On October 25, the news inventory.

On October 25, the news inventory.

  The three major indexes of A-shares were mixed: more than 4,000 stocks rose and the infrastructure sector strengthened.

  Up 0.4%,Up by 0.47%,It fell by 0.9%. The turnover exceeded 870 billion,, engineering consulting,Large infrastructure sectors, such as steel, led the gains.The medical sector was among the top losers. View the original > > >

  Can trillions of special government bonds "ignite" A shares? Four times in history, they all walked out of the high point.

  On the evening of October 24, Xinhua News Agency reported that the central finance will be in the fourth quarter of this year.In 2023, the national debt will be 1,000 billion yuan, and all the additional national debt will be arranged to local governments through transfer payment. The purpose of this issuance of special treasury bonds is to concentrate on supporting post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, making up for the shortcomings of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, and improving China’s ability to resist natural disasters as a whole. View the original > > >

  Lee Ka Chiu John: Hong Kong will reduce the stamp duty on stock transactions from 0.13% to 0.1%.

  Lee Ka Chiu John, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said today (25th) that Hong Kong will reduce the stamp duty on stocks from the current 0.13% to 0.1%, with the aim of completing the legislative process before the end of November. View the original > > >

  The marginal improvement signal of A-share market frequently appears in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.One-day "sucking gold" is nearly 4.6 billion yuan.

  The data shows that on October 23, the total funds of stock ETFs in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets4.592 billion yuan. As of October 23, the management scale of 792 stock ETFs (stock ETFs and cross-border ETFs) in the whole market was nearly 1.60 trillion yuan. View the original > > >

  Zhang Kun, Xiao Nan, Liu Geming, Fu Youxing, etc.The manager’s heavy stock is released.

  The third quarterly report of the fund shows that Zhang Kun has adjusted the allocation structure of industries such as consumption and medicine, and Xiao Nan has increased the rightAnd Fu Youxing reduced his holdings of electronic stocks and increased his holdings of chemicals, home appliances and other stocks. View the original > > >

  Xie zhiyu jiacang(of investors) reduce one’s shares in a listed company Zhu Shaoxing reduced its holdings.(of investors) increase one’s shares in a listed company

  According to the latest data, several products managed by Xie Zhiyu of Xingzheng Global mainly reduced their holdings in the A-share market in the third quarter., increasedIn terms of Hong Kong stocks, the positions of such stocks have mainly increased.The position, such as reducing the stock. Besides,Zhu Shaoxing, mainly reduced in the third quarter,, increased.And other stocks. View the original > > >

  The third quarterly report of Gelan was released: overweight,For this fund, the position is large.

  In the third quarter, Glen stepped down as the fund manager of several funds. By the end of September, the accumulated scale of the three funds currently under management was about 63.8 billion yuan, which was nearly 13 billion yuan lower than the 76.7 billion yuan at the end of the second quarter. With the continuous disclosure of the fund’s third quarterly report, the latest positions of the three funds currently managed by Gulen also surfaced. Every time the reporter noticed, the allocation of two medical theme funds was mainly reduced., added,,Positions of such stocks; On the other hand, in the new starting point of China-Europe Mingrui, the positions have been greatly adjusted, and seven of the top ten awkward positions have been changed, making it the largest awkward position. View the original > > >

  Fu Pengbo and Zhu Yi of Ruiyuan Fund increased their positions against the trend in the third quarter.And photovoltaic stocks

  The "unique foundation" managed by Fu Pengbo, a well-known fund manager of Ruiyuan Fund-Ruiyuan Growth Value disclosed the third quarterly report of 2023. According to the third quarterly report, as of the end of the third quarter, the size of the fund was 23.377 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.052 billion yuan compared with the end of the second quarter, and the stock position dropped slightly to 9.120%. In addition, on August 28th, Ruiyuan Fund increased its share of A by 22,943,800. View the original > > >

  The latest investment trends such as Liu Yanchun, Zhu Shaoxing and Xie Zhiyu were exposed.

  Judging from the position adjustment in the third quarter, Liu Yanchun reduced his holdings.、; Liu Geyu stuck to his existing positions and did not make major structural adjustments; Zhang Kun has adjusted the allocation structure of industries such as consumption and medicine, and Zhu Shaoxing will turn over more "stones" in the future. In view of the current situation, some fund managers call "Rome wasn’t built in a day". Looking forward to the market outlook, many fund managers said that after the decline in the third quarter, the overall valuation attractiveness of the equity market has been further enhanced, and they are firmly optimistic about the prospects of stock assets, full of hope for the market outlook, and believe that the market will eventually return to rationality. View the original > > >

  The third quarterly report reveals the emergence of long-term capital layout path one after another. Fund andPosition exposure

  As of October 23, more than 500 A-share listed companies have disclosed the third quarterly report of 2023. Among the companies that have disclosed the third quarterly report,Such as companies with large market value held by social security funds,QFII is a company with a large market value. View the original > > >

  Asked about the popularity of the new M7: 5,000 units were "blindly ordered" in 17 days, and the car delivery was scheduled for February next year.

  On October 25th, AITO released the latest "blind subscription" report card of M9, which has exceeded 15,000 units so far. This achievement is only 17 days after Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei’s smart car solution BU, said that "10,450 orders were blindly booked and 8,040 orders were accumulated". View the original > > >

  Heavy! Add 1 trillion national debt to water conservancy infrastructure or stand on the wind!

  Among the eight major aspects of the key use of 1 trillion yuan of national debt, four are related to water conservancy, including key flood control projects, other key flood control projects, irrigation area construction and renovation, key soil erosion control projects, and urban drainage and waterlogging prevention capacity improvement actions. View the original > > >

  : the central government adds leverage to show its determination to stabilize growth.

  It is pointed out that according to Xinhua news agency, the central government will issue 1 trillion yuan of special treasury bonds in the fourth quarter of this year, which will be used to support post-disaster recovery and reconstruction and make up for the shortcomings of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief. The central government’s leverage has demonstrated the determination of the central government to stabilize growth. Considering that the issuance and delivery of bonds will take time, we slightly increase the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2023.The growth rate is predicted to be 5.6% and 5.3% respectively, and the annual growth rate of infrastructure investment may be above 8%, and it is expected that the policy effect will be more reflected in 2024. Fiscal policy overweight in the fourth quarter is expected to stabilize economic growth in the fourth quarter and even next year.Economic entities expect that further economic stabilization is expected. Looking forward to next year, it is expected that the proportion of the central government in the new deficit will continue to increase, and there is still room for the central government to increase leverage. View the original > > >

  Looking forward to the fourth quarter, it is generally judged that "positive factors are accumulating" and technological growth is still the main line in the medium term.

  Entering the fourth quarter, market volatility intensified. Recently, brokers have intensively released research reports, focusing on market hotspots such as A-share investment timing, trends and industry allocation. It is worth mentioning that a number of brokers have recently discussed the establishment of a "stabilization fund" (a fund established by the government in a legal way through a specific institution to smooth out irrational and violent fluctuations in the stock market by operating against the market index). View the original > > >

  "foreign shipments are almost the same!" Public offering: strong and weak roles or swaps of US stocks and A shares.

  DuojiaThe strategy report released this week shows that the biggest drag on the market in the near future is the outflow of funds from the north. Considering that many institutions have started to raise their expectations for the domestic economy, the outflow of foreign capital may be coming to an end. It is expected that the market with a-share and Hong Kong stock valuations greatly revised will have more valuable opportunities for bargain-hunting. Many fund companies emphasized that industries with low institutional investors and valuations at the bottom of history are significantly more resilient. View the original > > >

  Zhang Kun, the top flow fund manager, slightly reduced his scale in the third quarter.Is not the ultimate reward.

  In the third quarterly report, Zhang Kun said that fundamental investors often spend a lot of energy on analyzing and judging the future net profit level of enterprises, but net profit is not the ultimate return. Zhang Kun also stressed that we should not only pay attention to the profitability of enterprises, but also pay attention to the quality of prudent investment. View the original > > >

  : double eleven preheating on Pay attention to bibcock and emerging categories.

  The securities research report pointed out that this time, all platforms were urged to increase subsidies to make a cost-effective layout and lower consumers’ purchase threshold. Under the background of more active platform drainage and realization, the traffic will be further dispersed. In this case, the leading enterprises in the brand side are more likely to have competitive advantages because of their multi-channel operation ability, and some enterprises with differentiated operation advantages will also benefit potentially. View the original > > >


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