Overnight summary! 4 giants were upset +1 team won the championship, Barcelona 1-2 at home, and Milan 5-1 was one point behind the top four.

Overnight summary! 4 giants were upset +1 team won the championship, Barcelona 1-2 at home, and Milan 5-1 was one point behind the top four.

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In the past night, the five major leagues in Europe were unpopular. Four giants were upset this night. Liverpool, Arsenal, Bayern and Barcelona did not win. Manchester City also won the Premier League championship ahead of schedule because Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest. In addition, AC Milan beat Sampdoria 5-1. At present, there is one more game, one point behind Lazio.

Barcelona 1-2 Royal Society

Prior to this, Barcelona had won the championship ahead of schedule, which probably affected the mentality of the players. At home in La Liga, Barcelona only conceded 2 goals in the first 17 games this season, and as a result, they conceded 2 goals in this round, which is really incredible.

Only five minutes after the first half, Comte was robbed with the ball in his own half, and then the Royal Society counterattacked. Finally, merino pushed and shot, breaking the door of Barcelona and even the small door of Ter stegen.

In the second half, Barcelona was robbed again because of careless dribbling in the frontcourt, and the Royal Society made a perfect counterattack. Finally, three people cooperated to expand the score to 2-0. Although Barcelona scored a goal before the end of the game, they were still 1-2 upset and suffered the first defeat at home in La Liga this season.

Milan 5-1 Sampdoria

That night, AC Milan’s attack broke out completely. At home, they beat Sampdoria 5-1, leaving a glimmer of hope for the fourth round.

Only 9 minutes after the first half, Leo faced the goalkeeper with a single knife after receiving the ball and finally scored calmly, breaking the deadlock for AC Milan. After that, Gill wore a hat and Diaz scored, which helped AC Milan win the key victory.

Up to now, AC Milando is one game behind Lazio, which ranks fourth in the standings. If the opponent loses five points in the last three rounds (Lazio has a superior performance in the match, and the same point will beat AC Milan), and AC Milan wins all the remaining games, then they will overtake their opponents and reach the top four. After the exit from the Champions League, Serie A won the top four, which is the only chance for AC Milan to advance to the Champions League.

Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal, Liverpool 1-1 draw with Villa.

These two games have a great impact on the Premier League title race and the fourth race. Among them, Arsenal made a fatal mistake in the away game, which was countered by Nottingham Forest and eventually lost to the opponent 0-1.

Although Liverpool drew 1-1 at home to Villa, with Manchester United beating Bournemouth away, Liverpool was basically desperate for the fourth place. Then Manchester United and Newcastle both need one more point, and Liverpool will definitely miss the top four. Because Arsenal lost, they are now four points behind Manchester City with only one game left. This result also helps Guashuai’s team win the Premier League ahead of schedule.

Bayern was reversed by Leipzig 1-3.

This night, there was also Bayern. With a 1-0 lead at home, Bayern collapsed in the second half. In the second half, Lemmer counterattacked the goal and equalized the score for Leipzig. After that, the visiting team got two penalties and finally beat Bayern 3-1 away.

After this game, Bayern’s top position is in jeopardy. If Dortmund wins augsburg in the away game, the Bundesliga championship will be completely reversed. Now the initiative is completely in Dortmund’s hands. As long as they win the last two games, they will win the Bundesliga championship this season!


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