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Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition went on the market, with a price of 1298-176,800 yuan.

(Text/Liu Huiying Editor/Zhang Guangkai) On April 7, 2023, BYD 2023 Champion Edition was officially listed, with an official guide price of 129,800 yuan-176,800 yuan.

At the beginning of 2023, BYD launched the 2023 Champion Edition with an entry price of 99,800 yuan, which made BYD’s price drop to less than 100,000 yuan for the first time. At the beginning of listing, this car has aroused strong repercussions, which can be driven by pure electricity, with high configuration, strong performance and cheaper price, and has brought heavy blows to joint venture compact cars such as Sylphy, Corolla and so on.

In the month when BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition went on the market, Qin family achieved the top sales of all kinds of cars with the sales volume of 30,540 vehicles; The sales volume of Qin family reached 40,850 units in March, setting a new high for all kinds of cars.

Qin PLUS EV, which is newly listed this time, has also won the pure electric A sedan championship for many times. Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition launched a total of six models, all of which upgraded the core technology of E platform 3.0, and the starting price reached 120,000.

Technically, the new car upgrades the core technology of E-platform 3.0 and is equipped with a wide temperature range high-efficiency heat pump system, which reduces the energy consumption of air conditioners by 40% under low temperature conditions and greatly improves the low-temperature cruising range; With the eight-in-one electric powertrain, the volume and weight of the system are reduced by 10%, and the comprehensive working condition efficiency is 89%.

In terms of power performance, the maximum power of the vehicle motor is increased to 150kW, and the acceleration time of 0-50km/h is increased to 3.8 seconds; Equipped with blade battery, CLTC can last up to 610km under comprehensive working conditions, and its comprehensive energy consumption is as low as 12.5kWh/100km.

Appearance, this model and the current design remain the same. The front face follows the design language of "DragonFace", with a closed front grille and a heavy downward-pressed front head. The headlights are designed in the shape of "arrow feather", but the interior has been added with a jet blue appearance and a warm sun brown interior.

In terms of seats, the integrated sports seat adds a punching process, which not only improves the heat dissipation, but also cooperates with the cloud cushion with better wrapping, which increases the comfort of driving.

In terms of intelligent network connection, the 2023 Champion Edition replaced the 8.8-inch full LCD instrument, and was equipped with DiLink 4.0 intelligent network connection system. According to different models, it provided 10.1-inch and 12.8-inch central control panels, and the 12.8-inch central control panel also supported adaptive rotation function.

In addition, the car will also be equipped with mobile phone NFC car keys, remote control driving and other functions, and equipped with electric sunroof, front electric seat adjustment, rear air outlet and other configurations.

Qin PLUS, on behalf of China brand in the car market, broke the monopoly market pattern of joint venture car enterprises. If the 99,800 Qin PLUS DM-i has penetrated the price moat of joint-venture fuel vehicles, then the Champion Edition of Qin PLUS EV 2023 will allow pure electric A sedan to enter the hinterland of fuel prices, which is expected to give China brand the right to speak in the future.

Bungee jumping, sandbag throwing, rope jumping … How much do you remember about childhood games?

  Data Map: On the third day of the first month in year of the loong, adults and children played "the games we played together in those years" at the Spring Festival Temple Fair in year of the loong, Xintiandi, Wuhan, playing marbles, kicking shuttlecock and rolling hoops. China News Agency issued ZhangChang photo

  BEIJING, Beijing, 12 Jan (Shangguan Yun) "Drop, drop, drop the handkerchief, and gently put it behind the child. Don’t tell him, hurry up and catch him, hurry up and catch him … …” I believe that this children’s song has a place in many people’s memories. Twenty years back, in that era when the material conditions were not as rich as now, it was not one popular video game after another that occupied many people’s childhood memories, but a series of simple but memorable entertainment activities such as "finding friends", rubber-jumping and throwing sandbags.

  For example, "turning the rope" is usually the cooperation of two people: a piece of thin rope is tied into a rope loop, put on two wrists or "put on the palm", and then woven into a pattern with fingers; The other deftly picked up the string with his fingers, connected the loop and turned it into another pattern. In this way, according to a certain routine, turn all the way down until it is turned back to its original state.

  There are quite a lot of rope-twisting routines. Two people can play and one person can play. It is said that there are more than 2,000 patterns that can be summarized so far. However, there are only four or five styles that can be turned out by two partners: bridge, noodles … … Wang Xu, the author of the popular book At that time, recorded this kind of game in detail. He said that he could vaguely remember that the fishing net and noodles followed, from the crossed fishing net in one hand to two parallel noodles in the other’s hand, which was very vivid. "And ‘ Take a bath ’ In fact, it is an empty circle — — It turned into a bath basin, and it was soaked in soup, so I had to start all over again. "

  "It’s not just rope climbing. When we were young, there were all kinds of fun games such as hopscotch, throwing sandbags and origami." After 90, Huang Xiaofei still remembers that girls like to play bungee jumping together in primary school. Basically, four or six people play together and are divided into two groups. One group puts on the rubber band and the other group jumps. According to the rules of the game, the jumping party loses and then replaces each other. "If you hook the rubber band, you lose. This game especially tests dexterity, sometimes ‘ Addiction ’ Come up, two people can also play, and the other end is tied to the tree. "

  Besides bungee jumping, Li Jing, a post-90s girl, liked and often played the game of "playing glass ball" when she was a child. "Strictly speaking, boys played glass ball more than girls, so I was quite different at that time".

  How to play "playing glass ball" Li Jing said, we should first dig a hole of moderate size on the ground, which should not be too wide or too narrow. Most of them are stuck with the diameter of the glass ball, which makes it a little difficult. "There are not too many people, and there are several different types of play. The simple thing is to draw a line away from the dug hole and bounce the glass ball in outside the line to win, which is a bit like golf; Later, it was developed to be able to bounce someone else’s glass ball into a small hole, which also counted as winning the other party. "

  "At that time, in order to play, I collected a lot of glass balls and took money to buy them in a small store. I remember that there were one dime and one dime. Unfortunately, the technology was not pure enough, and it was not long before I was won by other little boys." Speaking of the past, Li Jing couldn’t stop smiling. "There are many types of glass balls, some of which will be embedded with patterns, which are particularly beautiful. Then I won’t be willing to take them out for the competition, and I will quietly collect them."

  In fact, in addition to jumping rubber bands, turning ropes and playing glass balls, there are many fond memories of games in childhood, such as jumping houses, throwing sandbags, and a group of people competing to make hand-folded roses and paper crane … … Huang Xiaofei especially misses those games when she was a child. In her eyes, they are not just games, but also memories intertwined by many people of different ages. "We miss not only those games that look simple now, but a feeling and miss the quiet time in the past."

  Wang Xu has a similar feeling. He said that the original choice to record these games was to express a feeling of nostalgia for childhood. "The most emotional games are not necessarily the most fun games, but games like soap bubbles, rope turning and handkerchief throwing that reflect childhood innocence and warm friendship between children."

  "Most of the children don’t play these games now. If you only look at it from the perspective of playing, it may be far less interesting than what they are playing now. " Wang Xu does not deny that some of the previous games have become "outdated", but he feels that the individuality and creativity, closeness to nature and the face-to-face interaction between children in these games have all been lost. "This is a pity for the children." (Some interviewees in this article are pseudonyms) (End)

Nearly 200 candidates participated, and the Chinese Table Tennis Association’s level test was conducted in Zhuheng.

On December 17th, the eighth and ninth stages of the Table Tennis Level Test (Trial) of China Table Tennis Association were held in Zhuzhou and Hengyang respectively. Nearly 200 candidates from Zhuzhou and Hengyang took part in this test.

It is understood that in order to further improve China’s national fitness service system and comprehensively improve the national fitness service level, the Chinese Table Tennis Association has designed and developed a table tennis level rating test (hereinafter referred to as "rating test") based on the original standards such as "Standard and Evaluation of Public Table Tennis Technology Level" and "National Youth Table Tennis Level". It aims to provide more authoritative technical certification standards for table tennis fans in China and promote the comprehensive and balanced development of table tennis in competitive sports and mass sports in China.

Yue Xin and Wang Haiyang, the leaders of the two test sites, said that the level test does not limit the crowd, gender and age, and covers all ages from young children to adults. Through the evaluation of sports level level test, the level of table tennis fans can be quantified, thus further promoting the development of table tennis sports groups. The grade evaluation of young children’s age is an effective way to promote the integration of sports and education.

It is reported that the holding of these two level tests marks the official opening of the promotion of table tennis level test in Hunan Province, and the Hunan Table Tennis Association will intensify its efforts to promote and implement it for all cities and States in the province.

Xiaoxiang morning herald reporter Yin Jianjun Li Nan

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These 24 sets are suitable for everyday fashion wear. They look beautiful when worn. You may wish to collect them in early autumn.

Autumn clothes wear fashionable atmosphere, and different styles are worn with different combinations. 24 sets of fashionable autumn clothes have different styles, some of which are youthful and some are quiet next door. Different styles have interpreted different selves, found their own styles and matched their favorite clothes, which is what every girl loves!


First, fashion autumn clothes are worn.

1. coat

How can you get a suit jacket with an autumn coat? The black suit jacket is simple and formal, and the grass green suit jacket is covered with a simple white T-shirt, which is comfortable and gentle to wear in autumn.

With black straight pants, modify the leg shape, wear the visual sense of long legs, and the legs are slightly split.It can make the calf slimmer, and it can also make the wear itself look more fashionable and personalized.


2. Pants

Autumn pants must have jeans, jeans can be said to be very common all year round, slim jeans are very suitable for wearing with boots in autumn, cool, Shuai Shuai.Wearing sexy and handsome, and wearing it like this is super leg-long, and the long legs will feel immediately.

The top is paired with a one-shoulder sweater, which is particularly slim, especially highlighting the shoulders and necks of girls, and the local charm is often more attractive.


3. Skirts

The autumn knitted dress is worth starting with, a classic diamond plaid knitted skirt, which is classic and retro.And very warm, not only full of autumn atmosphere, but also very practical and versatile.

It is not only suitable for daily matching, but also suitable for going out to play. With a suit jacket of the same color, it is simple to wear the same color, which shows the elegance of girls and naturally improves their temperament!


Second, the matching skills of fashion autumn clothes

1, color echo

Color echo is the most important trick to wear.Dark gray sweater cardigan, full of college spirit, age-reducing and cute, no matter what clothes are worn inside, they are very beautiful. You can wear a halter top inside or a simple shirt.

With a small black pleated skirt, simple three-color matching, the fashion sense of age-reducing wear is really eye-catching, so full of energy is also very suitable for dating!


2, wide outside and tight inside

Wide outside and tight inside is a very slim wearing skill, and it is also very slim and natural to wear in autumn.The khaki loose long trench coat is simple and natural, and it is also super beautiful and bright, which is more handy to match.

The more suitable style is intellectual atmosphere, with a slim shirt inside, which is full of age reduction and cuteness, while the combination of light mature girls and students is mature, and different people can bring different feelings with the same clothes.


3. The upper part is short and the lower part is long

Dressing is something we need to experience every day in our lives. Good dressing can also make women more confident and charming.

The beige short sweater is slim and slim, highlighting the waist and wearing a sexy figure curve. With black straight trousers,Wearing short clothes and long clothes can also make girls more confident and sexy. If they are tired of wearing loose and sweet clothes, they can also try slim sexy clothes!


Second, fashion autumn clothes with templates

1. Knitwear+skirt

The blue pullover sweater is very beautiful to wear, very sweet and fresh. With the denim skirt, the hem of the skirt is also very loose, which will make the girl’s figure curve look more beautiful and sexy.

However, the style of wearing is close to the sweetness. If you want to have a figure and a face value, wear it in autumn and plant grass as soon as possible!


2. Knitted cardigan+dress

Knitted beige cardigan is quiet and elegant, simple and natural, full of vitality and very cute. It is a beige dress inside, and the warm color makes the color look very good, and it looks very smart for girls.

Paired with a pair of canvas shoes, simple, elegant and natural, with a pair of orange canvas shoes, a whole image of a good girl.

Hong Kong’s top movie was released in Taipei, and the first day it smashed 6100 box office!

On the 15th, the film My Paradise City, starring Hong Kong’s strongest top-notch Jiang Tao and Taiwan Province’s floret Vivian Sung, was released in Taipei, and the outside world was generally optimistic about winning a high box office. Surprisingly, it was hit hard on the first day.

According to the statistics of the box office statistics website on the island,On the first day of Taipei, My Paradise City grossed NT$ 27,000 (about RMB 6,100)., ranked 13th in the single-day box office list (third from the bottom), only better than Megalodon 2: Abyss (NT$ 15,000) which was released for 45 days, and Mission Impossible 7: Fatal Liquidation (NT$ 22,000) which was released for more than two months. The following is a screenshot of box office data:

It is worth mentioning that Jiang Tao and his company ViuTV and MakerVillage attached great importance to this film, and went to Taipei to publicize it for a week before it was released. During this period, they recorded well-known variety shows such as "100% Entertainment" and accepted a large number of local media and YouTube channels. The 3,000 Hong Kong gingerbread (the nickname of Jiang Tao fans) that followed once turned Ximending into "Jiangtao Town", which made local citizens and netizens see what is the top stream. Now that this box office result comes out, it’s really quite a hit.

It can be seen that the 3,000 ginger candies left too early. Even if they left one-tenth of the troops, My Paradise City would not only receive 27,000, but there would always be NT$ 60,000. To tell the truth, if Ginger Sugar doesn’t want her idol to lose too badly, she’d better buy a plane ticket to Taiwan Province when she has time at the weekend.

In addition, this is not the first film released by Jiang Tao in Taiwan Province. His "Grandma has a second zuo" (Taiwan translation: Mother’s Star Favorite) won NT$ 430,000 (98,000 yuan) in Taiwan Province last year, and the situation is quite beautiful.

So, what will be the final box office of My Paradise City in Taiwan Province? Xiao Bian believes that according to the current situation, the high probability is between NT$ 300,000 and NT$ 400,000, and at most it is about NT$ 500,000, unless there is a major positive box office event with abnormal trend.

As for Hong Kong’s box office (released on October 12th), considering that wuli Taotao is, after all, the top stream in Hong Kong, with a huge amount of ginger candy and high combat effectiveness at home, it is expected that it will take HK$ 5 million or even HK$ 10 million even in the off-season.

How hard are the eight invisible rich people in the entertainment circle? I live in the quadrangle next to the Forbidden City, and Wang Sicong calls me brother.

Wen Miao Xiao Zhu Rui Qi

Editor, Pig Ruiqi

As we all know, there are entertainment circlesA circle where money and people get togetherIt is also a place where many people want to squeeze in.

The life of the rich is hard for ordinary people to imagine. Today, we will take stock of the entertainment circle.Top ten invisible rich peopleUsually it’s not obvious, but in fact it’s rich enough to subvert your imagination and live in the quadrangle next to the Forbidden City.Wang Sicong will shout elder brother when he sees it.

So, how hard are these people? Who are these bosses respectively?Let’s see if there’s your idol in here.

Chun WuBorn in Brunei, the family isOne of the top ten wealthy families in Brunei, and also made friends with the royal family in Brunei.It has a very high status in China, and Chun Wu is even called by insiders."Prince Brunei"In fact, he is not the real prince of the royal family, but he is also very powerful.

Chun Wu’s childhood photos

Chun Wu, who grew up with a golden spoon, also had no choice.live in cloverInstead, I decided to make a career by my own efforts.

So when she grew up, Chun Wu stepped into the entertainment circle with her dreams, and through her years of efforts, she became a smash hit new generation idol., amazing the youth of a generation.

Chun Wu luxury house

Now 43-year-old Chun Wu seems to be"frozen age"In general, it still maintains the appearance of not losing small fresh meat.

Although he has faded out of the entertainment circle now, he is still living an ordinary life every day with a well-off family.beyond imaginationThe rich life.

Chun Wu luxury house

Some time ago, Chun Wu also exposed his own Brunei mansion on the social platform, covering an area.More than 1000 square metersIt’s as gorgeous as a palace, not to mention a luxury car, which has more clothes than our wardrobe.

Chun Wu luxury house

Yu-Ching Fei

Maybe everyone didn’t think that our little brother Yu-Ching Fei is also one.invisible richHe also has a little-known nickname, that is"Store King".

Yu-Ching Fei

First of all, he has earned a lot of money from his years of fighting in the entertainment circle. He used all this money to invest in real estate, almost where the performance went.Buy the house wherever you want.

Over the years, he has owned countless properties, and Yu-Ching Fei often does some charitable activities with the money earned from these properties.

Yu-Ching Fei


You can tell from here, Du Haitao.It’s definitely not as simple as it seems.

According to reports, in addition to his first-class hosting skills, Du Haitao has also invested in many commercial fields and they have all been very successful. The chain store real estate he runs alone has already been.Worth hundreds of millions.

Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen.

Rank of writers’ rich list

After writing novels and earning a lot of money, he began to switch to directing. He directed.Tiny timesThe series has successfully won billions of box office.

Jing M.Guo and the Little Age Actresses.

There is an overbearing president living in luxury in the play.Gongming, is a role modeled on himself. Even Yang Mi once could not help but say.Jing M.Guo’s life turned her imagination upside down.

Jing M.Guo

Jing M.Guo is also a business tycoon with six companies under his name.Former site of Wang Jingwei’s Fourth Aunt TaiI also bought a townhouse worth hundreds of millions. It is no wonder that Da Power can’t help but vomit, which simply subverts the imagination of ordinary people.

Jing M.Guo

Hu Bing

Not only acting and singing, Hu Bing is also a professional model withPerfect figure, tough guy imageHe has also successfully gone international, and his income is naturally no less than that of domestic artists and stars.

Hu Bing

In 15 years, Hu Bing once showed his cloakroom in a Japanese variety show, and the total value of clothes and accessories in his cloakroom actually exceeded.4 billion yen (200 million RMB)The degree of luxury is staggering.

Later, Hu Bing also introduced his watch collected for ten years in the program. This watch is still a customized version, which is inlaid with diamonds."HB" (Hu Bing)The English letters of the words are worth about 30 million yen (1.5 million RMB).

Ten years ago, in 2005, 1.5 million watches were bought as soon as they were bought. I have to say, it really is.be full of dashAh.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Cai Guoqing likes China traditional culture and loves to collect.Antiques, antiquesWait.

There is a special place for these antiques in his home. No matter what kind of antiques, there are almost all of them here.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Even friends who have been to Cai Guoqing’s home say that this is not a home, it is a complete one.Small "Forbidden City"!

Exhibition of jadeite products collected in Cai Guoqing.

Once he showed off his antique collection on a variety show, and at that time he took out a small handleless wine cup, which was valuable after appraisal.1.8 million.

Cai Guoqing’s small wine cup is worth 1.8 million.

It is hard to imagine the total value of the "Little Forbidden City" filled with various collections.

In addition, because I love China culture, Cai Guoqing’s travel car is also ours.Domestic Light Red Flag H9, only the price.400 thousandAbout.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Not only is her temperament elegant, but her hobbies are also so elegant. She really is a woman.A low-key invisible rich man.

Ren Quan plays Gongsun Ce.

Ren Quan’s impression on many people may still stay in the young Bao Qingtian.gongsun ceOn the body, I don’t know that he has already lived a super-rich life when he quit the entertainment circle.

In 1993, Ren Quan was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy, where he met his fellow villagers.Li Bingbing,Since then, the two have forged a profound friendship.

Li Bingbing issued a document for Ren Quan’s birthday celebration.

When I first graduated, there was no drama to shoot, and I was hungry all day long. In order to have a stable income, Ren Quan took 60,000 yuan (of which 40,000 was borrowed from Li Bingbing) and started to do business. At that time, I found that many students loved Sichuan food, so I opened one not far from the school.Spicy fish restaurant.

Ren quan kai de restaurant

With the growing business, Ren Quan’s investment projects are becoming more and more extensive, and it has also becomeThe owner of Jiaren fashion magazineAt that time, many stars wanted to break their heads and board.Jia renCover, but Ren Quan thought of the first cover candidate is Li Bingbing.

Ren Quan

Now Ren Quan has a wide range of fields from catering to real estate to beauty.More than 40 enterprisesThe actual control of, at the same time, he is stillOne of the shareholders behind Huayi BrothersThe value can be imagined.

chengru li

The first thing that many people think of when they see him isSix groups of major crimesIn addition to actors,Li chengruAnd this"Poisonous tongue"Said, once on the show also publicly Jing M.Guo, some people say that may be the program group to pay, make the program effect.

If it’s another star, I believe it. If it’s Li Chengru,I really don’t need this money.

As early as the last century, when many families in our country were still riding bicycles, people had already driven Mercedes-Benz cars, and according to early interviews,Li Chengru’s home is next to the Forbidden City.It’s less than ten minutes’ walk.

andThe 1990sAt that time, Li Chengru also opened a shopping mall in the most prosperous area of Beijing, earning as much as 500 thousand to 600 thousand a day.The annual income is hundreds of millions.

You know, it was the 1990 s, and many people’s wages were generally one or two hundred a month, and three or five hundred were considered high wages.

Li Chengru also said in the interview that he was in the past.A pair of socks costs hundreds of dollars to cover the average person’s monthly salary.A coat costs tens of thousands of yuan.

At that time, everyone who could get 10 thousand yuan at home belonged to ten thousand households with a very good life, while Li Chengru needed tens of thousands of clothes in the 1990 s. .

Li chengru

Although he was later worth hundreds of millions because of his investment failure.Lost everything.

But the thin camel is always bigger than the horse, and a set of quadrangles in Li Chengru’s house next to the Forbidden City are priceless, even you.Money can’t buy it.

Li Chengru’s quadrangle

Before he became an actor, he had actually accumulated enough wealth, and acting was only one of his hobbies. If we say that Li Chengru received money from the program group to pay homage to Jing M.Guo,Do you still believe it?

Li Chengru’s quadrangle

At the end of Serie B, Criscito retired successfully.

@ Shen Tianhao: This season’s Serie B regular season finale, Genoa, who has already qualified for Serie A in advance, staged a goal battle with Bari at home. The 36-year-old Genoa star Criscito scored his first personal goal this season at the last minute of the last game of his career. He scored the goal with the most familiar penalty, helping Genoa beat Barry 4-3, and then read a touching open letter after the game, officially ending his career as a player. Criscito was born in Naples, and the longest stop in his career was in Dzenit, but Genoa is already his spiritual hometown-he joined the Griffin five times in different forms and put on a red and blue shirt.

How can Messi stay in Greater Paris?

In 2023, the Greater Paris Champions League once again became 16 Lang, which is quite sad!

Special size World Cup golden balls and golden boots, is that the level?


Messi’s vision, passing and dribbling are still the top in the world!

Mbappé’s shot, in that year, was still heavy, and he also improved his dribbling skills …

Neymar was in its prime, and Ramos was still domineering. Such a powerful Paris has repeatedly suffered setbacks, which puzzled many readers!

In fact, although Greater Paris is rich, its layman leads the expert, which is the root of the team’s failure!

If they don’t change, Messi and Mbappé will leave!

Premier League: Newcastle VS Wolves. Wolves have an outstanding ability. Is it difficult for Newcastle to play an advantage?

I just wrote a German B game, and everyone should have seen it. Here, let’s talk about another Premier League focus game, Newcastle versus Wolves!

I talked to Wolves several times this season, and each time they were injured at least three or four times in the front line. Last November, it was the most serious. One game was short of five strikers, playing Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolves injured Diego Costa. Jimenez has recently returned. Although he hasn’t scored yet, he has gained an assist by playing Fulham, and his contribution has surpassed that of other Wolves centers by playing the threat made by Tottenham Hotspur.

As we all know, Wolves’ lack of forward power is very prominent this season, and Everton gave them the bottom before, but after these two games, Everton also overtook them, and Wolves finally became the team with the least goals in the Premier League.

They struggled out of the quagmire of the relegation zone, and now they have risen to the 13th place in the standings, mainly relying on the defensive end. Wolves have always been good at defense, and they are even more conservative when they are guests. They won’t let go of the attack when they play Southampton and Everton. Today, they challenge Newcastle in different places, and there is no accident or the main tone of defense. The two flanks of Wolves are the key to their solid defense and threat.

Under the training of winger Loppert Ji, Wolves’ two wingers are very strong, and playing Tottenham Hotspur on the court is a good manifestation of two points. First, they can limit their opponents’ cross, especially in the second half, it is difficult for Kane to get in touch with his teammates; Second, the Wolves’ goal came from Moutinho’s possession of the ball and his assignment to the wing, which effectively opened the defence of Tottenham, and then found an angle to hit the door quickly, which made Tottenham suffer.

Today, Newcastle, which they are going to play, is also a team that relies on a large number of wingers to attack.

In the game, St. Maximin relies on the support of Qiao Lin and Dan Bourne to dominate the left impact, while Almiron draws on the right side, and Trippier takes on the task of crossing the ball from the side or rib part. This combination is Eddie Howe’s most conventional offensive strategy.

However, there is little quick linkage between Newcastle’s two wingers. Usually, they finish on one side, pass the ball back to the middle and split the side again, thus completing the change of attack direction. In this way, the opponent will have enough space and time to complete the defensive position selection and coordination.

Therefore, we can see that Newcastle can only score in the middle of the Premier League in the case of strong impact, which has seriously dragged down their progress. Today, Wolves, with good defense and strong wingers, may not play easily.

What’s more, Newcastle are short of suspended Jorington today, and Scheer may not be able to play. Jolington played like a duck to water after being transformed into a midfielder, and was successfully elected as the MVP player in February. He has both physical fitness and speed, and he has a strong sense of position. He can form an effective strong point in Newcastle midfield and support the impact of St. Maximin, which is the key to Eddie Howe’s tactical implementation. Without him, Newcastle’s left threat will drop a lot.

As for Fabian Schell, the defense is also quite stable this season. His air confrontation ability is the strongest in the team, and he can also serve the ball. His long-range shooting ability is excellent. Without him, the loss may not be limited to the defensive end.

As we all know, Newcastle are the team with the fewest goals conceded in the Premier League, with a strong defense, and goalkeeper Pope is also the goalkeeper with the most goalkeepers in the Premier League. According to the front line of Wolves, it is really too difficult to break their goal.

But as we said earlier, Newcastle’s attack problem is also relatively objective. Under the restriction of Wolves’ flank, it may not be so easy for Newcastle to play an advantage. It is my current opinion that Newcastle will join Wolves or shake hands with both sides. What’s your opinion?

After 3-0, 1-2, the Serie A champion team became worse, shooting 28 goals, making it the first defeat in history, and Milan had a good chance.

In the 26th round of Serie A, Naples won 2-0, which means that they are back on the right track after the last round of defeat. They scored 68 points and were far ahead in the championship, which also shows that the other four teams can only reach the second place at most. From the point of view of points, originally Inter Milan was most likely to hold the second place in the standings. After all, after the first 25 rounds, their points reached 50 points, temporarily ahead of Lazio, AC Milan and other teams!

However, with the end of the 26th round, Inter Milan, the 19th champion of Serie A, almost ruined its advantage. In this round of competition, the Nerazzurri played against spezia, and in the first round, Inzaghi led a 3-0 victory. In addition, the starting price of Vispe Zia of Inter Milan is 278.1 million euros, which shows that the Nerazzurri have won completely. Even the Nerazzurri are considered to have the strongest lineup in Serie A, and it seems that they deserve to win again. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, and the "Nerazzurri" finally faced defeat under the frequent waste of opportunities.

From the 5th minute when lautaro got the chance to play, to the end of the first half, Inter Milan launched more than 5 attacks, but all failed, including a penalty. However, lautaro missed the penalty in the first half and became the player who missed the penalty the second time since the 2021-2022 season: 8 penalty kicks and 4 penalties. In the second half, Inter Milan stepped up their offensive. From the 46th minute to the 83rd minute, lautaro and brozovic launched attacks in vain, and finally the score was rewritten with the help of Lu Kaku’s penalty.

However, spezia’s luck was even better. In the 55th minute, Danielle Maldini was unguarded and scored from the front of the restricted area. In the 87th minute, Spezia relied on a penalty to kill the game directly, and Inter Milan lost 1-2. What we need to know is that the possession rate of the "Nerazzurri" in this battle is 38 percentage points higher than that of the opponent, and the number of shots reached 28 times, which is 7 times that of the opponent. However, it is still embarrassing that it is still impossible to win.

Interestingly, the defeat of this game is also the first defeat of Inter Milan against spezia. In the previous nine games, the Nerazzurri won eight games. It seems that the team’s instability has seriously affected a series of records! Of course, the defeat of Inter Milan is undoubtedly a good thing for AC Milan in the same city. After the first 25 rounds, the Rossoneri accumulated 47 points.

In other words, if we win this round, then AC Milan points can also reach 50 points, which is consistent with Inter Milan, and then better compete for the second place. You know, in the first 18 rounds, AC Milan beat Inter Milan and held the second place in the standings. Now it seems that Pioli is expected to lead the team to restore the victory!