Chongqing’s deputy mayor says taxi companies have the best returns in the world

Chongqing’s deputy mayor says taxi companies have the best returns in the world

  The Beijing News reported on December 2According to Xinhua News Agency, since November, Chongqing, Hainan Sanya, Gansu Yongdeng and Guangdong Shantou and other places have a series of taxi strikes. Taxi strikes are frequent, from one side of the refraction of monopoly.

  The right to operate a taxi was fired to millions

  In response to the taxi industry monopoly, Chongqing’s "brother" Yang Xiaoming proposed the idea of "People’s Taxi Company" three years ago. However, when Yang Xiaoming applied to the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Administration for "taxi operation indicators", he was rejected.

  In fact, what Yang Xiaoming was denied was a monopolistic public resource – the right to operate taxis.

  At present, the taxi operating rights used by taxi companies are transferred by the government in the form of "concessions". At first, they were mostly transferred for free or at a low price, but they were monopolized and speculated by some companies. In some cities, the operating rights of a taxi were speculated to millions of yuan.

  Taxi companies return’best in the world’

  Huang Qifan, vice mayor of Chongqing, said in a discussion with taxi drivers that the taxi company takes about 70% of the money. After deducting costs and taxes such as car purchases, a car has a profit of about 40,000 yuan per year. The average annual income is 50%, and some even as high as 70%. It is really "the industry with the best return on investment in the world."

  Some drivers say taxi companies are simply a "rentier" class created by a monopoly.

  Transportation department research will issue a new policy

  Experts believe that the top priority is for government departments to take measures as soon as possible to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. Such as mandatory "three insurance" protection, formulating the maximum price of "part money", and providing unified and standardized contract models. The second is to break the monopoly of the industry.

  According to the reporter, the State Council has identified the transportation department as the competent department of the taxi industry. At present, the transportation department is investigating the deep-seated problems of the taxi industry and will take policy measures to solve the historical legacy problems.

  The latest data shows that there are more than 1 million taxis legally operating in the country, and there are about 2 million "brother" in the country.

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  Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shanghai punish "black cars"

  According to Xinhua News Agency, recently, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places have taken measures to crack down on illegal vehicles such as "black cars".

  The Chongqing Public Security Bureau has identified key areas for the illegal operation of motor vehicles in the main urban area, including railway stations, bus stations and areas around the airport, in order to focus on cracking down on "black cars".

  On the 1st, Guangzhou began a three-day large-scale surprise operation to rectify illegal operations. On the same day, a total of 81 vehicles suspected of illegal operation were seized and dealt with, of which 51 were detained by the transportation administration department according to the law, and 21 vehicles suspected of illegal operation with incomplete documents were seized by the traffic police department.

  On the same day, 21 law enforcement units in Shanghai established the "Railway Shanghai Station Regional Linkage Law Enforcement Brigade" to jointly control "black cars" and other illegal acts in the Shanghai Railway Station area.

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