Haval Xiaolong series will be officially launched soon, and they are all in two gears, each with its own differences.

Haval Xiaolong series will be officially launched soon, and they are all in two gears, each with its own differences.

In this era of high oil prices, fuel consumption must be one of the most concerned factors for everyone to buy a car. After all, saving fuel means saving money, which means reducing the burden on wallets. Therefore, a hybrid car with both performance and fuel consumption has become a good choice for everyone to buy a car. However, the "water" in the hybrid car market is relatively deep, and it is easy to step on the pit if it is slightly less. If you want to meet the diversified travel needs, you must choose carefully. Today, I recommend two high-quality hybrid cars that Haval will soon launch-Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong.

Smart electric four-wheel drive blessing, Haval Xiaolong MAX can be more exciting in the city.

Although they belong to the same series, the positioning and value points of these two cars are not the same.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is positioned as an all-round electric four-wheel drive new energy SUV, which adopts the exterior design that subverts the traditional Haval model, breaks through the enterprising aesthetic trend of new energy in integration of language, and creates a brand-new product image with more technology.

Haval Xiaolong MAX has a length, width and height of 4758*1895*1725mm and a wheelbase of 2800mm. Typical medium-sized SUV size ensures ample riding and loading space and meets the practical needs of users for vehicle size and large space. After the rear seats are put down, the car directly becomes a big bed room, which is very suitable for camping and taking a short nap in go on road trip.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is the first to take the brand-new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4. With the world’s first intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology, it brings the practical effect of "the best efficiency in all working conditions and worry-free driving in all scenes", allowing users to enjoy the performance of four-wheel drive with the energy consumption of two-wheel drive, making more people "affordable, driving smoothly, using economically and running far" and leading new energy SUVs into a new era of all-people four-wheel drive.

Haval Xiaolong MAX car can enjoy the unique 12.3-inch full-color LCD instrument +12.3-inch full-color LCD central control panel +12.3-inch full-color LCD auxiliary driving screen. The three screens don’t interfere with each other. Among them, the 12.3-inch full-color LCD co-pilot screen is equipped with the exclusive entertainment system of the co-pilot, which is transformed into a "travel audio-visual room", making it a pleasure for the beloved family to sit in the co-pilot.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, with super voice interaction and more convenient communication between people and vehicles; The coffee intelligent driving system supports L2+ intelligent driving assistance, making driving easier and safer. Super-technology configuration is full with one button, and the happiness and safety of the family are protected with intelligent strength.

Tide-interesting inductor firepower is fully open, and Haval Xiaolong takes both dynamic and simple beauty into account.

If you are a young man who pursues fresh excitement and yearns for freedom of personality, then the following Haval Xiaolong is obviously suitable for you.

Haval Xiaolong is positioned as an all-round inductive tide-fun SUV, which is mainly aimed at young family users who are pursuing fashion trends. It adopts a brand-new exclusive design language of new energy, which is simple and dynamic; Black models can be selected for white/blue body, and the contrast design brings a fashionable suspended roof to cater to the aesthetics of the new era.

Haval Xiaolong has a length, width and height of 4600*1877*1675mm and a wheelbase of 2710mm. The super-large body length and wheelbase ratio at the same level bring wide legroom to the front and rear rows. It also has 29 storage spaces in the car, including the exclusive storage area for mobile phones and the exclusive storage compartment for umbrellas, which makes it easier to access small objects and bring users a more comfortable travel experience.

Haval Xiaolong uses DHT intelligent hybrid to bring a light and convenient car experience. 110km NEDC has a pure battery life, with a comprehensive battery life of 1000km+ with full oil and full electricity. At the same time, a version with a pure battery life of 52km is available to meet the different needs of users. A variety of driving modes can achieve the balance between power and energy consumption in the whole scene. There is also a minimalist driving control mode in the electric age, which automatically unlocks when approaching the vehicle. After stepping on the brakes, you can directly shift gears and bid farewell to cumbersome operations.

In terms of intelligence, Haval Xiaolong has zero-pressure extrasensory central control, removes complicated physical buttons, and widely uses touch interaction. At the same time, intelligent voice interaction and car entertainment fully satisfy the cool travel experience.

Listing is just around the corner. Book and enjoy the gift.

There is also good news to share with you. On May 15th, the Haval Xiaolong series will be officially launched.

The pre-emptive booking of Haval Xiaolong series is now open, and 99 yuan can enjoy the four premium benefits, especially the first car owner (non-operating, non-Gong Hu) who has the free basic maintenance for life. The thoughtful after-sales service allows you to use the car without worry and enjoy high-quality travel easily.

It can not only adapt to urban travel, but also handle the outer suburbs. Choosing Haval Xiaolong series not only has a powerful all-round car, but also chooses a multi-faceted life with many interests. If you want to start a good car, these two treasure models should not be missed!


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