Fashion devil’s "fashion classics": fashion, it can be so simple.

Fashion devil’s "fashion classics": fashion, it can be so simple.

Fashion trends come and go, but there are not so many people who really have the right to speak in fashion.

Speaking of the ranking of the world fashion industry, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of vogue, the big magazine of the universe, must be in the top ranking.

Accustomed to the ups and downs of the fashion circle, she has been in the fashion industry for many years, and she has her own style and taste early. Moreover, she has also developed a pair of critical eyes and can see through the truth of fashion.

In the column of "Go Ask Anna", she opposed the cold image of the fashion devil and gave quite practical suggestions on the dress problem that most people pay attention to. After reading Anna Wintour’s "Fashion Classic", we know that fashion can be so simple!

Below, let’s take a look at the most essential questions and answers.

Q: What kind of items do you need in your wardrobe?

A: the basic model that won’t make mistakes.

Even if there are a lot of clothes, if you are often embarrassed about matching in front of the closet and your mind is always blank, it means that the stock of the basic version in your closet is not enough.

"Basic models" are the most basic items that can adapt to various occasions and blend into various styles.

Anna gave several examples, such as sweaters, trousers, overskirt and coats with simple designs. Even though they look ordinary at first glance, they can show different styles through collocation.

In addition to being changeable and easy to wear, these basic items also have a super big advantage, that is,"Never make mistakes".

Usually, in Anna Wintour’s collocation, the frequency of basic models is also very high. Pixel-colored knitted tops, capable skirts and shirts all appear from time to time. Sometimes, the same skirt, changing tops feels like a new LOOK.

After winter, she also wore the red leather windbreaker for countless times, and used it to cover all the printed dresses in the closet, which had her own style.

It can be seen that identifying a single item with a relatively basic style and then wearing it repeatedly is the beginning for us to be more recognizable in wearing it.

Even the devil wears a red carpet when she goes out in fashion all day, and she pays so much attention to the basic model, so we should learn how to wear the basic model with simple and uncomplicated personality.

Q: Are there really any shoes that are suitable for wearing at any time?

A: Comfortable shoes.

someone says that"The creation of wearing style starts with a pair of shoes"Even if the collocation is ordinary, a pair of shoes can make our overall style stand out quickly.

However, comfort is more important than beauty in the devil’s heart.

Only by dressing comfortably can people show more confident and comfortable dress style, which is also very obvious in Anna Wintour’s dress pictures.

When paired with skirts, she loves a pair of nude high-heeled sandals with crossed front pieces.

It is said that these shoes were specially designed for her by Manolo Blahnik in 1994. Therefore, although they are high-heeled shoes, they can definitely meet the requirements of the devil in terms of comfort. Clothes come and go, but shoes are always that pair.

Indeed, nude high-heeled sandals have an obvious effect on lengthening the leg lines, and the suitable nude color makes the shoes become an extension of the legs, which can be easily handled by nature and dresses of various colors. No wonder some people say that these shoes are semi-permanent just like Anna’s BOB hairstyle.

In winter, Anna Wintour will replace these shoes with black boots, and generally choose thick heels. The color of deeper shoes is more harmonious with the heavy texture of autumn and winter clothes. Thick heels also enhance the comfort of high heels.

It can be seen that shoes don’t need so many, as long as they are comfortable and versatile enough, even if they look like "two pairs of shoes", they can still go to the top of fashion (of course, Anna Wintour has other shoes, but the flop rate of these two shoes is too high).

Q: How to make the shape more distinctive?

A: Interesting accessories.

Basic clothes and simple shoes, at this time, if you want to make your style more prominent, you must work hard on accessories.

Anna Wintour suggests that as long as the budget is sufficient, you must add some interesting matches. In practice, she does. Whether wearing a dress, a overskirt or a tweed coat, she likes to wear a big gem necklace to show off her personality.

No matter whether the color of clothes is elegant or bright, Anna Wintour always likes to add a short necklace with relatively exaggerated shape to her clothes, focusing on the upper body.

However, in order to unify the tone, when she chooses a gem necklace, she usually has a small echo with the color of the dress (seedling feels that her gem necklace is like her dress, although the style is similar, there may be 10086 different colors).

At ordinary times, sunglasses are also her unchanging accessories for ten thousand years."Necklace+Sunglasses"The serial offensive makes Anna Wintour’s style even simple, but it always has a unique atmosphere.

However, this short gem necklace is picky about the length of the neck. It must have Anna Wintour’s slender neck and a good head-to-body ratio to control it.

If your neck line is not as good as Anna Wintour’s, you can try less attractive accessories such as clavicle chain. Sometimes, even the same dress will show a completely different taste after the matching accessories are replaced.

Well, I’ve shared with you the three dress issues that most people care about. I didn’t expect the fashion advice of the fashion devil to be so grounded and hit the nail on the head.

It seems that fashion can also be very simple. Subtraction before addition is the key to personal style.

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