Liaoning wants to dig Beijing, Lin Zhushou is on the national team, and Ren Junfei is fighting Xu Zhonghao.

Liaoning wants to dig Beijing, Lin Zhushou is on the national team, and Ren Junfei is fighting Xu Zhonghao.

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After the end of this season, there will be two top-paid players in Liaoning, namely Zhao Jiwei and Han Dejun. Among them, Zhao Jiwei is still very young, and he will definitely get the next top-paid contract of Liaoning, while Han Dejun is different. He is 36 years old this year, and fans can clearly feel that Han Dejun’s condition is not as good as before. Han Dejun has suffered from injuries in succession this season, and he can’t play his full strength now. After the end of the season, Han Dejun will be like Yi Jianlian of Guangdong team. In the next few seasons, he will sign a Class C contract every year. Han Dejun will give up the number of top-paid players in the team, which is of great significance to them. Liaoning team can poach Fan Ziming from Beijing Shougang team.

In fact, Fan Ziming has a deep relationship with the Liaoning team. He was a young player who was trained in Liaoning at the beginning, but later he was poached by the Guangzhou team. After joining the Guangzhou team, Fan Ziming’s opportunities gradually began to increase. However, there were Guo Kai and Li Yanzhe inside players in the Guangzhou team at that time, and Fan Ziming was finally traded to the Beijing Shougang team by the team. After the end of this season, the contract between Fan Ziming and the Beijing Shougang team officially expired. Liaoning team will offer him a maximum salary contract. If Fan Ziming can be signed, the team will basically not have to worry about the problem of inside players for some time to come. At that time, Fan Ziming will become the local inside player mainly used by Liaoning team, and he still has room for improvement.

With Fan Ziming and Molander, Liaoning’s inside lineup is absolutely enough. Even if Han Dejun retires in the future, Liaoning’s inside lineup is at least one of the best in the league. Secondly, Liaoning Youth Team also has a young inside player, Zhang Chenzhifeng, who can be used as a substitute for Fan Ziming. As for Liu Yanyu, he has basically no training value. Players of Liu Yanyu’s age can’t play the stable rotation of the team. Fans can’t expect too much from him. Of course, the Beijing Shougang team will definitely try to keep Fan Ziming, depending on what Fan Ziming wants to pursue. If he is interested in the championship, joining the Liaoning team really has a better chance than staying in the Beijing Shougang team.

Fan Ziming, an insider of Beijing Shougang Team.

The second news comes from Lin Wei, a young defender of Tongxi team. His performance this season is quite good. Lin Wei is the most offensive player in this group of young players. He plays 34 minutes per game. Lin Wei can score 15.5 points, 3.6 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.5 steals, which is not like a first-year student at all.

Recently, the head coach of China Men’s Basketball Team, Jorjevich, has set up a mini-national training team, which includes players who have no CBA league tasks at present. Lin Zhuishou will take part in the warm-up match of China Men’s Basketball Team. If Lin Zhuishou’s performance in the warm-up match is recognized by Jorjevich, he will have the opportunity to play in this session of China Men’s Basketball Team, and he may even participate in the World Cup.

The gold content of this year’s China men’s basketball team is much higher than before. After all, the purpose of the China men’s basketball team was just to participate in the World Cup qualifiers. To be honest, this kind of competition is not that important. This time, the China men’s basketball team is going to hit the Olympic Games. If Lin Wei can be selected into the China men’s basketball team, he will be the focus of fans’ attention. After all, Lin Wei is only 19 years old this year, and he is the most likely player in China to become a future defender.

Lin Wei, a talented defender of Tongxi Team.

The third news comes from the life-and-death battle between Guangdong Team and Guangsha Team. The biggest highlight of this game is Ren Junfei vs. Xu Zhonghao. They both got angry in the last game. From the perspective of confrontation, Xu Zhonghao obviously has a certain advantage. His figure is much stronger than that of Ren Junfei, while Ren Junfei’s flexibility is obviously better than that of Xu Zhonghao. When they are in opposition, it can be said that it is a battle of wits. After Xu Zhonghao entangles Ren Junfei, Hu Jinqiu has room to play.

Moreover, Zhu Junlong of Guangsha team will come back in this game. He can have a good fight with Zhang Hao. Now only Yi Jianlian or Hamilton can deal with Hu Jinqiu, and Yi Jianlian will play for about 20 minutes in a game. He has no physical ability to limit Hu Jinqiu’s attack. If Hamilton plays too much, Ma Shang’s chances will be greatly reduced. The result of Xu Zhonghao’s fight with Ren Junfei will bring a series of chain reactions, and they may decide the outcome of the game.

Ren Junfei and Xu Zhonghao are both veterans in the league. Xu Zhonghao was the captain of the national team when he was playing in Bayi Team. He knew very well how to play a high-intensity game, not to mention Ren Junfei. He had been a main striker in the national team before, but Ren Junfei’s decline was really serious this season. He couldn’t help the Guangdong team much. Ren Junfei’s task in this game was to have a good fight with Xu Zhonghao.

Ren Junfei, veteran striker of Guangdong team.

The defensive intensity of other players in Guangsha team is not particularly high. Only Xu Zhonghao can show a tough attitude, and his help to Guangsha team is very great. In fact, every team needs a player like Xu Zhonghao, who can make opponents feel afraid. When Xu Zhonghao is present, his positive and negative values are the highest in the team.

From this point, we can actually see that Xu Zhonghao is a player who can help Guangsha stabilize the situation. He is not afraid of Ren Junfei at all, especially in the playoffs, when Xu Zhonghao’s style of play is becoming more and more tough. Under such tough defense, the Guangdong team may overturn and lose at home.


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