Lei Jiayin self-styled beauty blogger brought "Whistler" Tang Wei as a guest live broadcast.

Lei Jiayin self-styled beauty blogger brought "Whistler" Tang Wei as a guest live broadcast.

1905 movie network news On November 29th, Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei brought their films to Tik Tok for live broadcast. Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei not only interacted with the audience live with Tik Tok talent "Redundant and Sister Mao Mao", but also sent preferential movie ticket benefits to promote the film. The two people who came to Tik Tok for live broadcast for the first time also shared the bits and pieces behind the scenes of the movie with the audience, and the high-energy interaction between the live broadcasts was even more unforgettable.

On the night of the live broadcast, the cumulative number of online viewers exceeded 10 million, and the topic movie whistler and topic whistler were always on the hot topic list in Tik Tok, with a cumulative discussion volume of 170 million and more than 100 million people touched.

Lei Jiayin, who was humorous at the beginning of the live broadcast, started the shouting mode and shouted to netizens: "Come on, come and see Tang Wei!" Tang Wei, who experienced the live broadcast for the first time, became a curious baby. Not only was she very interested in the content of the barrage, but the special effects on the screen of her mobile phone also made her very novel, and she couldn’t help asking questions to the anchor frequently. After the interactive session, the two were even more energetic. Not only did they sing "Little Jumping Frog" and learn Guizhou dialect from the anchor, but Lei Jiayin also joked at the scene that he was a beauty blogger, and his skin was blown to pieces. At that time, the live broadcast room was full of laughter.

When asked about their first impressions of each other, Lei Jiayin said that Tang Wei was no different from what he imagined, while Tang Wei thought that Lei Jiayin in reality had a label of sleeping more than he imagined. When it comes to the biggest challenge of this play, Lei Jiayin thinks that English lines are a challenge of this play, but from the feedback of the audience during the road show, it seems that they have performed well, calling themselves "English Boy".

The movie Whistleblower tells the story of Marco (Lei Jiayin), an Australian Chinese employee, who was forced to face layers of hunting because of the sudden appearance of his ex-girlfriend Zhou Wen (Tang Wei). As they went to Africa to find the truth, Marco realized that a bigger conspiracy was gradually emerging.

At the special premiere of the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, many star friends praised the film after watching the movie. Yao Chen said that "the texture was great, exceeding expectations", while Liang Jing was immersed in it "especially amazing, and the whole rhythm was particularly good, making a film that was very beyond the commercial level of China", while Zufeng sighed: "The hero made a choice and believed in his conscience, which made me very shocked".The film "Whistleblower" will be released on December 6th, and it has been fully pre-sold.


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