The most splendid Fireworks this year and Shunji Iwai’s aesthetic of mourning for things.

The most splendid Fireworks this year and Shunji Iwai’s aesthetic of mourning for things.

Poster of the Chinese version of the movie Fireworks


Special feature of 1905 film network Summer, swimming pool, bathrobe, fireworks, secret admirer … … All the beautiful things in the world seem to have stayed on that day.


On December 1st, an animated film adapted from Shunji Iwai’s work of the same name was opened in the mainland, and it only took 27.9619 million box office in one day. Although it still lags behind the one produced by Dongbao, it is still the best among Japanese animated films released this year compared with "Sword of God".


Story | Start with fireworks and end with fireworks.


This story begins with a question of teenagers: When viewed from the side, are fireworks round or flat? The two sides with different views argued, and finally they decided to go to the lighthouse at the fireworks meeting that night to find out.


Girls with different growth rates always have different worries from boys. Disgusted by her mother’s remarriage and about to transfer to another school, Cai Jinnai lay by the pool with her eyes closed.


Come to the swimming pool to be the official on duty. You Jie decided to compete in swimming and asked her to be the referee. Unexpectedly, Dian Dao hurt his foot in the game and lost the game. What he didn’t know was that his unrequited love for Cai Jinnai invited the winner Suksuke to watch the fireworks together in the evening.


However, you Jie, who is proud and shy, stood Cai Jinnai up for an agreement with his friends. Disappointed Cai Jinnai admitted that she had made up her mind to invite the winner of the two to watch the fireworks together. It’s just that Cai Jinnai thought Canon would win, and originally wanted to invite Canon. Her elopement plan also fell through in her mother’s obstruction.


The Taoist priest who witnessed all this suddenly thought: If he had won at that time, would the outcome be different? So, Canon road back to before the game.


This time he won, and Cai Jinnai invited him naturally, and then the boy and the girl embarked on an "elopement" trip with the ultimate goal of watching fireworks.


Theme | Why "Fireworks"?


Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka wrote in the book: "The primitive carefree feeling brought by fireworks washed away the fatigue and meaningless persistence of people in the place, and made everyone return to the most innocent childhood."


Stills of the movie "Golden Dream"


Fireworks are of special significance to the Japanese, but for young boys and girls, it is definitely the most important event at that age to meet with the people you like to watch fireworks together. At the moment when the fireworks are lit, time is like solidification. You can only see the dazzling fireworks overhead, and you can only think about the person around you at this moment.


Animated version of "Fireworks" Cai Jinnai and Diandao watch fireworks together.


Jinnai, a Chinese dish in the animated version, achieved something that was never done in the live-action version: watching fireworks with Canon Road. Then she said, "It doesn’t matter whether the fireworks are round or flat, as long as they are with Dian Daojun." Although the two versions have their own treatment on whether they watched the fireworks together, doesn’t this sentence in the animated version echo the "wherever you like" said by Cai Jinnai, who chose not to watch the fireworks in the live-action version?


The live-action version of "Fireworks" dish Jinnai doesn’t care about watching fireworks, just wants to be with Canon Road.


As Cai Jinnai said, whether the fireworks are round or flat is no longer important, nor is it important to watch the fireworks, because the fireworks themselves are just a cover. Through this cover, the teenagers frankly shouted out the names of the people they secretly loved, and the ignorant teenagers and precocious girls finally reached a spiritual interweaving and resonance.


You Jie, who has a crush on you, feels depressed after seeing Diandao "escape" with the girl, and expresses his feelings to the sky. The infected boys shout out the names of the people they like.


Creation | Shunji Iwai and the Tragic Aesthetics in Fireworks


The animated version of Fireworks is directed by animation director Akiyuki Shinbo (Story Series, Lion in March) and directed by Hitoshi Ohne (), and is based on Shunji Iwai’s original work.


The film can be said to be the ultimate work of Shunji Iwai’s tragic aesthetic view.


If you were to talk about the style of Shunji Iwai’s works, how would you describe it? Beautiful, pure, cruel and sad … … Then, summarizing these with Japanese traditional aesthetics is probably "the beauty of mourning." Shunji Iwai’s aesthetic feeling of mourning for things first appeared in the TV short film Fireworks, and it was continued in the animated version.


The film has always been Shunji Iwai’s gentle and delicate.

See food jin nai was taken away, Canon heart very regret.


A slow motion used to depict the inner emotional changes of boys,

The silhouette of teenagers reflects Cai Jinnai’s concern for canon.


The profile shows that the girl secretly observes the reflection and silhouette of the boy in the water.


The train bound for the seaside gives a sense of unreality.


Explain the scene change, render the empty shot of the atmosphere,


Canon peeks at food, Jinnai.


The close-up of the subtle expressions of the protagonists, these shooting techniques together constitute the inner world of the protagonists, which also depicts the youthful and ignorant love between boys and girls.


Canon changed the past four times, creating parallel time and space.


In the story, Akiyuki Shinbo expanded the two endings in Shunji Iwai’s original work, which were divided into "winning or losing the swimming competition", and the regretful hero changed the past four times. The director painted the textured pictures and the strange shapes of fireworks with pencils, so that the audience and the hero and heroine in the story can know that their world is not the real world, but the parallel time and space created by boys.


Parallel worlds, like fireworks, will eventually turn into nothingness after a short period of beauty. In reality, Canon Road and Caijinnai have never had such an intersection, and will soon separate the two places, but their hearts will be filled with such a common memory.


Fireworks will fade away, youth will grow old, and when everything is gone, only the memory of you by my side will last forever.


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