GPT-4 is coming! Microsoft executives revealed that a new generation of artificial intelligence artifacts will be released next week.

GPT-4 is coming! Microsoft executives revealed that a new generation of artificial intelligence artifacts will be released next week.

If you are a technology enthusiast, you must have heard of the name GPT-3. It is a super-large language model developed by OpenAI, with 175 billion parameters, which can generate all kinds of text content, from novels, poems, news, dialogues to codes, emails, advertisements and so on. It is known as a milestone and revolution in the field of artificial intelligence.

But what you may not know is that GPT-3 is out of date. Yes, you heard me right. Just yesterday (March 9th), Andreas Braun, chief technology officer of Microsoft Germany, revealed in an activity called "AI in Focus-Digital Kickoff", "We will launch GPT-4 next week, which will be a multimodal model and provide completely different possibilities, such as video."

What? GPT-4? Multimodal? Video?

These words make me feel both excited and confused. I immediately searched the internet for relevant information and found some interesting and important details.

First of all, what is a multimodal model? Simply put, it is a model that can handle different types of data (such as text, images, audio and video) and transform and integrate them. For example, you can describe a scene or a story in words and let the multimodal model generate corresponding pictures or videos; Or you can give a picture or video and let the multimodal model generate corresponding text descriptions or comments.

Does that sound cool? But it’s not easy to do. Because different types of data have different structures and characteristics, it takes a lot of computing resources and algorithm skills to map and understand them effectively. At present, some research teams have been exploring the multimodal field and made some progress, but none of them has been as comprehensive and powerful as GPT-3.

The GPT-4 revealed by Microsoft executives is a multimodal model, and it also contains video, the most complex and expressive data type. What does this mean?

It means that we may see more amazing and interesting artificial intelligence applications. For example:

You can enter any imaginary scene or story in words, and let GPT-4 generate corresponding video clips.

You can give a video clip and let GPT-4 generate a corresponding text description or comment, or give a different video style or theme, and let GPT-4 transform the content and form of the video.

You can ask a question in words and let GPT-4 generate a video tutorial or demonstration to answer your question, or ask a question in video and let GPT-4 answer your question in words.

You can input a lyric in words and let GPT-4 generate corresponding music and video, or give a piece of music and video and let GPT-4 generate corresponding lyrics.

Of course, these are just some examples I imagined at random. In fact, there may be more interesting and useful applications. Imagine if we can interact with artificial intelligence with natural language and multimedia data, then what powerful and convenient creativity and communication skills we will have!

However, before we are ecstatic, we should also pay attention to some potential risks and challenges. For example:

GPT-4 may be abused to create false or misleading information, such as fake news, fake videos, fake comments, etc., thus affecting public opinion and social order.

GPT-4 may threaten human originality and copyright, such as plagiarism, piracy and infringement, thus harming the interests of creators and consumers.

GPT-4 may exceed human understanding and control, such as unexpected or unpredictable results, behaviors or influences, which may lead to moral, legal and security problems.

Therefore, while we look forward to and enjoy the convenience and fun brought by GPT-4, we should also be vigilant and responsible, and use and supervise this technology reasonably. At the same time, we should also pay attention to and support those scientists, engineers, legal experts and ethicists who are committed to studying and solving these problems.

GPT-4 is a shocking and exciting technological progress, which will open a brand-new and colorful artificial intelligence world for us. I am very much looking forward to its official release next week, and see that it shows its infinite potential in various fields.

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