"Platform + Park" empowers Deepin Line · Qingdao Station: Deepening platform application, CAOS helps create a new high ground for digital economy

"Platform + Park" empowers Deepin Line · Qingdao Station: Deepening platform application, CAOS helps create a new high ground for digital economy

  On December 16th, "Industrial Internet Platform + Park" empowered Deepin Line · Qingdao Station was held online. This event was guided by the Organizing Committee of the World Industrial Internet Industry Conference and jointly organized by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, Haiercaos IoT Technology Co., Ltd., and Sino-German Ecological Park. It aims to promote the integrated development of "Platform + Park", create a new high ground for regional digital economy, deepen the application of industrial Internet platforms, and transform regional development momentum.

  Lu Yang, Deputy Director of Qingdao Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, He Xiaolong, Deputy Director of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, Tao Wei, Director of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center System Institute, and other leaders attended and delivered speeches. Representatives of key industrial Internet platforms and industry enterprises attended and shared the keynote to jointly explore the practical experience and solutions to promote the development of "platform + park".

  Deeply empowered to promote the integrated development of "platform + park"

  As an important carrier for the comprehensive connection of all elements, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain of the industrial economy, the industrial Internet platform empowers the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry while continuously expanding the scope of application. Promoting the integrated development of "Industrial Internet + Park" is an important measure to create a new high ground for the regional digital economy. It is of great significance for deepening the application of the industrial Internet platform, accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, and transforming the momentum of regional economic development.

  Lu Yang pointed out that in recent years, Qingdao City has adhered to the industrial Internet as the main thread connecting the economic development of the city, deeply implemented the "Industrial Empowerment Qingdao" and the "Four New Navigators", and took the lead in exploring the creation of a new type of industrialization "Qingdao Model" that empowers 100 industries to transform, data-driven upgrades of thousands of enterprises, and scenarios support application landing. In the next step, Qingdao City will lead the industry, replicate the model, and output capabilities to optimize the platform ecological construction model, strengthen the application scenario empowering model, and strengthen the international cooperation and opening model.

  He Xiaolong said that industrial parks are responsible for a series of important missions such as gathering innovative resources, cultivating emerging industries, and promoting urbanization. At present, the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center promotes ideas and practices for the work of "Platform + Park", and has achieved certain results in standard development, model system, and ecological cooperation. In the next step, the center will deeply implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and actively promote the high-quality development of "Platform + Park".

  Tao Wei said that the research report on the "Industrial Internet + Platform" empowerment mechanism comprehensively expounds the development needs of the park, the platform empowerment mechanism, application scenarios, the digital construction of the park and policy suggestions, which will provide a useful reference for the construction of the industrial park and provide support for the digitization of the park.

  Multi-party discussions to build a new ecosystem for the industrial Internet industry

  During the event, around the practical experience and solutions of "Platform + Park", the participating industrial Internet platforms and industry enterprise representatives shared the theme, providing development suggestions and paths for the popularization of advanced experience and the promotion of excellent cases, and the construction of a new ecosystem of industrial Internet industry that can cooperate and win-win.

  Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park, Qingdao City Brain Investment and Development joint stock company operation director Zhong Xiaoyang shared the construction experience of Qingdao Free Trade Zone Sino-German Ecological Park from the aspects of park positioning, overall planning, platform construction, etc. He pointed out that based on the ability support of the industrial Internet platform Caos COSMOPlat, the park has created a one-stop full business process, full production factors, full value chain digital factory system platform, covering Client Server, order scheduling, design process, production execution, supply chain coordination and other ten core scenarios, becoming the world’s leading industrial Internet lighthouse base and the first batch of national industrial Internet demonstration parks.

  Feng Qingfeng, director of industry solutions at Haier Caos IoT Technology Co., Ltd., conducted an in-depth analysis of the practical cases of Caos COSMOPlat in energy, chemical industry, home appliances and other industrial parks around the three dimensions of pain points, solutions, and value-added sharing in the transformation of the park. Based on the industrial Internet empower path of points and lines, it introduced the overall idea of Caos COSMOPlat empowering scenarios, enterprises, parks, industries, and regions.

  Sun Yunlei, project owner of Anhui Tongling Henggang Smart Chemical Park, introduced the construction experience of Anhui Tongling Henggang Chemical Park around "Industrial Internet + Smart Chemical Park". Tang Zirui, Director of Technical Operations of Netroot Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., introduced the experience of Handle Global Root Node. Xiong Pan, Director of Industry Marketing of Humi.com, based on the construction of Chongqing Smart Park, shared the park solution of Humi Industrial Internet Platform. Ao Min, Deputy General Manager of JD.com Industrial Internet Business Department, shared the theme of "Industrial Internet Drives New Industrial Supply Chain".

  From point to surface, create a new high ground for the regional digital economy

  If the digital transformation of a single park is the "point", then the driving role of the industrial Internet platform for industrial and regional transformation is the "surface". In recent years, in the special project "Gongfu Qingdao" launched in Qingdao, COSMOPlat helped Qingdao creatively create the "1 + N + X" industrial Internet empowering platform model, which set off a deep transformation of urban industrial digitalization.

  Along the practice path of "1 + N + X", Qingdao and Caos COSMOPlat built a comprehensive service platform for Qingdao industrial Internet enterprises, opened up 24 commissions, provided 946 public services, 281 empower services and 15,000 empower applications; built N vertical platforms, Caos COSMOPlat led the development of Qingdao’s "one super multi-professional" vertical industry platform echelon, with a total of 40 online platforms, serving nearly 90,000 enterprises, driving Qingdao’s industrial Internet industry cluster to be successfully selected as a strategic emerging industrial cluster in Shandong Province; to build X demonstration parks, Caos COSMOPlat empowered Sino-German high-end home appliances and Dongjiakou Chemical industry, high-tech zone "artificial intelligence + high-end equipment" and other industrial Internet demonstration parks, among which Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park was selected as the first batch of national industrial Internet park pilot demonstrations.

  The effect of this innovative model is solidly reflected in the growth curve of Qingdao’s urban industry leap. Up to now, Caos COSMOPlat has empowered more than 4,000 young enterprises, driving Qingdao’s new industrial output value to exceed 30 billion yuan. Relying on the experience of "Industrial Empowerment Qingdao", Caos COSMOPlat will replicate the "Qingdao Model" of empowering 100 industries to transform and upgrading thousands of enterprises with data gain to all parts of the country. A "digital story" like Qingdao is being staged in Deyang, Sichuan and Wuhu, Anhui.

  As an important place of economic growth and innovation, industrial parks contain a large number of enterprise entities, application scenarios and potential needs, providing a broad space for the innovation and development of the Industrial Internet. Taking this event as an opportunity, Qingdao will take the "Platform + Park" as an incision to undertake the mission of the times of digitalization and digital industrialization of industries with Chinese characteristics. And CAOS CSOMOPlat is playing an increasingly important role as a driver, which will help the "Qingdao Model" to bloom across the country and help the high-quality development of industrial parks.

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