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AFC publicly apologized and compensated China: Maintain the dignity of football!

Foreword of football world from a new perspective: Enthusiasm and order interweave. Welcome everyone to enter the football world. Here, we will discuss fairness, order and various stories behind football. I hope you can share this wonderful journey with me.

1. Controversial moment: What’s the meaning behind passion? In an Asian Games, a fierce confrontation between the China men’s soccer team and the Qatari team aroused widespread concern. In that game, the conflict between the two players not only increased the tension of the game, but also became the focus of media attention. In the end, although China successfully advanced, it also paid the price of players’ suspension and injury, and even suffered defeat in the follow-up matches. The AFC imposed a fine on this, and the issue of fine also caused many discussions outside.

2. Reflection on Asian football: Exploration of fairness and order Conflicts and disputes will not only affect the team’s performance, but also affect the fans’ enthusiasm for football. In order to ensure the fairness and order of the game, the Asian football community needs to reflect deeply and take corresponding measures. At the same time, the players should also show a more professional and disciplined attitude on the court to bring more exciting games to the fans.

3. Redefining Fairness: The Choice and Challenge of AFC Recently, AFC cancelled the qualification of direct promotion to the World Cup qualifiers, which caused widespread controversy. Some people think that this decision is more conducive to strong teams, while ignoring those teams affected by various reasons such as the epidemic. Fairness is not only a reflection of achievements, but also various factors behind it need to be fully considered.

4. The charm of football: not only competitive football is not only a competition, but also the intersection of emotions, enthusiasm and dreams. On this pitch, every player is fighting for honor and dreams. As fans, we should understand and support them. Conclusion: enthusiasm in order, order in enthusiasm In the world of football, enthusiasm and order are not contradictory. Every game is an exploration of fairness, discipline and enthusiasm. Let’s look forward to more exciting football.

Jokic said that he didn’t want to shout out a sweeping declaration to the Wolves: the series would end next time.

On April 22, Beijing time, the Nuggets beat the Timberwolves 120-111 in the third game of the series, winning the match point with a big score of 3-0. If they win the next game, they will sweep their opponents and advance to the second round. After the game, the Nuggets generals were in high spirits. They all said that they did not intend to bring the series back to Denver, and they were eager to end the series in Minnesota.

"After leading 3-0, our mentality is that we don’t want to go back to Denver to continue playing the series. This is not disrespect for the Timberwolves, because this is our own mentality." Nuggets coach Mike Malone said.

In this campaign, Jokic scored 20 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists, which was the seventh time in his playoff career that he scored a triple-double. Jokic said that after the Nuggets won the first two games, they didn’t want to let go of the throttle: "We don’t want to give the Timberwolves a way out. We want to go all out and take the lead, and they need to respond. This is our plan and I think we have done a good job. "

If the Nuggets can win Game 4, it will be the first time for the Nuggets to sweep their opponents in the playoffs. Although the Nuggets already hold the match point, they also know that it is not difficult to sweep their opponents to advance in the next game.

"We know that the end of the series is often the most difficult game to play. I hope we can find a way to win. We can’t take the mentality that we can go back to home to end the series. Our mentality should be to end the opponent in the fourth game. " Malone said.

Jamal Murray was satisfied with the team’s performance in the away game. He said: "We know what we should do, they are aggressive, and I think we have done a good job in coping with the pressure."

Judging from the performance of the Nuggets, the number one in the West is still underestimated, and their depth is very thick. Michael Porter said: "The existence of Gordon and Jeff Green gives us a very comprehensive lineup. We rarely use these lineups in the regular season, but these multi-forwards lineups are very useful, because we can switch from the number one position to the number five position. When Jokic was not present, our attack was a little different, but we still completed the attack. We have many players who can do different jobs. "

Tottenham are out of the Champions League. Who will succeed Kong Di, tuchel or Pochettino?

Tottenham went out of the Champions League, and it was AC Milan who eliminated them, so coach Kong Di could not escape the blame. In addition, when the contract expires this summer, it seems inevitable to change coaches.

According to The Sun, Tottenham want tuchel to be their next manager. Of course, Pochettino, who is popular with fans, is also one of the alternatives.

Tuchel has been promoted to the first-line manager since he led Chelsea to win the Champions League, so even after being fired by Burleigh at the beginning of the season, he didn’t join any team hastily, and he is still waiting for the call of the Premier League giants.

Although Tottenham Hotspur is the worst in Big6, it is finally a quasi-giant team, so it can barely enter the eyes of tuchel.

Of course, Tottenham is not without competition.

Although there is no possibility for Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool to change coaches.

However, Eddie Howe of Newcastle has been coaching for almost a year and a half. If he fails to qualify for the Champions League this season, it is possible to change coaches.

And Real Madrid in La Liga, if Ancelotti retires, tuchel will have a great chance to win Raul.

However, if the position of head coach is bound to be vacant in summer, then Tottenham’s advantage is still very large.

As for Pochettino, it feels that Levi won’t go back to the grass so easily unless there are no more famous coaches at home in the market, no matter how much fans miss Uncle Bo.

Announced! The red devils broke the record.

At 22: 00 Beijing time tonight, the 27th round of the Premier League will continue, and Manchester United will play at Old Trafford against Southampton.
Before the game, Manchester United ranked third with 49 points in 25 battles, leading the fifth place by 7 points; Southampton ranked the bottom with 21 points in 25 rounds, and has been fired twice this season.
But in the Premier League, you can’t despise any opponent. As Tenhage said before the game, the Saints beat Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago, and they had to fight for relegation. In the second half of the season, it may be more difficult to deal with these teams. Manchester United must show 100% and give no chance to their opponents.
Of course, playing at home is a good thing for Manchester United, which avoids the fatigue of going out on the road and allows players to have a better rest and adjustment.
Before the game, Manchester United officially announced that the ticket sales at Old Trafford Stadium this season had broken the historical record.【OLD TRAFFORD TICKET SALES BREAK RECORD】.
Official website, the Red Devils, confirmed that the Dream Theater has sold more than 2.3 million tickets this season, surpassing the original record set by Manchester United in the 2016-17 season.
It is reported that this figure includes tickets for Manchester United’s 19 Premier League home games this season, as well as tickets for 13 cup games held or booked at Old Trafford so far this season (5 Europa League, 4 FA Cup and 4 Carling Cup).
If Manchester United can continue to advance in the Europa League, there will be one or two more home games, and the ticket sales data will continue to improve.
In Manchester United’s last home game, Thursday night’s Europa League 4-1 victory over real betis, despite the snow and rain, 72,998 spectators came to the Dream Theater to cheer.
Magic fans expressed their firm support for the team with practical actions. A 0-7 fiasco can’t and shouldn’t obliterate the progress made by Tenhager’s team this season.
The rebuilding process of the Red Devils will have twists and turns, accompanied by humiliation and embarrassment. Losing is not terrible. After being beaten, you have to stand up. Frustration is like a sharp grindstone. After polishing it, the Red Devils can shine more brilliantly.

[Appreciation of AI Painting Works-Antique] The first attempt to use AI painting, the effect is shocking

AI painting, that is, artificial intelligence painting, has broken through the limits of human beings, thus allowing painting analysis to enter a broader field of vision with humanistic spirit as the starting point and the foothold. Through artificial intelligence, a new field of painting art is opened. Artificial intelligence painting is usually mysterious, gorgeous, deep, complex and has a strong sense of the times, reflecting extraordinary imagination. Symbolizes the future development direction of painting.

As we all know, the level of AI has now reached a terrible level. AI painting is very popular recently, and the author himself has tried it, and the result is really surprising.

After thinking, I chose the tone of ancient style and tried to do the first AI painting.

The final output results are really surprising, and individual photos have reached the point where it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

(As I am a beginner, I am not proficient in the use of AI painting software, and the computer equipment used is relatively old, so I only output the above four pictures.)

What picture should AI draw next time? You are welcome to leave comments, and I will try my best to meet your requirements.

Italian media: Rome has raised the offer of salary reduction and renewal for smolin, and the new annual salary is the same as at present.

Live on March 12, according to the report of Il Tempo, Rome has raised its offer to renew smolin’s contract, and the current annual salary for renewal is the same as that of the existing contract.

Roma don’t want to lose smolin, and his contract will expire at the end of the season. According to "Il Tempo", Rome has sent an important signal that they have raised their previous offer for renewal.

Rome has offered a two-year contract before, but the annual salary is lower than the current 3.5 million euros.

Considering that the player wants to stay, Roma decided to offer a two-year contract at the current annual salary, and the bonus is very easy to get.

(Stewed Sydney with rock sugar)