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American aunt is humorous: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  China News August 17th According to Washington post, it is less than three months before the US election, and the "Wal-Mart Mom" from battleground states such as Ohio and Arizona has become the focus.

  "Wal-Mart mothers" refer to those mothers who have to work and take care of their children. They seek the balance between the workplace and the family, and pursue a frugal life while fulfilling their mission. These middle-aged women in their thirties and forties have different backgrounds and family incomes, which can generally reflect the living standards of local voters. However, their attitude towards the general election is not optimistic, and they also show resistance to the presidential candidates of the two major parties.

  These "Wal-Mart moms" generally said that the decision between Hillary and Trump made them afraid, painful and disappointed, and one of them even called the election "disgusting". According to surveys in Ohio and Phoenix, when they were asked about their biggest concern about voting for Hillary, four fifths called Hillary "untrustworthy" and thought she was cocky and duplicitous. For Trump, most people think that this business tycoon is impulsive, opinionated and lacking in humanity.

American aunt is humorous: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  "Wal-Mart mothers" refer to those mothers who have to work and take care of their children. They seek the balance between the workplace and the family, and pursue a frugal life while fulfilling their mission. (Source: WHIO)

  "Volvo Mom": I prefer lively Trump, but I agree that Hillary will be elected.

  Julie, an executive who works in Columbus, said: "I think they are all hypocritical, but I feel that she (Hillary) has more handles to catch." Linda, an entrepreneur from Phoenix, is tired of Hillary’s repeated whitewashing of the scandal. She said, "What she did in shattered glass, those things can’t be calmed down at all."

  Only a few people supported Hillary Clinton because she was moved by her original intention to run for office. Dana, a catering waitress in Columbus, is the mother of several girls. She thinks that Hillary’s election will be of great significance to women, which is the only benefit she sees.

  All kinds of criticisms against Trump are also more sweeping. In the eyes of women, he is a dictator and a racist. Di Anna, a housewife in Phoenix, called Trump just like a child, just like her two-year-old child. Connie, who lives in the same city, said: "What he is doing now can be described as shooting himself in the foot and will eventually be destroyed by himself."

  Among the women surveyed in Columbus, three tend to vote for Trump, two choose Hillary, and five are still looking for a "third option", such as choosing gary johnson, the nominee of the Liberal Party. In Phoenix, five people support Hillary, two favor Trump, and three have not yet made a decision. However, almost all the 20 women interviewed thought that Hillary would be elected in the end.

  As a middle voter, "Wal-Mart Mom" has always been an important group that can’t be ignored. They played a decisive role in the election of Obama’s re-election in 2008 and 2012 respectively. For this general election, 20 women who participated in the interview survey all said that the presidential candidates were busy attacking and belittling their competitors, but they did not pay enough attention to key issues such as medical care and economy. They said that although the country is on the right track economically, its political framework has been destroyed, so they are afraid of the rise of terrorism. In this regard, a woman said: "I don’t believe that Hillary has the ability to defend our country, and I think Trump will cause World War III."

  However, in private, these women seem to prefer Trump. When asked who he would invite to his home for a courtyard party, Trump won by an overwhelming margin.

  Donna, the manager of Columbus clinic, said: "I personally feel that Trump will be more active and interesting, unlike Hillary in a suit sitting next to me solemnly." The other two women also called Hillary "cold-blooded", "heartless" and "wearing a hard shell."

American aunt is humorous: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  Hillary VS. Trump (Source: Washington Post)

  American aunts collectively spoke strongly: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  On the occasion of the Rio Olympic Games, these women were also asked which sports were consistent with the temperament of the two candidates. They think Trump is suitable for swimming (his mouth is finally free), playing tennis (running around in front of people), archery (you can imagine that he can aim) and being the captain of a rowing boat (shouting "Keep rowing" at others).

  For Hillary, the answers are mostly golf (boring), archery (killed instantly), fencing (she will attack you from behind), and gymnastics (keep balance — — Try to make as many people as possible satisfied with her.

  The "Wal-Mart moms" were upset about the November election. They said that no matter who they chose, they were not willing, and they were tired of endless abuse, personal attacks and partisanship. Maria, a housewife, said, "I will tremble." Nicole, the postman, said, "Calm down and pray for it."

  However, Anita’s reaction to "President Donald Trump" is "funny", Di Anna thinks it is "grandstanding", and Amy, a therapist in Phoenix, will interrupt you before she finishes: "Wait … …” (Xue Ruimeng)

A notice of the major version update of the domestic game "Tribal Survivor": new forces, new buildings and Spring Festival activities will be launched.

The domestic construction and operation game "Tribal Survivor" recently announced a major version update notice, and new forces, new buildings and recipes and Spring Festival activities will be launched. Let’s take a look!

Wandering stars

Original official announcement:

Advance notice of major version update

As you can see, we didn’t release this week’s routine update because we were concentrating.Try to be in China before the New YearComplete the release of major version. This major version includes the following contents:

Brand-new power system

Redo the trade mechanism

New wonders architecture

Theme of Spring Festival activities

Power system

We have added five new forces, four of which are from unique cultural areas, and their prestige level will gradually increase with the completion of the event and the trade.

Wandering stars

In the end, these forces will provide you with as many as 25 new buildings, 4 new crops and 17 new formulas. As for the fifth one, he is the fat trader who squeezed the fruits of your hard work in the previous game.

In addition, the brand-new trade and spectacle adjustment will also be highly related to these forces, and the content of trade and spectacle will be introduced in detail in the next part.

We hope that the participation of these forces will bring you more interesting content. Before we formally meet with you, let me introduce some of them that may interest you.

New architecture and recipes

A new crop: cactus

Wandering stars

Well, we know that the cactus in everyone’s mind is a desert plant, and I guarantee that the desert map will appear in the game in the future (provided that our art students who work overtime continuously put down their knives first).

New building: Quetzalcoatl Temple

Wandering stars

The Quetzalcoatl Temple from Mayan civilization is supposed to be mainly used for prayer and sacrifice, but in the game, it will serve as the soul of citizens and bury the dead citizens.

I know that many friends who are familiar with South American culture will hold different opinions on the function of this sacred building. But! Infinite graveyard, dear, it’s better than burning it in the river as many "cruel" players demand, isn’t it?

New formula: bamboo basket

Wandering stars

Only the basic raw material "bamboo" is needed to make a backpack column consumable, which is a mass production benefit. How did bamboo come from? We’ll know when the time comes,

Yes, the panda is a lie, and the picture has nothing to do with it (I don’t care, Meng is justice). There are more interesting contents, and I can meet you in a few days, so stay tuned.

New wonders of architecture

There is good news and bad news about spectacle buildings: the good news is that we have added two new spectacle buildings;

The bad news is that in the future games, the spectacle architecture will become the highest level of power and prestige unlocking content. In other words, friends who have not experienced the spectacle architecture, seize the last chance.

A new wonder: the grand palace

The prototype of the Grand Palace is the Hanyuan Palace, the core building of the Daming Palace in the Tang Dynasty. As one of the largest forces of human civilization at that time, the Tang Dynasty managed the largest population on the earth with an efficient official system, and they maintained a very friendly relationship with other civilizations at that time.

The effect of the grand palace also comes from the characteristics of this great empire:

The grand palace is a special city hall building, which will have all the functions of the city hall; It also has an additional 5 mayor slots, allowing the player’s city to hire up to 10 mayors; Its completion will increase the reputation of players and any other forces by 100%.

Wandering stars

Trade redo

Wandering stars

Generally speaking, apart from the original merchant ship visits, we have redone the whole trade system, and at the same time, the whole branch of trade science and technology has also been redone.

The new trading system will bring you the following conveniences and opportunities:

A more relaxed starting point

The basic trade building is now open by default, which means that you can start earning the initial money without relying on the technology tree.

Automatic transaction

Compared with before, you may need to spend more time setting trade targets and implementing trade caravans, but after these settings are completed, the caravans can regularly sell and buy goods according to your settings. Now players can really concentrate on developing advantageous industries in exchange for the circulation of scarce materials. I hope this will enrich the development options of the game and avoid the embarrassment that players have to produce all the materials themselves or order materials at high prices.

Wandering stars

Market price mechanism

There is a difference between the buying and selling prices of goods, and forces will pay higher returns for their favorite goods according to their needs, which means that if you have enough time to pay attention to these prices, you can even make direct profits through trade.

Of course, the market is not immutable. Dumping will bring down the price, and purchasing will bring up the price. Powerful businessmen are not mentally retarded, but if you are good at stock investment and the like, it is not a problem to crush the IQ of NPC.

Wandering stars


If conditions permit, you can buy an insurance for your caravan, whether on land or at sea. The insurance will provide you with some compensation in case of caravan distress and avoid a one-time excessive loss.

As for why and when the caravan is in distress, we choose to pretend that this is not a big problem. By the way, the risk of shipping is far greater than that of land, which should be known to all.

activities for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the most important reunion festival in China every year.

As a team from China, we made some contents related to this festival especially during the Spring Festival.

Maybe this is just a routine operation for China players, but we sincerely hope that players from other parts of the world can share the fun of this special festival.

paste up the "Fu" Character

Wandering stars

Sticking the word "blessing" is a traditional custom in China during the New Year. Every household will stick the word "blessing" on the door and wall during the Spring Festival. The word "paste blessing" has pinned people’s yearning for a happy life and wishes for a better future. But you may find that people often paste the word "fu" upside down. Why?

Of course, it’s not because there is no culture. This is because in order to fully reflect the yearning and wishes for happiness, the people simply paste the word "fu" upside down, indicating that "happiness has fallen (arrived)". An interesting homophonic stalk represents people’s beautiful vision of a happy life.

Players who have read this passage, you now know what to do when there is a blessing event in the game. You see, those players who haven’t read the update announcement may choose the wrong one.

The legend of nian

Wandering stars

Nian beast, also known as "Xi", is a kind of monster in ancient myths and legends in China. It is said that Nian beast would invade villages all over the country at midnight at the end of the year, bringing terrible disasters. In order to drive away Nian beast, people finally found the weakness of Nian beast and successfully drove it out. People all over the world always get together to celebrate at the most important festivals, but the reasons for gathering in stories are always different, which is really wonderful. Here, we also invite players from all over the world to share the stories behind your festivals with us. Maybe we can restore these interesting stories in the game to share the joy from various cultures and regions with you.

After the update, you will know how Nian beast was defeated. Before that, guess what it is most afraid of.

Lantern festival lantern

On the 15th day after the New Year in China, it is another special festival: Lantern Festival, which means the official end of the New Year Festival in China.

Wandering stars

People will hold Lantern Festival in the bustling streets of towns. In many cities where rivers pass, people will exile lanterns in the rivers. In addition, solve riddles on the lanterns is also an important activity of the Lantern Festival. People write riddles on paper and put lanterns and lanterns for people to guess. Riddles are enlightening and interesting, so they are loved by all walks of life in the process of spreading. Many times, solving puzzles will bring some extra rewards.

Tribal Survivor is a town building game, and you will lead survivors to open up new homes. Rely on a small amount of materials to deal with natural and man-made disasters, ensure the health and happiness of citizens, choose different development routes to bring unique advantages, and finally establish a prosperous town with a large population and unique characteristics.

For more information, please pay attention to:

Creation camp and youth have formed a group one after another. Where will the rest of the trainees go?

1905 movie network news After KUN and Rocket Girl, capital and audience are looking for the next "KUN" and "Rocket Girl".


According to the "White Paper on Idol Industry and Fan Economy in 2019", the size of China’s fan economy market has reached 45 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 60%; It is estimated that the total size of China’s idol market will reach 100 billion yuan in 2020.


Behind the growing market scale, the trainee market, as one of the origins of idols, has become hot, and various talent shows have appeared together, and C-bit group has become the common goal of most trainees.

In the just-concluded "Creation Camp 2020" finals, seven trainees, namely, Xilin Nayi Gao, Akira, Wang Yijin, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zheng Naixin, Sally Liu and Zhang Yifan, stood out from 101 contestants and became the winners of the night.

However, the idol draft system has always been a pyramid, with a few people standing at the top, and the losers constitute a wide and thick tower. Most of the trainees who fail to form a group may gradually disappear from the public’s field of vision with the decline of the popularity of the program.


And more practitioners, may be at the end of the trainee’s career, is still a nobody who didn’t get a chance to perform.


"Nobody" is the norm.


In the era of fast food, trainees have become one of the most common ingredients in the canteen made by inner entertainment idols. This is also one of the few paths that ordinary people take to the Avenue of Stars.


In 2014, in order to fulfill her dream of being the lead singer of a women’s group, Mumu resigned from a job as a primary school music teacher in her hometown of Xi ‘an and started her career as a trainee in Beipiao. The company has excellent resources, which corresponds to the training plan of benchmarking Korean system. The normal training time is ten hours every day, but self-training is the norm.


"It’s normal not to sleep at night, because someone will always work harder than you." During that time, Mumu practiced for an average of fifteen hours a day. Double training is the best way to quickly acquire the qualification for debut from an amateur and survive in the fierce competition. Lisa, a tutor who came out of the trainee mode, once said that she would practice until three or four in the morning because opportunities were not always there.



Brokerage companies usually arrange systematic training courses for trainees, including vocal music, dance, performance, etc. Like graduating classes with heavy schoolwork, there are corresponding weekly and monthly exams. Some companies will distribute nameplates with different ratings to trainees according to the test results, and they are required to wear them at any time until the next test rating changes.


For Mumu, the most difficult thing is physical training every day. The pain caused by push-ups and zama steps comes not only from the body, but also from the psychology. If the number of exercises is not up to standard, the whole team should do it together. If you don’t want to get involved with your teammates, you can only force yourself to reach the standard as soon as possible.


After about two years of training, I moved to Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. The initial team of more than 300 people became smaller and smaller, and the day of formal group formation was getting closer and closer. In the end, Mumu’s Group A successfully broke through, but on the eve of his official debut in South Korea, he was told that the plan was cancelled.

"The whole mentality has collapsed, and there is no income. I have been doing one thing for two years, so I have worked hard through layers of selection. As a result, when I want to debut, some requirements that I have never known are in front of me. If you don’t cooperate, you can’t debut." At that moment, Mu Mu felt that two years of hard work had been wasted.


"One is the reason for the contract time of eight to ten years, and the other is the plastic surgery. Although he didn’t say that forcing will make you whole, in fact, there are some in the contract, and some people before the company, some of them are quite serious." Because of doubts about these two points, Mu Mu didn’t sign the contract, and finally the group plan ran aground.


In 2018, Hua Du, CEO of Lehua Entertainment, admitted in an interview with the media that it takes at least 40 million to 50 million to be a group. This also makes the brokerage company have to sign long-term contracts with trainees. The person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue said that the contract period should take into account the time of pre-training, and also hoped that the creation of artists would be a long-term plan.


After ending his trainee career, Mumu was once confused. Although the dream of the female lead singer ran aground, her love for music remained the same. Shuttle between reality and dreams, let Xiao Mu learn to do his job as a music training teacher, and strive to move forward in the direction of outstanding independent musicians.


And some of the trainees who once had an intersection with Mu Mu are still active on the stage, such as Yasaki, who formally formed a group in Youth with You 2, and contestants Mo Yao and Shujun Ma. In Xiao Mu’s eyes, these people have made great progress in various businesses and are more confident than before.


Without a suitable exposure platform and a groping training system, most trainees may be "nobody" throughout their lives.

As a former passer-by, Mumu disapproves of people who are very young to be trainees, because the pressure disproportionate to their age has a great impact on a person’s mind. If they are able to go online and become mature, they can also make a debut as trainees.


Freedom sometimes gives way to dreams.


In contrast, some people are much luckier.


"When Aidou came across the stage, I was shocked and liked him very much. In fact, he was a very cute boy under the stage." Before entering junior high school, Bubble Zhu was circled by the stage performance of a Korean male star in the mobile phone screen. This also inspired her to follow in the footsteps of idols and become a trainee.

This idea has also been supported by parents. At that time, there was a trainee auditioning in the company. Accompanied by his mother, Bubble Zhu participated in the competition and was chosen by luck.

After several years of training, Bubble Zhu got the opportunity to participate in Youth with You 2. According to the person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue, the company currently has about 40 trainees (including those who have appeared). Under the premise of limited resources, the internal competition of the company is equally fierce.



Although he stopped in the top 35, Bubble Zhu’s life has undergone some subtle changes. At first, someone asked her for her autograph, and there were more program announcements, so she had some fresh work experience. But if there are not enough topics and works to maintain the popularity, even mature artists will soon be forgotten by the market, especially trainees who have just been concerned by the audience and the market.


Bubble Zhu also has his own regrets in Youth with You 2. She thinks that the styles of her performances in the first three performances are similar, and she failed to show more of herself. In order to have a chance to show herself more comprehensively next time, she made a training list for herself. Although simplicity and freedom are the state of life she wants to maintain, her anxiety about the future may have been hidden in her subconscious.

Besides being an artist, she also wants to be a freelancer who travels around and makes a living by bringing goods. In the eyes of the new generation of trainees, freedom sometimes gives way to dreams, and success requires corresponding chips.


At present, in the trainee market, more people may not even have a chance to tour the idol talent show. In 2018, the two programs "Creation 101" and "Idol Trainee" involved about 15,000 trainees. Few people can "have names" on the stage, and most of them are unknown.

Even if you stand in the spotlight, the light condensed on the draft stage is always cold. No matter whether you make a successful debut or not, high-quality works and personalities are the best preservatives for artists. For trainees born in Generation Z, it may be more important to be yourself than to be a member of KUN or Rocket Girl.


Continue or change careers, each trainee has a different answer.

Ordinary figures build a series of security barriers.

Zeng Qiuju and community workers publicized the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.

 Deng Xiaohu, a community doctor, helped the residents to do a detailed examination.

"If we climb one more floor, we can reduce the possibility of virus transmission." "If we buy more, we can guarantee the supply of food baskets for everyone." Community prevention and control is the first line of defense against the epidemic in COVID-19. In the past few days, the "most beautiful retrograde" around us has been jointly controlled and fearless in the epidemic, building a safety barrier.

Work together to overcome the difficulties. In this epidemic, community secretaries, volunteers, retired people, caring people, drivers, etc. appeared in every corner of urban and rural areas, and became a warm-hearted force in prevention and control.

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reporter Bu Lan reports.

Community epidemic prevention personnel:

Grandpa died of illness, and he fought back his grief and went to work.

"Resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control war!" On January 29th, in Xiufeng Sub-district Office, Kaifu District, Changsha City, party member Commando, composed of 49 party member, made a solemn oath. Yao Jing, the vice captain standing in the front row, has a firm eye, but everyone doesn’t know that his elderly grandfather in his hometown is dying.

On January 28th, more than 30 Hubei guests stayed in a designated hotel in Xiufeng Street. Street commandos entered the hotel as quickly as possible. After Yao Jing was busy, she arranged for the team members to take turns on duty and do a good job in prevention, control and service. Because he is in charge of the health line among the members of the street team, from the New Year’s Eve, he has been involved in the epidemic prevention work all the time, going deep into the house-to-house investigation of the community and turning around for several days. However, at noon on January 29, the most feared news came, and grandpa left this world.

"The most kind smile never see again, I’m sorry! Grandpa walked all the way! " After writing this passage in a circle of friends, Yao Jing held back her sadness and devoted herself to the frontline epidemic prevention work.

Community aunt:

Changing patterns to supplement nutrition for front-line workers

"Since the New Year’s Eve, the community has been posting notices in the community. The staff eat instant noodles every day and work overtime until midnight. I really feel sorry for them. " Zeng Qiuju, who lives in Lifa New Town Community, Muyun Street, Tianxin District, Changsha, said that although he has retired, he also wants to do something for the community.

From January 30th, every morning at 8: 00, Zeng Qiuju, 57, will go to the nearby supermarket to buy food early. After coming back to disinfect the kitchen, he will start cooking rice to ensure that five dishes and one soup can be served on time at 12 noon.

Zeng Qiuju will cook in a variety of ways according to everyone’s preferences, such as bean paste, fried radish skin with bacon, stewed chicken, seaweed and egg soup, etc. After cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks, Zeng Qiuju will go with the community workers to check the epidemic prevention situation in the jurisdiction, such as registering the business situation of surrounding stores, community disinfection, epidemic prevention publicity and so on.

Community doctor:

Crush one’s head and extract specimens for suspected objects

Since January 22, Deng Xiaohu, deputy chief physician of Qingyuan Street Community Health Service Center in Tianxin District, Changsha City, has been working, visiting households, checking and monitoring every day, publicizing protection knowledge, and walking in a hurry.

Deng Xiaohu visits more than 10 families every day. Once the suspected person is found, it is necessary to take his temperature, ask about the contact history, guide the matters needing attention, register it, and carry out dynamic monitoring.

At 9 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, he received an urgent call. A girl in her twenties needed medical observation because she was taking care of her grandmother who was diagnosed in novel coronavirus. "After I put on protective clothing, I was sweating all over, and even my goggles were water mist. In this case, it is very easy to be infected to extract secretions from the throat of the suspected object. At that time, it was really hard on the scalp. "

Community police: I had a special "reunion dinner" with my family through video.

On January 24th, New Year’s Eve, Yan Xiaodan, a community policeman at the vault police station of Yuhua Public Security Bureau in Changsha City, and his wife, elderly parents and young daughter who couldn’t go home at the same post had a special "reunion dinner" through WeChat video.

Yan Xiaodan’s wife is a pediatrician in the Provincial People’s Hospital. She went to the front line years ago and hasn’t come home yet. As a community policeman, since New Year’s Eve, Yan Xiaodan has been carrying out epidemic prevention propaganda in the community and checking the personnel and vehicles in the jurisdiction, cleaning up the entertainment places and mahjong halls that are still open in the jurisdiction, and has been on duty for several days.

The epidemic was urgent, and both husband and wife were fighting at the front. When thinking about his family, Yan Xiaodan can only report his work status to his family through WeChat video connection and encourage each other. "Since our husband and wife are engaged in this profession, we must undertake the mission entrusted to us by the profession."

Community driver: Take a cot and get ready to drive at any time.

On January 26th, Lei Dongqiang went to the Eden Medical Park to purchase protective supplies and disinfection materials. It was past 6 pm when he returned to the unit to unload the materials and do the daily maintenance of the ambulance. He hurriedly ate a bucket of instant noodles and stood by in the hospital. At 10 o’clock that night, he received a temporary emergency task and went to the high-speed exit to be on duty. Lei Dongqiang rushed to the high-speed exit, and it was an all-night stay.

Lei Dongqiang, a 67-year-old ambulance driver, is an old party member in Xiufeng Street Community Health Service Center, Kaifu District, Changsha. His daily work is the ambulance driver and the water and electricity maintenance of the unit. In the past few days, in order to be able to set off at the first time after receiving an urgent task, Lei Dongqiang set up a temporary bed directly in the health cabin of the main building and rested on this simple bed at night so as to get out at any time.

Fixed-point service hotels, high-speed exits and referral of suspected cases open to people in epidemic areas also need to cooperate with various communities to investigate the situation of returning people in Wuhan. Lei Dongqiang is always on call, taking everyone around every place.

Community caring people: drive 300 bags of vegetables for free every day.

"Pollution-free vegetables are collected free of charge, and the virus is heartless and affectionate. We will work together to fight the epidemic." On the morning of February 12th, Wang Zihao drove a van full of vegetables that had just been picked from vegetable fields, and sent them from Gao Qiao Town, Changsha to Xingshacheng District, Changsha County for citizens to collect for free.

Wang Zihao, 25, retired from the army last September and returned to Weihan Village, Gao Qiao Town. He is going to open a fast food restaurant in Xingshacheng District this year. In the early stage, he planted a few acres of side dishes in his hometown. "Now there are many side dishes at home, but at present, the store can’t be opened, so he has the idea of delivering vegetables."

From February 8th, he picked and packed vegetables with his parents every day, prepared about 300 bags, and then drove for an hour from Gao Qiao Town to Xingshacheng District for the citizens to collect. "It’s my regret that I retired early and couldn’t fight with my comrades. I can only do my best to do something meaningful at this critical moment." Wang Zihao said.

Community retired elderly: 70-year-old party member led 21 members to fight the epidemic together.

"Huang Miao, you have come back from shopping. Come on, spray your hands with alcohol first, and take your temperature before entering the community." "Brother Zhao, remember to wear a mask when you go out!" "Fat Dad" Chen Yunxiang greeted the residents at the gate of the community while busy doing various epidemic prevention propaganda work.

On the first day of epidemic prevention and control work in Tangjialing community of Changsha, he volunteered to participate in the prevention and control war "epidemic". "I am a party member, even if I am 70 years old, I am still a party member, and I will take protective measures."

From the beginning of the circulating broadcast of mobile speakers to the distribution of warm tips, epidemic prevention notices and posting notices to residents, "Fat Dad" has to walk more than 10 kilometers every day for inspections. Moreover, he also led 21 players to join the "epidemic". "We set up a volunteer team last year, and now it just comes in handy!"


Psychological stress in community work?

Try to do this!

The data shows that nearly 4 million urban and rural community workers are fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in 650,000 urban and rural communities, and each community worker has to face 350 people. So, how should community workers do psychological debugging?

Insiders suggest that we should protect ourselves first. If you are under great pressure at work or have important things at home, you should communicate with your colleagues and superiors in time, and you can stop working or rotate your work if necessary. If you can’t adjust yourself well, you can also call the psychological assistance hotline for professional help. If you can’t control your worries, try to divert your attention and find something that you can devote yourself to for a long time to change your fear.

At the same time, you can often soak your feet with hot water and listen to soft music to relax and ensure adequate sleep.

The internal competition pattern of China table tennis team has changed: strong male table tennis enemies surround women table tennis opponents.

In 2022, the China table tennis team spent the first full season of the Paris Olympic cycle, won many laurels including the team world table tennis championships, and still stood at the top of the world table tennis world with the momentum of breaking bamboo. However, although the "teacher of the king" has made outstanding achievements, it is an indisputable fact that strong enemies are surrounded, especially the men’s table tennis crisis. While Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen, two veterans, are gradually fading out, the internal competition pattern of table tennis is also changing quietly.
The third man of the men’s team surfaced.
Wang Chuqin is the player who shines in table tennis this season. In the six high-level events that the main team played, the 22-year-old Beijing team won the singles four times.
After winning the first men’s singles championship in international competitions in 2019, Wang Chuqin once encountered a bottleneck in singles events. This season, he broke through himself, winning the WTT (World Table Tennis Professional League) Macau Competition at the beginning of the year, and winning the WTT Budapest Star Challenge in July. After helping the team dominate the Chengdu Team World Table Tennis Championships by "full attendance" in the knockout round, Wang Chuqin "sublimated" from technique and tactics to ideology, and then won the WTT Macau Championship and WTT World Cup again, and the world ranking rose to the third highest in his career.
Although there was no gain in the subsequent national championships and the Asian Cup in Bangkok, there is no doubt that Wang Chu Qin has made a leap this season and has gradually secured the position of the "third man" in men’s table tennis. In the singles competition, he defeated Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan and many other major opponents of foreign associations throughout the year, and scored 3 wins and 1 loss against Malone. As a left-handed player, the former World Table Tennis Championship men’s doubles champion also won three mixed doubles championships and one men’s doubles championship with different players. If it can make a difference in next year’s individual World Table Tennis Championships, there should be no doubt that it will be included in the Paris Olympic lineup.
In addition to Wang Chuqin, two other non-Olympic champions in the main team of the men’s team, who are both "Mesozoic", have also won many foreign competition opportunities this season, but their performance is inferior. They not only won less than the main team of table tennis, but also lost foreign wars several times. Among them, Liang Jingkun, who will be 26 years old, once ranked third in the world, but only one WTT routine challenge singles champion was recorded, and he was banned by the Chinese Table Tennis Association at the end of the season for misconduct.
The 27-year-old Lin Gaoyuan continued the "champion shortage" for more than three years. After losing to his teammates twice at the beginning of the year and winning the runner-up, he wasted six match points in the final of WTT Budapest Championship in July, failing to seize the opportunity of meritorious service when his teammates were defeated. Although she won 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the end of the season, and narrowly won the men’s team final against Fan Zhendong by 17-15, she still failed to show convincing performance in the international arena.
The performance of the two main players of "Long Pang" this season is remarkable. Although veteran Malone only won a runner-up, he also lost only one off-court battle. Fan Zhendong, the world’s No.1, won one championship and one Asian in the absence of the European Summer Series, but it was defeated by both Chinese and foreign strong players.
In terms of opponents, compared with the Tokyo Olympic cycle, there are more rising stars in the Eurasian team in the new cycle, and the China men’s table tennis team, which has been hit hard in the international arena, is facing greater challenges. In almost every high-level competition, the China men’s team has lost the main foreign war. In the two WTT high-level events held in Budapest in July, Guoping was "delayed" by the men’s team. Among them, Korean men’s doubles "new and old combination" Zhao Dacheng/Li Shangzhu, Lian Ke, Wang Chuqin/Malone, Liang Jingkun/Lin Gaoyuan won the Star Challenge. In the subsequent singles championship, China men’s table tennis four without Fan Zhendong were all eliminated by foreign association players, which sounded the alarm for preparing for the Olympic Games.
Healthy competition of four "golden flowers" for women’s teams
Compared with the men’s team, the performance of China women’s table tennis in the world is still strong, and its "Jianghu status" is impregnable. Not only that, with the birth of Wang Yidi, healthy competition has also formed within the women’s team, and four "golden flowers" compete with each other and promote each other.
The 25-year-old Wang Yidi has a strong upward trend in the new cycle, and broke into the semi-finals in the World Championships last year. This season, she has won many successes in high-level events and impacted the "three main players", which proves that it is no accident that she ranks among the top four in the World Championships with stable performance. In March’s WTT Grand Slam and October’s World Cup, she reached the semi-finals. In July’s WTT European Summer Series, Sun Yingsha was a "double kill", winning 1 crown and 1 Asian. In the two events at the end of the season, Wang Yidi first won the women’s team and the women’s singles in the all-round championship, among which she narrowly beat Manyu Wang to reach the top for the first time in the singles final, and then reversed Ito Meicheng’s first seal in the Asian Cup. Next year’s individual World Championships will be the "outpost" of the Paris Olympic Games. If this season’s momentum can be continued, Wang Yidi’s impact on the Olympic lineup is by no means empty talk.
However, judging from the lineup of this year’s World Table Tennis Championships, the position of the "trio" who won the team championship of the Tokyo Olympic Games for women’s table tennis has not wavered for the time being. As a "big sister", Chen Meng, 28, has made it clear that her sword refers to Paris. This year, she won 1 crown and 1 Asian in the international arena, and her performance is still stable. The two "new generations" won two championships and one Asian respectively. Among them, Sun Yingsha won two championships in the "China season" in October, and continued her unbeaten performance in foreign wars. Manyu Wang, the champion of the World Table Tennis Championships, topped the WTT Macau Tournament in January and the Budapest Championship in July, and won the mixed doubles champion and runner-up in the women’s singles in the all-round championship, with a stable record throughout the year.
Chen Xingtong, the same age as Wang Yidi and selected for the team World Table Tennis Championships, has not yet withdrawn from the competition, but his position has become marginal. Its performance in the competition fluctuated and did not pose a threat to the four main players.
Looking around the world, China women’s table tennis, with fierce internal competition, is strong, even stronger in the new cycle, not only rarely losing foreign wars, but also winning the championship, runner-up and even the semi-finals. At the World Table Tennis Championships in Chengdu in October, China defended its title by crushing its opponents, without losing a set in eight games, only losing two sets. In the ——WTT Macau Championship, the only high-level event with frequent "accidents", Manyu Wang and Chen Meng lost to European players in the first two rounds, but Chen Xingtong and Sun Yingsha still joined forces in the final, which fully reflected the strength and thickness, and also made major rivals such as Ito Meicheng feel the despair of "pressing the gourd to float the ladle".
In addition, Manyu Wang and Sun Yingsha’s women’s doubles team beat Miki Ito/Hayata Hina in the final of high-level events twice this year after last year’s World Championships, almost beating their opponents over. Both singles and doubles have a "fault" strength advantage, so it is difficult for China women’s table tennis to defend its title in the Paris Olympic Games.
Reporter Wang Xiaoxiao
(Source: Beijing Daily)

AFC publicly apologized and compensated China: Maintain the dignity of football!

Foreword of football world from a new perspective: Enthusiasm and order interweave. Welcome everyone to enter the football world. Here, we will discuss fairness, order and various stories behind football. I hope you can share this wonderful journey with me.

1. Controversial moment: What’s the meaning behind passion? In an Asian Games, a fierce confrontation between the China men’s soccer team and the Qatari team aroused widespread concern. In that game, the conflict between the two players not only increased the tension of the game, but also became the focus of media attention. In the end, although China successfully advanced, it also paid the price of players’ suspension and injury, and even suffered defeat in the follow-up matches. The AFC imposed a fine on this, and the issue of fine also caused many discussions outside.

2. Reflection on Asian football: Exploration of fairness and order Conflicts and disputes will not only affect the team’s performance, but also affect the fans’ enthusiasm for football. In order to ensure the fairness and order of the game, the Asian football community needs to reflect deeply and take corresponding measures. At the same time, the players should also show a more professional and disciplined attitude on the court to bring more exciting games to the fans.

3. Redefining Fairness: The Choice and Challenge of AFC Recently, AFC cancelled the qualification of direct promotion to the World Cup qualifiers, which caused widespread controversy. Some people think that this decision is more conducive to strong teams, while ignoring those teams affected by various reasons such as the epidemic. Fairness is not only a reflection of achievements, but also various factors behind it need to be fully considered.

4. The charm of football: not only competitive football is not only a competition, but also the intersection of emotions, enthusiasm and dreams. On this pitch, every player is fighting for honor and dreams. As fans, we should understand and support them. Conclusion: enthusiasm in order, order in enthusiasm In the world of football, enthusiasm and order are not contradictory. Every game is an exploration of fairness, discipline and enthusiasm. Let’s look forward to more exciting football.

Jokic said that he didn’t want to shout out a sweeping declaration to the Wolves: the series would end next time.

On April 22, Beijing time, the Nuggets beat the Timberwolves 120-111 in the third game of the series, winning the match point with a big score of 3-0. If they win the next game, they will sweep their opponents and advance to the second round. After the game, the Nuggets generals were in high spirits. They all said that they did not intend to bring the series back to Denver, and they were eager to end the series in Minnesota.

"After leading 3-0, our mentality is that we don’t want to go back to Denver to continue playing the series. This is not disrespect for the Timberwolves, because this is our own mentality." Nuggets coach Mike Malone said.

In this campaign, Jokic scored 20 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists, which was the seventh time in his playoff career that he scored a triple-double. Jokic said that after the Nuggets won the first two games, they didn’t want to let go of the throttle: "We don’t want to give the Timberwolves a way out. We want to go all out and take the lead, and they need to respond. This is our plan and I think we have done a good job. "

If the Nuggets can win Game 4, it will be the first time for the Nuggets to sweep their opponents in the playoffs. Although the Nuggets already hold the match point, they also know that it is not difficult to sweep their opponents to advance in the next game.

"We know that the end of the series is often the most difficult game to play. I hope we can find a way to win. We can’t take the mentality that we can go back to home to end the series. Our mentality should be to end the opponent in the fourth game. " Malone said.

Jamal Murray was satisfied with the team’s performance in the away game. He said: "We know what we should do, they are aggressive, and I think we have done a good job in coping with the pressure."

Judging from the performance of the Nuggets, the number one in the West is still underestimated, and their depth is very thick. Michael Porter said: "The existence of Gordon and Jeff Green gives us a very comprehensive lineup. We rarely use these lineups in the regular season, but these multi-forwards lineups are very useful, because we can switch from the number one position to the number five position. When Jokic was not present, our attack was a little different, but we still completed the attack. We have many players who can do different jobs. "

Tottenham are out of the Champions League. Who will succeed Kong Di, tuchel or Pochettino?

Tottenham went out of the Champions League, and it was AC Milan who eliminated them, so coach Kong Di could not escape the blame. In addition, when the contract expires this summer, it seems inevitable to change coaches.

According to The Sun, Tottenham want tuchel to be their next manager. Of course, Pochettino, who is popular with fans, is also one of the alternatives.

Tuchel has been promoted to the first-line manager since he led Chelsea to win the Champions League, so even after being fired by Burleigh at the beginning of the season, he didn’t join any team hastily, and he is still waiting for the call of the Premier League giants.

Although Tottenham Hotspur is the worst in Big6, it is finally a quasi-giant team, so it can barely enter the eyes of tuchel.

Of course, Tottenham is not without competition.

Although there is no possibility for Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool to change coaches.

However, Eddie Howe of Newcastle has been coaching for almost a year and a half. If he fails to qualify for the Champions League this season, it is possible to change coaches.

And Real Madrid in La Liga, if Ancelotti retires, tuchel will have a great chance to win Raul.

However, if the position of head coach is bound to be vacant in summer, then Tottenham’s advantage is still very large.

As for Pochettino, it feels that Levi won’t go back to the grass so easily unless there are no more famous coaches at home in the market, no matter how much fans miss Uncle Bo.

Announced! The red devils broke the record.

At 22: 00 Beijing time tonight, the 27th round of the Premier League will continue, and Manchester United will play at Old Trafford against Southampton.
Before the game, Manchester United ranked third with 49 points in 25 battles, leading the fifth place by 7 points; Southampton ranked the bottom with 21 points in 25 rounds, and has been fired twice this season.
But in the Premier League, you can’t despise any opponent. As Tenhage said before the game, the Saints beat Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago, and they had to fight for relegation. In the second half of the season, it may be more difficult to deal with these teams. Manchester United must show 100% and give no chance to their opponents.
Of course, playing at home is a good thing for Manchester United, which avoids the fatigue of going out on the road and allows players to have a better rest and adjustment.
Before the game, Manchester United officially announced that the ticket sales at Old Trafford Stadium this season had broken the historical record.【OLD TRAFFORD TICKET SALES BREAK RECORD】.
Official website, the Red Devils, confirmed that the Dream Theater has sold more than 2.3 million tickets this season, surpassing the original record set by Manchester United in the 2016-17 season.
It is reported that this figure includes tickets for Manchester United’s 19 Premier League home games this season, as well as tickets for 13 cup games held or booked at Old Trafford so far this season (5 Europa League, 4 FA Cup and 4 Carling Cup).
If Manchester United can continue to advance in the Europa League, there will be one or two more home games, and the ticket sales data will continue to improve.
In Manchester United’s last home game, Thursday night’s Europa League 4-1 victory over real betis, despite the snow and rain, 72,998 spectators came to the Dream Theater to cheer.
Magic fans expressed their firm support for the team with practical actions. A 0-7 fiasco can’t and shouldn’t obliterate the progress made by Tenhager’s team this season.
The rebuilding process of the Red Devils will have twists and turns, accompanied by humiliation and embarrassment. Losing is not terrible. After being beaten, you have to stand up. Frustration is like a sharp grindstone. After polishing it, the Red Devils can shine more brilliantly.

[Appreciation of AI Painting Works-Antique] The first attempt to use AI painting, the effect is shocking

AI painting, that is, artificial intelligence painting, has broken through the limits of human beings, thus allowing painting analysis to enter a broader field of vision with humanistic spirit as the starting point and the foothold. Through artificial intelligence, a new field of painting art is opened. Artificial intelligence painting is usually mysterious, gorgeous, deep, complex and has a strong sense of the times, reflecting extraordinary imagination. Symbolizes the future development direction of painting.

As we all know, the level of AI has now reached a terrible level. AI painting is very popular recently, and the author himself has tried it, and the result is really surprising.

After thinking, I chose the tone of ancient style and tried to do the first AI painting.

The final output results are really surprising, and individual photos have reached the point where it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

(As I am a beginner, I am not proficient in the use of AI painting software, and the computer equipment used is relatively old, so I only output the above four pictures.)

What picture should AI draw next time? You are welcome to leave comments, and I will try my best to meet your requirements.