These 24 sets are suitable for everyday fashion wear. They look beautiful when worn. You may wish to collect them in early autumn.

These 24 sets are suitable for everyday fashion wear. They look beautiful when worn. You may wish to collect them in early autumn.

Autumn clothes wear fashionable atmosphere, and different styles are worn with different combinations. 24 sets of fashionable autumn clothes have different styles, some of which are youthful and some are quiet next door. Different styles have interpreted different selves, found their own styles and matched their favorite clothes, which is what every girl loves!


First, fashion autumn clothes are worn.

1. coat

How can you get a suit jacket with an autumn coat? The black suit jacket is simple and formal, and the grass green suit jacket is covered with a simple white T-shirt, which is comfortable and gentle to wear in autumn.

With black straight pants, modify the leg shape, wear the visual sense of long legs, and the legs are slightly split.It can make the calf slimmer, and it can also make the wear itself look more fashionable and personalized.


2. Pants

Autumn pants must have jeans, jeans can be said to be very common all year round, slim jeans are very suitable for wearing with boots in autumn, cool, Shuai Shuai.Wearing sexy and handsome, and wearing it like this is super leg-long, and the long legs will feel immediately.

The top is paired with a one-shoulder sweater, which is particularly slim, especially highlighting the shoulders and necks of girls, and the local charm is often more attractive.


3. Skirts

The autumn knitted dress is worth starting with, a classic diamond plaid knitted skirt, which is classic and retro.And very warm, not only full of autumn atmosphere, but also very practical and versatile.

It is not only suitable for daily matching, but also suitable for going out to play. With a suit jacket of the same color, it is simple to wear the same color, which shows the elegance of girls and naturally improves their temperament!


Second, the matching skills of fashion autumn clothes

1, color echo

Color echo is the most important trick to wear.Dark gray sweater cardigan, full of college spirit, age-reducing and cute, no matter what clothes are worn inside, they are very beautiful. You can wear a halter top inside or a simple shirt.

With a small black pleated skirt, simple three-color matching, the fashion sense of age-reducing wear is really eye-catching, so full of energy is also very suitable for dating!


2, wide outside and tight inside

Wide outside and tight inside is a very slim wearing skill, and it is also very slim and natural to wear in autumn.The khaki loose long trench coat is simple and natural, and it is also super beautiful and bright, which is more handy to match.

The more suitable style is intellectual atmosphere, with a slim shirt inside, which is full of age reduction and cuteness, while the combination of light mature girls and students is mature, and different people can bring different feelings with the same clothes.


3. The upper part is short and the lower part is long

Dressing is something we need to experience every day in our lives. Good dressing can also make women more confident and charming.

The beige short sweater is slim and slim, highlighting the waist and wearing a sexy figure curve. With black straight trousers,Wearing short clothes and long clothes can also make girls more confident and sexy. If they are tired of wearing loose and sweet clothes, they can also try slim sexy clothes!


Second, fashion autumn clothes with templates

1. Knitwear+skirt

The blue pullover sweater is very beautiful to wear, very sweet and fresh. With the denim skirt, the hem of the skirt is also very loose, which will make the girl’s figure curve look more beautiful and sexy.

However, the style of wearing is close to the sweetness. If you want to have a figure and a face value, wear it in autumn and plant grass as soon as possible!


2. Knitted cardigan+dress

Knitted beige cardigan is quiet and elegant, simple and natural, full of vitality and very cute. It is a beige dress inside, and the warm color makes the color look very good, and it looks very smart for girls.

Paired with a pair of canvas shoes, simple, elegant and natural, with a pair of orange canvas shoes, a whole image of a good girl.


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