Bungee jumping, sandbag throwing, rope jumping … How much do you remember about childhood games?

Bungee jumping, sandbag throwing, rope jumping … How much do you remember about childhood games?

  Data Map: On the third day of the first month in year of the loong, adults and children played "the games we played together in those years" at the Spring Festival Temple Fair in year of the loong, Xintiandi, Wuhan, playing marbles, kicking shuttlecock and rolling hoops. China News Agency issued ZhangChang photo

  BEIJING, Beijing, 12 Jan (Shangguan Yun) "Drop, drop, drop the handkerchief, and gently put it behind the child. Don’t tell him, hurry up and catch him, hurry up and catch him … …” I believe that this children’s song has a place in many people’s memories. Twenty years back, in that era when the material conditions were not as rich as now, it was not one popular video game after another that occupied many people’s childhood memories, but a series of simple but memorable entertainment activities such as "finding friends", rubber-jumping and throwing sandbags.

  For example, "turning the rope" is usually the cooperation of two people: a piece of thin rope is tied into a rope loop, put on two wrists or "put on the palm", and then woven into a pattern with fingers; The other deftly picked up the string with his fingers, connected the loop and turned it into another pattern. In this way, according to a certain routine, turn all the way down until it is turned back to its original state.

  There are quite a lot of rope-twisting routines. Two people can play and one person can play. It is said that there are more than 2,000 patterns that can be summarized so far. However, there are only four or five styles that can be turned out by two partners: bridge, noodles … … Wang Xu, the author of the popular book At that time, recorded this kind of game in detail. He said that he could vaguely remember that the fishing net and noodles followed, from the crossed fishing net in one hand to two parallel noodles in the other’s hand, which was very vivid. "And ‘ Take a bath ’ In fact, it is an empty circle — — It turned into a bath basin, and it was soaked in soup, so I had to start all over again. "

  "It’s not just rope climbing. When we were young, there were all kinds of fun games such as hopscotch, throwing sandbags and origami." After 90, Huang Xiaofei still remembers that girls like to play bungee jumping together in primary school. Basically, four or six people play together and are divided into two groups. One group puts on the rubber band and the other group jumps. According to the rules of the game, the jumping party loses and then replaces each other. "If you hook the rubber band, you lose. This game especially tests dexterity, sometimes ‘ Addiction ’ Come up, two people can also play, and the other end is tied to the tree. "

  Besides bungee jumping, Li Jing, a post-90s girl, liked and often played the game of "playing glass ball" when she was a child. "Strictly speaking, boys played glass ball more than girls, so I was quite different at that time".

  How to play "playing glass ball" Li Jing said, we should first dig a hole of moderate size on the ground, which should not be too wide or too narrow. Most of them are stuck with the diameter of the glass ball, which makes it a little difficult. "There are not too many people, and there are several different types of play. The simple thing is to draw a line away from the dug hole and bounce the glass ball in outside the line to win, which is a bit like golf; Later, it was developed to be able to bounce someone else’s glass ball into a small hole, which also counted as winning the other party. "

  "At that time, in order to play, I collected a lot of glass balls and took money to buy them in a small store. I remember that there were one dime and one dime. Unfortunately, the technology was not pure enough, and it was not long before I was won by other little boys." Speaking of the past, Li Jing couldn’t stop smiling. "There are many types of glass balls, some of which will be embedded with patterns, which are particularly beautiful. Then I won’t be willing to take them out for the competition, and I will quietly collect them."

  In fact, in addition to jumping rubber bands, turning ropes and playing glass balls, there are many fond memories of games in childhood, such as jumping houses, throwing sandbags, and a group of people competing to make hand-folded roses and paper crane … … Huang Xiaofei especially misses those games when she was a child. In her eyes, they are not just games, but also memories intertwined by many people of different ages. "We miss not only those games that look simple now, but a feeling and miss the quiet time in the past."

  Wang Xu has a similar feeling. He said that the original choice to record these games was to express a feeling of nostalgia for childhood. "The most emotional games are not necessarily the most fun games, but games like soap bubbles, rope turning and handkerchief throwing that reflect childhood innocence and warm friendship between children."

  "Most of the children don’t play these games now. If you only look at it from the perspective of playing, it may be far less interesting than what they are playing now. " Wang Xu does not deny that some of the previous games have become "outdated", but he feels that the individuality and creativity, closeness to nature and the face-to-face interaction between children in these games have all been lost. "This is a pity for the children." (Some interviewees in this article are pseudonyms) (End)


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