Starting from 126,800 yuan, the global version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is pleasantly listed!

Starting from 126,800 yuan, the global version of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is pleasantly listed!

This is the best conference:

Release the world’s first pickup truck popular color "blue";

Cooperate with the official announcement of Pantone Color Institute, the world authoritative color organization;

Join hands with China canoeing national team to achieve annual strategic cooperation;

Create a cross-border brand alliance with the national outdoor brand pathfinder;


On March 12th, the global version of the newly upgraded pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun was launched with a price range of 126,800-166,800 yuan. In this conference, Great Wall Gun released the world’s first popular color "blue" for pickup trucks, opening a new era of pickup trends. Great Wall Gun has also reached a strategic cooperation with the China canoeing national team to jointly compete in the world. And jointly launch the life adventure plan with the Pathfinder brand to jointly build the "strongest ecological circle" of pickup culture.

As the most influential pickup truck brand in China, Great Wall Gun released the world’s first popular color of pickup truck "blue", which brought inspiration and innovation to the whole industry. "Shaped Blue" is taken from the quiet blue of the sea and starry sky, which is deep and unrestrained, especially incorporating more inclusive and elegant gray, bearing the imagination of the Great Wall Gun for a perfect and ultimate life.

What constitutes an excellent CP with "blue" is the enthusiastic, open and optimistic "True Orange". As a brand rejuvenation color of the Great Wall Gun, it combines blazing red and jumping yellow, and radiates the vitality of life with enthusiasm. The birth of two exclusive colors has led the fashion trend of pickup trucks, helped the brand rejuvenation journey of Great Wall Gun, and brought better and more colorful pickup truck life to users.

In addition, Great Wall Gun has also cooperated with the official announcement of Pantone Color Institute, the world’s authoritative color organization, and will use the power of color to bring users a brand-new sensory experience in the future, so that the life of users’ full-scene pickup trucks will be even better!

In this activity, Great Wall Gun and China canoeing national team reached an annual strategic cooperation to help Olympic athletes ride the waves. China’s canoeing national team has won the gold medals in Athens Olympic Games and Beijing Olympic Games, as well as several world championships and World Cups, while the Great Wall Gun has been the top seller in the pickup truck market. Strategic cooperation between the two, amphibious walk hand in hand, build China’s strength with champion quality, and jointly fight for the world. At the same time, this is not only a further broadening of the life of the pickup truck in the whole scene of the Great Wall Gun, but also a perfect interpretation to show the world the spirit of China.

As a national outdoor brand, Pathfinder has been pursuing professional perfection and challenging exploration, which is highly compatible with the brand concept of Great Wall Gun pursuing perfect and extreme life and building a full-scene pickup truck life. At this conference, Great Wall Gun and Pathfinder reached a strategic cooperation, built a cross-border brand alliance of Great Wall Gun, explored unknown fields together, and explored the infinite possibilities of life. At the press conference, a song "Teenager" by the Artillery League brought the atmosphere to a climax. The brothers of the Artillery League were full of love and sang their love! Everyone is both a teenager and an explorer. Great Wall Gun builds an open and shared pickup truck life community through the offline artillery alliance car club and the online gun-riding APP, creating the "strongest ecological circle" of pickup truck culture in China, creating a full-scene pickup truck life for every user who loves to explore, and really playing with users.

As a global pickup truck brand, the global version of the Great Wall Gun pickup truck was officially launched, and it continued to lead the era of multi-purpose pickup truck 3.0 with more visual impact and more luxurious and comfortable configuration.

As a leader in the life of pickup trucks, the Great Wall Cannon will be applied to the extreme, with a thicker chrome grille and a larger LOGO, which has great visual impact; With sharp eagle-eye smart headlights, add luster to every trip with Yan value aesthetics.

In the interior, the ubiquitous soft coating in the car enjoys the ultimate touch; Front and rear seat heating, plus multi-link rear suspension, rear elbow pillow, cup holder, more than 100 noise reduction treatments and exclusive fragrance, let family and friends enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

In terms of configuration, the Great Wall Gun is equipped with the perfect power combination of 2.0T+8AT, combined with TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, rear axle electronic differential system, L2 automatic driving, intelligent network connection system, wireless phone charging, etc., which makes the "arrival" more beautiful, smarter and more intimate.

In terms of active safety, Great Wall Gun 9.3 version ESP, 360 look around, 12 radar probe, lane departure, parallel assistance, ACC adaptive cruise, etc., so that you can easily avoid risks; Passive safety, high-strength cage body, 6 airbags, secondary collision mitigation function, you add enough buff!

At the same time, in order to thank the users for their concern and support for the Great Wall Gun, this month’s new global version of the Great Wall Gun enjoys four gifts:

Financial gift: you can enjoy a two-year zero-interest financial policy when buying a car;

Replacement ceremony: enjoy 5000 yuan subsidy replacement subsidy;

Interconnection ceremony: basic services are free for life, entertainment services are free for 3 years and exclusive services are free for 1 year;

Service Gift: The engine/transmission is guaranteed for 4 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first).

The press conference also revealed a heavy news that China’s first full-size pickup truck based on the Great Wall tank platform will officially make its world debut at the Shanghai International Auto Show in April this year. As a global intelligent professional off-road platform, the tank platform has the characteristics of powerful power, high reliability and intelligent off-road, which is worth looking forward to!

In China, the Great Wall Cannon has helped the Great Wall pickup truck to achieve a market share of over 51%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one is the Great Wall. Great Wall pickup truck has been ranked first in domestic and export sales for 23 years in a row, with a total of over 1.9 million users worldwide, and achieved the results of being "the first in China and the top five in the world". In the future, the Great Wall Gun will take the global version as a new starting point, win over China, go global, and constantly accelerate the journey of globalization. The sword refers to the top three pickup truck brands in the world, bringing better colorful life to users around the world and making the Great Wall Gun popular around the world!


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