Animation event, hot opening

Animation event, hot opening









On the morning of June 20th, the 19th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival was officially opened at Baima Lake in Hangzhou.

It is understood that the theme of this animation festival is "Animation Capital, the City of Asian Games", which lasts for five days, and more than 20 items are organized in five major sections: competitions, exhibitions, forums, business and activities. The main venue is located in Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the sub-venue is located in cartoon museum, China. 469 enterprises and organizations from 59 countries and regions, thousands of exhibitors, merchants and professionals participated in the exhibition, and internationally renowned animation companies such as Pixar, Disney and Sony, as well as more than 650 brand IPS, made a concentrated appearance at the animation festival.

In order to facilitate the majority of anime fans to better watch the exhibition, the reporter combed a number of distinctive booths at the animation festival Expo on June 20 and made a "punch card strategy". Let’s take a look first.

Recommended booth 1: Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee booth

Coordinates: A1-8

Almost everyone who enters Hall A of Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center will be attracted by the "Asian Games Purple". At the entrance of the booth of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, the mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games "Chen Chen", "Cong Cong" and "Lian Lian" are particularly eye-catching. If the time is right, the mascot doll will also take photos and interact with everyone on the spot.

The booth also shows the newly released medal "Hushan" of Hangzhou Asian Games, and the Hang Cheng scroll of "Three Clouds and One City" carefully outlined by lines on the medal can be clearly seen. At the same time, three comic book excerpts and five animation works that won the final prize in the original animation competition of the Asian Games Organizing Committee are also on display.

In addition, visitors can buy licensed products of Hangzhou Asian Games in the licensed products area of the booth, and also experience the AI dressing of etiquette costumes of Hangzhou Asian Games on the spot.

Recommended booth 2: Electric Soul Network

Coordinates: A1-11, 13, 15

The booth of Hangzhou Electric Soul Network Technology Co., Ltd. is not far from the booth of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee. According to reports, the real heroes of games such as Dream of Three Kingdoms 2 and national dance will be displayed on the stage of the booth from time to time.

This year is the Asian Games Year in Hangzhou, and Dream of Three Kingdoms 2 has been identified as one of the e-sports events of the Asian Games. "To this end, we built a stage area and a game demo area, and brought some sports game interactions." The person in charge of the electric soul network brand introduced that the booth will also arrange the Guofeng e-sports competition, and on the Dragon Boat Festival, there will be "mysterious guests" coming to the scene to bring you an e-sports competition show. If you also love e-sports, you may wish to come to the scene at that time.

Recommended booth 3: Zhongnan Cartoon

Coordinates: A1-6

Zhongnan Cartoon moved the 20th birthday party to the animation festival. To enter the booth, you must first cross a "just visiting", where you can see the classic cartoon images created by Zhongnan cartoons in the past 20 years.

There are many experience activities in the booth, such as the somatosensory game specially developed and designed by Zhongnan Cartoon for this year’s Animation Festival. You can control the glider on the screen to dive forward and overlook the whole picture of Baima Lake and cartoon museum in the air just by swinging your arms and moving sideways. In addition, children can color the image in "Le Bi You You" on the spot and add favorite elements; The holographic cabin with full sense of science and technology can interact with virtual digital people in real time across space; Participate in cartoon image design, and it will begin to perform immediately after completion; The "live version" of Tianyan and Xiangling will also appear on the scene. Welcome to take photos and "punch in".

Recommended booth 4: Hello Kitty Paradise

Coordinates: A1-12

With pink arrangement and lovely plush, Hello Kitty Paradise can be called the most tender booth in this animation festival. Visitors can participate in the lucky draw at the booth and have the opportunity to draw tickets for Hello Kitty Paradise. The booth also specially arranged a castle wall as the background wall for the audience to "punch in", which made people feel like they were in Hello Kitty Paradise.

In addition, at a specific time, the audience can also attend the meeting of Sanrio’s "big stars" such as Hello Kitty and Big Eared Dog, and all the interactive needs of taking photos, hugging and ultra-close contact can be met.

Recommended booth 5: Hangzhou Public Security "Police Uncle"

Coordinates: A1-18

Hangzhou Public Security made its debut with a number of derivative Q versions of "Uncle Police" IP, and the live activities were also full of experience. For example, what is the experience of wearing an explosive suit that is 35 kg and difficult to carry with both hands? Needless to say, there was a long queue for the live experience on June 20, so you should remember to take a seat as early as possible if you have the heart to experience it. In addition, the audience can also wear FPV (first view) glasses at the booth to experience the speed and passion of flying through the plane.

It is understood that there are police uncles of different police types "on duty" every day at the booth, including anti-fraud police. The audience can receive the "Zheli Hangjing 2" expression pack for free by scanning the code on the spot, and they can also taste the "police tea" specially prepared by the police uncle.

Recommended booth 6: bilibili

Coordinates: B1-16

Bilibili’s booth is one of the most crowded and hottest booths for young people at the Animation Festival Expo. After receiving the card at the entrance certification center, the audience can participate in activities such as "fishing", "playing music" and "fan inscription", and have a chance to win prizes such as "small TV" big pillow and theme skateboard.

This year, the big member supply station was launched for the first time in the booth, which provided a rest space for the certified members of the "special forces" exhibition, provided free drinks and charging treasures, and occasionally replenished snacks.

Recommended booth 7: Great technology

Coordinates: B1-14

How to play the meta-universe? Hangzhou local enterprises have brought some new answers with great technology.

According to the person in charge of the booth, Dayou Technology is the first metacosmic enterprise in China to create the next generation of Internet content ecology with an open platform model. At this animation festival Expo, Dayou Technology showed a variety of technical application cases, allowing everyone to experience the asymmetric interactive social gameplay in the meta-universe, and let VR users play with a large number of mobile phone users. At the same time, the scene also brought high-tech highlights to the audience, such as the popular Meta-Universe Concert at Tokyo IT Exhibition and the opening drama Faust of the Meta-Universe Drama Festival attended by more than 1,000 people in Beijing 798 Art Park.

Recommended booth: Exhibition of Excellent Works of "I am the King of Animation"

Coordinate: B2 atrium

On the 2nd floor of Hall B of Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, an exhibition of outstanding works of the "I am the king of animation" contest, jointly sponsored by Hangzhou Animation and Game Industry Development Center, Hangzhou Education Bureau and Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group, is on display. This year’s exhibition has specially set up a graffiti wall, which welcomes animation lovers to play on the spot.

After 15 years, the contest "I am the king of animation" has become an important carrier for cultivating young people to form socialist core values, and an important platform for young people in Hangzhou to show themselves by cartoons and depict the image of Hangzhou as the "animation capital".

Special reminder

Due to the large traffic during the animation festival, it is suggested that the audience choose bus and subway for green travel. In order to facilitate the general public to travel by public transport, five subway stations, namely Jiangling Road, Binkang Road, Jucai Road, Changhe and People’s Square, have set up free shuttle bus lines and free transfer lines to the parking lot.

For more information, please follow China International Cartoon & Animation Festival’s official WeChat and Weibo.


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