Shenzhen, the global fashion capital, is the fourth! Global Fashion City Index released →

Shenzhen, the global fashion capital, is the fourth! Global Fashion City Index released →

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Shenzhen beats Tokyo, ranking fourth in the fashion capital of the world. At the 8th China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival held on December 23rd, the Global Fashion City Index was released in Shenzhen for the sixth time. The index was jointly developed by Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, China Textile and Apparel Education Society and Shenzhen European Textile and Apparel Research Institute.

The global fashion landscape has become "both East and West"

The Global Fashion City Index is the first digital tool in the industry to judge and study the global regional fashion capacity building. On the basis of the previous five sessions, this fashion city index has more detailed data, more professional research and more scientific tools, showing the global city fashion industry coordinates in a panoramic and three-dimensional way.

This global fashion city index has established a number of index systems such as industrial quality index, international image index, fashion environment index, public service index and innovation vitality index in terms of compilation principles, generation path, algorithm system and index selection. Guided by the evaluation and analysis model of fashion city index, it deeply collects the annual index data of global fashion cities and forms a systematic evaluation result. Finally, 20 shortlisted cities were selected for evaluation in the global scope, covering 5 continents and 15 countries and regions in terms of spatial distribution. These 20 city samples basically represent the fashion development in different regions around the world.

Ni Yangsheng, president of China Textile and Apparel Education Society, read out the ranking of 2022 Global Fashion City Index.

The short-listed cities are Paris, new york, London, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Milan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Beijing, Berlin, Toronto, Rome, Seoul, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. Among them, Shenzhen ranks fourth, which indicates that the international status of Shenzhen as a global fashion city has been continuously consolidated.

The release of this index also shows that more changes have taken place in the global fashion landscape, which is changing from "the west wind is spreading eastward, Europe and the United States are dominant" to "the east and the west are equally important, each leading the way". Relying on the complete industrial chain foundation, the huge consumer market, the expression of excellent traditional culture in the new era, and the self-confidence of the younger generation, the Chinese-style fashion city and the traditional international fashion city stand side by side and become a new landmark landscape of the global fashion map.

Shenzhen has become a global fashion "public opinion field"

The release of the global fashion city index reveals several phenomena-

First, the global fashion pattern presents greater uncertainty, multi-polarization and seamless intensification, and the butterfly effect is more generalized.Scientific and technological innovation, digital economy and green development are changing the industrial structure and ecology at an unprecedented speed, scale and scope. From the new manufacturing industry represented by intelligent manufacturing and additive manufacturing, to the new material industry represented by high-performance fibers and biomaterials, and then to the digital creative industry represented by digital cultural creation and meta-universe, innovation has become the key to industrial ecological evolution and value upgrading. Global fashion cities are creating new values in the fashion industry with the sensitivity of fashion perception era, the openness of integration with diversity, the drive of design and the originality of creating beauty and innovation.

Second, the fashion industry has entered a new consolidation period, breaking and reconstructing, subverting and reconstructing, giving fashion laggards unprecedented opportunities.The blessing of digitalization and intelligence endows the fashion industry with an inclusive and diversified cultural context, and also brings more vitality to the backward fashion cities including China. In the diversified industries and market tracks, the self with core advantages is determined, and the ability to create customer value and social value is constantly improved. The rise of the new generation of fashion is unstoppable.

Third, the fashion community has become a global fashion language, and the fashion concept of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance has gradually become a global consensus.The global fashion industry has entered a new era of integration. Fashion is interconnected, everything can be woven, too many scenes are waiting to be excavated, and endless user experiences need to be iterated. Every fashion city, whether active or passive, has become the builder of this new fashion pattern, and cross-border innovation and integration innovation have promoted the continuous extension of industrial values and scene boundaries. In the integration with new fields such as digital economy, bio-economy and green economy, fashion cities have recreated new self-values.

Zhou Shikang, president of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, said that the Global Fashion City Index is committed to building a fashion community of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance. The global fashion city launch was held in Shenzhen for six consecutive times, and Shenzhen is becoming a global fashion public opinion field, which is also an important symbol of China’s standing at the home of global fashion. In the index ranking, the overall rise of China’s fashion city is gratifying. Behind it are the vigorous growth of designers and brands who pay attention to Chinese cultural connotation and life aesthetics. I believe that China’s fashion city will accelerate the remodeling of oriental cultural connotation and life aesthetics, build a Chinese fashion discourse and narrative system, create a fashion ecology with China characteristics, world influence and times characteristics, and enhance the creativity and leading power of China’s fashion culture.

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