Sad! The last of the three major crimes of the former Football Association’s senior officials was too speechless.

Sad! The last of the three major crimes of the former Football Association’s senior officials was too speechless.

China’s football has stagnated in recent years, except that the mechanism of football development has not been established, which is also related to the low management level or even tinkering of some Football Association officials. Due to the special employment mechanism in China, some officials who are not football majors or even sports majors have been assigned to important positions of the Football Association. They don’t understand the law of football development, but in order to leave some achievements, they prefer tinkering, which is even more harmful to the football industry. Recently, Qin Yun, a well-known media person, published a special article, revealing the absurd past of a senior official of the Football Association. After reading the article, some fans felt that it is the biggest support for China football that Football Association officials do nothing.

First, restrict players’ free transfer and collect money for buying roads.

According to Qin Yun, the leader of the Football Association is well versed in the truth that relying on mountains to feed on water. Due to the economic downturn in the north in recent years, many northern football clubs have reduced their investment and their performance has declined, forcing some high-level players to seek development opportunities in the south. Previously, because the professionalization of football has just begun, free transfer has not been popularized. If you want to transfer, you must get the consent of the leader of the local football association. Many excellent football players in this area have to pay a lot of money to the leader for the transfer, and it is said that the leader of the football association has achieved financial freedom by this.

Second, the business dwarf made a lot of jokes

The biggest problem of this leader is that his professional level is low. He is not a football professional. When he is in a leadership position, he has no time to systematically learn football professional knowledge, so he has made many jokes. It is said that after he took office, he once gave a meeting to the women’s football team, as if to emphasize that we should not give up easily in the game and strive for miracles. He mentioned that the South Korean team reached the semi-finals in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, and he called Jung Hwan Ahn, the winner of Italy, an Zaiheng, who was actually a table tennis player. Also in 2006, the Football Association organized leaders to watch the World Cup in Germany. He knew that the Italian central defender Cannavaro, who was only 176 cm tall, was good, but he didn’t even know his name. As long as Cannavaro was mentioned later, he said that he was not tall.

Third, bad ideas continue to lead to the elimination of the preliminaries

In fact, it doesn’t matter if a leader doesn’t know football. As long as he doesn’t fiddle around, he can get good results by fully authorizing subordinates who know football, but he is afraid of such leaders who don’t know how to pretend to understand and often make bad ideas. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the leader planned to hold the North-South Division of the Super League in order to make a good promotion and make a fortune, but the result was that it might cause destructive damage to the league and was opposed by everyone. In order to improve the strength of the Olympic team, he wanted to upgrade the Olympic team to the national team and let the Olympic team warm up with other national teams. As a result, this plan also met with strong resistance. Due to the changing ideas of the leaders and the fact that these plans did not respect the rules of football, the Olympic team as the host team did not qualify, and the national football team was eliminated early in the preliminaries.

Of course, it is still unknown whether the news that Qin Yun broke is true or not. After all, there are many media outlets that rely on all kinds of news to rub traffic. If there is a real problem, please ask him to come up with real evidence. However, some fans said that Qin Yun’s news has time and place, and it is also in line with the great events that happened in the football circle in the past. It is unlikely to be fabricated, otherwise the level of this story-maker is too high. He suggested that people in relevant departments should follow these clues to check.

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