In spring, China feels the vigor and vitality of China.

In spring, China feels the vigor and vitality of China.

       CCTV News:The breeze blows the green fields and the earth blooms. At the moment, it’s early spring, and plants are sprouting all over the country, making a thriving scene. Next, we will walk into China in Spring and feel the vigor and vitality of China.

       In early spring, the south is full of breezes and flowers. This is Yong ‘an Town, Zigong, Sichuan. At present, thousands of acres of colorful rape flowers here bloom for the second time, putting makeup on the earth. In recent years, Zigong Academy of Agricultural Sciences has cultivated colorful rape suitable for local cultivation through breeding technology. This kind of rape flower has long flowering period, strong fragrance and strong ornamental value, which has promoted the development of local suburban agricultural tourism industry.

       Migratory birds crow and spring flowers bloom. Following the camera, we came to Gaoluo Township, Yuanqu, Shanxi Province. After the temperature rose, thousands of acres of wild peaches here competed to bloom, clusters and strings, which set each other off with the green terraces and strange paths in the mountains, forming a beautiful picture of spring. Tourists come in groups of three and five, follow the flowers, see all the flowers and share the beauty of spring.

       As the weather warms up and the snow melts, more than 400 swans are welcomed by the Daling River in beipiao city, Liaoning Province. They sometimes bend their necks and bow their heads, paddling leisurely; Sometimes it spreads its wings and glides gracefully, just like a dancing fairy. It is understood that the Daling River Basin is an important stopping and foraging place for migratory birds, and about 80,000 migratory birds stop here every year.


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