Starring brunson, Randall pulled his crotch again, but I didn’t expect the knight to be a soft persimmon.

Starring brunson, Randall pulled his crotch again, but I didn’t expect the knight to be a soft persimmon.

The first round match between Knicks and Cavaliers has reached a score of 2-1. The Knicks are currently in a leading position, which is unexpected. Not long ago, the Knicks also won a big victory at home, which is absolutely impressive compared with the season before the Knicks entered the playoffs. However, for Knicks, the main core performance is just like that season, and Randall is right.

In a recent game, Randall scored 11 points and 8 rebounds, but the efficiency of 3-for-15 shooting was pitiful, but the performance of brunson and other teammates helped Randall, otherwise he once became the biggest culprit of the team. Randall’s play in this battle was really weak. Ten of the 15 shots in the audience came from outside the three-point line. In the face of the Cavaliers’ inside towers, Randall was once again in a state of chaos.

So far, Randall can only get the data of 17.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game, and his shooting percentage is only 32.7%. This efficiency can be described as horrible for an insider, perhaps because the Cavaliers’ Twin Towers have relatively large restrictions on Randall. After all, mobley is the contender for the best defensive player this season. Fortunately, the Knicks’ main player this season is brunson, otherwise it will be miserable for Randall.

Randall’s skill is rough, and his projection ability is unstable. This playoff performance is also expected, but the biggest problem is that the Cavaliers are actually a soft persimmon. Under Randall’s poor performance, they were led by the Knicks and may even be eliminated by the Knicks. I am afraid that this lineup of the Cavaliers will be disappointing again. The Cavaliers, that is, Mitchell’s play is relatively stable, and others are still inexperienced.

The playoffs are the stage to test the quality of the stars. Randall played the all-star level again in the regular season, but after the playoffs, hip-pulling became the norm. The Knicks bought 120 million stars who can only play in the regular season in these four years, but the price seems to be not a loss. After all, the prices of the stars who can play in the playoffs now are not generally high. Of course, brunson still makes the Knicks feel the value.

Every season, many young players make a name for themselves in the playoffs. Now, I’m afraid the young Cavaliers are not playoff players, or they need some time to grow up.


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