Actively explore the Hunan path of high-quality development of general aviation in the new era

Actively explore the Hunan path of high-quality development of general aviation in the new era

  Xu Dazhe, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress

  Mao Weiming, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the Provincial People’s Government.

  As a national strategic industry, general aviation plays a great role in serving economic and social development and national security. The effective development and utilization of low-altitude airspace and the construction of low-altitude flight service guarantee system are the fundamental guarantee for the high-quality development of general aviation. Since Hunan was approved as the first pilot province of global low-altitude airspace management reform in September, 2020, the provincial party committee and the provincial government attached great importance to it, quickly set up a pilot reform organization, set up a provincial-level development platform for navigation, and strengthened coordination between the central and local governments, military and civilian cooperation, provincial and municipal cooperation, government-enterprise cooperation, and vigorously promoted the mode of "one window for acceptance, one network for operation, and global service". The province has built 12 general airports and opened five low-altitude tourist routes. More than 30 central enterprises and superior enterprises from other provinces have planned industrial layout in Hunan, and the development of general aviation, low-altitude tourism, flight training, aviation sports and other industries is gratifying, laying a solid foundation for promoting the high-quality development of general aviation.





  Cultivate new kinetic energy for the high-quality development of Hunan. Focus on giving full play to the advantages of general aviation’s derivative formats, large development space, wide service range and sufficient supporting kinetic energy, implement major development strategies of general aviation in depth, accelerate the upgrading of aerospace, advanced materials, machinery manufacturing, automatic control, electronic information and other industries, strive to seize the commanding heights of navigation industry development, break new paths for high-quality development of general aviation, and inject new impetus and provide strong support for high-quality economic and social development of the province.

  Broaden new space for the people’s high-quality life. Promoting the popularization of civil aviation is an important measure to conform to the people’s yearning for a better life in the new era. Based on Hunan’s comparative advantages, we should identify the entry point for general aviation to create a high-quality life, speed up the improvement of general aviation supply chain and consumption chain, and constantly improve people’s participation and gain a sense of happiness and security. Accelerate the development of social public aviation services such as emergency rescue, medical treatment, urban security, traffic command and rescue, and build new security for people’s lives and property. Vigorously develop general aviation consumption services such as short-distance transportation, air travel, air sports, aviation science popularization and tourism research, and create new supplies to meet the needs of people’s better life.

  Strive to promote the high-quality development of general aviation

  Adhere to the unity of goal orientation, problem orientation and result orientation, and promote the reform pilot work with high standards and high efficiency. By 2022, we will ensure that the pilot of low-altitude airspace management reform reaches the national expected goal, initially build a "1+13+N" general airport skeleton network, realize the comprehensive application of Beidou third-generation satellite navigation technology in low-altitude surveillance, and the province’s general aviation industry will develop its comprehensive competitiveness and industry output value into the upper-middle ranks of the country. By 2025, the full coverage of general airports will be achieved, a fully functional general aviation system in the province will basically take shape, and the comprehensive development competitiveness and industry output value will enter the top three in the country, forming a new pattern of navigation development with perfect system and mechanism, good industrial ecology, large-scale agglomeration development, perfect service functions and active participation of the people.

  Focus on "one center". Around the center of the global low-altitude airspace management reform pilot, the six goals and eight tasks put forward in the reform pilot implementation plan were fully completed. According to the pilot requirements and time nodes, we will optimize the classified planning, management and use of low-altitude airspace, and steadily achieve the effective use goal of "default opening, announcement closing, dynamic use and flexible conversion".

  Strengthen the "two supports". Focusing on the two supports of general airports and navigable pilots, we will do a good job in the layout planning of general airports in the province, strengthen the approval of projects and land use, and guarantee funds and policies, and accelerate the construction of navigation bases in accordance with the construction layout of "1+13+N" general airport skeleton network. We will carry out the training of general aviation business license, private license and sports driver license, and train a group of high-quality and skilled navigation pilots as soon as possible.

  Grasp the "three keys". Focusing on the three key areas of R&D, production and consumption of the navigation industry, we will take the lead in making efforts on shortcomings and gaps in breakpoints, intensify the research on key core technologies and key components in advanced materials, automatic control and electronic information, and implement the "breaking zero and multiplying" plan to build Hunan into an innovative highland of aviation science and technology with core competitiveness. Give full play to the leading role of a new generation of technology in industrial optimization and upgrading, and fully integrate new generation technologies such as Beidou satellite navigation, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G/6G communication. Promote the autonomous control of the power system and airborne system of the whole navigation machine in the province, focus on building a number of national key navigation manufacturing enterprises, and attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to gather in Hunan. Incorporate general aviation public services and equipment products into the scope of government procurement, develop short-distance transportation, logistics and express delivery industries, carry out aviation culture science popularization, emergency experience and aviation driving experience, fully cultivate leading enterprises of general aviation in Hunan, support leading enterprises to merge and extend the chain, strengthen the position of supply chain and the right to speak in market competition, promote the industrial chain to extend to both ends and climb to the high end, and form a number of leading enterprises of navigation industry chain with national core competitiveness. Give full play to the policy superposition and attraction capacity of the free trade zone and the airport area, increase the intensity of attracting investment and attracting talents, accelerate the construction of a national general aviation development demonstration park, and promote the professional and large-scale development of the whole industry chain.

  Leading the "four major trends". "Green, wisdom, inclusiveness and innovation" is the new trend of general aviation development. With the application of new Beidou satellite navigation technology and the implementation of collaborative and efficient management system, Hunan will take the lead in realizing centimeter-level fine division and precise management of airspace. Hunan will further follow the trend, deeply study the three-dimensional release, intelligent management and efficient use of urban low-altitude airspace, take the lead in developing "urban navigation", and first try the wide application of unmanned aerial vehicles in urban logistics express delivery, public transportation, social public management, medical assistance, urban fire protection, traffic command, emergency relief and other areas of people’s livelihood security, mass and universal, so as to enhance people’s sense of happiness in navigation flight.

  Collaborative promotion of reform pilots has achieved results.

  The pilot reform of low-altitude airspace management has a tight time, heavy tasks and high requirements. It requires the "military, land, people and enterprises" to think in one place and make efforts in one place to promote the detailed implementation of all work.

  Strengthen coordination and cooperation. Give full play to the role of general dispatch, general lead and general coordination of the Collaborative Management Committee Office, strengthen overall dispatch and comprehensive coordination, and regularly supervise the implementation of provincial units. Adhere to a game of chess, deepen the coordination between the central and local governments, the military and civilians, the provinces and cities, and the government and enterprises, jointly study and promote the implementation of major decisions, reform measures and major projects in the reform pilot, and jointly solve the difficulties, blocking points and pain points encountered in the reform pilot.

  Strengthen institutional guarantee. Learn from the experience of brother provinces extensively and speed up the local legislation of general aviation. Strengthen the top-level design guidance, pay attention to the full connection with the provincial "14 th Five-Year Plan", and compile and implement the general aviation industry development plan, navigation equipment manufacturing development plan and general airport development plan with high starting point and high quality.

  Strengthen policy guidance. Detailed implementation of various policies and measures to support the development of the general aviation industry, and fully release the policy dividend. Intensify publicity to attract domestic and foreign general aviation enterprises or groups with abundant funds and excellent qualifications to settle in Hunan. Stimulate market vitality, actively guide and encourage people to participate in navigation consumption such as navigation pilot training and low-altitude tourism, so that the general aviation industry can play a greater role in expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption upgrading.


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