing strong stamina and being another long-distance runner in the global film market.

According to foreign media reports, Disney, the producer of Avatar 2, predicts that the North American box office of the film is expected to be close to 400 million US dollars by the end of 2022, while the cumulative box office of Avatar in North America at the end of 2009 was 352 million US dollars.

On December 28th, the global box office of Avatar 2 exceeded US$ 1 billion, which was not only faster than that of North America, but also faster than some movie market observers predicted.

For this reason, the New Year’s Day holiday will be a good time for the parents of "Yangkang" in China to take their "soft spots" and go into the cinema to watch Avatar 2. Don’t miss the remaining 20 days.


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