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"Zhijia Technology" completed C1 round of strategic financing.

On the 8th, Hunting Cloud Network reported that MAXIEYE, a full-stack innovation and system solution service provider in the field of smart driving and smart travel, announced that the company has recently completed the C1 round of strategic financing, and the key technology layout of the industrial chain represents the joint investment of Weihao Chuangxin, Yibai Capital and Aixin Yuanzhi. This round of funds will be mainly used for R&D investment in advanced technology of intelligent driving and supply chain reserve for large-scale mass production of passenger cars above L2. In the future, several parties will also cooperate with each other in strategic resources, release the ecological potential of cross-border cooperation, and jointly create value for automobile intelligence and future travel.

According to company information, Zhijia Technology was established in 2016 and is a core technology service provider in the field of intelligent driving and smart travel. With the beautiful vision of "achieving safe and beautiful travel", the company provides customers and partners with all-working, multi-scene and cross-platform ADAS and ADS system products and solutions, covering the closed loop of L0-L4 technologies and services. Adhering to the concept of open cooperation, Zhijia Technology has widely served the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets, enabling smart travel industrialization to land.

Under the wave of automobile intelligence, visual CIS, millimeter wave chip and car gauge computing power chip are all developing rapidly. The products of Zhijia Technology have been highly recognized by the market and customers in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Previously, Zhijia Technology accelerated the landing of cost-effective ADAS products with intelligent driving solutions such as full-speed intelligent cruise and NOM pilot assistance based on the released MAXIPILOT1.0&PLUS product solutions. Based on full-stack innovation and extreme experience, we will realize large-scale L2, establish a data-driven product and service system based on scale, and take the lead in laying out high-level key technologies of intelligent driving such as BEV technology architecture while widely enabling the scene to land. In the future, relying on the efficient product landing ability of the intelligent driving technology team, intelligent driving technology will strive to realize the rapid landing of ADAS assisted driving and related systems.

According to the evaluation platform of TFFI Branch’s creativity, Zhijia Technology’s science and technology innovation ability in artificial intelligence industry is rated as Grade A. At present, there are more than 60 patent applications and more than 10 registered software copyrights, and its technical layout mainly focuses on image acquisition devices, driving assistance systems and other related fields.

Bungee jumping, sandbag throwing, rope jumping … How much do you remember about childhood games?

  Data Map: On the third day of the first month in year of the loong, adults and children played "the games we played together in those years" at the Spring Festival Temple Fair in year of the loong, Xintiandi, Wuhan, playing marbles, kicking shuttlecock and rolling hoops. China News Agency issued ZhangChang photo

  BEIJING, Beijing, 12 Jan (Shangguan Yun) "Drop, drop, drop the handkerchief, and gently put it behind the child. Don’t tell him, hurry up and catch him, hurry up and catch him … …” I believe that this children’s song has a place in many people’s memories. Twenty years back, in that era when the material conditions were not as rich as now, it was not one popular video game after another that occupied many people’s childhood memories, but a series of simple but memorable entertainment activities such as "finding friends", rubber-jumping and throwing sandbags.

  For example, "turning the rope" is usually the cooperation of two people: a piece of thin rope is tied into a rope loop, put on two wrists or "put on the palm", and then woven into a pattern with fingers; The other deftly picked up the string with his fingers, connected the loop and turned it into another pattern. In this way, according to a certain routine, turn all the way down until it is turned back to its original state.

  There are quite a lot of rope-twisting routines. Two people can play and one person can play. It is said that there are more than 2,000 patterns that can be summarized so far. However, there are only four or five styles that can be turned out by two partners: bridge, noodles … … Wang Xu, the author of the popular book At that time, recorded this kind of game in detail. He said that he could vaguely remember that the fishing net and noodles followed, from the crossed fishing net in one hand to two parallel noodles in the other’s hand, which was very vivid. "And ‘ Take a bath ’ In fact, it is an empty circle — — It turned into a bath basin, and it was soaked in soup, so I had to start all over again. "

  "It’s not just rope climbing. When we were young, there were all kinds of fun games such as hopscotch, throwing sandbags and origami." After 90, Huang Xiaofei still remembers that girls like to play bungee jumping together in primary school. Basically, four or six people play together and are divided into two groups. One group puts on the rubber band and the other group jumps. According to the rules of the game, the jumping party loses and then replaces each other. "If you hook the rubber band, you lose. This game especially tests dexterity, sometimes ‘ Addiction ’ Come up, two people can also play, and the other end is tied to the tree. "

  Besides bungee jumping, Li Jing, a post-90s girl, liked and often played the game of "playing glass ball" when she was a child. "Strictly speaking, boys played glass ball more than girls, so I was quite different at that time".

  How to play "playing glass ball" Li Jing said, we should first dig a hole of moderate size on the ground, which should not be too wide or too narrow. Most of them are stuck with the diameter of the glass ball, which makes it a little difficult. "There are not too many people, and there are several different types of play. The simple thing is to draw a line away from the dug hole and bounce the glass ball in outside the line to win, which is a bit like golf; Later, it was developed to be able to bounce someone else’s glass ball into a small hole, which also counted as winning the other party. "

  "At that time, in order to play, I collected a lot of glass balls and took money to buy them in a small store. I remember that there were one dime and one dime. Unfortunately, the technology was not pure enough, and it was not long before I was won by other little boys." Speaking of the past, Li Jing couldn’t stop smiling. "There are many types of glass balls, some of which will be embedded with patterns, which are particularly beautiful. Then I won’t be willing to take them out for the competition, and I will quietly collect them."

  In fact, in addition to jumping rubber bands, turning ropes and playing glass balls, there are many fond memories of games in childhood, such as jumping houses, throwing sandbags, and a group of people competing to make hand-folded roses and paper crane … … Huang Xiaofei especially misses those games when she was a child. In her eyes, they are not just games, but also memories intertwined by many people of different ages. "We miss not only those games that look simple now, but a feeling and miss the quiet time in the past."

  Wang Xu has a similar feeling. He said that the original choice to record these games was to express a feeling of nostalgia for childhood. "The most emotional games are not necessarily the most fun games, but games like soap bubbles, rope turning and handkerchief throwing that reflect childhood innocence and warm friendship between children."

  "Most of the children don’t play these games now. If you only look at it from the perspective of playing, it may be far less interesting than what they are playing now. " Wang Xu does not deny that some of the previous games have become "outdated", but he feels that the individuality and creativity, closeness to nature and the face-to-face interaction between children in these games have all been lost. "This is a pity for the children." (Some interviewees in this article are pseudonyms) (End)

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let’s see where spring is →

  Today (March 21st), China entered the fourth solar term of spring-vernal equinox. After the vernal equinox, the days get longer and the nights get shorter. In a day, the sunshine not only prolongs the "on-the-job" time, but also gradually increases the heat, and most of our country enters the fastest period of time in a year. Warming up urges the process of going north in spring, and more and more people feel the breath of spring by enjoying flowers, stepping in spring, flying kites and tasting wild vegetables. China Weather Network has specially launched a national spring map to see which places will be embraced by spring during the spring equinox.

  Spring is strong in the south and accelerated in the north.

  It’s the vernal equinox, and it’s already mid-spring, with flowers in full bloom and strong spring scenery. All the year round, before entering the vernal equinox solar terms, most of the spring in the south is already very strong, and many places in the north are still a winter scene. After entering the vernal equinox, the sun slowly moves northward, the days are long and the nights are short, the heat of the sun is gradually enhanced, and the average temperature in the area north of the Yellow River can reach above 10℃.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  At the vernal equinox, the pace of spring accelerates northward, and more places in the north will enter the embrace of spring. Central and northern Jiangsu, northern Anhui, northern and western Henan, southwestern Shaanxi, southwestern Shanxi, most of Hebei, most of Tianjin, most of Beijing, and northern Xinjiang Southern Xinjiang Basin will enter spring at this time.

  The recovery is rapid and the spring breeze is booming.

  On the vernal equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres are equally divided day and night. Since then, the position of the direct point of the sun has moved northward, and the days in the northern hemisphere are long and the nights are short. Most of China’s temperatures have shown a rising state and entered the fastest period of time in a year.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  The rapid warming urges the process of spring. At the vernal equinox, the pace of spring crosses from the Yangtze River to the Great Wall, and many places north of the Yellow River finally welcome the spring letter. In ancient times, the vernal equinox was also called the mid-spring moon. Under the warm sunshine in spring, everything grew, and the leaves of willow trees were no longer sparse in early spring. The mid-spring flowers such as apricot flowers and cherry blossoms also began to enter the best viewing period.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  In addition to rapid recovery, the spring breeze is also the messenger who brings spring news to the north. The spring breeze in the spring equinox season often shows two faces, sometimes "blowing the face without chilling the willow wind" and sometimes "the wind suddenly sweeps away ten thousand flowers". When it is gentle, it is like a pair of hands to soothe people’s hearts, and when it is violent, it is cruel and ruthless.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  During the spring equinox, the momentum of spring thunder gradually increased, and the first thunder in most parts of the south has already sounded, and it began to enter the period of frequent lightning; Many places in the north have ushered in the first thunder. The ancients also speculated about the weather through thunder. The dull thunder and rain lasted for a long time, and the thunder was a shower.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  Swallows return to the north with flowers.

  There are three stages in the vernal equinox: "When the mysterious birds arrive; Two Hou Lei Nai voiced; Three Hou Shi Dian. " Dark birds refer to swallows, which generally fly south in the autumn equinox and return north in the spring equinox. At the vernal equinox, the warmth in the north is getting stronger and stronger, and the return of swallows represents that spring has also reached further north. At this time, the Yellow River basin began to hear the first sound of spring thunder one after another. However, lightning, a weather phenomenon caused by the fierce collision between cold and warm air, will not be seen until the third day of the vernal equinox.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  "On the fourth day of mid-spring, the spring scenery is in the middle." The spring equinox season is just the right time, and the choice of flower viewing is very rich. As soon as the begonia blooms, the white flowers fall sporadically with the spring breeze, which seems to be the trace of her coming in the earth in spring. The pear blossoms are like snow, and her strong fragrance and elegant figure complement each other, adding a touch of color to spring. Mulan, also known as magnolia, is often used by the ancients as a metaphor for the noble character of being pure and clean.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  Vertical eggs, spring vegetables, flying kites in spring

  In the folk, the custom of the spring equinox season is related to the spring character of Otawa. People’s activities to enjoy spring are not limited to spring flowers, but also flying kites and tasting spring vegetables. Toona sinensis and spring bamboo shoots are served on the table one after another, becoming a limited food in spring. In addition, in order to celebrate the arrival of spring, there is also the custom of separating eggs in spring in our country. As early as 4000 years ago, people believed that laying eggs on the vernal equinox was easier to succeed.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  Busy farming is at the right time

  At that time, the spring equinox is busy with agriculture, and spring tube, spring ploughing and spring planting are about to enter the busy stage, winter crops enter the growth stage, and wheat begins to jointing. Because the temperature rises rapidly and the water demand of crops is relatively large, it is necessary to strengthen water storage and moisture conservation in the northern spring rainy area.

The map from vernal equinox to national spring day is coming! Let's see where spring is →

  It’s another year of deep spring! During the spring equinox, as the weather warms up, people’s activities of enjoying spring begin to be colorful. Whether it is enjoying the scenery in spring, flying kites, tasting spring vegetables and experiencing the spring on the tip of the tongue, it has added some fun to daily life. After the vernal equinox, the days are getting longer and the sun is shining on the earth. Hope is ahead. Let’s start from spring and go to the future with such a mood.

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Sichuan men are drunk to death after eating the New Year’s party, and when they drink to death, they fall asleep.

  "As long as you are in love, you should fall asleep when you drink to death", and the rhetoric on the wine table turned into a real tragedy: last week, Gao Hua (pseudonym), director of the legal service office of Linshi Town, Fuling, hosted a banquet for local cadres, then went home drunk, went to bed and never woke up.

  Go home drunk and die in bed.

  Yesterday (January 19) morning, the person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that at 1 pm on January 14, Director Gao, who lives in Fuling City, called him and two other comrades in the office to have a group dinner.

  Jiang recalled that two months ago, he became the director of the institute. On the day of the dinner, Jiang had other business and didn’t go to the group annual banquet. The next day, he received a phone call from Gao’s family, saying that something was wrong.

  After 1 pm that day, Jiang rushed to Gaojia and learned what had happened: On the evening of 14th, Gaojia went home to sleep with drunkenness after entertaining guests. At 12 noon the next day, I was still in bed. His family called him to get up for lunch, but no one answered.

  "When the family checked, they found that his body was cold." Jiang said. Afterwards, everyone thought that he was in good health and died of drunkenness.

  I drank 6 liang of white wine before the accident.

  According to an insider, there were 13 people who attended Gao Hua’s banquet that day, including two deputy mayors of Linshi Town, two staff members of the grassroots department of the Judicial Bureau, staff members of the Judicial Office of Linshi City and court staff of Linshi Town.

  The guests recalled that on the same day, Gao frequently toasted the guests during the dinner, and asked everyone to give their support in the work in the coming year. Many guests estimated that Gao had drunk more than six taels of liquor at that time.

  "He has a good capacity for drinking, and he can drink more than a catty at ordinary times." A guest said. They didn’t expect that something happened when they drank more than six taels that day. Another guest said that on that day, after drinking more than six taels of wine, he was dizzy and faltered.

  After the dinner, the guests left one after another. The next day, they received news that Gao was unfortunately drunk to death.

  The family claimed 380,000 yuan from the Justice Bureau.

  Yesterday afternoon, Xiong Yiping, director of the Fuling District Judicial Bureau, told reporters that after the incident, Gao’s family found the Judicial Bureau and thought that Gao died on business: Gao invited guests to dinner, not for himself, but for the legal service office, so Gao’s family claimed 380,000 yuan.

  Director Xiong said that the Bureau of Justice only provides business guidance to the legal service office, and the service office has nothing to do with the Bureau of Justice, whether it is personnel or business, so it is impossible to talk about death in the line of duty. However, considering that Gao’s child is only 14 years old and is in the second grade, the bureau decided to give relief to Gao’s family.

  On the evening of January 16th, with the active handling of the Judicial Bureau, Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association signed an agreement with its family to compensate for financial difficulties. It was revealed that the compensation was more than 200,000 yuan. The day before yesterday, Gao’s body was cremated.

  Director Xiong did not disclose the amount of compensation to reporters, but he did not deny the compensation. He said that compensation is being raised and will be paid to Gao’s family on January 23.

  (3) compensation by government departments

  According to reports, the government of Linshi Town, the district judicial bureau and the district court, where the guests who accepted the banquet on that day, will give certain compensation for difficulties.

  The person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that the Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association initiated more than 10 legal service offices in the district to donate money to Gao’s family: each office donated at most 5,000 yuan and at least 2,000 yuan. This sum will also be part of the difficult compensation.

  There is also a sum of compensation from 13 guests who attended the banquet that day. Director Xiong of the Justice Bureau said: Thirteen guests each donated 1,000 yuan as compensation for Gao’s family. According to the reporter’s understanding, last year, a unit in the district had a treat and a guest was drunk. The court decided to compensate the family members of the deceased according to the proportion of whether the guests participated in persuading or gambling on alcohol.

  Yesterday, a guest who had donated 1000 yuan said that Gao’s unfortunate death made him feel very uncomfortable, and he would drink less in the future. He believes that this is a tragedy caused by the "wine custom". The wine custom of "as long as the feelings are close, you should fall asleep when you drink to death" and "deep feelings and one mouthful stew" should be abandoned. (Nie Chao Teng Zhouhui)

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The benchmark of high-quality housing in Bay Area Guangfo New World deducts the life of the first manor in Bay Area.

Guangfo New World, with time to carve "Bay Area Manor Life Aesthetics", achieved a new life gathering place in the Bay Area. Brand promise, which upholds the new world China’s concept of "giving new meaning to the city", Guangfo New World has always insisted on building high-quality residences with the concept of sustainable development for many years, and has accumulated years of love and investment for social creating shared value, serializing beautiful nature, international humanities and rich life.

Adhering to the concept of "giving new meaning to the city" to build a world-class manor

In order to shape the unique manor-level life aesthetics in the Bay Area, New World China, as an urban landmark expert, is constantly searching for the ideal answer from the local and international perspectives of the Bay Area-enjoying prosperity and poetry in the city, finding humanity in nature and finding spiritual habitat in communication.

At the beginning of the construction, Guangfo New World applied the design concept of sponge city in a forward-looking way, and joined hands with Foshan government to create a demonstration sample of international community construction facing the European Union that won the GEO Best Environmental Ecology Certification.

With the rise of the concept of Work-Life Balance, Guangfo New World has been sitting on the value hub of the Super Bay Area, the five subway twin-city rail and other transportation matrices, reaching all parts of the Bay Area instantly and connecting with the world, making it the first choice of residence favored by the elites in the Bay Area.

Join hands with four top teams to create a sample of international human settlements.

The project teamed up with AECOM/PLACE/P&T/CTI, the top four international teams, to create a sample of international residential upgrading, and to create the Guangzhou-Guangdong International Exchange Center (CIH) and the Guangfo Mansion, Guangfo Tiandi and Guangfo Heart Exhibition Hall with ingenuity, which won the gold certification of LEED. Among them, Guangzhou-Guangdong International Exchange Platform covers 108 facilities such as infinity pool, NBA standard basketball court and top international indoor fitness room, and is a cultural center integrating art exhibitions, conferences, banquets, business and social activities.

Guangyue Mansion, a hotel-style apartment with consular service standards, has only 71 private apartments, but it attracts many executives from Fortune 500 companies to live here, so that every resident can enjoy a top-class and comfortable living experience with customized and personalized courtesy services.

Achieving cultural communication fertile soil, global elites follow this.

Guangfo New World Golf Club, as the only 1,100-mu world championship course in South China that has won GEO’s best environmental and ecological certification, was planned and designed by one of the top ten golf design companies in the world, and hosted the European Tour Challenge Foshan Open for seven consecutive years. In and out of this, it is not the top international stars, but the top 500 executives and business celebrities in the world. A swing trip, easily integrated into the gold social circle.

As a landmark of Greater Bay Area’s artistic life, Guangfo New World bears the cultural protection and cultivation of the new world China. It has been committed to promoting the cultural development of Greater Bay Area and improving people’s quality of life. It has joined hands with world-class artists and art teams for many times to stage more than 50 literary life festivals such as Lang Xianping Forum and Chinese and foreign youth chorus festivals, attracting owners from more than 20 countries to live here, and jointly building more than 100 international quality communities, forming a fertile ground for spreading Cantonese culture. Here, Guangdong culture is booming and moving towards the world.

Fascinated by natural energy field, foresight, foresight, craftsman building Damei manor

The plot ratio of the project is as low as 1.15, in which 35 natural lakes, 20 km jogging greenway, 1,100 mu golf green, ecological sports park, etc. are invigorated in a vast natural space, creating a fascinating natural energy field. Guangfo New World is more ingenious in planting 1,000+precious tree species, creating colorful forests and creating an immersive life experience for the owners. In the sun and on the greenway, you can run freely, ride and camp, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest.

Choose independently to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, experience the euphoria brought by nature, and promote the healthy sports culture of the community in daily life. The world’s great living people breathe in the same way, leading the international concept of healthy life.

The ultimate residence of a lifetime, the chief cover work of the Bay Area.

Whether it’s a city villa or a low-density villa, Guangfo New World, based on its unique environmental advantages, digs into every detail of its products and innovates 10,000 ways of playing products, so that every buyer who comes here will have a heart-warming surprise.

Guangfo New World is a villa with a floor area of about 160-1,200 square meters, a living room with a height of about 7 meters, all-glass floor-to-ceiling windows, IMAX-level landscape, and unbounded integration of indoor and outdoor. Stepping out of the court, the courtyard with heaven and earth shows the beauty of manor life, or sitting alone, gathering with family members, or enjoying tea with friends and neighbors, and feeling the beauty of time flowing slowly, so that the family story and glory can be interpreted and passed down in Damei Manor.

In such a villa life circle, there are low-density manor houses with a floor area of about 100-140 square meters. The design of "small high-rise and pure plate" is always accompanied by sunshine and air, and the natural greenery is close to the window, nourishing the physical and mental health of the family. There is also a private ladder that matches the giants, so that every time you go home, you have a unique sense of ceremony and dignity. LDK integrated design, multi-room system … spread the new world of Buddha, and extend the width of quality life with spatial scale.

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The charm of the game

Title: The charm of the game: Why are we so fascinated?

With the rapid development of science and technology, video games have penetrated into every corner of our lives and attracted the attention of countless people. From ancient board games to modern e-sports, games have always attracted people with their unique charm. So why are we so obsessed with games? This paper will discuss this problem from many angles.

First, the game is interactive. One of the greatest charms of games lies in their interactivity. Unlike one-way entertainment such as movies and books, games are a two-way interactive experience. Players can cooperate with others to solve problems in the game, and they can also compete with players all over the world. This interaction makes the game full of variables and challenges, and stimulates people’s curiosity and competitive desire.

Second, the game is immersive. The game has a high sense of immersion, which allows players to forget the troubles of the real world and devote themselves to the game. This kind of immersion can often bring players a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. When we win a game or complete a challenge, we will feel extremely excited and satisfied, which is hard to get in real life.

Third, the creativity of the game. The design of the game needs high creativity and imagination. From beautiful pictures to rich plots, from unique gameplay to exciting battles, every link of the game is full of creativity. This creativity not only makes the game colorful, but also satisfies the players’ desire for exploration and knowledge.

Fourth, the sociality of the game. Games are also a social activity,

The heat is miserable! Hiro reimbursed, and Oladipo was put out. Fortunately, Butler was only bruised on his hip.

121-99, although the Heat beat the Bucks at home, they also paid a painful price. When Oladipo made a breakthrough with about 4 minutes left in the last quarter, he was suspected to have been pushed behind by Potis, which caused him to fall to the ground. Oladipo held his left knee for a long time and could not stand up. Finally, he was put out by the staff. Visually, the injury was not optimistic.

Oladipo’s career is rather bumpy. He has been wandering after a serious injury and failed to recover to the pre-injury level. He likes the team culture of the Heat and finally joined the Heat in the middle of the 2020-21 season. Now, at the age of 30, he is at the peak of his career theoretically, but obviously, the injury is not friendly to him.

Oladipo is not the absolute main force in this heat team, but the heat team needs him especially at this time. Hiro has undergone surgery on his right hand because of a broken finger and is expected to miss at least six weeks, which means that the Heat need to reach the finals before Hiro can return to the team. However, with the strength of the Heat, it is really difficult to rush out of the East this season, not to mention a hero who averages 20.1 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists in regular games.

At this time, the Heat certainly needed a substitute like Oladipo to come forward, but in the third game of the series, Oladipo was also injured.

Butler scored 30 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, made 12 of 19 shots, and made 4 of 4 three-pointers, which is the biggest contributor to the Heat’s victory. But in the third quarter, Butler also suffered two heavy falls, one of which was a hard back landing, which took him a long time to get up and missed an offensive round. After that, he limped back to the locker room, and when he returned to the bench in the fourth quarter, his waist and buttocks were wrapped in thick ice packs.

Butler has always been known as a tough guy, and Butler in the playoffs is really bloody enough to be slightly injured. After the game, the Heat officially issued a tweet: Butler suffered a bruise on his hip and his back was not injured. Fortunately, it’s okay to be a star.

To put it bluntly, Hiro was basically reimbursed this season; Oladipo was put out, not optimistic; Butler’s hips are also wrapped up, and it is certainly false to say that there is no influence; It’s even more difficult for the Heat, which is already a pile of draft picks. At this time, we can only pray that the injury will get worse and the Heat will have better luck!

[Appreciation of AI Painting Works-Antique] The first attempt to use AI painting, the effect is shocking

AI painting, that is, artificial intelligence painting, has broken through the limits of human beings, thus allowing painting analysis to enter a broader field of vision with humanistic spirit as the starting point and the foothold. Through artificial intelligence, a new field of painting art is opened. Artificial intelligence painting is usually mysterious, gorgeous, deep, complex and has a strong sense of the times, reflecting extraordinary imagination. Symbolizes the future development direction of painting.

As we all know, the level of AI has now reached a terrible level. AI painting is very popular recently, and the author himself has tried it, and the result is really surprising.

After thinking, I chose the tone of ancient style and tried to do the first AI painting.

The final output results are really surprising, and individual photos have reached the point where it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

(As I am a beginner, I am not proficient in the use of AI painting software, and the computer equipment used is relatively old, so I only output the above four pictures.)

What picture should AI draw next time? You are welcome to leave comments, and I will try my best to meet your requirements.