Yang Mi was mistaken for Fan Bingbing and kissed Feng Shaofeng again.

Yang Mi was mistaken for Fan Bingbing and kissed Feng Shaofeng again.

Yang Mi attends the new drama press conference

    The idol drama co-starred by Feng Shaofeng and Yang Mi held its premiere press conference in Beijing, starring Yang Mi at the press conference, while Feng Shaofeng, one of the male leads, was unable to appear for publicity because he was filming in other places, which was a bit regretful.

    Feng Shaofeng was unable to appear at the press conference due to scheduling issues, but when it comes to cooperating with Feng Shaofeng again, Yang Mi still can’t hide her excitement. She said, "Because this drama is the first urban pure love drama that the two have cooperated with after’Palace ‘, and we have cooperated with Feng Shaofeng for four film and television works in a year, and we meet almost every day, so we have a very tacit understanding and call, and some ambiguous lines can be said naturally without thinking about it. We have also regained the feeling of first love in this drama, and there is no NG in the kissing drama."

    Yang Mi plays a fashion designer in the play. Yang Mi, who has just returned from Milan Fashion Week in Italy, also said, "The experience of Milan Fashion Week has also given me a deeper understanding of fashion. I feel that the whole person is really new, I have learned a lot and opened my eyes. Going to Milan to see the show and feel the atmosphere of the fashion circle and communicate with famous designers has made my understanding of fashion from ignorant to mature. I feel that fashion is really not just about dressing beautifully!"

    Yang Mi’s high-profile appearance at Milan Fashion Week earned enough attention. The domestic media praised Yang Mi’s eye-catching style, which was quite "Little Fan Bingbing". But it was embarrassing that when some domestic media praised Yang Mi, on the famous American VOGUE official website, a photo of Yang Mi was written next to Fan Bingbing’s annotation, making a big oolong. In response, Yang Mi also responded at the press conference, saying, "Fan Bingbing is my favorite actor. We are all Virgos, and we all pursue perfection. If someone can really recognize me as’Fan Ye ‘, it will be a very happy thing. Because Fan Bingbing is hard-working, beautiful and fashionable enough!"

    It is reported that the drama has a special meaning for Feng Shaofeng and Yang Mi, the "screen idol couple" – for Feng Shaofeng and Yang Mi, who have now both turned to the big screen, "Symphony of Fate" may become the last "love swan song" on the screen of the "Feng Mi" combination. In response to the rumors, Yang Mi also responded for the first time at the press conference, saying, "Who said that the two of us will no longer cooperate? I think as long as the script is good and the production team is excellent, Brother Feng and I will co-star in a TV production. Such rumors are simply not a thing!"

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