2024 Guangzhou May 1 Firefly Exhibition Time

2024 Guangzhou May 1 Firefly Exhibition Time

  Holding time:May 1, 2024-May 4, 2024

  Exhibition locationPoly World Trade Expo Hall

  ▲ Field use specifications:

  1. In order to ensure the smoothness and safety of the venue, please use the light stand in the light stand area of the photography area. If there is no special light stand area, please use the light stand in the photography area.

  2. It is forbidden to use the lamp holder (including the photography area) within 3 meters of the window. If the staff asks to move the lamp holder, please actively cooperate;

  3. It is forbidden to enter public or private fountains, board rooftops and other restricted areas that are forbidden to enter, stand on railings for dangerous shooting, and shoot in the middle of the road.

  4. Close the museum and clear the field. To ensure personal safety, please follow the instructions and leave in time. 5. It is forbidden to destroy the layout and decoration of the booth. Without the consent of the stall owner, it is forbidden to take the items of the booth (including but not limited to goods, layout and decoration) away from the site. 

  ▲ Other precautions:

  1. Please take care of your personal belongings and beware of thieves. If you lose them, please report them to the on-site service center or consult. If you find valuables, please give them to the on-site service center for safekeeping.

  2. If there is a large flow of people at the scene, please cooperate with the staff to ease the congestion; If relatives and friends are separated, you can contact the on-site police or the on-site service center for assistance.

  3. In case of deaf-mute fraud, please contact the staff, and the organizing committee will follow up the case as soon as possible.

  4. No pets allowed.

Tips: WeChat searches for WeChat official account [Guangzhou Local Treasure], and after paying attention, the dialog box replies that [Firefly] won the time/place of Guangzhou Firefly 2024, the entrance of ticket purchase for comic exhibition+the entrance of free travel registration, time/place/guests/performance schedule.


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