The annual best women’s volleyball team in the Champions League will be judged to see who can become the top seven in volleyball today.

The annual best women’s volleyball team in the Champions League will be judged to see who can become the top seven in volleyball today.

The 2022/2023 Women’s Volleyball Champions League is coming to an end. At present, there is only one final game left. The only suspense is who will win the Champions League Gold Cup, Isachibashi or Wakif Bank.

In order to create momentum for the Champions League, the European Volleyball Federation began to organize the selection of the best women’s volleyball team in the Champions League in 2022/2023. Let’s take a look at which players are the top players in the Champions League this season, who will be elected as the top seven women’s volleyball teams today, and see if there is your favorite star on the list.

The Turkish team has become the big winner of the women’s volleyball Champions League this season. They have successfully encircled the Italian team. Coneri Yano was blocked from the semi-finals by Fenerbahce. Although Novara reached the semi-finals, she still fell to the semi-finals. In this way, the Turkish women’s volleyball team is definitely the big winner of the best lineup.

There are four candidates for the best setter. They are Ogennovich, the "Bitter Melon Sister" of Isachi Bashi, Ozbaye of Wakif Bank, Mariks of Fenerbahce and Wowosh of Yano, Coneri.

These four people are all big cows in the field of second setters, among which "Bitter Melon Sister" and Wowosh are even more cattle. They have won the best second setters in the Champions League before. Up to now, the voting situation is: Vowalsh won 56.5%, Ozbaye 32.7%, Makelis 8.1%, and "Bitter Melon Sister" Ogennovich 2.7%.

Yano, Coneri, where Vowalsh is located, did not enter the semi-finals, but Vowalsh temporarily ranked first in the voting, showing her popularity. Isachi Bashi entered the final of the Champions League, but its main setter, Ojeninovic, came last in the voting. Perhaps she is really old at the age of 39.

The best candidates are also four: Karakurt of Novara, Egnu of Wakif Bank, Vargas of Fenerbahce and Boskovich of Ithachi.

If it is a few years ago, there is still some debate about who is the first in the world today, but now, there seems to be no suspense, and Boskovich is the only one in the world. In the past, Egnu was able to wrestle with Boskovich, but now, Boskovich is ahead of Egnu in stability, skill, strength, self-control and self-motivation.

As for Karakurt and Vargas, Karakurt is particularly emotional and unstable, so he can’t be the core of the team. Although Vargas can’t compete with Boskovich at present, her rising space is not small, and she is definitely more promising than Karakurt.

The current voting situation reflects the above analysis, with Boskovich winning 50.2%, Vargas 39.3%, Egnu 9.4% and Karakurt 1.2%.

1, who is the first attack?. The four candidates selected as the first main attack are Gaby of Wakif Bank, Wolongkova of Ithachi Bashi, Carcasses of Novara and Kotikova of Lekane Warero. In terms of fame and fighting capacity, Gaby, a small steel gun, and Wolongkova, a heavy gun, are undoubtedly the biggest, while Carcasses, 37, and Kotikova, 24, are much worse, and their teams are also slightly worse, so Gaby and Wolongkova are the most competitive.

At present, Gaby is far ahead with 78.7%, Wolongkova is second with 16.9%, Carcasses is 2.3%, and Kotikova is 2.1%. It seems that the eyes of fans are quite professional.

2. The two new talents are the most popular in the second main attack selection.. The four candidates shortlisted for the second main attack are Xiaocaiwa and Cristina of Fenerbahce, and the other two are Calander of Reshuff, Poland, and Serra of Milan women’s volleyball team.

To tell the truth, the candidate for the second main attack is a bit weird. Xiaocaiwa and Christina were selected in an upright way. They are too brilliant this season, but they are quite aggressive at a young age. The biggest controversy is Serra, the main attack of Milan women’s volleyball team is useless at present. She is only ranked 64th in the Champions League attack list, with a poor attack score of 45 points. Is she here to be funny? The current vote rate also confirms Sierra’s unbearable situation.

Xiaocaiwa ranked first with 64.9% of the votes, followed by Christina with 30.6%, Serra with only 3%, and Calander with only 1.5%. It seems that the two teenagers are promising, especially Xiaocaiwa.

The four candidates selected for the Best Freeman are normal. They all come from the top four teams, namely, Aika of Wakif Bank, Akiz of Ithachi Bashi, Fersino of Novara and Og of Fenerbahce.

The strength of these four people is equal to that of Zhong Bo, which reflects that they are anxious to win votes. At present, Og won 43.1% of the votes, Aika 29.5%, Akiz 19.2%, and Felsino 8.25 ranked last. To be honest, it is really hard to draw a conclusion about who can laugh at the end.

The best secondary attack is to select blocking machines. Blocking ability is an important reference, and of course, fame is also a plus item that cannot be ignored.

1, the best first attack Gunes war teammate Og Bo Gu.. The four candidates for the best first attack are Gunes and Og Bo Gu of Wakif Bank, and the other two are Jack of Isachi Bashi and Stevanovic of Milan Women’s Volleyball Team.

Talking about the situation of these four candidates, Gunes and Og Bo Gu are naturally the most promising candidates. Gunes is super in strength and popularity. Og Bo Gu is very "chicken blood" this season. Jack has done well but is not well-known. Only Stevanovic is simply here to play soy sauce, or to make up the numbers. Her blocking in the Champions League is only 9 points.

At present, Gunes has 44.1% of the votes, Og Bo Gu 42.9%, Stevanovic 8.1% and Jack only 4.9%.

2. The most popular candidates for the best second attack are Ida and Danesi.. The best second-in-command competitors are Fenerbahce’s old second-in-command Aida, Novara’s Danesi, Kone’s De cruyff and Lecanevorero’s Keqiulina. Looking at the blocking data alone, Danesi is the best, with an average blocking score of 0.91 and Ada only 0.48, but the selection seems to be more about popularity. At present, the election situation is: Ada is the first, with 55.7% of the votes, Danesi is the second, with 31.4% of the votes, De cruyff is 10.2%, and Ke Qiu Lina is 2.8%, which is very favorable for Ada.

The Women’s Volleyball Champions League is the world’s top event at the level of volleyball clubs. There are many stars and giants, and the game is beautiful and fierce. Who will be the best team in this Champions League? Let’s wait and see!


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