A notice of the major version update of the domestic game "Tribal Survivor": new forces, new buildings and Spring Festival activities will be launched.

A notice of the major version update of the domestic game "Tribal Survivor": new forces, new buildings and Spring Festival activities will be launched.

The domestic construction and operation game "Tribal Survivor" recently announced a major version update notice, and new forces, new buildings and recipes and Spring Festival activities will be launched. Let’s take a look!

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Original official announcement:

Advance notice of major version update

As you can see, we didn’t release this week’s routine update because we were concentrating.Try to be in China before the New YearComplete the release of major version. This major version includes the following contents:

Brand-new power system

Redo the trade mechanism

New wonders architecture

Theme of Spring Festival activities

Power system

We have added five new forces, four of which are from unique cultural areas, and their prestige level will gradually increase with the completion of the event and the trade.

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In the end, these forces will provide you with as many as 25 new buildings, 4 new crops and 17 new formulas. As for the fifth one, he is the fat trader who squeezed the fruits of your hard work in the previous game.

In addition, the brand-new trade and spectacle adjustment will also be highly related to these forces, and the content of trade and spectacle will be introduced in detail in the next part.

We hope that the participation of these forces will bring you more interesting content. Before we formally meet with you, let me introduce some of them that may interest you.

New architecture and recipes

A new crop: cactus

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Well, we know that the cactus in everyone’s mind is a desert plant, and I guarantee that the desert map will appear in the game in the future (provided that our art students who work overtime continuously put down their knives first).

New building: Quetzalcoatl Temple

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The Quetzalcoatl Temple from Mayan civilization is supposed to be mainly used for prayer and sacrifice, but in the game, it will serve as the soul of citizens and bury the dead citizens.

I know that many friends who are familiar with South American culture will hold different opinions on the function of this sacred building. But! Infinite graveyard, dear, it’s better than burning it in the river as many "cruel" players demand, isn’t it?

New formula: bamboo basket

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Only the basic raw material "bamboo" is needed to make a backpack column consumable, which is a mass production benefit. How did bamboo come from? We’ll know when the time comes,

Yes, the panda is a lie, and the picture has nothing to do with it (I don’t care, Meng is justice). There are more interesting contents, and I can meet you in a few days, so stay tuned.

New wonders of architecture

There is good news and bad news about spectacle buildings: the good news is that we have added two new spectacle buildings;

The bad news is that in the future games, the spectacle architecture will become the highest level of power and prestige unlocking content. In other words, friends who have not experienced the spectacle architecture, seize the last chance.

A new wonder: the grand palace

The prototype of the Grand Palace is the Hanyuan Palace, the core building of the Daming Palace in the Tang Dynasty. As one of the largest forces of human civilization at that time, the Tang Dynasty managed the largest population on the earth with an efficient official system, and they maintained a very friendly relationship with other civilizations at that time.

The effect of the grand palace also comes from the characteristics of this great empire:

The grand palace is a special city hall building, which will have all the functions of the city hall; It also has an additional 5 mayor slots, allowing the player’s city to hire up to 10 mayors; Its completion will increase the reputation of players and any other forces by 100%.

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Trade redo

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Generally speaking, apart from the original merchant ship visits, we have redone the whole trade system, and at the same time, the whole branch of trade science and technology has also been redone.

The new trading system will bring you the following conveniences and opportunities:

A more relaxed starting point

The basic trade building is now open by default, which means that you can start earning the initial money without relying on the technology tree.

Automatic transaction

Compared with before, you may need to spend more time setting trade targets and implementing trade caravans, but after these settings are completed, the caravans can regularly sell and buy goods according to your settings. Now players can really concentrate on developing advantageous industries in exchange for the circulation of scarce materials. I hope this will enrich the development options of the game and avoid the embarrassment that players have to produce all the materials themselves or order materials at high prices.

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Market price mechanism

There is a difference between the buying and selling prices of goods, and forces will pay higher returns for their favorite goods according to their needs, which means that if you have enough time to pay attention to these prices, you can even make direct profits through trade.

Of course, the market is not immutable. Dumping will bring down the price, and purchasing will bring up the price. Powerful businessmen are not mentally retarded, but if you are good at stock investment and the like, it is not a problem to crush the IQ of NPC.

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If conditions permit, you can buy an insurance for your caravan, whether on land or at sea. The insurance will provide you with some compensation in case of caravan distress and avoid a one-time excessive loss.

As for why and when the caravan is in distress, we choose to pretend that this is not a big problem. By the way, the risk of shipping is far greater than that of land, which should be known to all.

activities for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the most important reunion festival in China every year.

As a team from China, we made some contents related to this festival especially during the Spring Festival.

Maybe this is just a routine operation for China players, but we sincerely hope that players from other parts of the world can share the fun of this special festival.

paste up the "Fu" Character

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Sticking the word "blessing" is a traditional custom in China during the New Year. Every household will stick the word "blessing" on the door and wall during the Spring Festival. The word "paste blessing" has pinned people’s yearning for a happy life and wishes for a better future. But you may find that people often paste the word "fu" upside down. Why?

Of course, it’s not because there is no culture. This is because in order to fully reflect the yearning and wishes for happiness, the people simply paste the word "fu" upside down, indicating that "happiness has fallen (arrived)". An interesting homophonic stalk represents people’s beautiful vision of a happy life.

Players who have read this passage, you now know what to do when there is a blessing event in the game. You see, those players who haven’t read the update announcement may choose the wrong one.

The legend of nian

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Nian beast, also known as "Xi", is a kind of monster in ancient myths and legends in China. It is said that Nian beast would invade villages all over the country at midnight at the end of the year, bringing terrible disasters. In order to drive away Nian beast, people finally found the weakness of Nian beast and successfully drove it out. People all over the world always get together to celebrate at the most important festivals, but the reasons for gathering in stories are always different, which is really wonderful. Here, we also invite players from all over the world to share the stories behind your festivals with us. Maybe we can restore these interesting stories in the game to share the joy from various cultures and regions with you.

After the update, you will know how Nian beast was defeated. Before that, guess what it is most afraid of.

Lantern festival lantern

On the 15th day after the New Year in China, it is another special festival: Lantern Festival, which means the official end of the New Year Festival in China.

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People will hold Lantern Festival in the bustling streets of towns. In many cities where rivers pass, people will exile lanterns in the rivers. In addition, solve riddles on the lanterns is also an important activity of the Lantern Festival. People write riddles on paper and put lanterns and lanterns for people to guess. Riddles are enlightening and interesting, so they are loved by all walks of life in the process of spreading. Many times, solving puzzles will bring some extra rewards.

Tribal Survivor is a town building game, and you will lead survivors to open up new homes. Rely on a small amount of materials to deal with natural and man-made disasters, ensure the health and happiness of citizens, choose different development routes to bring unique advantages, and finally establish a prosperous town with a large population and unique characteristics.

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