Hand-made, health-preserving, zero-added … Is "online celebrity Mooncake" really what you think?

Hand-made, health-preserving, zero-added … Is "online celebrity Mooncake" really what you think?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 22nd: Handwork, Health Preservation and Zero Addition … … Is "online celebrity Moon Cake" really what you think?

  Xinhua News Agency "China Net" reporter

  Abalone, bullfrog, crayfish, fruit … … What stuffing do you eat for moon cakes? As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, some "online celebrity moon cakes" with the signs of "keeping healthy" and "handcrafted" are becoming popular in the circle of friends and major shopping websites. However, the reporter’s investigation found that there are some problems such as false propaganda behind these moon cakes. Relevant people suggest that we should strengthen the supervision of seasonal goods such as moon cakes on the internet, and consumers should also distinguish clearly when purchasing.

  Is "online celebrity moon cake" really all like "honey talk"?

  A few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the private kitchen moon cake makers in the circle of friends have started the pre-sale mode, and zero addition and no preservatives are the most common signs for businesses.

  "It was originally made by hand. As a result, the moon cakes bought were not right, and the yolk was too dry to bite. It felt like old stuffing." Ms. Zhang from Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province said that a few days ago, she bought a box of handmade moon cakes in a micro-store made by a chef. "The moon cakes claimed to be ‘ Zero addition ’ The price is not expensive. After buying it back, I found that there was a feeling of being fooled, and the remaining moon cakes had to be thrown away. "

  "At that time, I mainly saw that the mooncake packaging was simple and fashionable, and it was zero-added, which met my aesthetics and requirements. With the recommendation of friends, I wanted to buy a box first." Ms. Zhang then consulted a professional, and the other party said that although some sellers claimed that the mooncakes were all made by hand from the crust to the stuffing, there were no additives and preservatives, in fact, the additives and preservatives brought into the products by raw materials were almost inevitable.

  The reporter also found that the gimmicks of some "abalone moon cakes" and "health moon cakes" are often greater than the essence.

  The reporter tried to buy an "abalone moon cake" with a price of 268 yuan online. In its ingredient list, the reporter saw that the content of abalone was greater than 3%, but under questioning, the store explained that abalone was "abalone flavor, not abalone meat". And some consumers commented under another store selling "abalone moon cakes" that "abalone is rare, just like eating steamed stuffed buns".

  In addition, a "health moon cake" in the online store also sold well. The ingredients are clearly marked with four kinds of medicinal materials: Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Alba and Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong, and it is claimed in the publicity that the moon cake has the effects of "regulating menstruation and removing blood stasis, invigorating the middle energizer, nourishing yin and not getting tired".

  In this regard, Zhang Jian, director of the Shaanxi Health Managers Association and a national first-class health manager, said that from the perspective of effect, health preservation generally takes a certain course of treatment, but moon cakes are seasonal foods, and they are often eaten only once or twice. It is impossible to achieve some effects.

  There are standards for production, and "online celebrity moon cakes" may be "unreliable"

  It is understood that in 2015, the new standards for moon cakes published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee refined the characteristics and processing techniques of moon cakes, and even made requirements for the naming of moon cakes. For example, the lotus seed content in lotus seed fillings of lotus seed moon cakes should be no less than 60%; Only when the lotus seed content is 100% can it be called pure lotus seed paste; The content of chestnut in the stuffing of chestnut-like moon cakes should not be less than 60%; The amount of fruit and its products in the stuffing of fruit moon cakes should be no less than 25%.

  The reporter learned from an interview with the food and drug supervision department that if enterprises adopt this standard, moon cakes must be made according to the guiding standards; Enterprises can also adopt their own standards for production. No matter what method is adopted, there must be standards for filing with the regulatory authorities to facilitate supervision.

  For the "moon cakes for private kitchens" which focus on the concepts of "zero addition" and "pure manual production and sale" sold in Wechat business. According to industry insiders, if these "private kitchen moon cakes" do not have the corresponding food production and circulation qualifications, they are "three no products" and there are food safety hazards. Once food safety problems occur, it is difficult to defend rights such as disputes and refunds.

  For some moon cakes that claim to have health care function, if the manufacturer does not apply for registration of the approval number of health food products, it is a false and illegal product. Consumers can check the approval number on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration to distinguish the authenticity.

  According to the Interim Provisions on the Publication of Food Advertisements, ordinary food advertisements may not publicize health care functions, nor may they express or imply their health care functions by publicizing the functions of certain ingredients. If you find such a situation, you can report it to the regulatory authorities.

  "online celebrity Moon Cake" should be purchased cautiously.

  Yuan Changhao, a lawyer of Guizhou Guida Law Firm, said that abalone, health care and handmade moon cakes are popular in the market, reflecting the growing health needs of the masses. On the other hand, due to the lag of relevant regulatory measures and the poor identification ability of the masses, some lawless elements are greedy for profits and exploit regulatory loopholes, which makes some consumers fall into the trap and suffer losses.

  At present, special rectification of the seasonal food market such as moon cakes is being set off all over the country. Beijing Food and Drug Administration carried out full coverage sampling inspection for 53 mooncake manufacturers, and piloted the implementation of the "Seasonal Food Daily System". Guizhou Food and Drug Administration has strict access, strict supervision and strict inspection to ensure the safety of the moon cake market. Especially after the Mid-Autumn Festival, it will also follow up the disposal of moon cakes in stock of production enterprises to prevent enterprises from using recycled raw materials for reproduction.

  In the actual process of handling cases, some law enforcement officials said that if false propaganda is identified as false advertising on the Internet, it should be under the jurisdiction of the industrial and commercial authorities where the advertisement publisher is located according to relevant regulations. Cases are often time-consuming, and it is difficult to obtain evidence and investigate responsibility. In addition, cross-regional law enforcement cooperation is needed, and law enforcement costs are high.

  Law enforcement officials reminded consumers to be vigilant about "online celebrity moon cakes", not only looking at the packaging, but also paying attention to the labels, production dates and other signs. When buying moon cakes, choose merchants with food production and operation qualifications and high credit evaluation, and confirm the shelf life of moon cakes, especially some moon cakes that are now sold, and confirm the delivery time to prevent them from expiring. In addition, you should also keep relevant shopping vouchers for the purpose of returning goods and safeguarding rights.

  As consumers’ shopping needs gradually shift from offline to online, some places have started to track online cases through big data screening and investigate them in time. Law enforcement officials suggested that the governance system should be improved, grassroots law enforcement should be strengthened, and social participation should be mobilized to form a joint force of supervision. Further strengthen advertising-oriented supervision and urge operators to exercise self-discipline to maintain market order.

  Yuan Changhao said that in the online market with mixed products, it is urgent for the regulatory authorities to strictly control the examination and approval and circulation, and to make the criminals feel "painful", praise the high-quality products and blacken the unscrupulous profiteers. (Reporter: Zhang Bin, Xiao Yan, Li Wei, Li Qiang)


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