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Four melons a day, each one is more exciting, and the stars in the entertainment circle will play.

The incident of Zhao Wenqi’s unmarried children revealed another kind of family concept conflict. Zhao Wenqi released photos of unmarried children, but there was no husband. Netizens have speculated whether there is a hidden problem of marriage self-discipline behind this behavior. During the development of the whole incident, the social discussion on women’s self-discipline gradually warmed up, and Zhao Wenqi became the focus of the topic.

Finally, we focus on the libel of Zhao Liying. Rumors that suddenly broke out on the Internet accused Zhao Liying of tax evasion, which seriously endangered her reputation. Fans found that these rumors originated from other celebrity cases, and officials quickly dismissed them. While the rumor maker apologized to Zhao Liying, the incident revealed the harm of online rumors and called on the public to rationally identify information.

On the whole, the entertainment circle of this day is surging, and the stars are facing severe tests in family, marriage and moral choice. These events reflect the ups and downs of the entertainment circle, and the stars are always facing public scrutiny and comments under the dual pressure of public opinion and social media. This also makes us ponder, under the aura of stars, whether they are also facing trivial and real life problems like ordinary people, as well as many disturbances of family and marriage.

China men’s basketball team data report: Cui Yongxi was elected MVP, and the team’s three-point shooting rate broke 50%

On August 5th, Beijing time, China beat Cape Verde 86-66 in a warm-up match that ended early this morning.

After the game, the China men’s basketball team released the data report of this game. According to this report, the China men’s basketball team performed very well on the offensive end, and the team’s offensive efficiency reached 126.8 points per 100 rounds.

In terms of shooting, 42% of China men’s basketball team’s shots came from outside the three-point line, and the shooting percentage reached 52%. In addition, China men’s basketball team’s shooting percentage in the field was 67% and 88% respectively.

In addition, in defense, the China men’s basketball team also performed well, and they limited the offensive efficiency of the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team to 97.3 points per 100 rounds.

The MVP of the China men’s basketball team in this game was young Cui Yongxi, who hit eight sports shots in 17 minutes and scored 18 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The other two players who scored in double figures were Zhang Zhenlin (10 points) and Fang Shuo (11 points).

Sad! The last of the three major crimes of the former Football Association’s senior officials was too speechless.

China’s football has stagnated in recent years, except that the mechanism of football development has not been established, which is also related to the low management level or even tinkering of some Football Association officials. Due to the special employment mechanism in China, some officials who are not football majors or even sports majors have been assigned to important positions of the Football Association. They don’t understand the law of football development, but in order to leave some achievements, they prefer tinkering, which is even more harmful to the football industry. Recently, Qin Yun, a well-known media person, published a special article, revealing the absurd past of a senior official of the Football Association. After reading the article, some fans felt that it is the biggest support for China football that Football Association officials do nothing.

First, restrict players’ free transfer and collect money for buying roads.

According to Qin Yun, the leader of the Football Association is well versed in the truth that relying on mountains to feed on water. Due to the economic downturn in the north in recent years, many northern football clubs have reduced their investment and their performance has declined, forcing some high-level players to seek development opportunities in the south. Previously, because the professionalization of football has just begun, free transfer has not been popularized. If you want to transfer, you must get the consent of the leader of the local football association. Many excellent football players in this area have to pay a lot of money to the leader for the transfer, and it is said that the leader of the football association has achieved financial freedom by this.

Second, the business dwarf made a lot of jokes

The biggest problem of this leader is that his professional level is low. He is not a football professional. When he is in a leadership position, he has no time to systematically learn football professional knowledge, so he has made many jokes. It is said that after he took office, he once gave a meeting to the women’s football team, as if to emphasize that we should not give up easily in the game and strive for miracles. He mentioned that the South Korean team reached the semi-finals in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, and he called Jung Hwan Ahn, the winner of Italy, an Zaiheng, who was actually a table tennis player. Also in 2006, the Football Association organized leaders to watch the World Cup in Germany. He knew that the Italian central defender Cannavaro, who was only 176 cm tall, was good, but he didn’t even know his name. As long as Cannavaro was mentioned later, he said that he was not tall.

Third, bad ideas continue to lead to the elimination of the preliminaries

In fact, it doesn’t matter if a leader doesn’t know football. As long as he doesn’t fiddle around, he can get good results by fully authorizing subordinates who know football, but he is afraid of such leaders who don’t know how to pretend to understand and often make bad ideas. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the leader planned to hold the North-South Division of the Super League in order to make a good promotion and make a fortune, but the result was that it might cause destructive damage to the league and was opposed by everyone. In order to improve the strength of the Olympic team, he wanted to upgrade the Olympic team to the national team and let the Olympic team warm up with other national teams. As a result, this plan also met with strong resistance. Due to the changing ideas of the leaders and the fact that these plans did not respect the rules of football, the Olympic team as the host team did not qualify, and the national football team was eliminated early in the preliminaries.

Of course, it is still unknown whether the news that Qin Yun broke is true or not. After all, there are many media outlets that rely on all kinds of news to rub traffic. If there is a real problem, please ask him to come up with real evidence. However, some fans said that Qin Yun’s news has time and place, and it is also in line with the great events that happened in the football circle in the past. It is unlikely to be fabricated, otherwise the level of this story-maker is too high. He suggested that people in relevant departments should follow these clues to check.

Do you think Qin Yun’s revelations are credible? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

The annual best women’s volleyball team in the Champions League will be judged to see who can become the top seven in volleyball today.

The 2022/2023 Women’s Volleyball Champions League is coming to an end. At present, there is only one final game left. The only suspense is who will win the Champions League Gold Cup, Isachibashi or Wakif Bank.

In order to create momentum for the Champions League, the European Volleyball Federation began to organize the selection of the best women’s volleyball team in the Champions League in 2022/2023. Let’s take a look at which players are the top players in the Champions League this season, who will be elected as the top seven women’s volleyball teams today, and see if there is your favorite star on the list.

The Turkish team has become the big winner of the women’s volleyball Champions League this season. They have successfully encircled the Italian team. Coneri Yano was blocked from the semi-finals by Fenerbahce. Although Novara reached the semi-finals, she still fell to the semi-finals. In this way, the Turkish women’s volleyball team is definitely the big winner of the best lineup.

There are four candidates for the best setter. They are Ogennovich, the "Bitter Melon Sister" of Isachi Bashi, Ozbaye of Wakif Bank, Mariks of Fenerbahce and Wowosh of Yano, Coneri.

These four people are all big cows in the field of second setters, among which "Bitter Melon Sister" and Wowosh are even more cattle. They have won the best second setters in the Champions League before. Up to now, the voting situation is: Vowalsh won 56.5%, Ozbaye 32.7%, Makelis 8.1%, and "Bitter Melon Sister" Ogennovich 2.7%.

Yano, Coneri, where Vowalsh is located, did not enter the semi-finals, but Vowalsh temporarily ranked first in the voting, showing her popularity. Isachi Bashi entered the final of the Champions League, but its main setter, Ojeninovic, came last in the voting. Perhaps she is really old at the age of 39.

The best candidates are also four: Karakurt of Novara, Egnu of Wakif Bank, Vargas of Fenerbahce and Boskovich of Ithachi.

If it is a few years ago, there is still some debate about who is the first in the world today, but now, there seems to be no suspense, and Boskovich is the only one in the world. In the past, Egnu was able to wrestle with Boskovich, but now, Boskovich is ahead of Egnu in stability, skill, strength, self-control and self-motivation.

As for Karakurt and Vargas, Karakurt is particularly emotional and unstable, so he can’t be the core of the team. Although Vargas can’t compete with Boskovich at present, her rising space is not small, and she is definitely more promising than Karakurt.

The current voting situation reflects the above analysis, with Boskovich winning 50.2%, Vargas 39.3%, Egnu 9.4% and Karakurt 1.2%.

1, who is the first attack?. The four candidates selected as the first main attack are Gaby of Wakif Bank, Wolongkova of Ithachi Bashi, Carcasses of Novara and Kotikova of Lekane Warero. In terms of fame and fighting capacity, Gaby, a small steel gun, and Wolongkova, a heavy gun, are undoubtedly the biggest, while Carcasses, 37, and Kotikova, 24, are much worse, and their teams are also slightly worse, so Gaby and Wolongkova are the most competitive.

At present, Gaby is far ahead with 78.7%, Wolongkova is second with 16.9%, Carcasses is 2.3%, and Kotikova is 2.1%. It seems that the eyes of fans are quite professional.

2. The two new talents are the most popular in the second main attack selection.. The four candidates shortlisted for the second main attack are Xiaocaiwa and Cristina of Fenerbahce, and the other two are Calander of Reshuff, Poland, and Serra of Milan women’s volleyball team.

To tell the truth, the candidate for the second main attack is a bit weird. Xiaocaiwa and Christina were selected in an upright way. They are too brilliant this season, but they are quite aggressive at a young age. The biggest controversy is Serra, the main attack of Milan women’s volleyball team is useless at present. She is only ranked 64th in the Champions League attack list, with a poor attack score of 45 points. Is she here to be funny? The current vote rate also confirms Sierra’s unbearable situation.

Xiaocaiwa ranked first with 64.9% of the votes, followed by Christina with 30.6%, Serra with only 3%, and Calander with only 1.5%. It seems that the two teenagers are promising, especially Xiaocaiwa.

The four candidates selected for the Best Freeman are normal. They all come from the top four teams, namely, Aika of Wakif Bank, Akiz of Ithachi Bashi, Fersino of Novara and Og of Fenerbahce.

The strength of these four people is equal to that of Zhong Bo, which reflects that they are anxious to win votes. At present, Og won 43.1% of the votes, Aika 29.5%, Akiz 19.2%, and Felsino 8.25 ranked last. To be honest, it is really hard to draw a conclusion about who can laugh at the end.

The best secondary attack is to select blocking machines. Blocking ability is an important reference, and of course, fame is also a plus item that cannot be ignored.

1, the best first attack Gunes war teammate Og Bo Gu.. The four candidates for the best first attack are Gunes and Og Bo Gu of Wakif Bank, and the other two are Jack of Isachi Bashi and Stevanovic of Milan Women’s Volleyball Team.

Talking about the situation of these four candidates, Gunes and Og Bo Gu are naturally the most promising candidates. Gunes is super in strength and popularity. Og Bo Gu is very "chicken blood" this season. Jack has done well but is not well-known. Only Stevanovic is simply here to play soy sauce, or to make up the numbers. Her blocking in the Champions League is only 9 points.

At present, Gunes has 44.1% of the votes, Og Bo Gu 42.9%, Stevanovic 8.1% and Jack only 4.9%.

2. The most popular candidates for the best second attack are Ida and Danesi.. The best second-in-command competitors are Fenerbahce’s old second-in-command Aida, Novara’s Danesi, Kone’s De cruyff and Lecanevorero’s Keqiulina. Looking at the blocking data alone, Danesi is the best, with an average blocking score of 0.91 and Ada only 0.48, but the selection seems to be more about popularity. At present, the election situation is: Ada is the first, with 55.7% of the votes, Danesi is the second, with 31.4% of the votes, De cruyff is 10.2%, and Ke Qiu Lina is 2.8%, which is very favorable for Ada.

The Women’s Volleyball Champions League is the world’s top event at the level of volleyball clubs. There are many stars and giants, and the game is beautiful and fierce. Who will be the best team in this Champions League? Let’s wait and see!

The core technology of "making the brain" serves the important needs of the country

In today’s world, the level of human science and technology has reached an unprecedented height. With the entry into the intelligent era, a new round of scientific and technological and industrial revolution characterized by the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry has flourished, and technical groups in many fields have broken through and merged, which has promoted profound changes in manufacturing production methods. Countries all over the world have taken a series of major measures, hoping to rely on the manufacturing revolution with intelligent manufacturing as the core, consolidate the foundation of innovation and development of manufacturing industry, and build new kinetic energy and new advantages. As a manufacturing power in the world, China has listed intelligent manufacturing as the main direction determined by Made in China 2025, which is not only the key to promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, but also an important strategy to become a manufacturing power in the world.

Professor Song Xuan from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in south university of science and technology of china, whose main research direction is artificial intelligence and its related fields, including big data analysis, data mining and urban computing, has applied the research results to disaster emergency and epidemic prevention of major infectious diseases, and achieved good results. At present, in the series of research in the field of intelligent manufacturing, it contributes scientific research strength to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in China and accelerate the pace of building a manufacturing power in China.

Intelligent analysis of data model is committed to tackling the key core technology of "intelligent brain"

Since 2013, China’s development strategy has specifically pointed out that "the country’s strength depends on the real economy and cannot be bubbled" and "the innovation-driven development strategy is deeply implemented to enhance the core competitiveness of industry". "Made in China 2025" clearly emphasizes the need to accelerate the integration and development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, and take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of deep integration of the two; Efforts will be made to develop intelligent equipment and products, promote the intellectualization of production processes, cultivate new production methods, and comprehensively improve the intelligent level of R&D, production, management and service of enterprises. Intelligent manufacturing can effectively improve the production efficiency of manufacturing industry, shorten the product development cycle and reduce the defective rate of products, which is the key to building a digital China, realizing "Made in China 2025" and breaking the chip blockade.

The national science and technology strategy points out that "it is necessary to cultivate a large-scale team of young scientific and technological talents, focus on the policy of cultivating the strength of national strategic talents, and support young talents to take the lead and play the leading role." As a young scientist born in 1980s, Professor Song Xuan is currently presiding over the national key R&D project "Multi-dimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain". The project focuses on the key technology of "manufacturing brain", which is the key theoretical model and technical method of tackling the problem, and provides technical support for the intelligent upgrading of high-end manufacturing industries (such as automobile manufacturing) in China.

Professor Song Xuan said that there are some problems in the process of data storage and analysis in manufacturing industry, such as chaotic data interface, inefficient storage, low level of intelligence and opaque information, which affect the quality of product collaboration and data value-added in manufacturing industry and are not conducive to the sustainable development of manufacturing intelligence. In view of this situation, the project puts forward a set of multidimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain, which integrates data sharing and integration and data analysis service. The multi-dimensional collaborative data space prototype model theory of product life cycle value chain based on blockchain proposed by this project can guide safe and efficient data sharing and assist product R&D collaboration; The data analysis method based on deep learning and knowledge generation technology proposed by the project can realize causal inference, speed up the traceability of problems and shorten the product development cycle. Taking intelligent manufacturing as an opportunity and the actual upgrading demand of manufacturing industry as a guide, the project focuses on the two cores of "manufacturing brain": data flow and intelligent analysis, which is of great significance for China’s manufacturing industry to build a competitive advantage in the industrial chain and further improve the intelligent level of manufacturing industry. The project also puts forward a set of multi-dimensional data space and service theory of manufacturing product life cycle value chain, which integrates data sharing and integration and data analysis service.

Professor Song Xuan believes that intelligent manufacturing needs a "manufacturing brain", and manufacturing data is the "blood" of "manufacturing brain"; Algorithm models such as deep neural network are the main part of "manufacturing brain" and play the role of thinking and decision-making; Data flow is collected in the "manufacturing brain", which can automatically complete data analysis, intelligent decision-making and product life cycle prediction and deduction, and realize efficient intelligent manufacturing. The theory of multi-dimensional collaborative data space prototype model of product life cycle value chain based on blockchain proposed by Song Xuan can guide safe and efficient data sharing and assist product R&D collaboration. The data analysis method based on deep learning and knowledge generation technology proposed by the project can realize causal inference, speed up the traceability of problems, shorten the product development cycle, and predict and simulate the product life cycle.

Building an urban brain platform and focusing on building a smart city

From December 2019 to December 2022, with the liberalization of the epidemic, the pneumonia epidemic in Covid-19, which lasted for three years, finally came to an end, and the epidemic situation was gradually controlled. In this epidemic prevention and control, Professor Song Xuan led the project team to develop the "novel coronavirus (Covid-19) communication modeling, prediction and simulation deduction platform driven by human flow big data and AI", which played an important role. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the model of potential infection sources and risk areas was mined on the city scale, and the communication modeling, prediction and simulation deduction platform for COVID-19 was built. For the big data analysis and AI modeling platform for novel coronavirus communication, the prediction and simulation deduction model was complete. Made outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In addition, Professor Song Xuan, as the project leader, has developed an "epidemic prevention chain" APP on the mobile device side. The APP on the mobile phone side can assess the risk of epidemic or major infectious diseases (such as new crown pneumonia, seasonal influenza, etc.) in real time by sensing the contact between users and others and analyzing various urban environmental big data (such as crowd density, air quality, environmental humidity and temperature, etc.).

In fact, as early as 2011, the big data analysis and modeling of people flow carried out by Song Xuan’s team contributed to the fight against viruses and natural disasters. In March 2011, after the earthquake in Japan and the Fukushima nuclear accident broke out, Song Xuan led the team to develop a number of emergency flow prediction models and a system to help the Japanese government analyze the evacuation and migration of victims after the disaster and formulate more efficient post-disaster reconstruction policies. In 2016, in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the research of Song Xuan’s team helped the International Telecommunication Union to analyze the flow of people in West Africa and the spread and infection of Ebola virus, which played an important role in the prevention and control of Ebola virus.

Professor Song Xuan has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for 15 years. He deeply realized that the main place for modern people to live and work is the city, and the core of urban management is to make people’s life in the city safer, more comfortable and more convenient. With the proposal of building a smart city, Song Xuan now pays attention to urban data and tries to alleviate or solve various "urban diseases" such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution and natural disasters. His team realized the simulation and prediction of the large-scale movement of urban people by building a modeling model of urban mass people movement, thus realizing efficient urban intelligent management. Song Xuan is currently tackling key problems and building an urban brain platform, bringing together all aspects of urban informatization and the whole process of urban management through high and new technologies to carry out control and support, so as to ensure travel safety, give full play to the efficiency of urban infrastructure, improve the operational efficiency of transportation system and the level of urban governance, alleviate all kinds of "urban diseases" to the greatest extent, and help urban governance to be more scientific, refined and intelligent.

"Scientific research should always serve the public" is precisely with such a sense of mission and responsibility. In the future scientific research, Song Xuan will always focus on his mission, aim high and live up to his youth, take data as the core and science and technology as the weapon, and strive to build an intelligent brain, help build a smart city and build an intelligent manufacturing power.