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AITO asks M7, an "all-around vehicle" that satisfies perfectionists.

"An idealist who is unconstrained and unconstrained, a painter who hopes to live in a fantasy land." Miss Ni, the owner of M7, described herself like this. "Choosing a car is difficult for a girl, not to mention that I am a perfectionist." As everyone knows, a person who is uninhibited and uninhibited when painting, in the face of real life problems, is difficult to choose.



In the middle of the year, the goddess of luck came to Miss Ni. Being in a first-tier city, she was happy to get the car purchase index, and fell into ecstasy after learning the news. But soon, Miss Ni was entangled again. "I want to buy a car that is perfect in all aspects, but I am afraid of disappointment. Being a perfectionist is too tired! " She vomited.


Bound mseven"Pentathlon" in the eyes of perfectionists


After a period of investigation and comparison, Miss Ni finally chose the M7 as her new car. Friends have expressed their incomprehension. Why did a little girl choose such a big 6-seat SUV? In the interview, Miss Ni told us the reasons for her decision to buy a new car with the confession of "perfectionist".



"For a car, my request is quite a lot. First of all, the space is big enough, and the car makes me feel insecure; Then there is that intelligent technology must be in place, and the configuration should be rich enough and intimate enough; Yan value and aesthetic online, this is also a must; There is also the hope of saving fuel. Now that the oil price is so high, it is better to take a taxi if you don’t save fuel! " In the eyes of a perfectionist like Miss Ni, even if she has a thousand choices, she must find the car that best matches her needs.


Fortunately, she still found M7 who meets the perfect standard of pentathlon.


"Large space represents security"


Regarding friends’ questions, Miss Ni has a unique and interesting point of view: "I hope the car can be bigger, not because I am greedy for more space, but because of a ‘ Big guy ’ Not only can it hold my little universe, but it also makes me feel safe ‘ Protection force field ’ 。”



Wenjie M7 has six large spaces with a body size of 5020x1945x1775mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, and its longitudinal distance is superior to its peers. In addition, Wenjie M7 is equipped with the industry’s first commercial AITO zero-gravity seat, which opens the zero-pressure suspension with one button and ergonomically creates a first-class comfortable ride experience.



"In the uninspired night, go to a place where there is no one with your car and bid farewell to external disturbances. Lying in the chair, looking at the stars and the moon through the skylight, imagining the story between them, being unconstrained and isolated, and feeling safe. " Miss Ni shared it, and her eyes sparkled.


"Strong intelligence represents imagination"


In Miss Ni’s view, imagination is a gift from the world, which originates from the connection between people and the world. "The more nodes you connect, the more imagination you can get. Not only the connection with people, animals, music and history is the source of my imagination. Just like smart devices, asking the wisdom of M7 is even a better choice than imagination. "



The M7 is equipped with the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which can provide car owners with an unimaginable intelligent travel experience anytime and anywhere. Super desktop, realizing seamless transfer of multiple devices to the car, and mobile applications can get on the bus at any time; Intelligent voice interaction, which can be said visually, has more intelligent reminding function to create a top-level interactive experience; The intelligent scene from HarmonyOS makes the interior environment more comfortable and the car machine knows the owner’s mind better.


"Multiple configurations represent vitality"


"At the peak of my creation, I want to get more and create more every day, and tossing is essential. Youth and vitality have nothing to do with age, but are determined by mentality. Although the environment and platform will decide a lot, whether it is there or not and whether it is wanted or not are two different things. There are more choices in life and more cars. I believe no one will refuse, but that is the vitality! "



The vitality of Miss Ni’s mouth is displayed in the rich configuration on the M7. Front seats come standard with seat massage and ventilation heating; Dual 40W wireless fast charging makes the mobile phone full of power at all times; Unit 19 HUAWEI SOUND sound system, luxury mobile concert hall; Studio-class soft light queen mirror, with soft light, can easily create beautiful makeup; 128-color ambient light and 3-slot fragrance system add more colors to life. Haopei is standard, and the world M7 builds an all-round technology cockpit with vitality.


"High face value represents creativity"


For almost all girls, Yan value is definitely the highest weight in the process of car selection, and so is Miss Ni. But her judgment on car design is not limited to face value. "High face value is not only important, but also the source of my creativity. If it is a conservative car, it will make me feel boring. But if it is too angular, it will make me feel that creativity is bound. "



The M7 continues the ultimate, simple and pure design concept of the series of models. The visual appearance is luxurious, calm and extremely symmetrical, and the interior design style is people-oriented and experience first. Through exquisite design techniques, the M7 combines attractive classic symbols with luxurious body elements to create a high-value luxury smart car that is more suitable for modern people’s aesthetics, so that more consumers can take the car as the origin and stimulate the creativity of their beautiful peers.


"Low energy consumption represents execution"


Because she got the fuel vehicle index, Miss Ni didn’t consider the pure electric vehicle, and she didn’t want those uncontrollable and constrained conditions. The extended-range hybrid of M7 is different from traditional energy sources, which not only has long battery life, but also has low fuel consumption. The unique characteristics of the world give her a sense of deja vu and old friends.



Thanks to the intelligent platform of pure electric drive, Wenjie M7 can provide Miss Ni with a comprehensive battery life of 1,220 kilometers for a tank of oil, a four-second acceleration of 100 kilometers and a fuel consumption as low as 5.8L. Based on the excellent chassis and suspension adjustment, the driving quality of the M7 is both maneuverable and comfortable. With 6 driving modes and 3 energy consumption modes, this freedom-loving girl can enjoy more driving pleasure at lower travel cost.



"Quiet and powerful, I appreciate the character of being able to work hard in a place that others can’t see, with execution but not exposed." Miss Ni commented on the new car like this.


In Miss Ni’s eyes, the M7 is an "all-round model" that makes perfectionists satisfied. She smiled and said, "I know there must be a perfect product in the world, but the process of finding it is always difficult and painful." Fortunately, I didn’t give up my initial intention and standards, which is another inspiration that I chose to ask M7. "

Starting from 126,800 yuan, the global version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is pleasantly listed!

This is the best conference:

Release the world’s first pickup truck popular color "blue";

Cooperate with the official announcement of Pantone Color Institute, the world authoritative color organization;

Join hands with China canoeing national team to achieve annual strategic cooperation;

Create a cross-border brand alliance with the national outdoor brand pathfinder;


On March 12th, the global version of the newly upgraded pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun was launched with a price range of 126,800-166,800 yuan. In this conference, Great Wall Gun released the world’s first popular color "blue" for pickup trucks, opening a new era of pickup trends. Great Wall Gun has also reached a strategic cooperation with the China canoeing national team to jointly compete in the world. And jointly launch the life adventure plan with the Pathfinder brand to jointly build the "strongest ecological circle" of pickup culture.

As the most influential pickup truck brand in China, Great Wall Gun released the world’s first popular color of pickup truck "blue", which brought inspiration and innovation to the whole industry. "Shaped Blue" is taken from the quiet blue of the sea and starry sky, which is deep and unrestrained, especially incorporating more inclusive and elegant gray, bearing the imagination of the Great Wall Gun for a perfect and ultimate life.

What constitutes an excellent CP with "blue" is the enthusiastic, open and optimistic "True Orange". As a brand rejuvenation color of the Great Wall Gun, it combines blazing red and jumping yellow, and radiates the vitality of life with enthusiasm. The birth of two exclusive colors has led the fashion trend of pickup trucks, helped the brand rejuvenation journey of Great Wall Gun, and brought better and more colorful pickup truck life to users.

In addition, Great Wall Gun has also cooperated with the official announcement of Pantone Color Institute, the world’s authoritative color organization, and will use the power of color to bring users a brand-new sensory experience in the future, so that the life of users’ full-scene pickup trucks will be even better!

In this activity, Great Wall Gun and China canoeing national team reached an annual strategic cooperation to help Olympic athletes ride the waves. China’s canoeing national team has won the gold medals in Athens Olympic Games and Beijing Olympic Games, as well as several world championships and World Cups, while the Great Wall Gun has been the top seller in the pickup truck market. Strategic cooperation between the two, amphibious walk hand in hand, build China’s strength with champion quality, and jointly fight for the world. At the same time, this is not only a further broadening of the life of the pickup truck in the whole scene of the Great Wall Gun, but also a perfect interpretation to show the world the spirit of China.

As a national outdoor brand, Pathfinder has been pursuing professional perfection and challenging exploration, which is highly compatible with the brand concept of Great Wall Gun pursuing perfect and extreme life and building a full-scene pickup truck life. At this conference, Great Wall Gun and Pathfinder reached a strategic cooperation, built a cross-border brand alliance of Great Wall Gun, explored unknown fields together, and explored the infinite possibilities of life. At the press conference, a song "Teenager" by the Artillery League brought the atmosphere to a climax. The brothers of the Artillery League were full of love and sang their love! Everyone is both a teenager and an explorer. Great Wall Gun builds an open and shared pickup truck life community through the offline artillery alliance car club and the online gun-riding APP, creating the "strongest ecological circle" of pickup truck culture in China, creating a full-scene pickup truck life for every user who loves to explore, and really playing with users.

As a global pickup truck brand, the global version of the Great Wall Gun pickup truck was officially launched, and it continued to lead the era of multi-purpose pickup truck 3.0 with more visual impact and more luxurious and comfortable configuration.

As a leader in the life of pickup trucks, the Great Wall Cannon will be applied to the extreme, with a thicker chrome grille and a larger LOGO, which has great visual impact; With sharp eagle-eye smart headlights, add luster to every trip with Yan value aesthetics.

In the interior, the ubiquitous soft coating in the car enjoys the ultimate touch; Front and rear seat heating, plus multi-link rear suspension, rear elbow pillow, cup holder, more than 100 noise reduction treatments and exclusive fragrance, let family and friends enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

In terms of configuration, the Great Wall Gun is equipped with the perfect power combination of 2.0T+8AT, combined with TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, rear axle electronic differential system, L2 automatic driving, intelligent network connection system, wireless phone charging, etc., which makes the "arrival" more beautiful, smarter and more intimate.

In terms of active safety, Great Wall Gun 9.3 version ESP, 360 look around, 12 radar probe, lane departure, parallel assistance, ACC adaptive cruise, etc., so that you can easily avoid risks; Passive safety, high-strength cage body, 6 airbags, secondary collision mitigation function, you add enough buff!

At the same time, in order to thank the users for their concern and support for the Great Wall Gun, this month’s new global version of the Great Wall Gun enjoys four gifts:

Financial gift: you can enjoy a two-year zero-interest financial policy when buying a car;

Replacement ceremony: enjoy 5000 yuan subsidy replacement subsidy;

Interconnection ceremony: basic services are free for life, entertainment services are free for 3 years and exclusive services are free for 1 year;

Service Gift: The engine/transmission is guaranteed for 4 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first).

The press conference also revealed a heavy news that China’s first full-size pickup truck based on the Great Wall tank platform will officially make its world debut at the Shanghai International Auto Show in April this year. As a global intelligent professional off-road platform, the tank platform has the characteristics of powerful power, high reliability and intelligent off-road, which is worth looking forward to!

In China, the Great Wall Cannon has helped the Great Wall pickup truck to achieve a market share of over 51%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one is the Great Wall. Great Wall pickup truck has been ranked first in domestic and export sales for 23 years in a row, with a total of over 1.9 million users worldwide, and achieved the results of being "the first in China and the top five in the world". In the future, the Great Wall Gun will take the global version as a new starting point, win over China, go global, and constantly accelerate the journey of globalization. The sword refers to the top three pickup truck brands in the world, bringing better colorful life to users around the world and making the Great Wall Gun popular around the world!

What is the operation effect of parking service around the Road Campus of the Second Affiliated Medical College? The reporter "looks back"!

  On August 1st, Wenzhou Net News reported that parking service service was introduced to Xueyuan West Road in the urban area, hoping to rectify the traffic chaos in Xueyuan West Road by "solving the problem of marketization". This morning, the launching ceremony of parking service service around the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University will be held in Xueyuan Campus of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, which indicates the official start of parking service service there.

  The reporter learned that the parking service service around the Second Affiliated Hospital of College West Road and Eye Optometry Hospital has been put into trial operation for nearly a month. What was the effect during the trial operation? With this question, yesterday afternoon, the reporter once again came to Xueyuan West Road for a site visit.

  It takes only 30 seconds to complete the delivery and parking process.

  At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter saw in Xueyuan West Road that six signs with the words "25 yuan in parking service in the Second Affiliated Hospital" had been set up in the west-east direction of the road section to remind the residents to choose the regular parking service. Right in front of a building in the Road Campus of the Second Affiliated Medical College is the parking service Service Area. More than 10 staff members wearing uniform red vests are providing parking service services to people who come to see a doctor. The reporter found that there were more than 160 parking services at this service point at this time. After on-site timing, the whole process takes only about 30 seconds from the time when citizens drive into parking service service area to the time when parking personnel complete the delivery.

  Zhou Chengwen is the on-site manager of parking service service point. According to him, after the citizens drive their cars to parking service service area, parking personnel will immediately come forward to give the owner a bracelet with the number and contact information marked on it. After the citizens have finished seeing a doctor, they can call the number on the bracelet to pick up the car, and the parking personnel will return the car with the corresponding bracelet after driving it back to the hospital.

  "At present, we keep 15-20 parking service staff at the scene every day. After the citizens hand over the car to the parking staff, we will park the car in the regular underground parking lot in the neighborhood near the hospital, and there will never be parking staff driving on the road or parking at random." According to Zhou Chengwen, at present, the parking service point receives 200-300 vehicles that need parking every day. Generally, it takes only 3 minutes to drive from the hospital to the parking lot, but it takes 6-7 minutes to get back from the parking lot without traffic jams. "Therefore, when the citizens pick up the car, we will explain and let them call 10-15 minutes in advance to reduce the waiting time for picking up the car." Zhou Chengwen said.

  The reporter learned that at present, from 9: 30 am to 10: 00 am every day, it is the peak period of the service point. During this period, there may be many people and few cars, but with the end of the summer vacation, this situation will be improved.

  There are still these problems to be solved at the scene.

  Because the current parking service is not only convenient, but also more affordable than before, it has been praised by many citizens. However, during the interview, the reporter also found that there are still many problems that need to be solved.

  The reporter found that at the intersection of Xueyuan West Road and Feixia Road, there were still several "parking service scalpers" standing in the middle of the road. In addition, the reporter also found several illegal parking service personnel on the west side of the Stomatological Hospital. According to relevant sources, since the Second Affiliated Hospital set up a regular parking service service, it has caused a lot of influence on these illegal parking service people. "At first, they stopped to collect 40 yuan, but since the introduction of a regular parking service service, their business has been difficult, but there are still several diehards on the roadside ‘ Leak ’ 。”

  According to the previous bidding scheme for the right to operate the driving parking service, in addition to setting up the parking service area in the Second Affiliated Hospital, parking service area should also be set up in the designated area of the optometry hospital opposite. However, the reporter found yesterday that the parking service service on this side of the optometry hospital has not yet been opened. According to relevant sources, the parking service on this side of the optometry hospital has not been opened yet, because the selection of parking areas by various departments has not yet reached a final result. "This side is different from the second affiliated doctor. At present, it is impossible to set up a U-shaped passage for parking and delivery. If the delivery point is set on the road, it will easily lead to congestion, so the parties are still discussing it." The person introduced.

  In addition, the reporter also found that a new isolation guardrail was set in front of the stomatological hospital, which made the separation of people and vehicles more clear, but with the setting of the guardrail, new problems appeared. A passer-by told reporters that there are two huge distribution boxes and mobile communication cable boxes on this sidewalk. Because these two "big guys" are very close to street lamps, the originally spacious sidewalk there has become particularly crowded. "There are already many pedestrians and electric cars on this road, and every time they go to this place, they will be blocked. I really can’t figure out why these two big boxes should be placed in such a small place." The citizen said.

  Source: Wenzhou Daily

  Original title: The parking problem of Xueyuan West Road in the urban area is still a long-standing problem after more than 20 years — —

  Parking service process is convenient and affordable, but there are still many problems to be solved urgently.

  Reporter Du Yichuan

Ministry of Public Security: Pilot implementation of voluntary renewal of new energy vehicle license plate owners

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Ministry of Public Security, on December 1, the Ministry of Public Security will take the lead in piloting new energy vehicle number plates in five cities: Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jinan and Shenzhen. On November 21, the relevant person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security made an interpretation on the pilot implementation of the new energy vehicle number plate.

  oneWhy should the new energy vehicle number plate be activated? What is the background and significance?

  In July 2014, the General Office of the State Council issued "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles", demanding that the promotion and application of new energy vehicles be accelerated, effectively alleviating the pressure on energy and environment, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. In recent years, the number of new energy vehicles in China has increased rapidly. By the end of October 2016, the number of pure electric vehicles in China had reached 555,500.

  In order to implement the State Council’s policy of differentiated traffic management for new energy vehicles, and better promote the development of new energy vehicles, the Ministry of Public Security decided to pilot the use of special license plates for new energy vehicles. On the one hand, it can distinguish and identify new energy vehicles more effectively and conveniently, implement differentiated traffic management policies, and provide a better carrier for new energy vehicles, travel services, tax concessions, etc. On the other hand, it can reflect the characteristics of new energy vehicles more clearly and directly, and promote the accelerated development of new energy vehicles.

  In order to actively and steadily do a good job in the activation of new energy vehicle license plates, the Ministry of Public Security has adopted a pilot first and gradually pushed it forward, and fully implemented it after exploring and accumulating experience. Starting from December 1, 2016, five cities, namely Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jinan and Shenzhen, will take the lead in piloting new energy vehicle number plates.

  2What is the style of the new energy vehicle number plate? What are the characteristics?

  In order to protect the public’s right to know and participate, and to gather the wisdom consensus from all walks of life, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security organized a multi-channel, multi-form and multi-level consultation activity on the number plate style from April to May, 2016. Public comments were solicited online, and online voting activities were organized. A total of 145,400 people participated in the voting activities and 110,000 online messages were left. Simultaneously solicited the opinions of relevant departments and industry enterprises, and organized relevant professionals to conduct in-depth discussions and systematic argumentation. According to the online voting and soliciting opinions, the style with the highest vote rate is finally selected as the new energy vehicle number plate style.

Figure 1 Small new energy vehicle number plate style

Fig. 2 Number plate style of large-scale new energy vehicles
(D stands for pure electric new energy vehicle, and F stands for non-pure electric new energy vehicle)

  The outer dimension of the new energy vehicle number plate is 480mm×140mm, and the length of the number plate is 40mm longer than that of the ordinary number plate, in which the width of the rear number plate of the large new energy vehicle is reduced by 80 mm.. Compared with ordinary car number plates, there are four main changes in appearance and style: First, it highlights green elements and embodies distinctive features. The background color of the new energy vehicle number plate is mainly green, which highlights the meaning of green environmental protection. The brand-new number plate font is adopted, and the overall style is beautiful, novel and distinctive, which is convenient for accurate identification and obvious identification in service management. The second is to add a special logo to show the electric characteristics. Add a special logo for the number plate of new energy vehicles to the number plate style. The overall logo is green, which means electric and new energy. In the green circle, the right side is an electric plug pattern, and the left color part is similar to the English letter "E" (electric). Third, the number plate number is upgraded to increase the number plate capacity. Compared with ordinary car number plates, the number plate of new energy vehicles has been upgraded from 5 to 6, for example, the original "Guangdong BD1234" can be upgraded to "Guangdong BD12345". After upgrading, the number plate number capacity is increased, the resources are richer, and the coding rules are more scientific and reasonable, which can meet the arrangement needs of "less letters and more numbers". The fourth is to implement number plate segmentation to facilitate difference management. In order to better implement the national new energy automobile industry development and differentiated management policy,New energy vehicle number plates are managed by sections according to different vehicle types. The letter "D" stands for pure electric vehicles and the letter "F" stands for non-pure electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles). The "D" or "F" in a small car number plate is located at the first place in the number plate, and the "D" or "F" in a large car number plate is located at the last place in the number plate. The fifth is to improve the manufacturing process and improve the anti-counterfeiting performance. Using pollution-free hot stamping production method, the process is green and environmentally friendly. At the same time, anti-counterfeiting technologies such as two-dimensional bar code, anti-counterfeiting shading and laser pattern are added to realize the uniqueness of the number plate and the traceability of the production source, and improve the anti-counterfeiting performance.

  threeWhich cars belong to new energy vehicles, and how to apply for new energy vehicle number plates?

  According to the State Council’s Industrial Development Plan for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles (2012-2020), new energy vehicles mainly include pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. For domestic new energy vehicles, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will mark them on the Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products and the Factory Certificate of Motor Vehicles. For imported new energy vehicles, AQSIQ will mark them on the On-board Inspection Sheet for Imported Motor Vehicles. When the public security traffic control department handles the registration of new energy vehicles, it will strictly check and confirm the vehicles, check the information marked by the competent authorities, review the relevant certificates, and register in accordance with the law.

  For newly purchased new energy vehicles, if they are registered in five pilot cities, they can directly apply to the local public security traffic control department for a special number plate for new energy vehicles; Those who apply for registration outside the pilot area will still apply for ordinary car number plates in accordance with the original provisions. The conditions, procedures and requirements for APPlying for a new energy vehicle number plate are the same as those for an ordinary vehicle number plate. The owner can directly register with the public security traffic control department of the pilot city, or pre-select the number plate through the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform or the 12123 mobile app, and then register with the public security traffic control department. When selecting the number, the number plate can be automatically selected by the computer (1 out of 50) or arranged by itself according to the coding rules.

  fourCan new energy vehicles that have already received ordinary car number plates be redeemed for new number plates? How to apply for renewal?

  For new energy vehicles that have received ordinary car number plates, the owners can voluntarily renew the new energy car number plates or continue to use the original ordinary car number plates. However, if the original ordinary car number plate is lost or damaged, the public security traffic control department will issue a new energy car number plate. For those who choose to continue to use ordinary car number plates, the public security traffic control department will conduct differentiated management through the information system, which will not affect the owners’ enjoyment of preferential policies for traffic management of new energy vehicles.

  At the beginning of the New Deal, there was a great demand for the masses to renew the new number plates in a centralized way. In order to avoid the crowded queue caused by centralized license plate replacement, the pilot cities provided an appointment service through the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform, and car owners could make an appointment for the place and time of license plate replacement according to their own conditions. The first step is to register or log on to the traffic safety integrated service management platform (www.122.gov.cn). Step 2, select the license plate number on the Internet service platform by computer automatic selection (1 out of 50), and make an appointment for the time and place to renew the license plate. The third step is to handle the card changing business according to the time and place of online reservation.

  For the new energy vehicle transfer registration, the public security traffic control department of the pilot city will renew the new energy vehicle number plate. For new energy vehicles transferred from other places to pilot cities, which belong to the four pilot provinces of Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu and Guangdong, the public security traffic control department of the pilot city will issue new energy vehicle number plates; For non-pilot provinces, new energy vehicle number plates will not be issued for the time being.

  fiveWhat service measures will be provided by the public security traffic control department of the pilot city in the issuance of new energy vehicle license plates?

  The public security traffic control departments in the pilot cities will provide various service measures for applicants who apply for new energy vehicle license plates: First, open a green channel or special window for new energy vehicle license plate business, increase police force, add inspection sites, and provide delayed or Saturday and Sunday license change services. The second is to provide two service modes, namely, making number plates on the spot and mailing number plates, for the masses to choose, and to announce the registration service sites that can make number plates on the spot through various media, so as to facilitate the masses to receive number plates quickly. The third is to open a service consultation telephone to provide consultation and guidance services for the masses. By sending SMS, WeChat and other means, the registered owners of new energy vehicles will be informed one-on-one, prompting the way and requirements for renewing the license plate. The fourth is to provide on-site free license plate installation service, optimize the layout of on-site production points and installation points of license plates, and facilitate the people to collect the installation license plates nearby. Fifth, enterprises with a large number of new energy vehicles, such as buses and taxi companies, can contact the public security traffic control departments of pilot cities in advance to negotiate and determine the centralized license change.

  It should be noted that the new energy vehicle license plate fee remains unchanged, and the current national charging standard for ordinary vehicle license plates is still implemented, and each license plate is 100 yuan. It is consistent with the charging standard of ordinary car number plates.

  sixWhat supporting measures are there to ensure the smooth development of the pilot work?

  In order to do a good job in the pilot work of new energy vehicle license plates, first, the Ministry of Public Security specially issued a pilot work plan, organized the upgrading of the information management system, equipped with special production equipment for new license plates, and organized special business training. Second, the public security traffic control departments of pilot cities will simultaneously launch a unified motor vehicle number plate selection system to ensure the open, fair and just issuance of number plates. Third, closely cooperate with relevant departments and units to upgrade and transform related information systems such as insurance purchase, highway toll collection, vehicle inspection and parking toll collection, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the pilot work.

  According to the State Council’s Industrial Development Plan for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles (2012-2020), new energy vehicles mainly include pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. By 2020, the cumulative production and sales of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will exceed 5 million. In the next step, on the basis of pilot projects, we will constantly sum up experience and practices, gradually expand the scope of application, and strive to promote its use throughout the country in the second half of 2017.

Review the high-tech in previous Olympic Games.

  As the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are coming, I would like to review the history and see which scientific and technological products that appeared in previous Olympic Games are still in use today.

  2000Sydney 2008 Olympic Games

  1.shark skin like swimsuit

Shark skin 1.jpg

  For the first time in the Olympic Games, Australian star Thorpe won three gold medals in this swimsuit. Many swimmers try to enhance their competitiveness by using a "shark skin" one-piece swimsuit with a V-shaped back. Because according to the manufacturer of this swimsuit — — Speedo claims that it can increase the speed of swimmers by 3%.

  2.Trait racing suit

  Marion Jones in the United States and Cathy Freeman in Australia and other sprint stars use special running clothes developed by Nike. This kind of running suit is very sleek and has a hood, which can cover all parts of the sprinter except his face, hands and feet. This can keep the muscles warm and compress, and improve the sprinter’s performance.

  3.Recycled products sports equipment

  Steve Moneghetti, an Australian marathon runner, took part in the competition wearing shorts and vest made of recycled soft drink bottles. According to the manufacturer Nike, this material is cooler than other fabrics.

  Olympic 100-meter champion Donovan Bailey put on special running shoes made by Adidas. It is said that this special running shoe has a hard metal plate, which can keep human toes as stiff as jaguar’s claws when running.

  2004Athens Olympic Games in 2008

QQ screenshot 20160726114927.jpg

  2008Beijing Olympic Games in 2008

  The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games adopted a large number of world-leading new technologies, such as ground lifting stage, multimedia, ground LED system, command system, communication system and other dozens of high and new technologies, involving many fields.

  1.Digital lamp

  The Olympic rings rose slowly in the Bird’s Nest and flew into the vast night sky. China’s ancient painting and calligraphy scrolls slowly unfolded, showing the classical artistic conception of ink painting; On the ancient Silk Road, huge wooden boats braved the wind and waves — — These shocking visual effects are outlined by the gorgeous lights of the Bird’s Nest.

QQ screenshot 20160726145819.jpg

  At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, more than 600 competition lights in the Bird’s Nest were all abandoned, and Zhang Yimou chose its own lighting. Science and technology have entered the digital age, and the lighting effect has also transitioned to digital lights. This new lighting effect makes the scale and imagination of the stage effect of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games to the extreme. Digital lights are used in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: PG lights, that is, high-brightness projection lamp. By using the principle of optical projection and high-brightness light source, the contents on the negative are projected to the ground in full color, which can form a very visual impact picture effect at night. In the performance of the opening ceremony, the large scroll that runs through the center of the venue and the evolution animation from ancient times to modern times are successively displayed on the scroll, all of which are projected to the center of the venue by this PG lamp after pre-production. The simplicity of black-and-white contrast of China ink painting, the splendor of western oil painting and the strong color of Impressionism are all presented by this high-tech technology.


  LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor solid light emitting device, which uses a solid semiconductor chip as a light emitting material. When direct voltage is added at both ends, carriers in the semiconductor recombine to cause photon emission and generate light. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, orange, purple and white light.

QQ screenshot 20160726141927.jpg

  In the 2008 Olympic Games, LED was used to the maximum extent. The opening scroll is opened on a huge LED screen. The screen is 147 meters long and 22 meters wide. It is a huge platform with the highest scientific and technological content, with 44,000 LEDs on it. The light and shadow effects made by LED are closely combined with performances, which conjure up various patterns and introduce the audience into a fantastic world. After repeated tests, LED can completely stand the tests of stepping on by actors and flooding. Although the whole opening ceremony took a long time, the key technologies such as battery solved the energy problem of LED.

  3.Aluminum alloy material

QQ screenshot 20160726142026.jpg

  At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, a big hole was opened in the center of the stage, and a "earth" with a height of 6 stories and a diameter of about 20 meters slowly rose from it. Where is such a big "earth" hiding? It turns out that this "earth" is compressed underground first, that is to say, the spherical structure must be flexible. When placed on the ground, it is oval, and it will become spherical after being pulled up by the steel wire above.

  After the ball is lifted by the lifting platform, the actor needs to perform on the vertical surface of the ball, so it needs strong stability after lifting to ensure the safety and effect of the performance. This all depends on high-tech aluminum alloy photosensitive materials, which makes the "earth" flexible.


QQ screenshot 20160726142220.jpg

  At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, "birds" and "whales" flew and swam freely over the huge scrolls. How did these come about? It turns out that slide projection technology was used in the opening ceremony before, but this time, all kinds of multimedia equipment were used. It can use computers to digitize media information such as words, graphics, images, animations, sounds and videos, and then integrate them into a certain interactive interface, so as to create a bowl-shaped screen of thousands of square meters at the top of the Bird’s Nest, showing a clear picture of the whale swimming freely and expressing the harmony between man and nature.

  5.Digital ignition

QQ screenshot 20160726142818.jpg

  Twenty-nine huge colorful footprints made up of fireworks opened the curtain of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, symbolizing that the modern Olympic Games is coming towards Beijing step by step and entering the Bird’s Nest. The lighting of these 29 big footprints is controlled by computer system and digital lighting is adopted. This technology can ignite all fireworks in a short time, ensuring that fireworks can cross 3.5 kilometers in just a few seconds. In addition, there are 22 launching points in the dragon-shaped water system next to the Bird’s Nest. After digital control by computer, all fireworks bombs can shoot into the sky one after another, making the fireworks look like a flying dragon. Although traditional fireworks are still used, after digital ignition, fireworks show different visual effects from the past.

  2012London 2008 Olympic Games

  1.Photographic robot

QQ screenshot 20160726153041.jpg

  Getty Images, the official photo agency of London Olympic Games, installed photographic robots in some Olympic venues, which can realize remote control and 360-degree rotation. According to the NBC report, "photographic equipment can be hidden in flashlights, rafters and scaffolding, and placed in and around the Olympic Games, which can play the most important role in places where photographers can’t reach because of distance and safety reasons."

  2.A more attractive voice

  It is reported in the Atlantic Monthly that most of the voices heard on TV during watching the Olympic Games are not true. Some sounds were not recorded at the game site, at least in this sense, it is not true. Some audio is recorded in advance under optimized conditions and then used for TV broadcast. The website of Atlantic Monthly also cited an example of the Olympic archery competition. An Olympic audio engineer said that the sound was based on the sound he heard in the movie Robin Hood. He used a special microphone to collect the sound on the ground between the archer and the arrow rake. It is said that this method produces a sound that no one can actually experience at the scene.

  3.Double runway

QQ screenshot 20160726154303.jpg

  The runway of the main stadium of London Olympic Games has adopted a brand-new surface, which means that track and field athletes do not need to wear spikes to participate in the competition. According to the BBC, "Other runways are designed with rubber particles on the top floor, which combines the traction and shock absorption. Different from the past, the runway designed by Mondo separates these functions into two layers. The bottom layer is padded, which can cushion and shock absorption, and the top layer is durable, which can maximize the skid resistance, adhesion friction and durability. " This design makes it unnecessary for athletes to wear spikes on the track.

  4.artificial limb


  South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, who has nicknames such as "Oscar Pistorius" and "the fastest legless man in the world", became the first athlete to use artificial limbs to participate in the Paralympic Games. After a controversy over whether artificial limbs should be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games, Pistorius used special carbon fiber artificial limbs to participate in the 400-meter and 4×400-meter relay races.

  5. Athletes who put data first

QQ screenshot 20160726154743.jpg

  London Olympic Games is a "digital Olympics". Many athletes use sleep tracking devices and motion capture systems to understand their physical condition more accurately. According to the Financial Times, some companies dealing in biometric instruments also deal with athletes to participate in data collection to improve the performance of gadgets.

  6.Virtual bicycle


  Although it is thousands of miles away from London, Australian cyclists have been training in London cycling track by using virtual reality technology. In a video of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation explaining the technology, it can be seen that cyclists are looking at a screen that looks like a video game, which is actually an environment that is completely simulated according to the London Olympic Road Cycling Stadium. Each training bicycle is fixed in the Australia Institute of Sport, but it is equipped with a screen, a GPS and some ranging tools. This system can also collect the training data of athletes, and the coach can clearly know their time-consuming, speed, energy and riding distance.

  7.start detection system

QQ screenshot 20160726160118.jpg

  Omega, the official timer of the Olympic Games, brought a new starting equipment to swimming and track and field events in London Olympic Games. The track starter is fully electronic for the first time. It is said that the technology in the 1970s required athletes to push the starting device 5 mm to start. Now, swimmers start to light up directly to show who is in the first place, who is in the second place and who is in the third place.

  8.Kick sensor

  Originally, the Olympic Games may cancel the Taekwondo competition, but technically recording the strength and accuracy of kicking may save the event. Zhao Zhengyuan, president of the World Taekwondo Federation, said in an interview: "I think Taekwondo will really benefit from technology, because it can ensure that medals will be awarded to the best athletes and will not be awarded to others because of misjudgment by the referee. This is an excellent opportunity for us to stay in the Olympic Games. There are few competitions with this technology, which will help to eliminate human errors in taekwondo competitions. "

  9.Digital housekeeper

  Being selected for the Olympic Games is not only a proof of strength for an athlete, but also a supreme honor. Can the organizers of the Olympic Games use the power of science and technology to help athletes concentrate on the competition and eliminate their worries in life? Atos, the digital partner of the London Olympic Games, did just that. Atos Company established an identity information system for nearly 15,000 athletes who participated in the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The athletes who were included in the system were equivalent to obtaining a certification label, which made it easier to obtain visas and a series of preferential policies. Atos Company has also compiled a supporting application, so that athletes can log in to their identity accounts through their mobile phones, tablets or computers on weekdays. The account will contain a lot of information including the competition schedule, training plan and competition results, which is equivalent to providing a "digital housekeeper" for each participant.

  10.Reduce the burden on runners


  As a space power, the United States has also applied its own space technology to the preparations for the Olympic Games. Shannon Rowbury, a well-known American long-distance runner, unfortunately suffered from an injury and her femur was damaged. However, with the help of space science and technology, she only rested for six weeks after diagnosis and resumed training. Robery uses a set of AlterG anti-gravity running assistant device, which allows the trainer to train with at least 20% of his own weight, and the physical burden of the athlete will be greatly reduced. The principle of this treadmill is to pump air into the air bag around the runner’s waist. When the air pressure in the air bag rises, the runner will be lifted and the weight load will be reduced. Athletes can reduce their weight by up to 80% simply by pressing the up/down buttons in the panel.

  11.Team overall data analysis


  For cyclists, the wind tunnel laboratory is their loyal scientific and technological partner. The data analysis in the wind tunnel laboratory can help athletes optimize training programs, adjust training methods, and improve their performance by using aerodynamic scientific and technological achievements. But for a long time, the analysis of wind tunnel laboratory can only serve an athlete on a personal basis. Researchers at Monash University in Australia have improved an experimental device used to test airplanes and cars, enabling it to collect data of athletes for analysis. More crucially, this machine has crossed the barrier of analyzing individuals before, and can analyze the data of the whole bicycle fleet at the same time. In this way, the coach can make a training plan for the whole team according to the analysis results and find ways to improve the team’s performance.

  12.Red BullXplan


  Although an athlete participates in the Olympic Games alone, he represents more than just him. Behind the athletes, there is a team of coaches who support his motherland and train for him. Lolo Jones, an American hurdler, participated in the Red Bull Project X. She once said in a video: "I’m not fighting alone". The video shows the whole team behind Jones: a coach, a director, a manager, a sports scientist, a coaching consultant and a physiology consultant. Such a rich and powerful work team is naturally not busy in vain, they use the most cutting-edge technology.

  The Red Bull X project uses a 3D digital analysis system, which can do many things that humans can’t. Plan X is divided into three parts — — Vicon 3D tracking system, optical measurement system Optojump Next and data acquisition tool Phantom Flex Camera. The three technologies complement each other, which can not only give a macro evaluation of athletes’ performance, but also disassemble every minute of training competition into countless tiny fragments for analysis.

  Jones’s team made 39 reflection marks on her body. With these marks, 40 Vicon T40S motion capture cameras capable of shooting 2000 frames per second will track all her movements. Optojump Next, an optical measurement system, will decompose every jump of Jones into contact time, flight time, height, hurdle rhythm, specific energy, specific power, total energy and total power. Finally, Phantom Flex Camera, a top camera capable of shooting 10,750 frames per second, will record Jones’ every minute with images.

  "If technology can help an athlete perform better, then this system can benefit everyone." Jones’s average hurdle time is 12.5 seconds, which she believes is largely due to the help of the team and technology behind her.

  13.Real time feedback device


  Good results in the competition will be cheered by the audience and graded by the referee. However, in training, how do athletes know their performance? Jonathan Green, composer, sound engineer and Gregory Sporton, dancer of the Visualization Research Unit at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in Birmingham, England, developed a feedback system called Motivepro. The original intention of this system is to provide real-time action feedback for dancers. Dancers are required to wear a series of sensors, and their movement information will be collected by Motivepro. Once the wearer’s physical activity exceeds the preset range, the vibrator in the device will vibrate to remind him.

  Mimi Cesar, a rhythmic gymnast, found that this system can also be applied to rhythmic gymnastics similar to dance. For rhythmic gymnastics, the synchronization of the team is particularly critical. Motivepro system can give a reminder when an athlete’s movements are out of step, and can also collect sports information for the coach to analyze. With this system to help train, will the cooperation of the whole team be more tacit?

  14.Brand-new pool take-off platform


  The 2012 London Olympic Games used a brand-new upgraded swimming pool jumping platform in swimming competition. The platform was designed and manufactured by Omega. Compared with the previous take-off platform, the progress is that it has an adjustable inclined pedal certified by patent, which makes the athlete’s hind legs bend into a 90-degree angle when taking off in a squatting manner, which is considered to be the most suitable take-off posture. The new take-off platform is also equipped with a brand-new sensing system. This sensing system can ensure that athletes can hear the whistle at the beginning of the game at the same time, which can effectively avoid unnecessary mistakes of athletes. At the same time, the newly upgraded swimming pool take-off platform in Shanghai is equipped with a signal light system called "Swimming Ranking Indicator". At the end of the competition, the swimming lanes that won the first, second and third place will be marked on the take-off platform by different light spots, so that the audience can see at a glance.

  15.Advanced drug testing equipment


  GlaxoSmithKline is at King’ s College next to the Olympic Park. S College) has set up The Science Centre to serve the Olympic drug testing. During the Olympic Games, the center worked 24 hours a day, monitoring more than 6,000 urine samples and blood samples every day. After each competition, all the medal winners and the remaining half of the randomly selected contestants enter the center for illegal drug testing. The tested samples are divided into two parts, A and B, and A is stored for eight years for future more advanced scientific and technological testing; B was sent to the drug testing center. The drug testing center can check 70 illegal drug ingredients in one test, and each sample will be tested here for a total of 240 illegal drug ingredients. It can be seen that the fair conduct of the Olympic Games has a strong technical guarantee.

  16.Electronic medical records


  General Electric (GE) Medical Company provided an electronic medical record solution for the 2012 London Olympic Games, which made it possible for doctors and athletes to make medical records accessible through the Internet. The electronic medical records covering more than 700 participants were made in 90 days after the countdown to the London Olympic Games. At the same time, GE Medical Company also installed medical diagnostic equipment in the Olympic Park as a supporting facility for the whole set of electronic medical records.

  17.Top medical logistics


  During the Olympic Games, more than 16,000 Olympic athletes and more than 6,000 Paralympic athletes living in the Olympic Village will be fortunate to receive top-level medical logistics support. The latest version of super-large magnetic resonance imaging instrument, ultra-high-definition CT instrument, wireless digital X-ray detection system, upgraded ultrasonic detector and ECG detection equipment specially designed for the Olympic Games provided by GE Medical Company have all opened the eyes of medical volunteers for the Olympic Games. These equipments will not be removed after the Olympic Games, and they will continue to serve in this land that bears cheers and sweat.

  2014Sochi Winter Olympics in 2008

  Snow making: snow cannon

  Snow making machine is a brand-new snow making system, which forms ice on an evaporator at -15℃ and sends it to ski slopes through cooled air. Due to the climate, Beijing and Zhangjiakou host the Winter Olympics, and a large number of snow making equipment will be used. Funa machine is not affected by climate, so long as it can keep a certain amount of water, it can make snow.

  At the Sochi Olympic Games, the venue was really unfortunate — — Sochi is one of the warmest regions in Russia. In order to ensure that there is enough powdery snow to support the competition, Russian organizers use snow cannons to shoot a large number of artificial snowflakes. According to the news released by The New York Times, about 230 million gallons of water were used to make snow in this competition, and the snowfall covered an area of about 1,000 football fields.

Where can I go to cool off in a sauna day? These places in Xuhui let you embrace a cool summer!

    It is an eternal theme in summer to enjoy the cool and escape the heat.

Trees are dancing, birds are chirping,

There is a school in Xuhui parks.

The cool beauty of green waves,

Follow xiaobian,

Let’s take a look at these good places to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the cool!

part 01

Xujiahui Park

summer 2023 /

Strolling by Huijin Lake, we can see the trees are shaded, the springs are tinkling, black swans and groups of koi fish are swimming and playing leisurely on the lake, and some tourists sit around and take a nap in under the greenwood tree, while others play Tai Chi for fitness. Leaves swaying gently in the breeze, like singing a moving song, are cool and green as far as you can see.

part 02

Guangqi park

The grass is long and the fish is shallow. The sleeping lotus pond in Guangqi Park reflects the grass and trees on the shore. It is popular on the water and cool. Walking along the path in the garden, you can only hear birds chirping and make people feel the summer heat disappear.

part 03


The Kangjian Garden is shaded by trees, with winding roads, and the bamboo forests and trees on both sides are lush and distinct, which not only provides shade from the sun, but also has a good taste. The pond in the garden with clear water like a mirror isolates the transpiration of the summer heat. Visitors can exercise in twos and threes or enjoy the scenery, as if the hot summer day has gone, and only feel extremely comfortable coolness.

part 04

guilin park

Walking through the quaint small bridge in Guilin Park, the sun shines on the lake through the trees to form mottled light and shadow. The pavilion and the green trees set off each other, providing a place for the surrounding residents to enjoy the cool in summer. Several lotus flowers in the pond in the park seize the time to bloom their own beauty, fragrant and refreshing.

part 05

Dongan park

The dense canopy of Dongan Park is intertwined in the air, and the water surface is also dyed cool green. The park is lush with vegetation, and the breeze blows and rustles, forming an extended picture with the rippling pond. Even without air conditioning, the green eyes can make you feel cool.

part 06

xiang yang park

The trees in Xiangyang Park are flourishing, and the green leaves are like a propped-up green velvet umbrella, which shields tourists from the hot sun. The flower beds and fountains in the park tinkle with water, which soothes people’s restless hearts, and keeps them away from the hustle and bustle, leaving at dusk. The four seasons are different and the joy is endless.

part 07

Hengshan park

As soon as I walked into Hengshan Park, I was greeted with green eyes, accompanied by cicadas, and it seemed that I could hear my footsteps clearly and feel my breath. When the shade of grass wins the flowers, I strolled along the path and enjoyed the coolness.

The breeze dissipates the heat, and summer is long.

Come to Xuhui Park to embrace a cool summer!

Editor: Wei Li

Proofreading: Chen Haixiao

Revising: Wei Li

Please indicate the official account number from Shanghai Xuhui.

Shangguan number author: Xu Huitong

The world swimming has fully recovered, and the China Swimming Army has mixed feelings.

On the evening of December 18th, Beijing time, the 2022 Short-course Swimming World Championships came to an end in Melbourne, Australia, and this year’s world swimming competitions also came to an end. This year’s World Championships in Short-course Swimming set off a record-breaking frenzy. From the world records and competition records alone, 14 world records and 23 competition records have been refreshed, and the number of record-breaking events far exceeds that of the World Championships in Long-course Swimming held in June this year, reflecting that the world swimming level has fully recovered.

In contrast, China, which is full of ambition to go to this short-course World Championships, still has a big gap with expectations because some of its main players are suddenly ill. However, behind the overall lackluster performance of the China team, we can also see that Zhang Yufei, Qin Haiyang, Yan Zibei, Tang Qianting and Pan Zhanle have made great progress in some projects.

Source: China Youth Daily

[A little information] The first European war in team history is coming! Ferguson’s double-ring gross scored Brighton 3

At 21: 00 pm on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Brighton, who was competing for six, played against the relegated Southampton at home.

In the first half, Ferguson scored twice, mcallister and Mitsuki Kaoru sent assists, Mitsuki Kaoru hit the post with a single knife, and Brighton led 2-0 at halftime; In the second half, prowse assisted El Yunusi to pull back a city, and colville assisted Gross to seal the victory.

In the end, Brighton beat Southampton 3-1. Brighton led Aston Villa by 3 points and scored 16 goals on goal difference. In fact, it has locked in the top six of the Premier League, and the first European war in the history of Seagulls is coming.

Strength crushing! Brighton 3-1 Southampton, locked the top six in the Premier League 2 rounds ahead of schedule, and the first European game in team history came!

Brighton, who is unkind, is a strong team in the Premier League this season. Brighton has a great advantage against Southampton, which has been relegated early at home. If it weren’t for his poor shooting skills and bad luck, Brighton would have beaten the saints in the first half. Ferguson scored twice, and McCarthy Park Jung Su and Sam Kun Xun sent assists. Southampton was assisted by prowse and El Yunusi pulled back a city, and Gross scored a goal to seal the victory. In the end, Brighton beat Southampton 3-1 at home.

Brighton led Villa by 3 points in one game, with 20 goal difference and 4 goal difference, which means that Brighton has locked in the top six of the Premier League even if it lost all the last two rounds, as long as it is not a tragedy. At the end of the Premier League, Brighton played against Villa. In fact, Villa had to compete with Tottenham for the seventh place in the UEFA. Not surprisingly, Brighton will have the first European game in the team’s history.This season, the three flying beasts in the Premier League took off. First, the magpies competed for four, second, the seagulls competed for six, and third, the bees ranked ninth..

The tendency of crushing,Brighton’s possession rate was 62.3%, and there were 26 shots, 8 of which were right. Southampton made five shots, one of which was right..

The influence of artificial intelligence on human beings

Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic, and one of the main topics is that robots will replace human work. In fact, many people have lost their jobs because artificial intelligence has replaced their work tasks. Nevertheless, people still need to work for machines, especially those jobs that are considered low-skilled. In this paper, we will discuss the influence of work artificial intelligence on human beings and the significance of this phenomenon to our economy and society.

Work disappears because of artificial intelligence.

The development of artificial intelligence technology has made some jobs redundant, which may be some traditional industries such as logistics, factory manufacturing, customer service, etc. These jobs needed manual operation in the past. Nowadays, the application of artificial intelligence technology has made these tasks more efficient and reduced labor costs, so the demand for staff has also declined. The application of artificial intelligence technology can make the production efficiency higher and reduce the working time and cost. However, workers are also at risk of unemployment, because machines and artificial intelligence technology will replace manpower.

Wages are cut by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology can also allow employers to reduce employees’ wages. If a company can replace labor with machines, then they can cut labor costs, which also makes staff face greater economic pressure. In addition, with the application of machines and artificial intelligence technology, the skill level required for many jobs will be reduced because many tasks will be completed automatically. This means that staff need to have more skills and knowledge to stay in this industry.

Ideology brought by artificial intelligence

The ideology behind artificial intelligence technology may make us recognize the value of machines more. The real meaning behind this ideology is that if we no longer need the help of artificial intelligence, then we have no value. Artificial intelligence technology makes us believe that only with the latest technology can we maintain market competitiveness. This idea makes people believe that they are out of date and need to be eliminated.

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Economy and Society

The development of artificial intelligence will have a far-reaching impact on economy and society. Artificial intelligence technology can make our economy more efficient, but artificial intelligence may also lead to some negative effects. On the one hand, the unemployment rate may increase, because artificial intelligence technology will replace many jobs. On the other hand, artificial intelligence may make our society more divided, because those without technology and knowledge may be eliminated. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may bring more social problems, such as more crimes and social insecurity. These problems will require us to find solutions.

The self-promotion of technological capitalism

The self-promotion of technological capitalism means that technological capitalism thinks that technology can solve all problems, thus making our economy stronger. Advocates of technological capitalism believe that technology can bring more productivity and efficiency, thus promoting economic growth and creating more wealth. In this view, technology is regarded as a magic solution, which can help us solve all problems.

However, this idea also brings some problems. First of all, advocates of technological capitalism often ignore the problems brought by technology itself, such as technological unemployment and technological dependence. Secondly, they often put economic benefits above human nature and social values, and even sacrificed these values to pursue economic benefits.

In the eyes of the admirers of technological capitalism, technology is a magical solution that can help us get rid of all problems. However, technology itself is not a magic solution, it will also bring some problems and challenges. For example, technical unemployment and technical dependence are challenges brought by technological development.

In addition, the self-promotion of technological capitalism will also bring some problems in values. In the eyes of the admirers of technological capitalism, economic benefits are supreme, and other values can be sacrificed to pursue economic benefits. This view often leads people to ignore other values, such as human nature and social responsibility. Therefore, the self-promotion of technological capitalism may lead us to lose some important values and sense of responsibility.

The relationship between artificial intelligence and capitalism

The relationship between artificial intelligence and capitalism is an important issue facing the development of social economy and science and technology. The core of capitalist economic system is to pursue profits, and the application of artificial intelligence technology can improve production efficiency and reduce staff, thus reducing labor costs and increasing the profits of enterprises. This makes the capitalist economic system more inclined to the application of artificial intelligence technology, but it also brings some social problems.

First of all, the application of artificial intelligence technology may lead to an increase in the unemployment rate. With the development of automation and machine learning technology, many jobs have been automated, including simple assembly line jobs and some service jobs. Some forecasts show that more jobs may be automated in the future, which will lead to a large number of workers losing their jobs. This is why some people worry that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, more people will be eliminated.

Secondly, the application of artificial intelligence technology may also lead to social inequality and division. The application of automation and machine learning technology requires a high degree of technology and professional knowledge, and those who do not have these skills and knowledge may be eliminated. This will lead to social division and aggravate the gap between the rich and the poor.

In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may also bring some moral and ethical problems. For example, some people worry that automation technology may weaken workers’ rights and interests, and workers’ rights to survival and development may be infringed. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may also lead to privacy and security problems, such as data privacy and information leakage.

However, the application of artificial intelligence technology also has many positive aspects. For example, it can help enterprises improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and at the same time improve the quality and reliability of products. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology can also promote economic development and innovation, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Real artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence has made great progress, and many industries have begun to apply artificial intelligence technology to improve production efficiency and reduce workload. However, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, people are beginning to worry about whether artificial intelligence technology will replace human work.

True artificial intelligence means that human beings no longer need to do reasonably paid work, which means that we no longer need absolute slaves. The development of real artificial intelligence technology should be used to reduce people’s workload, not to replace human work. Therefore, we should explore how to apply artificial intelligence technology to those boring, dangerous or high-pressure jobs to improve work efficiency and reduce the burden on staff.

In fact, the application of artificial intelligence technology can help us better manage and protect our resources, thus solving global problems, such as climate change, environmental pollution and food shortage. At the same time, the application of artificial intelligence technology can also help us to better manage the medical and health field, such as strengthening medical diagnosis, monitoring chronic diseases and predicting the condition by using artificial intelligence technology.

However, the application of artificial intelligence technology has also brought some problems. First of all, artificial intelligence technology may lead to more unemployment because it can replace many jobs. Secondly, the application of artificial intelligence technology may make our society more divided, because those without technology and knowledge may be eliminated. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence technology may bring more social problems, such as more crimes and social insecurity.

Therefore, we should explore how to make rational use of artificial intelligence technology, so as to minimize its negative impact. We need to regard artificial intelligence technology as an auxiliary tool for human beings, rather than a tool to replace human work. We need to work together to solve the problems brought by artificial intelligence and apply artificial intelligence technology to those areas that can improve work efficiency. Only in this way can we realize the greatest potential of artificial intelligence technology and bring more benefits to our society and economy.

The development of artificial intelligence needs joint efforts.

All artificial intelligence technologies are developed on the basis of human society, so we also need to work together to solve the problems brought by artificial intelligence. The government can formulate more reasonable policies to help those who have lost their jobs regain employment opportunities, and at the same time, it can encourage enterprises to apply artificial intelligence technology to those areas that can improve work efficiency. Educational institutions can also provide help and support for those who need to re-learn skills and knowledge.

In addition, we should also think about how to use artificial intelligence technology to solve global problems, such as climate change, environmental pollution and food shortage. The application of artificial intelligence technology can help us manage and protect our resources better, thus promoting sustainable development.