The Best 20 Sega 32X Games Recommended

The Best 20 Sega 32X Games Recommended

On November 21st, 1994, Sega 32X was released in North America. Like Sega Mega-CD, it is an additional component of Mega Drive. Sega 32X initially had a retail price of $159, but ended its life at a shameful price of $19.95. The release of Sega Saturn made all players stop paying attention to it, and only sold more than 800,000 units in its life, which became a difficult commercial failure for Sega.

But who would have thought? Twenty-eight years later, with the rise of retro nostalgia, Sega 32X has become a highly sought-after collection. Although there are only 40 games in it, and many of them are improved versions of old games, we have summarized 20 of the best Sega 32X games for your convenience in nostalgia (archaeology? ) save some time in the process.

At that time, the game won the longest game name award in history (later defeated by brain exercise), which was translated as follows: Golf Magazine: 36 big holes of Fred Kapos (not knowing golf terms). The game got mixed reviews, but it was often mentioned because of 32X.

Cosmic Carnage is a "cosmic massacre", which is essentially a real-life fight in space. It has the strangest character design in human history. This game was launched as the first game, because it was so bad that even Sega pretended that it didn’t exist.

The 32X platform of Beat Boy is one of the games with the best pictures. The gameplay includes constantly exploring each level to find hidden things, and attacking the enemy with various jumping actions. Although they are all traditional platform action games, they lack the rhythm and expressiveness in the name.

The imitator of Violent Motorcycle, the picture is a bit rough, but the gameplay itself is not that bad. The game has 12 drivers and 12 routes. Players punch and kick their opponents while avoiding obstacles and jumping over hills. Multiplayer is very interesting, but it can’t reach the level of some two-person racing games in MD games.

Kolibri, which means "Hummingbird", is an amazing game, which is called 32X "The Adventures of Dolphins". Like Tempo, Hummingbird Adventures ranks among the best 32X games because of its graphics rather than its gameplay.

Also known as "Stellar Assault", "Shadow Squadron" is a very similarStar Wars 3D air combat game, there are few comments about it on the Internet, and there is nothing to say about it.

Amazing spider-man: Warnet was released exclusively on Sega 32X that year, and it is a must-have for Marvel Comics fans. This game is much better than people think, although sadly, most people in the world no longer care about 32X. It is not surprising that the game was released after Sega announced that it would stop production for 32X.

Spider-Man is not the only Marvel hero in this game, but also Daredevil, who repelled Hydra and other evil forces in the Marvel universe in this wall-climbing and horizontal scroll game. Unfortunately, this game didn’t get the praise it deserved at that time.

WWF Wrestling Mania: Arcade Edition is called one of the best and most unique wrestling games on home consoles. Why is it so unique? For beginners, it is more like a fighting game than a wrestling game. For those who are familiar with WWF, there are many famous wrestlers in it, which is equivalent to WWF’s all-star fight.

Pacific Rim-style mecha are fighting in the city streets. One of the many first-person cockpit perspective games on 32X is Armored Steel Head (personal translation). This is one of the first games of 32X. The game focuses on the first-person cockpit perspective and can switch the third-person perspective. It is a visually beautiful game. At the beginning of each level, a commander from the role armed forces will appear to explain the background story and cheer for the upcoming battle.

This is a classic horizontal scroll game with smooth frame rate and smooth animation.Looking at it now, "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the Treasure"It’s like a mysterious sea in 2D. And Sega 32X Edition "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the TreasureIt looks like the best version of Windows 95 at that time. However, the 32X version plays at 30fps, which is half that of the Windows version.

Primitive wrathThere is SFC version.Pseudo-3d style fighting game, with only four ancient animals as optional protagonists.You can carry out cruel ending actions and bloody attacks. It can enter the top ten simply because Europeans and Americans like real people to fight quickly, love me, love my dog.

Arcade transplant works, you can play the original version in the small game of "Dragon 0". There is also an MD version, but the 32X version is closer to the original arcade game, and the better picture makes it more interesting to play.

In 94-95, a Star Wars game saved 32X. Without this game, no one will be interested in 32X and many players will turn to Nintendo’s platform, which is Star Wars: Arcade Edition. The game looks incredible on 32X, which proves that 32X is not useless. There are only three levels in this game, so the replay is low. But whether it’s shooting down a Star Destroyer or completing the famous Death Star Run and blowing the space station to pieces, this game can make the dream of Star Wars fans come true.

md vs 32x

Virtua Racing Deluxe has won both the arcade and the console. The 32X version really enhanced the picture, which transplanted the arcade well. The enhanced visual effect made the game look better, the outline of the car and the road were clearer, and the texture in the background was more pleasant. The MD version of "VR Racing Car" renders 9000 polygons per second, thanks to the Sega Virtua processing chip in the cassette, which is far beyond the processing capacity of MD.

At that time, the works of Blizzard were still excellent, and Black Thorn was one of them. The game played like a mixture of Demon City and Prince of Persia. SFC version and Mac version only have 17 levels and 4 worlds, while 32X version is more valuable, with an extra area, with a total of 5 worlds, which can be said to be the best of all versions!

As the ancestor of 3D fighting and fighting games,VR Warrior doesn’t need a real introduction, especially for Sega players and fighting gamers.

As we all know, the 32X version of Doom is basically the same as the PC version, andThe 32X version is one of the first games ever to get the "adult level" rating of M for Mature, because of its bloodiness and Satan worship. Although it is not the best version, it is still worth experiencing.

Although the SFC version is more popular, the 32X version of "Real Play 2" is one of the 32X essential games, which is highly respected in Europe and America, but the author has no feeling about this kind of game that emphasizes functional stimulation and curiosity.

The only hedgehog Sonik series game on Sega 32X. The protagonist of this game is Knuckles the Echidna, with a new "combination system", which allows players to use two characters at a time. In the eyes of many people, this game sucks. But I don’t agree. I think this game is Sega trying something new. I like the new combination system. It feels very much like what Nintendo will do. Just because it is different doesn’t mean it is not good! Unless we are talking about the whole 32X, it is.

NBA Jam T.E is a wonderful game. The 32X version is the most accurate arcade transplant version, and it has a lot of exciting new features, including hidden eggs, new players, better music and other modes.This game is not only the first in our list, but also the "first" in many other aspects. It is the first NBA carnival game in the series, and it is also the first game to use authorized players. It also created a record of $1 billion in arcade for the first time!


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