Aouita 11 first took Huawei ADS2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, leading the era of intelligent driving.

Aouita 11 first took Huawei ADS2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, leading the era of intelligent driving.

Aouita 11 is a high-end intelligent electric vehicle, equipped with Huawei’s full-stack smart car solutions, including DriveONE electric drive system, Sound sound system, AR.HUD live projector and so on. Recently, Aouita 11 announced that it will iterate the latest generation of Huawei’s intelligent driving system-ADS 2.0 in the first batch, so as to realize a full-scene intelligent driving experience with high perception, high computing power and high personification.

ADS2.0 is a high-level intelligent driving system released by Huawei on April 16th, 2023. It does not rely on high-precision maps, and can meet more than 90% of application scenarios, with a continuous non-takeover mileage exceeding 200 kilometers. ADS2.0 uses 34 intelligent driving sensors, including 3 laser radars, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 13 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, which realizes 360-degree environmental perception without dead ends. ADS2.0 also has the functions of high-speed NCA intelligent navigation assistance, high-speed ICA intelligent cruise assistance, APA intelligent parking assistance, etc., which can cope with complex traffic situations such as congestion, lane change overtaking and active obstacle avoidance.

Aouita 11 is one of the first vehicles equipped with ADS2.0, and it is also the result of deep cooperation between Huawei and Aouita. Aouita 11 single-motor version was officially launched on March 24th, 2023, with a maximum power of 230kW and a 6-second zero-acceleration capability. Aouita 11 single motor long battery life and long battery life are equipped with 90kWh and 116kWh ternary lithium-ion battery packs respectively, with cruising range of 600 km and 705 km respectively. Aouita 11 also has a 750V high-voltage platform with a maximum charging power of 240kW, which can realize "10 minutes and 200 kilometers" lightning fast charging.

Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Aouita Science and Technology, said: "The Aouita 11 single-motor model gives users the choice of longer battery life, and has no compromise in intelligent driving experience, which shows our determination to stick to the high-end intelligent electric vehicle market and is also the basis for Aouita brand to continue to lead in the new track. We are very honored to cooperate with Huawei in depth to jointly promote the technological progress and innovation of China’s automobile industry. "

It is reported that all users of Aouita 11 can take the lead in upgrading ADS2.0 system through OTA, and enjoy the commercial opportunities in urban areas launched by Huawei. In the second quarter, we began to promote high-precision maps to 5 cities, and in the second half of the year, we will start to push the map-free plan to 45 cities, basically covering major cities in China.


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