I just want you to calm down and look at the beauty | Blade Runner 2049

I just want you to calm down and look at the beauty | Blade Runner 2049

   Special feature of 1905 film network It’s definitely a movie that blows up the circle of friends. Its popularity is like durian. Those who like to watch it hold it to the altar, but those who don’t like it think it’s extremely boring. It’s better to brush the iron fist brother next door.

    The polarization of evaluation also caused the word-of-mouth explosion of Blade Runner 2049, and the ending of the box office was applauded by professionals and even given."Best Science Fiction Film of 2017"However, the box office has not exceeded 100 million since its release, which is a great shame for an imported film!

Commander Gao’s face can’t save the box office on the street.

     The film was criticized only because of the slow pace, but is it strange that the pace is slow? Isn’t the rhythm of the old version 30 years ago slower than the speed of losing meat when you lose weight? Blade Runner 2049 30 years later can only be regarded as a continuation of the style of the previous generation.

Harrison Ford, who was young in those years

      Although the two works are 30 years apart, they both create an extreme atmosphere of Cyberpunk — — Cold and depressing & a cold sense of science fiction. In particular, this cold and dark tone has made many people say that it is simply too good to sleep. However, Ayi, who made up for blade runner for Blade Runner 2049, watched two movies in succession, and really wondered how those people fell asleep. With such attractive and foreign actresses sitting in the town, sleeping would not exist, OK?


Cyberpunk is a branch of science fiction, mostly for discussion.

The contradiction between the progress of science and technology and human nature.

At present, the recognized keywords of Cyberpunk are:

High-tech, social order collapse, dystopia, cyberspace

Blade runner’s Cyberpunk Wind Scene

      The costumes of the female characters in the film are very sci-fi, and they are so fashionable that you can still see these elements on the shows of major brands, so you don’t understand the director’s profound meaning at all. The director obviously wants you to calm down and have a good look at those beautiful women in Cyberpunk!

     Rachel is the main character running through the two films "Blade Runner". Besides the temperament of melancholy and elegance, the most impressive thing is the silhouette suit she wears in the film. Wide shoulders can shrink the waist visually, and the design of the waist and hip skirt highlights the figure more perfectly.

     At the same time, the exaggerated shoulder silhouette design adds a neutral temperament to it, and indirectly highlights the character Rachel.Stubborn personality. The whole shape is angular, like a moving inverted triangle … but this square design also makes this suit very futuristic — —


The elements of the silhouette look retro, but now it is still regarded as a treasure by Balmain, and the silhouette design can be seen in the big show every year. Although compared with the shape in the movie, it has converged a lot, but it can still be seen that it is intentionally treated at the shoulder, which visually creates the impression of an inverted triangle and makes your waist look thinner by two or three circles — —

Balmain Paris Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2018

     This style has also been exported in the new version of Blade Runner 2049. Luv, the replica of "Strive to Be the best" in the film, has a feeling of learning from Rachel in style. Although it is not as exaggerated as Rachel, it can still be seen in the shape of the suit.

     Rachel’s other eye-catching look is this warm-looking Mao Mao coat. Although it is exaggerated, it makes Rachel stand out from the crowd.Highlight her noble and special status.. Although this style is very comfortable to wear, it requires a strict figure and appearance. If you are not foreign-style and not tall, then you may be no different from the garlic girl. …

      Mariette, the new sister in Blade Runner 2049, is also very keen on this Mao Mao element, but she is younger in styling. The coat uses brighter colors and more layers. If Rachel’s Mao Mao coat is an elegant celebrity, Mariette is a rebellious girl with a hot personality & mdash; —

Although "blade runner" was a film in 1982, the Mao Mao element was a hot element in autumn and winter of 2017, and many street shots showed online celebrity bloggers hiding in furry coats. For example, chiara, a space blogger, dressed herself up as pink furry when she participated in Paris Fashion Week in spring and summer of 2018 — —

      I believe that many fat friends are obsessed with Gao Commander’s AI girlfriend Joi after watching the movie. The appearance is considerate and can be changed at any time, and the clothes are still super high! For example, this modern yellow raincoat is definitely the next explosion of a treasure!

     In fact, this is not the first time in the blade runner series that there is a raincoat shape. In the old version, Zhora, the clone, has worn a similar model, but it is just an ordinary transparent basic model, which is not as good as the new version in color and design ~

As a fashion item, raincoat has become more decorative than practical, and it is often used as an ornament of modeling — —

New York Fashion Week Street Shooting in Spring and Summer of 2018

     Sometimes it will appear as an element in the show, and it will cooperate with other fabrics to make the whole set look more futuristic — —

2015 new york Spring and Summer Fashion Week Lisa Perry Brand Show

     It is said that Blade Runner 2049 is completely capable of competing with the old version, and it can definitely be called a landmark science fiction film. However, I have to admit that in terms of clothing modeling, the old version can still be dumped by the new version. After all, Michael Caplan was the designer of the old fashion, and this Michael is also a series of fashion designs.

Michael Caplan

     For example, in the old version, the stunning snake lady Zhora’s perspective dress style is not even a set of clothes, but a lot of sequins are stuck on her body, but it successfully shows.The charm and danger of snake lady— —

     At the Spring/Summer Fashion Week in London in 2014, Julian Macdonald also played with perspective elements. He also clung embroidery and sequins to his body, but he was a lot conservative, at least like a serious dress. ..

     In addition to this, there is a replica of Pris’s tulle punk style. Although wearing soft tulle, black and personalized tailoring make this style full of punk feeling, which also shows the character of Pris.Unrestrained and longing for freedom— —

     The Valentino brand show in the 2016 Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week also appeared in a black tulle shape, but it was a little more fairy than in the movie. After all, Valentino …


    "Blade Runner 2049" is really not a popcorn chip that entertains the public. There are plenty of things under the appearance of Cyberpunk.Whether humans and technology coexist?The profound discussion is also right.A Philosophical Exploration of Self-cognition. You can’t tie up this film with fast pace and visual stimulation.

     But you can appreciate the girl inside with your beautiful eyes (rubbing hands excitedly).


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