What is the operation effect of parking service around the Road Campus of the Second Affiliated Medical College? The reporter "looks back"!

What is the operation effect of parking service around the Road Campus of the Second Affiliated Medical College? The reporter "looks back"!

  On August 1st, Wenzhou Net News reported that parking service service was introduced to Xueyuan West Road in the urban area, hoping to rectify the traffic chaos in Xueyuan West Road by "solving the problem of marketization". This morning, the launching ceremony of parking service service around the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University will be held in Xueyuan Campus of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, which indicates the official start of parking service service there.

  The reporter learned that the parking service service around the Second Affiliated Hospital of College West Road and Eye Optometry Hospital has been put into trial operation for nearly a month. What was the effect during the trial operation? With this question, yesterday afternoon, the reporter once again came to Xueyuan West Road for a site visit.

  It takes only 30 seconds to complete the delivery and parking process.

  At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter saw in Xueyuan West Road that six signs with the words "25 yuan in parking service in the Second Affiliated Hospital" had been set up in the west-east direction of the road section to remind the residents to choose the regular parking service. Right in front of a building in the Road Campus of the Second Affiliated Medical College is the parking service Service Area. More than 10 staff members wearing uniform red vests are providing parking service services to people who come to see a doctor. The reporter found that there were more than 160 parking services at this service point at this time. After on-site timing, the whole process takes only about 30 seconds from the time when citizens drive into parking service service area to the time when parking personnel complete the delivery.

  Zhou Chengwen is the on-site manager of parking service service point. According to him, after the citizens drive their cars to parking service service area, parking personnel will immediately come forward to give the owner a bracelet with the number and contact information marked on it. After the citizens have finished seeing a doctor, they can call the number on the bracelet to pick up the car, and the parking personnel will return the car with the corresponding bracelet after driving it back to the hospital.

  "At present, we keep 15-20 parking service staff at the scene every day. After the citizens hand over the car to the parking staff, we will park the car in the regular underground parking lot in the neighborhood near the hospital, and there will never be parking staff driving on the road or parking at random." According to Zhou Chengwen, at present, the parking service point receives 200-300 vehicles that need parking every day. Generally, it takes only 3 minutes to drive from the hospital to the parking lot, but it takes 6-7 minutes to get back from the parking lot without traffic jams. "Therefore, when the citizens pick up the car, we will explain and let them call 10-15 minutes in advance to reduce the waiting time for picking up the car." Zhou Chengwen said.

  The reporter learned that at present, from 9: 30 am to 10: 00 am every day, it is the peak period of the service point. During this period, there may be many people and few cars, but with the end of the summer vacation, this situation will be improved.

  There are still these problems to be solved at the scene.

  Because the current parking service is not only convenient, but also more affordable than before, it has been praised by many citizens. However, during the interview, the reporter also found that there are still many problems that need to be solved.

  The reporter found that at the intersection of Xueyuan West Road and Feixia Road, there were still several "parking service scalpers" standing in the middle of the road. In addition, the reporter also found several illegal parking service personnel on the west side of the Stomatological Hospital. According to relevant sources, since the Second Affiliated Hospital set up a regular parking service service, it has caused a lot of influence on these illegal parking service people. "At first, they stopped to collect 40 yuan, but since the introduction of a regular parking service service, their business has been difficult, but there are still several diehards on the roadside ‘ Leak ’ 。”

  According to the previous bidding scheme for the right to operate the driving parking service, in addition to setting up the parking service area in the Second Affiliated Hospital, parking service area should also be set up in the designated area of the optometry hospital opposite. However, the reporter found yesterday that the parking service service on this side of the optometry hospital has not yet been opened. According to relevant sources, the parking service on this side of the optometry hospital has not been opened yet, because the selection of parking areas by various departments has not yet reached a final result. "This side is different from the second affiliated doctor. At present, it is impossible to set up a U-shaped passage for parking and delivery. If the delivery point is set on the road, it will easily lead to congestion, so the parties are still discussing it." The person introduced.

  In addition, the reporter also found that a new isolation guardrail was set in front of the stomatological hospital, which made the separation of people and vehicles more clear, but with the setting of the guardrail, new problems appeared. A passer-by told reporters that there are two huge distribution boxes and mobile communication cable boxes on this sidewalk. Because these two "big guys" are very close to street lamps, the originally spacious sidewalk there has become particularly crowded. "There are already many pedestrians and electric cars on this road, and every time they go to this place, they will be blocked. I really can’t figure out why these two big boxes should be placed in such a small place." The citizen said.

  Source: Wenzhou Daily

  Original title: The parking problem of Xueyuan West Road in the urban area is still a long-standing problem after more than 20 years — —

  Parking service process is convenient and affordable, but there are still many problems to be solved urgently.

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