2-3! Cao Meng continued to compete for the championship, and Zhang Linyan was fascinated: one-stop internal cutting+world wave, making 19 goals in the first season

2-3! Cao Meng continued to compete for the championship, and Zhang Linyan was fascinated: one-stop internal cutting+world wave, making 19 goals in the first season

On May 21st, Beijing time, the first leg of the semi-final of the Swiss Women’s Super Playoff started, and Zhang Linyan, a talented woman studying abroad in China, broke out again. With the help of God, this campaign was directly cut in one stop, and she scored a key goal for the Cao Meng women’s football team. However, the Cao Meng women’s football team lost 2-3 to Zurich women’s football team, and it was at a disadvantage to compete for the championship. She needed to win in the second round to have a chance to enter the final.

Cao Meng women’s football team won four consecutive victories before the current round of competition, which strongly impacted the championship trophy, while Zhang Linyan took out the state of winning the championship and losing the hand. She made achievements in four consecutive games, scored three goals and one assist, scored two through-train goals, won the best goal award in a single round and made a wonderful assist. However, the Zurich women’s football team also has an excellent state, and it is also a favorite for the championship, entering the semi-finals with seven consecutive victories.

In this match, the competition between Cao Meng women’s football team and Zurich women’s football team was fierce, and the game was in a stalemate. Zurich women’s football team is slightly superior to Cao Meng women’s football team in both offensive and defensive ends. In the first 68 minutes, Zurich women’s football team leads 2-1; In the 68th minute of the game, Zhang Linyan, who started the game, once again showed her super personal ability. She got a straight ball from her teammates on the right side of the frontcourt, cut the ball directly to get rid of many defenders, and finally shot the world wave with her left foot directly from the arc top of the restricted area, and the ball hung directly in the corner of the top left corner of the goal. Cao Meng women’s football team lost 2-2 Zurich women’s football team, but at the last moment Cao Meng women’s football team lost another goal, and Cao Meng women’s football team finally ended the game 2-3.

The first leg of another semi-final game has also ended. Selvelt defeated St Gallen’s women’s football team 2-1 away and remained unbeaten in the season. This game is 19 wins, 2 draws and 0 losses, which is the biggest favorite to win the championship. Cao Meng women’s football team has 14 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses this season, while Zurich women’s football team has 17 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. As can be seen from the total score, the stability of Cao Meng women’s football team is not as good as that of Servit and Zurich, so it is difficult to be optimistic about the championship. However, they have Zhang Linyan, the winner of the Swiss women’s super season Golden Globe Award, which greatly enhances their confidence in the championship, and they have the opportunity to complete the counterattack with the star effect in the second round.

Although 22-year-old Zhang Linyan studied abroad in European football for the first time, she made 19 goals in the first season of studying abroad, and her offensive ability was fully recognized. After the regular season, she won the Swiss Women’s Super Official Player of the Season Award, which is a new history for China women’s football players studying abroad. At the same time, she also won the Best 11 Player Award. With such high-light performance, Zhang Linyan needs a championship trophy to end the season. All the last five games have made achievements, and all of them have shown the performance of top stars, which is enough to prove her desire for the championship. There is reason to believe that Zhang Linyan will continue to make achievements in the second round of the semi-final to help the team reverse the promotion.

It is understood that Zhang Linyan’s promotion after studying abroad is very obvious. Her confrontational ability, game rhythm and ball handling ability are all better than in the past, especially her breakthrough ability, which has fulfilled the talent of talented players. Recently, she has made achievements in three consecutive games (including two goalkeepers). According to this growth rate, Zhang Linyan may go further in the new season and challenge the five major leagues.


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