Does the untrustworthy executor who shows off his wealth and owes himself 600,000 yuan on Tik Tok have any money?

Does the untrustworthy executor who shows off his wealth and owes himself 600,000 yuan on Tik Tok have any money?

  Cctv newsHe refused to perform the effective judgment but frequently flaunted his wealth in Tik Tok. He was hospitalized in the name of twins. After being found by the executive judge, he was removed from the hospital and escaped in the middle of the night. After being found under the bed at home, he tried to cut himself with a knife, claiming that he had no money, but there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table … …

  Recently, the People’s Court of Pudong New Area in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Pudong Court) executed a private loan dispute case with an iron fist, and imposed compulsory measures on the executed person Zhang for 15 days in judicial custody, and also transferred him to the public security organ for criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  Lost contact Lao Lai Tik Tok Xuanfu executive judge tracking

  Since July 2014, Zhang has repeatedly borrowed money from her friend Ms. Sun on the grounds of capital turnover needs, with a cumulative amount of 600,000 yuan, and issued a debit note to Ms. Sun. However, after the loan expired, no matter how urged by the other party, Zhang refused to pay back a penny. Ms. Sun had no choice but to appeal to the Shanghai Pudong Court and won the support.

  However, after the judgment came into effect, Zhang still failed to repay the loan, and Ms. Sun applied for enforcement. Zhao Lirui and Chen Zhe, the judges in charge, repeatedly notified Zhang to talk in court, but failed. They did not find any property clues under his name through the property inspection and control system, so they included him in the list of people who were executed in bad faith and issued a "height limit order".

  How to find Zhang has become a difficult problem for the executive judge. Until July 2019, according to the clues provided by Ms. Sun, Tik Tok’s last few "fancy show off wealth" videos caught Zhao Lirui’s attention. The publisher is a man named "Mirage". In the video, he basks in money and luxury cars for a while, just like a "rich man". The positioning display video was released in a hospital in Shanghai. Ms. Sun’s identification, this person is Zhang.

  According to the judge’s analysis, if the video is really recorded and released by Zhang, it obviously has sufficient performance ability. Although he avoids it, he may be found through the location on the video. At this time, it was 8 pm, and the executive judge decided to give up the rest time and go to the hospital to find out.

  Alias hospitalization is full of doubts. Face recognition distinguishes the truth.

  When I came to the inpatient department, the nurse said that there was no patient named Zhang in the hospital. The two judges didn’t give up, and they took their mobile phones one by one to verify. After visiting for a long time, someone finally recognized that the person in the video seems to be an inpatient in the west area on the fifth floor, but it is strange that his registered name is not Zhang.

  The judge quickly found the man and found that his appearance was very similar to that of Zhang, so he asked him to take out his ID card for verification. However, he said that he did not have the habit of carrying his ID card with him, and stressed that he was not Zhang, but his "twin" brother. According to the information held by the judge, although Zhang does have a brother, they are two or three years old and cannot be twins. The judge had a clever plan and asked him to call "Zhang" on the spot, but he said that he and his brother had not contacted for many years and did not know each other’s phone number.

  Coincidentally, the man just received a short message at this time, and the judge caught a glimpse of the message clearly written on the screen that the short message was the information of the change of Zhang’s provident fund account. In order to lock his identity, the judge immediately contacted the public security department to carry out joint execution, and the police quickly rushed to the scene with a face recognition instrument. The comparison results showed that this person was Zhang.

  Pulling out the tube overnight, trying to get away, panicking and hiding under the bed

  In the face of hard evidence, guilty Zhang began to refuse to answer all questions. The enforcement judge had intended to summon him to court to talk, but after communicating with the attending doctor, his body had not yet reached the discharge standard. For humanitarian reasons, the judge immediately gave an oral warning and issued an enforcement notice and a summons to let Zhang go to the court to explain the situation immediately after he recovered from hospital. However, Zhang, whose whereabouts were exposed, didn’t wait until his body recovered, so he hurriedly pulled out the instrument and needle and was discharged from the hospital overnight, and once again disappeared.

  With the deepening of the investigation, the executive judge also found new situations. According to Zhang’s marriage registration information, he had been married once before marrying his current wife Ni, and he was always married with his first wife. "This means that Zhang has formed a family with two women respectively, and both of them have registered their marriages. If one party sues, he may constitute bigamy and need to bear criminal responsibility." Chen Zhe said.

  According to the address record left by Zhang during his residence permit in Shanghai, the executive judge found the residence of Ni and went to find Zhang many times, and finally found him one night two months later.

  Hearing the intensive footsteps approaching in the corridor, Zhang, who was in a panic, had no way to escape, and even the lights were too late to turn off. He simply hid under the bed and was caught by the executive judge and the bailiff.

  Desperate, self-mutilation with a knife, criminal responsibility and consequences.

  Even so, Zhang was still unwilling. After climbing out of the bed, he quickly took out a fruit knife from his pocket and put it on his left wrist in an attempt to threaten to obstruct the execution. The judge immediately issued a solemn warning to him that if he intends to expand the situation by ending his life, he will only face more serious legal consequences. After nearly two hours of criticism and education, Zhang’s mood finally calmed down.

  Zhang, who frequently shows off his wealth on the Internet, claims that he is a poor man and really has no ability to pay back the money. However, the judge found several credit card machines at the scene. After checking the credit card records, he found that the amount of each transaction was not small, and there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table.

  It was already past 1: 00 in the morning, and the judge decided to bring Zhang back to talk, but he kept his mouth shut about his property and refused to repay the debts he owed. In view of his repeated refusal to appear in court without justifiable reasons, his ability to perform but his long-term refusal to perform the obligation of effective judgment, and his obstruction of execution in various ways, the court imposed compulsory measures on him in judicial custody for 15 days according to law, and transferred the case file materials to the public security organs to investigate his criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  A month later, in the Executive Board of Pudong District Court, Zhang Hailou met with Sun Mou, the applicant of this case, and the two sides reached an implementation settlement agreement. Zhang Hailou returned 10,000 yuan to Sun Mou, and the remaining loan will be repaid in stages after Zhang Hailou found a stable job.


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